• Published 23rd May 2015
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Somewhere over the Rainbow Dash - SuicidalAngel

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Chapter 7

"What!? How did you? When did you?", Rainbow stuttered. After everything, he brings that up now.

"I was bored talking to Spitfire so I looked back and I saw you covered in ketchup, but you quickly jumped into the cart. Poor janitor. Why did you do that anyway?" Soarin replied looking her in the eyes, her biggest weakness possibly. She couldn't resist anything after that.

"I was dared to try to to pull off a crazy stunt in the kitchen, seriously what kind of dare is that by the way, and I crashed into the sauce drawers", she answered.

"And.....?", he pried.

"Well I was trying to go wash up in the bathroom but I saw you on the way and I didn't want you to see me like that. But sorry, I guess that didn't work", she continued.

"Obviously",he said sarcastically. He didn't really care that had been covered in ketchup. She still looked...beautiful, tomatoes and all.

"You're not helping buddy", Rainbow said punching him in the arm. He chuckled and hugged her in attempt to annoy her. Her soft scent of lavender filled his nose, almost teasing-like and he loved every second of it. So much that he almost forgot in entirely what he was trying to in the first place and kind of just enjoyed a small moment, doing his best not to get sidetracked. She shuffled around trying to break from the hug, almost as if she knew what he was trying to do. But in anyway, SUCCESS!

"Poor, poor little Dashie. Does she need a soft little hug to feel better?", he teased. He carefully lay his head on hers, feeling her soft hair on his cheek. He just wanted to stay there messing with her, in a flirtatious way though.

"Shut up you dork..". It was a good thing he was hugging her from behind. Otherwise, he would've seen the sidden blush forming on her face. She just didn't know how to feel with that guy...how she should act. But she wanted to stay in his embrace and he knew that, otherwise, she would've already elbowed him in the stomach.

"Of course baby", he said hugging her tightly. Now she was definitely blushing. Red. He was driving her crazy, then and there, and was nothing she could do about is but savour the moment.

"Screw you", it all ended too quickly as she denied having those kind of feelings toward anyone, even if she wanted to have them for him. She struggled out of his embrace and turned to face him. "Still, why would you bring up the whole cart incident now? Didn't you have all the time in the world back there?"

"Well, yes, but I was more interested in the wings at the moment", he side smiled at her "besides, I wanted to have something to talk about while we walked to your place".

"You're coming over?", she asked surprised. While him coming over was usual, she looked around and it was sorta dark and besides, her room wasn't exactly in tip-top shape at the moment. "Wait isn't kind of late for that?", Rainbow asked, not exactly knowing what to say.

"Yeah but I'm spending the night", he replied as calm as ever. He really was excited, but he didn't want get ahead of himself.

Rainbow almost swallowed her own saliva,"Woah. Really?", she asked even more dazzled, already a completely different reaction to what Soarin had in mind.

"Yeah, it'll be fun", Soarin smiled.

"If I had had a drink, I would totally be spitting out right now. We haven't had our trademark sleepovers in years!". She had to use all her saneness to not squeal.

"Yeah, my parents stopped letting me after we were twelve. Said it would be "inappropriate" or something and then they gave my a talk that scarred me for life". Rainbow had to stop herself from making a sex joke, and he noticed it too. He pushed her into the grass in a teasing manner.

Rainbow snickered."Well what changed their minds?", she asked picking herself up.

"The wings. I told them it was an important project and they let me come but the said they would call me often, to check on me, I guess", Soarin explained. Rainbow just continued walking by his side and kept a mental note to not make sex noises if they called.

"Then let's use this as a chance to show our responsibility!", she tapped her chin "if nothing happens...."

"What do you mean by happens?", Soarin interrupted.

"They'll let you sleep over more often!", she finished ignoring him.

Author's Note:

Sorreh fer le short chapter.
I want to leave good stuff for the next one sooooooo....yeah.
Besides, its just the seventh chapter, we have to be patient my pony friends. Patience is key :eeyup:

Also, Rainbow Dash is best lavender smell.