• Published 11th Mar 2015
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Sister of the Stars - Sheltie Paws

An ancient spell that has kept Princess Celestia's and Luna's sister disappear from all memories is on the brink of being broken. The sisters set out to find not only their little sibling, but a chain of fractured memories and forgotten dreams.

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The Last Dawn

Celestia trotted to the balcony, her movements slow. Her conversation with Twilight had happened in the dark of night, and now when she raised the sun, she realized this was the last dawn she would bring with peace, and ease for a long time. Celestia glanced at Luna, who looked as sad as she was. The sisters had planned to pack the moment their duties were done. Twilight was sitting by the narrow carpet, being quieter than usual, but she still looked determined to keep Equestria safe while the Regal Sisters were gone. She made it obvious she dissaprouved of Celestia's and Luna's plan, but she understood it was a personal matter. Scattered around Twilight were a few broken quills and extra rolls of parchment from her saddle bag. She had been scribbling down something on a long piece of parchment, as if planning how to care for Equestria already. A smile tugged at the corners of Celestia's mouth. Twilight, always the planner, she thought.

She spread her wings and a golden glow formed around her horn. This time she raised the sun, it felt like anything but what had happened the last night. Celestia could feel its shape, not its weight. She could feel the hot rays and flames, but instead of scorching her, the merely tickled her. Celestia caught the rays in a beam of her magic, and turned them upwards. She felt the sun being to move up. A faint glow was spreading on the horizon. Luna was doing fine as well. The moon was gracefully sinking below the hills in the distance. When the sun was high in the sky, and the moon was gone, Celestia released the rays. The burst out, free from her magic, and spread in every direction. Dawn had come.

"Sister, we must begin packing. We will have to take our magical stones collection, our story crystal, my night song, your starchart, food definitely, and-"Luna started.

" Luna, how are we going to carry all of that?" Celestia interrupted.

Luna looked crestfallen for a moment, before she perked up again. "I've been reading, and I've found an extension spell. You can take a tiny pouch, like this for example." Luna levitated a beaded pouch." And then you use the spell on it." She shot the pouch with a beam of magic."Then, the inside extends and you can fit even an Ursa Minor in it! The outside still appears the same." Luna held up the pouch, which looked like it always had. She rolled up the carpet with her magic, accidentally sending Twilight's saddle bag flying. The carpet rolled up was about the size of a sofa, and Celestia and Twilight were surprised when Luna tipped one end into the pouch, and it dropped into the bag. The pouch did not look like it was on the verge of bursting. Why didn't I think of that?Celestia thought.

"Alright then, we have to gather our belongings. Luna, take the north and west side of the palace. I shall search the south and east. Meet me here once you are done packing." Celestia announced. Twilight looked up from her parchment, and Celestia hoped she had not seen the tears forming in her eyes at the thought of leaving her former student.

Celestia nodded to Luna and flew to the south side of the palace. The starchart room was here, as well as the bed chambers. Celestia decided to check the bed chamber first. The stone collection and velvet cloak were in there. She trotted into the room and to the bedside table. Celestia turned the hidden knob on the bottom of the table, which started to vibrate. The top of the table dissapeared, revealing its hollow inside. Some of Celestia's most prized possessions were resting at the bottom.

The magical stone collection was an assortment of strange rocks and minerals. Each one held a special power. When the blue stone was held, you could command the waves of water. When the green stone was held, plants would begin grow bigger and bigger, and then do your bidding. The purple stone used to banish bad dreams until Luna dropped it onto a stone spear being carved and it split in two, but the sisters found another way to use it(each sister kept a half of the stone, and the used it to send messages through speech at long distances). The orange stone gave the holder a mane made of fire, but it only hurt others who touch it. The red stone could make you shoot beams of magic from your eyes. The dull black stone could shift earth and rock. The white stone gave immense beauty to its holder. There were many more, that vheld more minor powers.

The velvet cloak appeared to be a beautiful ,silky, normal cloak. What other ponies did not know was that the velvet cloak could morph into a magic carpet, and and extend into a tent. Celestia sighed and put the two items into the beaded pouch. She spread her wings and flew to the east side of the palace. The starchart was next on her packing list.

As Celestia entered the room, she wondered how many centuries ago she had started this map of the stars.The chamber was dim, and the only light came from the skylight(the chart covered both walls and windows). Celestia rememberd the fading star she had seen a few nights ago. She had not marked its potision yet. Celestia flew up to the starchart, her quill ready to draw. Where did I see that star? It was somewhere left of the griffon constellation, under the pegasus constellation, and right of the heart constellation. Celestia thought. She found the spot and marked the star. Celestia used a folding spell (parchment garuntied to straiten out after folding) and folded it into a tiny square before putting it into the bag.

Celestia met up with Luna at the balcony. Luna had a second pouch, which she already had her items in. The sisters nodded to each other and silently trotted to the edge of the balcony. Celestia's heart was heavy and she felt like she would never fly again. Then she remembered Moon Beam and Sunlight. She remembered her mission. She remembered her sisters. With a sigh, Celestia and Luna lifted into the sky, heading in the direction Celestia had marked the dim star.

"Goodbye." Twilight called out from the balcony. "Goodbye." Celestia looked back at the palace, at her student, at her kingdom.

"Goodbye." Celestia breathed. She turned her head away. Twilight would not see her cry.

Author's Note:

Yeah, I said no chapters during my vaca, but in spare time I pulled this together. :pinkiesmile: