• Published 11th Mar 2015
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Sister of the Stars - Sheltie Paws

An ancient spell that has kept Princess Celestia's and Luna's sister disappear from all memories is on the brink of being broken. The sisters set out to find not only their little sibling, but a chain of fractured memories and forgotten dreams.

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The Magic of a Good Night's Sleep

Celestia woke up feeling abnormal. Well, she was feeling normal, but compared to the day before it was considered abnormal. Every ache and pain that had rattled her was completely gone. Celestia felt comfortable, fresh, and surprised at this sudden change. Even though it was still dark because she had not yet risen the sun, she looked back at her wings, expecting them to be battered. In the dim light of her bed chamber, she could make out an outline of her wings neatly folded at her sides. Celestia recalled how yesterday she had let her wings droop down until the tips brushed the floor, though at the moment she had not noticed. The only sign that Celestia had seen the visions was a slight pang in her head every now and then, and the image of Moon Beam and Sunlight.

She troted to her sister's room. "Luna?" Celestia asked cautiously, opening the door. "How do you feel?"

Luna opened her eyes and pushed back her blanket. "Amazing! I feel like yesterday never happened! What about you?"

"Perfectly fine."Celestia replied.

" But Celestia? That vision means something. What are we going to do about it?" Luna asked. Suddenly a royal guard appeared.

"Princess Twilight would like to see you, Princesses." he said, before he flew off with his blue mane flying out behind him like a waving flag.

In a flash of magenta Princess Twilight appeared. She had soft lanveder fur and deep purple eyes. Her purple mane was streaked through with pink, and was strait and curled at her shoulders. Her wings were spread as she landed softly on the balcony. Twilight wore her Elemental Crown, which perched in front of her rounded horn. A bag swung over her back was stuffed with quill pens and parchment. The edges of the bag jutted out, which ment there were books hidden in it as well. Her eyes were wide with worry.

Twilight rushed up to Celestia. "Did something happen last night? The moon rose so shakily and the sun was trembling! Please tell me you are all right!" she burst out. Celestia chose her words carefully.

"Twilight , you must understand me. Luna and I have a situation going on." she said slowly. Celestia glanced at Luna and gave a tiny nod, barely visible. The telepathic spell they had delvoloped would come in handy. As much as she hated talking behind Twilight's back, this was a personal matter, and she needed to discuss with her sister. Celestia formed the words in her mind and cast them out to Luna.

We have to find her. Our sister. We need to find her and... a-and maybe our parents.she silently said.

Do you feel it too? I mean the sense. It feels like we are magnetic particles being drawn to a force.Luna responded.

I know this seems strange, but a few nights before the, the visions I saw this dim star and I felt like it was telling me something.Celestia said. Now as the memory came back to her, she heard a faint cry of distress.

You saw it too? The star? But Celestia, if we have to find our family, we might have to search the whole kingdom or further!Luna worried.

So you are not coming?Celestia said in dismay.

Of course I am! When do we leave?Luna asked.

Luna, let me talk to Twilight first.Celestia said.

"Listen, Twilight, Luna and I have to leave. Not forever, don't worry, we will come back once we find what we are looking for. Twilight, there is something we have to do, but I am not ready to tell anyone yet. I leave you in charge of Equestrian until we come back. Can you understand me?" Celestia said, speaking outloud this time.

"Yes, I do." Twilight said, quietly. "But who will raise the sun and moon?"

" We will, Twilight. No matter how much distance is between us and Equestrian, we will always be able to preform our duties." Luna spoke up. Celestia shot her sister a grateful glance.

Celestia looked around the dim room, then at Luna, and at Twilight. This would be the last time she would raise the sun in this palace for a long time. She cleared her throat and prepared to speak, trying not to let her emotions show.

"We leave at dawn."

Author's Note:

This chapter came out late due to incovinient time shceduals and annoying little brothers. I apologize. NOW HERE IS A MOUSTACHE!!!!!!!!:ajbemused: OK let's try that again. NOW HERE IS A MOUSTACHE!!!!!!!!!!:moustache: