• Published 24th Apr 2015
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A New Life - Lunafan1k

A changeling survives a traumatic event at the cost of his memories, and his sanity. He makes new pony friends who try to help him, unknowingly making his condition worse.Takes place prior to the changeling invasion.

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The dawn of the new day arrived as suddenly as the previous day departed. Or something. Anyway I woke up to the sun filtering through the dusty window and a slight buzzing sensation in my head. I scratched at my ear but it still remained. Rose was still sleeping soundly, sprawled out over most of the mattress and with all the blankets. I somehow had a small towel, no idea where that came from.

I decided to let her sleep as I went upstairs. Oddly enough I was the only one awake at this hour, the library seemed almost vacant. I stared into the kitchen as I walked around, I didn’t really feel hungry for some reason so I moved on and looked out the window. I squinted in the early morning sunlight as the annoying buzzing grew louder in my head. After a few more minutes I was awake enough to remember that I had a link with the pups and sure enough, they were trying to get my attention.

I walked out to see what the fuss was to find Fluttershy trying to put a thing on them, but they would duck and dodge around her, not giving her a chance to get close.

“Oh please hold still pups! You need to be on a leash when in town!” She called out softly.

“What are you doing?” I asked.

She squeaked and jumped a bit while the pups gathered behind me. “Oh! Sigma, you scared me!” She took a breath, “The pups need to be taken to Carrot Top so she can feed them and shelter them until the forest is better, I’ve been up all night trying to get them to her but they won’t listen to me, even the Stare isn’t working, and that always works. I’m at my wits end, I just want to scream and cry but Tatl’s magic is still in effect and I can’t help but speak plainly about it.”

“… Okay.” I had no idea what she was going on about as I blinked the sleep from my eyes. “They’re mine now, so they can stay here.” I turned around and went back inside the library, holding the door open for them before closing the door on Fluttershy. The pups sniffed around before making themselves comfortable on the carpet.

I made my way back past the kitchen, once more debating something to eat… I went to the fridge and pulled out an apple for Rose, I may not be hungry but she might be. I closed it behind me and went back down to our bed in the basement. I set the apple on the stand by Rose then plopped into the bed and fell back asleep.

“Oh this place again.” I remarked as I looked at the various windows now occupying the mindscape.

“Hello again, Sigma.” I turned to see Luna floating around and peering into various windows. “I was curious about your state last night, you seemed distressed and your dream space appeared to be a bit… larger, I would say.”

“Yea, I had a big realization about myself.” I said. The window behind me played out the battle against the large wolf, depicting me as the hero, as I detailed my thoughts and emotions. “So when I made the link with them, I just realized that it was just a big, empty space.”

“I see…” She said, pondering. “I wish I could be of more help, but your mind and dreams are different than that of ponies. I have been searching our library for any information on changelings but the topic still eludes me.”

“Well thanks anyway, I guess.”

“I gave my word that I would help, and I plan on doing so. It appears you are making new memories quite well too. But should you need any further guidance into the past, sometimes dreams can hold the keys.” She offered.

I thought it over for a bit, “Like that dream I had about my name?” She nodded, “Well, maybe. I think I’m going to try to get ahold of these summoning powers and get a few more pacts going. For now, anyway.”

Luna nodded, “I see, I will continue searching on my end, if you need me you need only call from your dreams.”

“Alright, well good luck.” I said as the mindscape faded into a random dream of a series of images… heh, a pony made out of corndogs.

I woke up to the sounds of chewing. I stretched out and yawned, then blinked up at Rose who was sitting there and eating the apple I got earlier and had a book propped open in front of her.

“Good morning,” She said and rubbed my chest, “Sleep well?”

I nodded as I sat up and leaned against her, “The pups woke me up when Fluttershy was harassing them, spoke to Luna again and told her about the mind thing, but yea I slept alright.”

“That’s good to hear.” She flipped a page.

“What’s this?” I asked, nodding to the book.

“It’s a history book; I’m currently at the part about the Wonderbolts being formed.” She said.

“Neat… Who were they?”

