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A New Life - Lunafan1k

A changeling survives a traumatic event at the cost of his memories, and his sanity. He makes new pony friends who try to help him, unknowingly making his condition worse.Takes place prior to the changeling invasion.

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Revelations (21:6)


The Lich Queen, as she called herself, yelled out and suddenly the expansive view of Equestria was replaced by the whipping winds of a hurricane. The intense winds whipped around us, bringing with them freezing water and small chunks of hail. I shielded my eyes against the storm and looked upon our enemy; she was floating above the stone rooftop now, laughing maniacally.

i will freeze you from within, until all that remains IS AN ICY HUSK!

The temperature suddenly dropped, and the edges of the tower began to freeze over, the ice made its way closer to us. I looked back to the others; they were afraid, barely holding onto each other as the fierce freezing winds bit at them.

“Twilight!” I called out, “Twilight! Use the elements! Twilight!” It was no use; she wasn’t responding or couldn’t hear me over the terrified cries of her friends. Instead I turned my attention to my minion, the ice was forming on its armor but it seemed alright. “Go and attack her!” I commanded.

The minion grunted as it broke into a sprint, shattering the ice over its body as it charged its former master, leaping into the air. The lich didn’t seem to notice the danger approaching, and was promptly slammed into the roof by a mighty downswing from my minion. I cheered it on as it landed hard, cracking the stone under the weight of its heavy armor.

But the Lich wasn’t to be undone; she was rising to her hooves too. Her armor took most of the impact from what I could tell, and engaged my minion with her staff. I could tell it wouldn’t last long, its armor was already half destroyed by the other armors. I turned away and attempted to tell the others what needed to be done.

Things were looking bad; ice had encased about half of their bodies and was slowly rising up. I did what I could, even going as far as yelling in their ears but they were unresponsive. I turned around as I felt my link with the armor die, it clattered to the ground in a heap as she rounded on me.

fool. watch as the world around you, COLLAPSES!

Thunder rang out as lightning leaped from the storm and struck the tower, causing entire sections to break off and fall away, greatly reducing the size of the battlefield.


Suddenly from the storm emerged an elongated, ghostly horse spirit. It howled like the wind around it, blasting icy winds towards me and the others. I leapt to the side; it changed directions and charged at me. If I had a tail, I was more than certain that it would have frozen solid at this point.

I focused on what little magic I had discovered, forcing my red energy into the spirit. It seemed to twitch and writhe, as though fighting both mine and the Lich’s energies. I focused harder, pouring even more of my magic into it. The spirit slowed as it became under my control.


I grinned triumphantly, “Get her!” I commanded. The windigo howled once more and charged at the Lich, pelting it with its howling blasts. My grin soon faltered, however, as the Lich bore the attack and dispelled the spirit with her staff.

you will pay for your transgressions!

She yelled, brandishing her staff at me. A beam of energy shot out, I evaded by ducking to the side. Looking back, it had barely missed my friends as well. I quickly repositioned myself so that they wouldn’t be caught in the fight as well, but I had no idea how I was to fight back.

She started advancing on me, forcing me back against the edge of the platform, it crumbling under my weight as she advanced upon me.


I closed my eyes and braced myself, but instead I heard something riding through the sounds of the storm. It was soft, but raising in volume to the point it drowned out the storm, and the voice was Rose’s! I opened my eyes to see the Lich looking around in confusion as the mighty storm she conjured seemed to lessen, and I heard Rose’s voice cry out in clarity, sounding pure and divine.

Fortuna Hosana Deus
Legionus Ab Comae

A deep rumbling shook the stronghold, causing more chunks of stone to fall away from the tower. I could only stare in awe as the wind seemed to break, forced to travel around a massive objet with burning green eyes as it slowly forced its way through the storm.

Fortuna Aequis
Ad pugnatoris in veritae

As it broke the line, it seemed as if it was a monster representing nature incarnate. The main head was comprised of wood and stone, with moss and leaves as fur and a mane of vines of every kind, some even bearing fruit like grapes and olives.

Hosana Meus
Fortuna Deus

It was kind of hard to make out, but it appeared to take on the form of a mare, almost as if she was a god gazing down upon us. Her glare locked onto the lich as the music from beyond the storm increased in tempo. The giant mare of earth opened her mouth and let out a guttural roar as a massive hoof of stone and mud crushed onto the Lich.

Protego Causa In Sanctus
Aeternus praetor

The hoof lifted, showing the Lich protecting herself with a shield. The hoof slammed down again, and again, and again. Just when I thought the tower would collapse, the earthen mare began to slowly crumble and retreat, the song ending as she returned from whence she came.

Firmita semper
Regis universe

The Lich was in poor shape, barely able to stand as I approached. Her power was waning, the storm and frozen temperatures dying out and returning to normal. Her trembling hooves gave out and she fell on her face. I stood over her, unsure how to proceed when suddenly I saw it.

My eyes widened and my body began to shudder. There, under her crumbling armor, was a book bound in flesh, and I began to remember. I remembered my trial. I remembered my sacrifice. I remembered my loss. I recalled every event tied to the book, and everything I knew about it.

“You poor, unfortunate soul.” I said, voicing the pity I felt for the misfortune of the one to have stumbled upon my possession. “This power is not meant for you. You lack the inclination of the magic held within, and it has corrupted you...”

“Beetle?” I heard from behind me. I looked to the side, the others had thawed and came to their senses, Twilight was speaking, “Do you know what caused all this? Are you remembering something?”

I nodded and looked back, “It was the work of somepony at the wrong place at the wrong time.” I said as I pulled the book from the Lich, who hissed at me like a beast.

“No! This is mine.” I said and then thumped the Lich on the head with it. I then held it up for the others to see, Twilight paled as she saw the cover. “This book chose me as its master, having passed its challenges. I am the one meant to use the power within as I see fit, to master it, to bring about either chaos or destruction or act as a warrior against evil, as a holy light in the darkness. But should someone else come into contact with it… well, you’ve seen her.”

We looked back at the fallen Lich, her powers were fading, and her armor crumbling to pieces as the darkness left her body. Soon, instead of the Lich Queen rested the unconscious form of a zebra mare.

“Zecora!” They yelled, moving to check on her. I looked her over for a moment and voiced my own analysis.

“She should be alright; the magic is fading and coming under control… but…” I trailed off in thought and flipped through the book. I was searching for information regarding the undead in town; would they fade with her as well? I stopped as I found the part I was looking for and read it quickly.

“Oh, well that’s neat.” I commented out to the others, “The undead resulted in a failed attempt at resurrection, bringing them back permanently, outside any direct control. And I should be able to clear up the corruption in the forest too, might take a few days by the looks of it. So in short, yay!” I cheered.

I looked behind me to see they had left already, flying Zecora and the others down to the ground to thunderous cheers. I sighed, some things never change. I put the book in my bags and flew down as well. The entire city felt alive as the dead cheered our success, word must have spread pretty quickly at some point, and they must be overjoyed at being able to remain in the living world.

I landed next to Twilight, “Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, you need to take Zecora to the Ponyville hospital at once! We’ll catch up to you!” Rainbow saluted, and with Fluttershy’s help carried the unconscious zebra off over the treetops.

“She’ll be fine-” I was cut off as Twilight rounded on me and started yelling in my face.

“How could you?!” She yelled, causing the cheering to stop rather abruptly. I backed up a step in confusion, “We trusted you, we helped you, and you were a part of all this from the beginning!? You’re the one behind the black magic?! The true master behind this evil with that book?! You almost killed Zecora!”

“Twilight… you can’t possibly think that Beetle was the one behind this, he was in the hospital the entire time!” Rarity came to my defense.

I sighed, “I truly had no idea about any of this or the reasoning behind it, I only know now because I have my book back, a book which all I know about chose me, and I chose the book over whatever life I had. I still have no idea what I was before any of this, and you jumping to conclusions isn’t helping!”

“Ahm sorry sugarcube, but he’s tellen the truth, as much as ah’d like ta put the blame on somepony, it just aint right.” Applejack said, she sounded really conflicted.

“But… But the book is evil! It contains black magic! You can’t just stand there and tell me everything’s fine if that book is still around!” Twilight reasoned angrily.

“I am sorry this happened, I truly am. But I was right up there with you, facing down the monster that overtook your friend, good job using the element things by the way. And I still consider you my friends; you helped me along since I left the hospital and were really kind to me even though none of us knew each other. Yea it was just today and I still barely know any of you and you all seem pretty rude but I’m sure it’s just a pony thing so I’ll forgive you.” I said. I think I trailed off a bit but whatever.

“No! That was before all this, with that-that thing!” She pointed angrily at my bag. “It needs to be destroyed.” She said with finality.

“Uh, pretty sure it can’t be destroyed.” I said.

“I demand you turn it over to me, and I’ll turn it in to Princess Celestia myself for disposal.” She said with an air of snooty superiority. Honestly, I don’t think it suits her.

“… Pretty sure I can’t do that either.” I tried coming up with something to say, but someone came up from behind me.

“Miss, I am fairly certain Beetle here speaks the truth.” I turned to see Rose standing next to me. “If the artifact chose him as the bearer, there is nothing that can be done to change that. Should you succeed in destroying it, what do you think would happen to the magic stored within?” She asked harshly.

Twilight looked side to side in thought, “Well, wouldn’t it be destroyed as well?”

Rose shook her head, “Ancient magic is different than conventional magic, in that it just doesn’t just disperse back into the magical fields. It will release all at once, running amok, unstoppable to those unknown to its power. Do you truly think the dead rising as we did and a bit of corrupted forest will be the extent? No. Ancient magic can rip apart dimensions, creating portals to other realms not meant to be sealed. The dead will truly rise, running rampant and uncontrollable. This world will burn.” Rose concluded, glaring at Twilight.

“Wow, you know a lot about this magic!” I commented. I had no idea about any of that!

“She’s obviously lying, I’ve been studying magic my entire life and there is nothing like this ancient magic you talk about. Magic has advanced so much in the last thousand years, not to mention an EARTH pony knowing the intricate details of magical theory anyway!” Twilight was red in the face, eyes getting bloodshot.

“Uh, Twi? Truth again.” AJ said. Wow, she’s actually kinda handy to keep around!

“She does have a point though, I thought you were like the secretary of the princess or something?” I asked.

Rose turned to me, “I was… unsure, how much I could trust an outsider, but after nearly dying for us and being the proper master of the artifact, I should probably come clean. My sister and I are-were, high clerics of The Order. It was a closely guarded secret known only by the members and the king and queen. We, with the assistance of the other members, can use our voices in song to summon the forces of nature themselves and awaken the ancients for a time.”

“So, that enormous mare made of rock and mud was…” I started.

“She was Gia, mother of the earth and all living things. She was kind enough to answer our call after the corruption had infected her forests and was glade to be able to release her own rage.” She turned back to Twilight, “Didn’t know that, did you?”

“But… But those are just stories for foals… Those things can’t actually exist!” She looked like she was about to just snap. “And why are you still around anyway!? Why didn’t you all just return to the earth when the lich was dispelled!?”

“Okay, now that was really rude.” I chided. “And it’s simple, the magic was wild and acted independently of the lich, and is now under the control of each individual, keeping them alive, so to speak. And I’m not about to just take that away from them. This way, everypony lives!” I cheered and was joined by the crowd.

“Bu-pth-ha-mh!” Twilight started sputtering as she failed to come up with something. Well, for a moment anyway. “Ah! But you still have access to that power, making you evil!” She pointed at me in accusation.

“Technically, Evil isn’t just black and white. Ponies did evil things with good intentions. Who’s to say that Beetle can’t use the powers for good? I’m sure he doesn’t even know the extent of the power he wields yet.” Rose defended.

“Yea, I’ll have to experiment with it a bit. Hey, think you could help me get the hang of it?” I asked Rose.

“Sure! It would be an honor, you helped save us all, and I don’t think anything can repay that.” She said with a toothy grin.

“But…” Twilight started, looking pretty down. I felt sorry for her, pretty much everything she knew was now in question, must be pretty hard to take in. I suddenly had an idea!

“Idea!” I yelled, snapping her out of her funk, “So, you said this Celestia princess was still around, so maybe she would like to see that her old friends are back, they can explain what the heck is going on better than I ever could, and then you can help during practice and study this magic! It’s perfect!”

“Hmm… Maybe. But the princesses never learned of our order before the fall of Princess Luna. If they had, I’m certain they would have sought our counsel before it got to the point of all-out war.” Rose reasoned.

“Oh well. Still a good idea.” I said.

“Well, Beetle has a point. This needs to be reported and doing so in person would be the best… I’m still not convinced though, so no funny stuff! I’ll be watching you both carefully.” Twilight said, pointing between us.

“I alone cannot do more than summon a small familiar, so nothing to worry about there.” Rose said.

“I… Don’t actually like the name Beetle.” I said hesitantly, tapping my hoof to my chin in thought.

“Ah yes, you did mention that you were having some memory issues. Are you beginning to recall your name?” Rose asked.

“Maybe? I just know my name’s not Beetle or a bug of any sort… Anyway, what about the city? Will everyone be alright?” I asked.

“I’m sure my sister can take charge and oversee the operations.” Rose said with confidence. I looked around, Flame was indeed absent and the crowd certainly wasn’t the entire city. As I looked, one of the older buildings suddenly collapsed and in another place there were a large number of decorations and some carnival music playing as Pinkie juggled rubber chickens in a cloud suit. Yes, the rubber chickens were dressed as clowns. Awesome!

“What operations?” Twilight asked.

“Well, rebuilding our city of course.” Twilight’s jaw dropped. “It’ll be hard but I’m certain we can rebuild from the ground up. Might be others trapped in the rubble anyway.”

“True. Anyway, how do we get to the thing at the place?” I asked.

“… You mean the Princess at Canterlot Castle?” Twilight said, to which I nodded. “We’ll have to take the train, but it’s getting late and would have stopped running by now, so we would have to go in the morning.”

“Uh, sorry to ask with what’s happened, but do I still have a room at your place?” I asked nervously.

“Beetle… I’m sorry; I just don’t know what to think anymore. I’m sorry I accused you of causing all this without stronger evidence, but I’m still sure you’re dangerous. If I let you stay here I won’t be able to keep an eye on you, so I guess I’ll have to let you stay with me until I can trust you completely.” She said firmly.

“Works for me!” I said with a smile. “Rose is coming too.”

“What!?” Twilight blurted.

“I don’t see why not, I know more about ancient magic than either of you so if something happens ill know how to counter it.” She said. “Oh, and I wouldn’t worry about the smell, Gia has seen fit to bless us. She stopped and reversed the rate of decay, and nullified the smell, as a reward for assisting in allowing her vengeance.”

“Wait, so that means…” Twilight started.

“That eventually we will no longer be undead, and will truly come back to life. It’s going to take probably a few decades though; ancient healing magic isn’t very fast.” Rose said with a toothy grin.

“Neat! Let’s go, to Ponyville!” I cheered.

Author's Note:

Thank you everypony! This concludes Act 1! Also, bit of a tease, the title chapter implies something that will be revealed in later chapters!

From here were going to have a few episodic behind the scenes things through season two as he practices his new power.

I look forward to the future chapters!