Sister of the Stars

by Sheltie Paws

First published

An ancient spell that has kept Princess Celestia's and Luna's sister disappear from all memories is on the brink of being broken. The sisters set out to find not only their little sibling, but a chain of fractured memories and forgotten dreams.

An ancient spell that has kept Princess Celestina's and Luna's sister disappear from all memories is on the brink of being broken. The sisters set out to find not only their little sibling, but a chain of fractured memories and forgotten dreams.

(prologue) A Moonlit Flight

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Celestia was on the palace balcony, searching the sky for the constellations to appear. Luna's beautiful moon began rising, slowly bathing Canterlot in white light. The first glittering stars started to twinkle in the indigo sky. Celestia waited until all the flowers of the night were in place.

Just as she did every night, the alicorn picked a section of the sky and held her gaze, trying to find a star she had not marked on her star chart(which took up an entire room). Celestia turned her head and began to scan another section. Nothing new,she thought.

A dark shadow passed over the moon, the shape of an alicorn.

"Hello Luna, out for a flight?" Celestia called to her sister.

"Yes, do you want to join me?" Luna's hollered back.

Celestia stretched her wings and took to the air, cool air rushing past her fur. A night off from star counting would't


"Luna?" Celestia said, as she caught up to her sister. "Have you noticed Flash Sentry, that pegasus that used to be a royal guard? He has been sneeking off to picnics with Twilight lately, have you noticed?"

Luna chuckled."Young love is in the air. Each one of the Elements seems to have found a date." Luna paused. "Not me though. You won't catch me on Hearts and Hooves day in a café with a coltfriend," Celestia laughed.

Only when they were alone would they talk this casually. Pillow fights still lived on in the sisters, even at this age.

"So, any luck with the stained glass window question?" Luna pressed.

"Nope. I still don't see why every time we defeat a villan we make a new window. A lot of time and effort could be saved if we did not do that tradition," Celestia replied." We should be getting home."

As she turned towards the palace she noticed the tiniest fainted star. It was unmarked. Celestia made a mental note to put it on her chart. For some odd reason, she felt like the star was telling her something.

The sisters were silent for a while. Then Luna spoke up.

"Celestia?" Luna started." Do you ever wonder about the stars?"

Celestia paused. Her sister's question could have many answers. "What do you mean?" she asked.

"You raise the sun, and I raise the moon. Who do you think raises the stars?" Luna's voice had a hint of curiosity in it.

Celestia suddenly felt numb and unfocused. "I'm going to sleep," she announced. She landed on the balcony with a soft thump.

"I'll stay out late. See you in the morning," Luna said, and she flew into the night.

Celestia took a final glance at the stars, and then the busy streets of Canterlot, alive with lamplights. She could almost make out carriages parked on the egde of the road. It sometimes seemed as though the city never slept.

The white alicorn trotted to her bed chamber. Something was different tonight, and not in a good way.

Broken Spell

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It happened one evening a few days after the moonlit flight. Celestia and Luna were in the dining hall, quietly sipping soup. Light was flittering through the great glass windows throughout the room, for the sisters normmaly had a quick diner before lowering the sun and raising the moon. The light cast golden patches on the narrow carpet.

"Celestia?" Luna began. "Celestia, do you-"

A wave of darkness crashed down on Celestia, knocking the breath from her. The marble floor and thin carpet vanished beneeth her hooves and she plummeted down into the black, air whoosing past her. Celestia tried to scream but no sound would come out. She could not tell if her eyes were open or not, because open or closed all she would probably see was that horrible solid black. As quickly as it , whatever it was, had come it vanished.

The space around her was a dark indigo dotted with white and gold specks. Celestia realized she was in a night sky. Her wings were not moving. She was suspended in the air and could not twitch a muscle.

Two alicorns flew in front of her. One was a golden cream. Her hoof bases, flowing mane and tail tips were a royal purple. Her cutie mark was a bright white spiral. The other was a deep indigo. He blended in with the night, and could only be seen because of the stars around him. His cutie mark was a four-point star, which glittered on his flank. They were laughing and smiling as they danced into the night, manes flying out being them. Names flashed through Celestina's mind. Moon Beam and Sunlight,she thought. With a jolt she knew these ponies were her parents.

A second later, the vision disappeared. Celestia was plunged into the darkness once more. When the blackness cleared she was standing in a meadow. Moon Beam and Sunlight were watching three filly alicorns play, their eyes full of pride. She recognized herself and Luna, only much, much younger. The third filly had the same deep indigo of Moon Beam. Her golden cream mane was wavy, and curled at her shoulders. Her bright blue eyes twinkled. This is my sister.Celestia thought.

Before Celestia could take in any more details, she was falling into another vision. She seemed to be in a dark alley. A hooded pony stood in front of her, still as stone. A moment later, another hooded figure emerged from the shadows, the thump of it's hooves echoing through the air.

"I have the money." the first figure said, tossing a briefcase to the other pony. "Now, where is my share?" there was an edge to it's voice.

The second figure hesitated before he spoke. "What you want will come to you in time. This spell is very complex, and can only be completed with time, a dark fowl feather, and.... you know what." he said, with a voice like shattering glass. "I will need a test subject." If the figure's hood had been off, Celestia guessed he would be making a wicked smile.

Celestia was face down on the marble floor, her wings and legs splayed out. Every part of her ached, and her head felt like it was on fire. Luna was on the other side of the table, in the same position.

"What," Luna began, her voice weak. "In the world, was that?"Celestia was too stunned to respond.


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Celestia rose shakily to her hooves, her mind whirling like a violent storm. She stepped to help Luna, who was still gasping for breath, but something sharp stung into her hoof. When she lifted it up, a small porcelain shard poked up from the carpet, and she realized there were more shattered remains of her soup bowl all over it. Soup was spilled over the soft red fabric, staining it. Celestia would have normally used a cleaning spell to get rid of a mess like this, but she could not summon the energy, though it was a very simple piece of magic.

"Celestia," Luna said. "What will we do sister?" Her voice hid a hint of desperation.

Natural instinct came to Celestia. "Whatever happens, first we must take care of our kingdom." she replied. Luna staggered to her hooves, leaning heavily on her sister's shoulder. They wobbled to the balcony and prepared to bring the night.

"I can't do it, I just can't Celestia!" Luna moaned. Celestia blinked. She had never heard her sister sound this way. But if Celestia could not even do a cleaning spell, how would she lower the sun?

"We can do it, Luna. Think of Moon Beam and Sunlight. Think of our parents." Celestia replied. This seemed to flip a switch in Luna. Even though she was still battered and exhausted, a new burning fire shone within her. She pressed her front hooves against the balcony railing, closed her eyes, and a faint glow issued from her horn. Celestia wondered if Luna had gotten the same visions she had received, and then remembered Sunlight's rippling mane, and Moon Beam's merry laugh.

She too closed her eyes and focused on moving the sun. Normally she preformed this task with only the slightest bit of effort, but now it felt as if she were handling it with her own hooves instead of her horn. She could feel its heat scorching her, its tremendous weight, and her energy evaporating like mist. Dread washed over her. How can I do this?!she silently wailed. Tranfering all her strength to her horn she felt as if she was shoving the sun down, instead of lowering it.

An image of her mother and father flashed through her mind. A sudden flash of energy came to her. The sun dissapeared on the horizon and the moon was slowly rising. Celestia sighed. Her job was done. She let Luna lean on her shoulder again and trotted back to her bed. They sepparated at the bed chambers, and said a weary good night. Celestia could barely take in her souroundings, and half dragged herself into bed, not bothering to take her crown of. The second Celestia hit the pillow, she fell into a dark, dreamless sleep.

Twilight Sparkle stood at her window, observing the way the sun trembled down. Something was wrong.

"Flash? Cancel my meetings tomorrow. I need to see the regal sisters." she declared. Twilight desperately hoped her old mentor was safe.

The Magic of a Good Night's Sleep

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Celestia woke up feeling abnormal. Well, she was feeling normal, but compared to the day before it was considered abnormal. Every ache and pain that had rattled her was completely gone. Celestia felt comfortable, fresh, and surprised at this sudden change. Even though it was still dark because she had not yet risen the sun, she looked back at her wings, expecting them to be battered. In the dim light of her bed chamber, she could make out an outline of her wings neatly folded at her sides. Celestia recalled how yesterday she had let her wings droop down until the tips brushed the floor, though at the moment she had not noticed. The only sign that Celestia had seen the visions was a slight pang in her head every now and then, and the image of Moon Beam and Sunlight.

She troted to her sister's room. "Luna?" Celestia asked cautiously, opening the door. "How do you feel?"

Luna opened her eyes and pushed back her blanket. "Amazing! I feel like yesterday never happened! What about you?"

"Perfectly fine."Celestia replied.

" But Celestia? That vision means something. What are we going to do about it?" Luna asked. Suddenly a royal guard appeared.

"Princess Twilight would like to see you, Princesses." he said, before he flew off with his blue mane flying out behind him like a waving flag.

In a flash of magenta Princess Twilight appeared. She had soft lanveder fur and deep purple eyes. Her purple mane was streaked through with pink, and was strait and curled at her shoulders. Her wings were spread as she landed softly on the balcony. Twilight wore her Elemental Crown, which perched in front of her rounded horn. A bag swung over her back was stuffed with quill pens and parchment. The edges of the bag jutted out, which ment there were books hidden in it as well. Her eyes were wide with worry.

Twilight rushed up to Celestia. "Did something happen last night? The moon rose so shakily and the sun was trembling! Please tell me you are all right!" she burst out. Celestia chose her words carefully.

"Twilight , you must understand me. Luna and I have a situation going on." she said slowly. Celestia glanced at Luna and gave a tiny nod, barely visible. The telepathic spell they had delvoloped would come in handy. As much as she hated talking behind Twilight's back, this was a personal matter, and she needed to discuss with her sister. Celestia formed the words in her mind and cast them out to Luna.

We have to find her. Our sister. We need to find her and... a-and maybe our parents.she silently said.

Do you feel it too? I mean the sense. It feels like we are magnetic particles being drawn to a force.Luna responded.

I know this seems strange, but a few nights before the, the visions I saw this dim star and I felt like it was telling me something.Celestia said. Now as the memory came back to her, she heard a faint cry of distress.

You saw it too? The star? But Celestia, if we have to find our family, we might have to search the whole kingdom or further!Luna worried.

So you are not coming?Celestia said in dismay.

Of course I am! When do we leave?Luna asked.

Luna, let me talk to Twilight first.Celestia said.

"Listen, Twilight, Luna and I have to leave. Not forever, don't worry, we will come back once we find what we are looking for. Twilight, there is something we have to do, but I am not ready to tell anyone yet. I leave you in charge of Equestrian until we come back. Can you understand me?" Celestia said, speaking outloud this time.

"Yes, I do." Twilight said, quietly. "But who will raise the sun and moon?"

" We will, Twilight. No matter how much distance is between us and Equestrian, we will always be able to preform our duties." Luna spoke up. Celestia shot her sister a grateful glance.

Celestia looked around the dim room, then at Luna, and at Twilight. This would be the last time she would raise the sun in this palace for a long time. She cleared her throat and prepared to speak, trying not to let her emotions show.

"We leave at dawn."

The Last Dawn

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Celestia trotted to the balcony, her movements slow. Her conversation with Twilight had happened in the dark of night, and now when she raised the sun, she realized this was the last dawn she would bring with peace, and ease for a long time. Celestia glanced at Luna, who looked as sad as she was. The sisters had planned to pack the moment their duties were done. Twilight was sitting by the narrow carpet, being quieter than usual, but she still looked determined to keep Equestria safe while the Regal Sisters were gone. She made it obvious she dissaprouved of Celestia's and Luna's plan, but she understood it was a personal matter. Scattered around Twilight were a few broken quills and extra rolls of parchment from her saddle bag. She had been scribbling down something on a long piece of parchment, as if planning how to care for Equestria already. A smile tugged at the corners of Celestia's mouth. Twilight, always the planner, she thought.

She spread her wings and a golden glow formed around her horn. This time she raised the sun, it felt like anything but what had happened the last night. Celestia could feel its shape, not its weight. She could feel the hot rays and flames, but instead of scorching her, the merely tickled her. Celestia caught the rays in a beam of her magic, and turned them upwards. She felt the sun being to move up. A faint glow was spreading on the horizon. Luna was doing fine as well. The moon was gracefully sinking below the hills in the distance. When the sun was high in the sky, and the moon was gone, Celestia released the rays. The burst out, free from her magic, and spread in every direction. Dawn had come.

"Sister, we must begin packing. We will have to take our magical stones collection, our story crystal, my night song, your starchart, food definitely, and-"Luna started.

" Luna, how are we going to carry all of that?" Celestia interrupted.

Luna looked crestfallen for a moment, before she perked up again. "I've been reading, and I've found an extension spell. You can take a tiny pouch, like this for example." Luna levitated a beaded pouch." And then you use the spell on it." She shot the pouch with a beam of magic."Then, the inside extends and you can fit even an Ursa Minor in it! The outside still appears the same." Luna held up the pouch, which looked like it always had. She rolled up the carpet with her magic, accidentally sending Twilight's saddle bag flying. The carpet rolled up was about the size of a sofa, and Celestia and Twilight were surprised when Luna tipped one end into the pouch, and it dropped into the bag. The pouch did not look like it was on the verge of bursting. Why didn't I think of that?Celestia thought.

"Alright then, we have to gather our belongings. Luna, take the north and west side of the palace. I shall search the south and east. Meet me here once you are done packing." Celestia announced. Twilight looked up from her parchment, and Celestia hoped she had not seen the tears forming in her eyes at the thought of leaving her former student.

Celestia nodded to Luna and flew to the south side of the palace. The starchart room was here, as well as the bed chambers. Celestia decided to check the bed chamber first. The stone collection and velvet cloak were in there. She trotted into the room and to the bedside table. Celestia turned the hidden knob on the bottom of the table, which started to vibrate. The top of the table dissapeared, revealing its hollow inside. Some of Celestia's most prized possessions were resting at the bottom.

The magical stone collection was an assortment of strange rocks and minerals. Each one held a special power. When the blue stone was held, you could command the waves of water. When the green stone was held, plants would begin grow bigger and bigger, and then do your bidding. The purple stone used to banish bad dreams until Luna dropped it onto a stone spear being carved and it split in two, but the sisters found another way to use it(each sister kept a half of the stone, and the used it to send messages through speech at long distances). The orange stone gave the holder a mane made of fire, but it only hurt others who touch it. The red stone could make you shoot beams of magic from your eyes. The dull black stone could shift earth and rock. The white stone gave immense beauty to its holder. There were many more, that vheld more minor powers.

The velvet cloak appeared to be a beautiful ,silky, normal cloak. What other ponies did not know was that the velvet cloak could morph into a magic carpet, and and extend into a tent. Celestia sighed and put the two items into the beaded pouch. She spread her wings and flew to the east side of the palace. The starchart was next on her packing list.

As Celestia entered the room, she wondered how many centuries ago she had started this map of the stars.The chamber was dim, and the only light came from the skylight(the chart covered both walls and windows). Celestia rememberd the fading star she had seen a few nights ago. She had not marked its potision yet. Celestia flew up to the starchart, her quill ready to draw. Where did I see that star? It was somewhere left of the griffon constellation, under the pegasus constellation, and right of the heart constellation. Celestia thought. She found the spot and marked the star. Celestia used a folding spell (parchment garuntied to straiten out after folding) and folded it into a tiny square before putting it into the bag.

Celestia met up with Luna at the balcony. Luna had a second pouch, which she already had her items in. The sisters nodded to each other and silently trotted to the edge of the balcony. Celestia's heart was heavy and she felt like she would never fly again. Then she remembered Moon Beam and Sunlight. She remembered her mission. She remembered her sisters. With a sigh, Celestia and Luna lifted into the sky, heading in the direction Celestia had marked the dim star.

"Goodbye." Twilight called out from the balcony. "Goodbye." Celestia looked back at the palace, at her student, at her kingdom.

"Goodbye." Celestia breathed. She turned her head away. Twilight would not see her cry.

"You left the palace behind, not your heart."

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Celestia felt a light breeze pass as she gathered more height. The sisters had sped up their journey and were now flying at a steady pace. The city of Canterlot was only a faint image on the horizon and Luna and Celestia were crossing a huge meadow. Celestia kept seeing the image of Twilight's worried face, and couldn't help feeling like she'd just dumped all responsibility on the lavender mare. The morning sun was gentle and comforting. Celestia grimaced. It all seemed so cruel and unfair, having such lovely conditions while she was tortured with the fact that she had given Twilight such a heavy burden.

"Celestia, look at the wild flowers!" Luna said, speaking for the first time since the sisters had left the palace. "There so vibrant, and breezy, as if they're dancing on the wind!" She laughed. "Look, someone planted those ones like in the shape of a heart!"

"There nice." mumbled Celestia. She hadn't even glaced below, and her tone was dull. Luna blinked at her sister, shook her head slightly, and looked away. Celestia didn't even bother to pay attention. Luna stared at her sister for a moment and her eyes grew annoyed.

"Celestia, stop it! Stop sulking and acting all sorry for yourself. I thought you knew better. You left the palace behind, not your heart." Luna said angrily and suddenly. Celestia was surprised at Luna's tone, and ashamed to realize her sister was right. "If its Twilight your worried about, don't be. She capable of amazing thing, and she'll have her friends at her side." Luna added more gently.

"I'm sorry Luna, I should be facing this journey with energy and excitement." Celestia hoped she wasn't blushing. "And your probably right about Twilight. She's stronger than ever before. I'm over worrying." A smile spread over Luna's face.

"Yeah, you'd make a good over-worryer type mom!" she teased.

"Who are you calling an over-worryer?" Celestia bumped into Luna playfully. "Let's not forget the time you lost your bit of the purple stone from our collection and spent the whole day fretting because you couldn't talk to me using it. When I came back to the palace I heard you sigh with relief and collapse on the floor." The sisters spent the rest of the day sharing memories and laughing as they flew.

Celestia and Luna glided down toward the grassy ground with grace. Celestia flashed her sister a nervous smile. This would be the first time ending the day and starting the night since they had left the palace. Neither knew if it would work or if doing their duties would come with heavy strain as it did the night after the broken spell. Both sisters equally wanted to help their kingdom, with whatever price it came with. They stood side by side and took deep breaths. Celestia closed her eyes and caught the sun's rays with her magic. She turned them down, and with a flicker of satisfaction, she realized the sun was gracefully sinking below the horizon. She glanced sideways and saw Luna's moon make its way to the center of the sky. Celestia and Luna released their grip of magic and smiled at each other. Performing their duties had come with barely any effort at all.

"Alright, we have a long journey ahead of us, let's rest while we can. Can you get out the velvet cloak Luna?" asked Celestia. Luna rumaged through her beaded pouch until she pulled out a silky crimson cloak with the symbol of The Regal Sisters on it. She spread it out of the grass and took a step back.

"Tent form." Luna commanded. Her voice rang out through the night, loud and clear. The cloak started to quiver and jerk as it grew larger and larger. When it stopped growing, the cloak folded quickly into a tent big enough for two.

"OK, now let's settle our belongings in a safe place and get some sleep." Celestia said.

Celestia crept out of the tent. She couldn't sleep, and though maybe some stargazing would help. The moonlight turned the flower petals a calm white. Celestia thought of her parents, and wondered what happened to them. A sudden rustling woke her from her thoughts. Luna came out of the tent and sat besides Celestia.

"Hello sister. Can't sleep?" Luna asked. Celestia nodded. "Your thinking of them too, aren't you?" Luna said more quietly. Celestia knew who Luna was talking about in an instant.

"Our parents, what happened to them?" Celestia asked.

"I don't know." Luna replied. "I don't know." And with that she turned around and trotted into the tent. Celestia followed her inside, and fell asleep the second her cheek hit the pillow.

Celestia looked down apon three fillies and their parents. She instantly knew who they were. Sunlight! Moon Beam! Its me! she tried to call out but her voice would not work. Celestia realized she couldn't move either. But she could watch. And she could hear. So she listened.

The Serpent's Vengeance

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Celestia wacthed her parent gaze contently at the three fillies. With a jolt, she realized that one of them was herself, only much much younger. She saw Luna, and the golden maned indigo filly. Celestia looked closer and started to listened. Moon Beam, her father, was teaching the three young alicorns to fly.

"Now watch how I do it," Moon Beam said, and lifted off. "Remember, when you first lift off, you have pump those wings hard and fast until you are at a good height." He demonstrated to the sisters, who were staring at him with wide amazed eyes. Celestia realized that this was the first time she had heard her father speak, and she loved his voice. It was rich, deep, as gentle as the night sky.

"Who would like to try first?" Moon Beam said as he came back down.

"Me, me , me!" Younger Luna and the sister with the unknown name said in unison. Celestia wacthed her filly self glance shyly at her Sunlight. Sunlight nodded.

"Celestia dear, why don't you try as well?" Sunlight said. Her voice was smooth and confident, but still loving as a summer breeze. Celestia wacthed herself trot toward and stand and next to Moon Beam.

"Excellent! Celestia can try first." He said.

"Auuwwwwww! I wanted to go first!" said younger Luna. Celestia the filly pumped her small but elegant wings and as fast and hard as she could. Celestia from above saw her face twisted with effort, and beads of sweat forming on her forehead. Even though Celestia could not move, she felt her wings pumping furiously as filly Celestia's. The little Celestia slowly lifted off the ground.