“They are basically military turned stunt and show ponies.” She explained.

“… I have no idea what that means.”

“Perhaps we can go see one of their shows? Rainbow seems to really admire them.”

“Alright, it’s a date then.” I pecked her cheek and hopped out of bed. “I’m going to see what I can add to my list of summons!”

“Alright, but stay in town and take the pups with you.”

“Okay!” I said as I went upstairs. I found Twilight and Faina up and about; Faina was propped against one of the pups with a map book open while Twilight was talking about various cities.

“Manehatten is said to be Equestria’s leader in industry and sea trade, it’s also quite a tourist spot with attractions such as the state park and the Mare of Liberty. Oh, good morning Sigma. Sleep well?”

“… Do I look tired?” I asked and rubbed my eyes.

“Not really, it’s just a standard greeting in the morning. Also Fluttershy said you were pretty tired as you let the wolves in and left her outside without a word.” She said, looking a bit cross.

I tilted my head, “How do you know about that?”

“I’m secretly a powerful alicorn.” She said.

My jaw dropped, such deception!

“… It’s almost scary how gullible you are. No, Fluttershy was still standing outside when I woke up, you just missed her actually.” Twilight said. So many lies!

“You left out the part when she became a screaming, sobbing mess when you dispelled Tatl’s mind calming spell.” Faina remarked. “That was a hell of a wakeup call.”

“Tell me about it.” I heard spike say. I looked around to see him sinking into an overly large chair with a bathrobe, big hat, and pipe with bubble things floating out of it while reading a comic.

“I am a really heavy sleeper then, I didn’t hear anything.”

“I had the basement soundproofed when I first moved in so the noisy machines wouldn’t disturb the library.” Twilight said.

“The library only you and your friends ever use.” Spike remarked again.

Twilight glared in his direction as Faina spoke up, “So what’s the plan for today? I’d like to meet the mayor at least and get something to eat.”

“I’m going to take the pups for a walk and assemble an army.” I said. “Oh, Rose and I want to see the Wonderbolts, any idea how to do that?”

“Generally you go and buy tickets, but they are usually pretty expensive and sold out months in advanced.” Twilight said.

“What are the Wonderbolts?” Faina looked up from her book.

“The Wonderbolts are an elite team of fliers that also act as part of the military during times of war.” Twilight said simply.

“That sounds pretty cool, when’s the next show?” Faina asked.

“Let me check, Rainbow usually asks me like three times a week about their shows anyway.” Twilight pulled out a book from a nearby shelf. “This is my planner; I’ve got the names and dates of everything that’s officially scheduled up to three years in advanced!”

“Why is your planner mixed in with the library books?” Faina asked.

“So that if anypony wants to they can look up the events themselves!” Twilight said in excitement. She opened it up, unfolded a page, which unfolded into a world map, which each place had more notes folded in on themselves… It made no sense.

“Alright, let’s see… Ah-ha! The next show is four days from now in Manehatten!” Twilight said with a grin.

“… I’m going.” Faina said.

“Me too!” I said. “And Rose.”

“It’s cool with me.” Spike put in.

“They sold out three months ago.” Twilight said flatly.

“Go back in time then and tell yourself to get the tickets.” I suggested.

Twilight face hoofed, “Sigma, even if I did that I would just create a parallel universe where I was visited by my future self and got the tickets while we would still not have tickets.”

“But you would have the tickets?” I was getting lost.

“No. I wouldn’t.”

“Why can’t you just ask Celestia?” Faina asked.

“WHAT!? I can’t just ask Princess Celestia for tickets to the Wonderbolts! That would overstep her trust in me! I don’t want to take advantage of being her student like that!” Twilight looked really upset as she marched up to Faina.

“Alright calm down before you break something, geese.” Faina held up her hooves to ward off the angry Twilight. “If you can’t or whatever then I will.”

“WHAT?!” Twilight yelled again.

“I’ll ask her if I could get tickets, she’s probably got reserve seating as the princess. Besides, this is an excellent chance to see another city, see some culture, and all that jazz.” Faina reasoned.

