• Published 23rd May 2015
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Somewhere over the Rainbow Dash - SuicidalAngel

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Chapter 1

Rainbow Dash leaped down the stairs in her house, running towards the door. She was late for school and for her friends. Rainbow and her friends had always walked to school together but today, she was late. She didn't understand why she had overslept, in fact she still was tired. It made no sense, she was sure that she had slept early and she didn't remember doing anything tiring the day before so how was she sleepy?

"Rainbow! Hurry, no time for breakfast today," Rainbow's mom, Firefly called out."GO, GO, GO!"

"RUNNING!!" Rainbow yelled back. She slammed the door as she ran out of the house, waking up her sick brother upstairs.

"Mooooooooom," he yelled. Firefly groaned. "Great," she said sarcastically as she walked up the stairs to see what the couch potato needed.

"I'm really, really sorry guys. I don't know why I overslept," Rainbow apologized. Rarity gave her a smug face and laughed, the others joined in as well. "What's so funny?"

"Oh Rainbow dash, you were late. Big deal. No need to stress darling it's not like you killed some one," Rarity said once she stopped laughing. "Besides, you act like we've never been absent on our daily walks to school".

"We've all been there," Pinkie Pie added excitedly. Applejack rolled her eyes and snorted.

"Yeah, and some more often that others," she commented glancing at Rarity.

"Oh, quiet Applejack! Some of us care about what we look like!" Rarity protested, opening her locker to reveal a mirror that she used to fix her make-up. Applejack just rolled her eyes a second time.

"Um guys, I don't mean to interrupt your bickering, but we should probably head to class," Fluttershy said pointing at a clock on the wall. The other four gasped.

"I can't be late twice on the same day! See you guys later," Rainbow said, waving goodbye and running towards her math class.

Rainbow entered the classroom in a hurry, but that only drew more attention to her. Everyone looked at her and the teacher stopped what she was doing. She face palmed.

"Ms. Dash," Ms. Harshwhinny started,"You do know you are fifteen, oh, sixteen now minutes late to my class, right?" she huffed in annoyance.

"Well, duh," Rainbow replied. There were giggles all over the classroom as Ms. Harshwhinny gave Rainbow an almost evil glare. "Oh I..I mean, yes ma'am heheh".

Ms. Harshwhinny got back to her lesson as Rainbow took out her journals and math books, all eyes still on her. Students eventually turned around to face the board, all but one who kept looking at Rainbow.

"Soarin Skies?!" Ms. Harshwhinny shouted. "Stop looking at Rainbow for once and finish the equation!" Both Soarin and Rainbow's eyes widened as the class filled with 'ooohs'. Soarin started blushing and Rainbow put her head down to conceal her own flustered face.

"Pfft, yeah, real mature guys," Soarin replied. Him and Rainbow had been friends for a really long time, however he had started to have a crush on her. But no one really knew this besides his friend Thunderlane. Now the better part of the class assumed it.

The class continued for another 45 minutes and then the bell rang for their next class. Rainbow waited by Soarin's locker as he finished talking to Thunderlane about what had happened earlier, but Dash didn't need to know that. He went up to his locker expecting Dash, but he really didn't want her bring up what happened in the class.

"Hey Soar," Rainbow said, as he smiled at her.

"Hey Dash," he replied as nonchalantly as possible.

"So..you were staring at me in class?" Rainbow said smirking. He froze. He was scared of what might happen next. "Hello, earth to Soarin." He shook his head.

"I was gonna ask you why you were so late," Soarin replied nervously. Rainbow rolled her eyes.

"Are we still on that?'' she asked, visibly annoyed. Soarin noticed her sudden change in mood so he tickled her a bit, expecting to make her laugh. He knew Dash all too well, she burst into a set of giggles and soon found herself in his arms. He stopped tickling her as as blushed, both stepping back a bit.

"S-sorry, I just wanted to help", Soarin said after what seemed like hours of awkward silence. He looked at her she was still blushing. Could she?..No, Soarin thought, Rainbow couldn't feel the same way towards him..

"Eh, it's okay. I wasn't really that upset about it, anyway." Rainbow said. Her blush faded as she walked away to her locker leaving Soarin with his thoughts.

"Could she like me?" he asked himself once Rainbow Dash was out of range. He was convinced he really liked Rainbow, but could she actually like him back...?

Rainbow was in her second class waiting for the bell to ring for lunch. She didn't care about the lesson, she just wanted to go to lunch. She hadn't had any breakfast and she was so hungry. Even the sloppy joes sounded good. She also wanted to talk to her friends and attempt to embarrass Rarity in front of Thunderlane again.

The bell suddenly rang and Rainbow ran out of the classroom before the teacher even assigned homework. 'I'll make it up tomorrow' she thought as she kept running to the cafeteria. She saw Soarin getting out of his class along with other students.

"SOARIN!" she yelled tackling him and then pinning him on the ground under her. He blushed seeing the position they were in, but she didn't notice. While she had done this before as kids, now that Soarin had established a crush on her, it felt more intimate. Not to mention the fact that any adult casually walking by could easily get the wrong idea.

"Uh, Dash, you do know we're in public right?" Soarin asked teasingly. Rainbow rolled her eyes smirking.

"Dude don't go there," she said. She got up and extended a hand for him, which he gladly accepted.

"What ever you say, Ms. Dash," Soarin said in a fake English voice. Rainbow Dash chuckled and ruffled his hair.

"Shut up, you dork," Rainbow said. He laughed as he opened the door of the cafeteria, walking in with an arm around Rainbow. She was totally okay with this....for numerous reasons.

Author's Note:

New story! Yay!!