“And I can use my fire breath to send her letters instantly too.” Spike added. Now I know that’s a lie.

“Spike!” Twilight hissed.

“What?” he asked. So he can send letters through fire? Magic is weird.

“Perfect!” Faina exclaimed and hopped off the pup she was using as a pillow. “I’ll just write it up really quickly and send it on its way.” She walked up to a desk and pulled out some things. I walked up to read over her shoulder but she started sprawling curvy writing across the paper, it just looked like scribbles to me.

“And, there!” She said as she stamped it with a weird hammer and pickaxe symbol. She rolled it up and sealed it with candle wax and tossed it to Spike. “Do your thing big guy.”

“With pleasure!” He said proudly and puffed out his chest for a moment, then exhaled and set the letter on fire. I watched in confusion as the ashes floated out the window.

“What if the window is closed?” I asked.

Spike shrugged. A moment later he belched green flames and a letter fell out of the smoke.

“That’s really weird.” I noted.

Spike picked it up and popped the seal of the sun, looked at it for a second, then passed it to Faina. “It’s written in your swirly writing, I can’t make sense of it.”

“What’s it say?” I asked.

Faina cleared her throat,

Dear Grand Faina Night-Steel,

First I must say it was quite a surprise to see a letter penned in the old style of writing instead of the Equestrian standard. I’m happy to see my own ability to read and write in it has not diminished over the years. Now, as for your question regarding the tickets to the Wonderbolts show in Manehatten. Normally I would decline such requests unless it was a special event. However, due to your mission and in repayment for your services for your assistance I have decided to allow you and whomever you choose to accompany you to the show. Included is the form signed by both myself and Princess Luna that would allow for travel and royal seating at the expense of the crown. I hope you enjoy yourself with your friends and learn more of our culture.

Matriarch of the Sun,

Princess Celestia

PS. The citizens of Manehatten grow restless as of late, I suspect foul play but my sister does not seem concerned. Be on your guard in the city, seek out the one known as Stormy Flare, she will provide good food and a warm bed. Somehow she and her friends are immune to the effects. I will let you know if I find anything else.


“Well that last part seems ominous.” I remarked.

“See, Twilight? Sometimes you just have to ask.” Faina said with a nod.

“…” Twilight looked like she was about to cry. “Maybe.”

“I’ll tell Rose.” I volunteered and headed to the basement. “Hey Rose?” I called down.

“Yes dear?” she responded.

“I got tickets to that Wonderbolts thing, it’s in four days.” I said loudly.

“Really? That’s great! I think I’ll go tell Flame and see if she wants to go too.” Rose said. There was a few shuffling sounds and I saw her start heading up the stairs.

I smiled, “Yea, today for sure we need to visit the castle. Seems like each time we try something happens that distracts us for the rest of the day.”

“I’ve noticed.” She said.

“Hey Twilight we’re going to visit the castle in the woods.” I said as Rose and I made our way to the door.

“Can I come?” Faina asked.

“Sure, come on.” I said.

“Can I go?”

“No Spike, we have some chores to take care of because apparently we’re going to Manehatten now.” Twilight said, Spike responded with a groan as we closed the door behind us.

I paused mid-step and turned back around and opened the door to allow the trio of pups to run out after us. “There.”

“So, they do anything you ask?” Faina asked.

“I guess so. I don’t control them directly but I can tell them to do things.” I said. I turned to them and commanded, “Bring me... an apple!”

They did a small woof of acknowledgement and bolted off down the road, causing several ponies to flee in terror. “Aww, aren’t they cute?”


We walked through town casually, along the way I tried forming a few pacts. Insects are apparently incapable, a cat just refused and would rather sleep in the sun, the dog just peed and went on his way, and apparently Scootaloo isn’t smart enough to form a pact. Made sense as she was pestering Faina again.

Faina seemed to be handling it well enough; she even let her smell a potion which caused Scootaloo to pass out. Oh wait.

“Was that a sleeping potion?” I asked.

“Something along those lines, she’ll wake up in like two hours or so.” She said and placed the foal on her back. “I’m just glad she fell for it.”

Suddenly a shout floated through the town, “Come back here ya varmints!”

“That sounds like Apple Hat.” I said.

Lo and behold, from around the next corner the pups tore down the road to slide to a halt in front of me and deposit two shiny apples and a banana. I looked to the runt who brought the banana. “That is a very strange apple.”

“Woof!” he said proudly, apparently he thought so too. I gave him a pat.

“Yah stop…right there…” Applehat huffed and puffed and she collapsed in front of us.

“Hey, Applejack, right?” Faina asked. “What are you doing?”

“Apple… Theives…” she panted.

“Wow you are out of shape.” I remarked, her panting is ridiculous. I mean really.

“If ah could move… Ah’d buck ya to next week…” she threatened.

“I won’t allow it, that’s my responsibility.” Rose said.

Faina snickered, and I didn’t get it.

“Ponies are weird.” I said as I picked up the fruit. “Thanks pups!” I walked over to AH and balanced the apples and banana on her hat. “Let’s get going then.”

“You didn’t actually want the apples?” Faina asked.

“No, I don’t like apples.” I said, causing AJH to gasp. Have I actually had an apple? Hm, don’t care.

“Alright, let me drop her off then, Applejack can watch her.” Faina said and set Scootaloo down beside Hat.

“What the hay?” Ha, she has funny words.

We left the immobile Applehat and the passed out Scootaloo where they were and headed through the outskirts of town to a familiar looking river. The water this time was crisp and clear now and it looked like there was a small dock that had been built. Tied to the dock was a familiar looking boat and a skeletal body. I grabbed a stick in my magic and gave it a poke.

It jerked with a snort and sat up to stare at us with empty eye sockets. “Oh, I wasn’t sleeping, I was just resting my eyes. Though I don’t have any. Yohohoho!”

I grinned, “Hi Binks!”

“Hello again! Word around town is your name is actually Sigma? It makes me happy to hear you recovered!” He declared as he jumped up to look at everyone. When he spotted Faina she backed away a bit and shivered. “Ah, some ponies are still uncomfortable around us. Have no fear young lady, I mean you no harm.”

“No, it’s not the dead part, it’s something else and no I don’t want to talk about it.” She said, looking anywhere but at Binks.

“… Well anyway, think you can ferry us back to the castle?” I asked.

“Well, I was waiting on a shipment of apples but she’s running late, I think there’s time. Everyone hop in! Yohohoho!” Binks wasted no time in untying the ropes and taking up his position with the long stick and steered up upstream. Rose and I were sitting in the middle of the boat while Faina sat at the very front staring straight ahead. The pups didn’t seem to trust the boat and instead played along the banks as we traveled.

“So Rose is recovering quickly, why are you still a skeleton? I was thinking you would have some flesh or something.” I asked.

“I don’t quite understand the specifics, but the ghosts are still ghosts and the skeletons are still skeletons. It seems only the mummified and well preserved are recovering their bodies, but they may never be 100% like they were alive. My bones are a nice healthy white and the cracks and chips have mended, so I am to remain a skeleton. I don’t mind though, there are worse things…” He said sadly, trailing off as he stared into the woods.

“Anyway, would you care for a song?” He asked.

“Is it a different one?” I asked.

“Nope! Yohohoho!” He declared and burst into the same song from Chapter 5.

Eventually we pulled up to another newly built dock that replaced the old decaying one. The old market place was bustling with activity, the old stones were moved and the land was cleared of weeds and wild grasses and there were tents propped up all over. Several of the large ones had stalls in front of them for various things like bolts of cloth, food, more tools, and other stuff like old pots and treasures.

“Wow, been busy.” I remarked as we stepped off the boat.

“You bet! We’re all working hard to get this place up to snuff!” A familiar voice called out.

“Wait… Caster?” I asked the sky.

“Yep! Got it in one!” She said happily as she emerged from the ground. “This area is going to be the new market, but it’s also doubling as a place to sleep. At the moment were getting set to sell a bunch of our treasures to jump start our future economy, mostly gold and jewels. Right now were still terraforming, clearing the areas to build actual houses and get a small farm going. I’m in charge of the market!”

“That’s good to hear, although is Flame around?” Rose asked.

“Yea, she usually hangs out at the old barracks planning things with the guard.” She said.

“Alright, thank you, and keep up the good work.” Caster gave a salute and returned to flying around the market stalls. Rose turned to us, “The old barracks are this way.” She said and led us toward the old castle.

“Wait here pups.” I said as we started off, the pups whined but remained, soon going back to playing.

As we walked the air was filled with the sounds of construction, hammers were banging and ponies were calling out directions and everyone was rushing one way and another. Before long we reached the barracks and a few familiar faces working in a large tent.

“Admiral Starry Skies, Flame, good to see you again!” Rose said as she took her sister into a hug. “You’re filling out well!”

“And I could say the same to you!” Flame said. “Pinkie and AJ have been giving a steady supply of food and snacks so we’re doing really well.”

“The city is coming along nicely as well; with the help of a few local farmers we’re clearing the zones in record time.” The admiral said.

“So, how did the princess take it?” Flame asked. Rose spent the next few minutes detailed that the princess would be arriving soon to help ease ponies to the city.

“And I would like to introduce, my coltfriend.” Rose said as she pulled me against her and kissed my cheek.

Flame stared at us for a good long moment, “Are you serious?” Rose nodded and grinned. Flame sat down and rubbed her nose, “Rose, I get that he saved us and you felt thankful, but you literally just met him and now you’re going steady? What would Mom say?”

“She would be proud that I was the proactive one. Besides, he doesn’t even know himself and having someone be there for him would help him along too. And so far I don’t have any complaints.” Rose said as she played with my ear.

“… Do I want to know how far you’ve already went?” Flame asked cautiously.

“Well, I am interested if we can have foals as we are.” She said.

Flame facehoofed, “By the gods…”

“By the way, want to come with us to one of the cities and see a show?” Rose asked her.

“And listen to you two going at it? No thanks. Besides, there’s a lot of work to do and I’ve somehow become the de facto leader here. You go and have fun, by the time you get back we should have the market up and running.” Flame said while making shooing motions.

“Alright, we’ll let you get back to work.” Rose said as we turned to leave.

I saw Faina stand and turn around just as Binks entered the tent and bumped into his leg. The next second Faina went nuts. There was the sound of breaking bones as she lashed out in a series of punches as she screamed angrily, “DON’T FUCKING TOUCH ME!”

Binks went down while we could only stare. Faina backed away, a frantic look on her face, before taking into the air and flying off. It was a few seconds and a moan from Binks before we rushed to his aid.

“Binks! Binks, are you alright?” Flame asked as she started removing the clothing from his skeletal form.

“She’s a feisty one. Yohohoho…”

“This isn’t the time to joke around.” She finished opening the robes and looked him over. “Broken femur, fractured pelvis, and two broken ribs. Admiral, get me the glue please.”

“Glue?” I asked.

“Yea, another skeleton broke a bone when Pinkie was throwing a party and she used it to stick the bone back in place. The damn thing healed good as new in a few days. So I’m not too worried about his injuries but we lost our only ferrydog.” The Admiral returned with a white paste in a can and a brush and started applying it to the broken bits and sticking them together. “Now, mind explaining why the hell she just attacked one of the nicest people I know?”

“Honestly I don’t have a clue, she’s always had a cool head even when fighting monsters and she’s been around me for a few days and didn’t seem to care about the, less aliveness, even accepted a hug on occasion.” Rose said.

“Well when she met Binks she didn’t want to talk to him or even look at him, and she only freaked out when she accidentally bumped into him.” I said.

“Not to mention she didn’t use her claw gauntlets either, I suspect the damage would be far worse if she had.” Rose added as she looked him over.

“Why didn’t she? She’s usually waiting for a chance to show them off.” I remarked in thought.

“It almost seems to me like how an animal would attack if it felt severely threatened. She felt the need to protect herself and lashed out instinctively, forgetting about her weapons.” Rose deduced.

“She did seem to realize what happened just before she took off.”

“Then you two should go find her and get an explanation from her and have her apologize to Binks.” Flame said.

“Ah, she doesn’t need to apologize right away.” Binks said.

“What? Why not?” Flame asked in confusion.

“I saw it in her eyes and felt it in her voice; she has a deep hatred and anger towards me. Well, not me directly, anyway, but it’s strong enough to cause her to lose herself in it.” He said. “Perhaps she fled because she’s hurting, you should both find her and calm her down.”

“How do you know all this?” I asked.

“Because I was a father once…” He said simply and trailed off. The tent went oddly quiet, I didn’t really understand how being a father revealed hidden emotions but I suspect they all had family who were no longer around.

After the moment of silence I nodded, “Alright, we’ll find her.”

“Right.” Rose agreed. We headed out of the tent to see a few ponies of various decay staring towards us.

“Which way did she go?” I asked. They pointed to the left, deeper into the forest. “Thanks.”

“Hopefully she didn’t go too far in.” Rose commented as I called the pups to me.

“I doubt it; she’s not a long distance flyer by my understanding.” I said.

We reached the edge of the forest just as the pups caught up. The forest was noticeably further away now that some of it has been cleared for materials and a field.

I turned to the pups. “Alright gang; I want you to sniff out Faina, the bat pony that used you as a pillow. Find her then let me know.”

The pups did a little howl before sticking their noses into everything and walking in circles for a few moments. The larger one- I should name them. The large one is Zoltar. The smaller one will be Bill, and the middle one shall be… Roxas. Or should I go with wood puns? Nah, this will do. Anyway, Zoltar was the one that got the trail first and ran ahead.

Rose and I kept pace with the other pups as they too caught the scent. It wasn’t long before we noticed more than a few trees with a trio of claw marks slashed into them. I examined them closely.

“Hmmm… But what does it mean?” I pondered.

“It means we’re close, come on.” Rose spurred me forward. Forward for me being into the tree. “Oh! Sorry...”

One Band-Aid to the right eyebrow later and we were back in pursuit! We casually walked through the trees following the pups and the slashes on the trees. We eventually found Faina, lying on her back in silence as tears matted her fur, staring into the sky.

I wasn’t sure what to do or say, so in part I’m glad the pups decided to circle her and start licking her face. She responded with a weak giggle and pushed them away. She moved her eyes to see we were standing there then returned to sadly staring at the sky.

“Hey.” She muttered.

“Hey.” Rose said softly and lay down beside her. I had no idea what to do so I just sat where I was. “Feeling better?” she asked.

“No.” Faina shook her head. “I’m sorry; I didn’t mean to hurt your friend… I just…”

“He’ll be alright; he actually seemed to be more concerned about you.” Rose rolled onto her side facing Faina.

“… I’m sure he’s… nice… but I can’t…” Faina’s face scrunched up and she covered her face with her hooves, her body lightly shaking as she cried softly.

“Shh, come here.” Rose pulled her into her chest and held her as she cried. I could only look on with pity, what could turn someone so proud and confident into this? Rose held her for several minutes, petting her head to calm her down.

“Thanks.” She sniffed.

“Anytime. But I still think you owe him an apology, and I would at least like to know what triggered this.” Rose said.

Faina nodded, “I’m sorry, it’s… hard, still.”

“Just start from the beginning.”

Faina took a few breaths and told us her tale.

“Diamond dogs. From the earliest part of our history, diamond dogs have been a constant plague on my clan. They would break into our vaults and steal our treasures, take our ores, take our gems. Their tunneling was unpredictable and impossible to determine, and because of these several tunnels would collapse each year, often killing and trapping ponies for days until we can free them.

Once the clan was strong enough, the first Steel family set out to push them back and keep them from our tunnels, but they were able to out maneuver us most of the time. It drove them on to try and catch them off guard and over the years developed a means to fight against them through stealth.

We killed diamond dogs, thousands of them, until they finally retreated to their own tunnels. We thought they were gone forever, we let our guard down. I was just a foal, six years old, playing with my best friend Thust. Our parents were inspecting a tunnel not too far from us like they normally did. Checking for signs of monsters from the uncharted caves, checking for integrity, underground water, magma, all that.

I remember pouncing on Thust and succeeded in pinning him down when I heard this loud crack, like something popped, followed by the heaving chuckles and slurred speech of diamond dogs. The entered the tunnel from all sides and attacked, but as they did… I watched as our parents were crushed under the rocks with the dogs. It was over in seconds. I remember every detail of the swirling dust cloud as I ran forward and started digging. There were a lot of rocks smeared in blood…

My grandfather, Kraden, pulled us away… the rest is a blur but it still hurts every time I think about it. My hooves still have scars from the sharp rocks, I didn’t even feel the pain. After that, I was taken in by my grandfather and Thust was raised by Elder Faye. I focused on stealth combat, Thust focused on making arms and armor. He was the one who made my gauntlets, based them on the ones my father used…

Diamond dogs are responsible for killing my parent, my friend’s parents, one of my other friends, and fellow colleagues. I hate them… Killing them won’t bring back my friends and family, but it sure as hell stops them from killing others’ families…”

Faina trailed off as her story came to an end.

Rose pulled her into a tight hug, “I am sure those diamond dogs that attack your people may be filled with greed, but out here there are many races of different backgrounds. There are evil ponies just as there are good, intelligent diamond dogs that would never hurt anyone. I don’t think Binks even burrows. I understand it can be hard, I think you did a great job of rationalizing that he wasn’t evil while you were on the ferry. You let you emotions take you over when you were surprised, it happens, nopony has complete control over their emotions all the time. Okay?” Faina nodded. “There, are you feeling better now that you got all that out?”

Faina nodded again, “Yea, honestly I was afraid somepony would ask why I never mentioned my parents, but now that it’s out, I guess I don’t need to worry so much. Thanks.”

“Anytime. Think you can apologize to Binks?” Rose asked.

“I don’t know… I know I should but I’m not sure if I can face him like that just yet. I want to be able to look him in the eye…sockets when I apologize without getting the urge to crush his skull.” She said, staring off into the sky once more.

“Alright, let me say goodbye before we leave and we’ll head back to town to catch the train to Manehatten. I’m sure the trip and the show will make you feel better.” Rose said.

Faina nodded, and together we all headed back to the old castle. Rose went to say goodbye to her sister as Faina, the pups and I waited at the entrance of a new path through the woods.

I turned to Faina, “Your home sounds dangerous but in a cool way.”

“Thanks. I’ve only been out here for a few days but already I want to head back, I’m starting to miss everyone.” She said.

I shrugged, “Well you did tell Celestia that you would take Twilight so she can learn a bit about your ponies, so there’s that.”

“True, but when should I return? What if I didn’t learn enough of the people out here? What then?”

“Psh, I’m living on like a week of memories and using words I don’t remember learning. I’m sure just bringing a few books and stuff will be fine. They can’t expect you to know everything, right? I mean you’re friends with Celestia so I think the hard part of the job is done.”

Faina pondered for a bit, “Yea, I suppose you’re right. And I know all my friends are probably worried sick about me, we have no idea how dangerous it can be out here. Honestly I was expecting a lot more hostility.”


“Just for being different, like I would have to prove myself to the ponies that we aren’t some thick headed cave tribe that paints with their own shit.”

“That’s very specific. Does shit make for good artwork?”

“… Twilight’s right about how scarily gullible you are.”

“It’s not then?”

“It’s a matter of principal; you don’t shit all over the walls.”

“I know that, I mean, if you needed to paint something and all you had was shit, would it do a decent job?”

I felt my tingles and turned to see Rose staring at us awkwardly, “What in Gia’s name did I just walk in on?” Faina could only facehoof as I grinned.

Author's Note:

I feel the chapter title is very representative of the amount of tomfoolery in this chapter.

Bit more about Faina's past, and I swear I mentioned Thust in the story already but I cant find it. Oh well. Also, if you know your ponies you can guess who's going to be hanging out together in Manehatten!