"That's it! Keep pumping, and once you get higher than my flank, switch to strong pumping, still fast, but mainly strong. You can do it!" Moon Beam called. Sunlight looked at her daughter, her eyes warm. Young Celestia was now past Moon Beam's flank and stoped franticly beating her wings. She started to pump them slower, but with firmer strokes. Soon she had a rhythm to her wingbeats and was rising steadily. Sunlight cheered encouragingly.

"I'm flying, I'm flying! Mother, Father, sisters! Look, I'm flying!" Filly Celestia squealed with joy, once she caught enough breath to talk. Luna and the strange filly started pumping their wings as well.

"We can do it to, see!" They said. Celestia wacthed until all three sisters were up in the sky, soaring with their parents. When the alicorn family got tired, they landed. The last image Celestia saw before she woke up was Moon Beam and Sunlight, their eyes full of pride.

Celestia sat up abruptly and stared at Luna. They were silent for a moment. Just a moment.

"Celestia, you were flying, and so was I! Moon Beam's such a good teacher! And-" Luna began.

"I know! I couldnt move but I still felt the effort of flying! And Sunlight was so pretty-" Celestia inturupted.

"Like an angel! It was amazing!" Luna finished. The sisters fell silent once more. Celestia spoke up again.

"That was a memory Luna. An ancient wrong is being righted. Something took all our fillyhood memories, and now, after the night of those visions, they are slowly coming back." Celestia said quietly.

"Yes. An ancient wrong being righted." Luna agreed.

The sisters had woken up before dawn was supposed to come, so they rose the sun and lowered the moon. They continued heading in direction of the faded star, but this time used the velvet cloak for travel.

"Carpet mode." Celestia said to the tent. The cloak instantly unfolded from tent mode into carpet mode. The carpet lifted into the air with the sisters on top, and they went on their way.

The sisters were past Whitetail Woods and heading toward the shoreline of Equestria. To the south was Las Pegasus, and then to the north, Smoky Mountain. The blue green sea was visible on the horizon and the sisters were getting closer quickly. Celestia wondered how many different seashells could be found on the beach, and which ones held magical properties, like the stone collection. Perhaps Celestia would start a magical seashell collection as well.

Celestia could now see fine golden sand that covered the beach, and the gentle waves lapping at the shore. She heard fillies playing below, and peeked over the edge of the carpet. A green filly with a dark blue mane, a magenta hippocampus filly with a sky blue mane, and an adult white pegasus with a blue mane. They played on the beach and sloshed through the shallow waters. Suddenly, the waves thrashed and whirled with force, and from the deeper waters a huge serpent rose. His eyes were red and angry, his tail whipping the ocean. His dark black scales glittered in the sunlight, and when he opened his mouth his teeth gleemed white. A rigde of spiky brown spines went down his back and tail. He let out a mighty bellow and grabbed the hippocampus with its tail.

"Luna, ready our stone collection, we have to help them! Carpet, down!" Celestia shouted over the roar of the monster and the screams of the hippocampus. The carpet shot down and circled above the serpent's head. The little green filly had found a piece of driftwood and was desperately paddling toward the serpent. In the roaring waves, she jotsled up and down, her head bobbing in and out of the water. The pegasus called out and tried to stop the green filly, but her wings and mane were waterlogged, and she was being dragged toward the violent sea.

"Magenta!" called the green filly to the hippocampus. The hippocampus was struggling and pushing against the serpent's grip, but was not strong enough.

"Forest! Forest help me!" Magenta the hippocampus cried. Forest the filly was paddling furiously, but she kept getting thrown back by crashing water. Celestia and Luna were were still circling the serpent's head; whenever they came in for an attack, the trashing tail whipped them back.

"You puny ponies!" the mighty serpent roared. "You have invaded my beaches across the coastline! You have left your hoofprints on my sands for too long, and you shall pay for that only! I own the oceans! I own the coastlines! And nobody else!" His voice boomed and his eyes bulged with anger. He kept on swinging and trashing violently, Magenta still crying for help, Forest still trying to stay afloat on her driftwood, the pegasus still vainly attempting to save them both. Celestia had an idea.

"Luna! Throw the white stone to the hippocampus and tell her to tuck it inside the serpent's tail! I'll get the blue stone, and no time to explain!" Celestia hollered. Her plan was to get the serpent to hold the white stone in his tail. The white stone gave beauty to whoever holds it, and if the serpent held it he would become beautiful and the sisters would have a distraction. Then Celestia would use the blue stone to control the ocean and overthrow the serpent.

Luna threw the white stone to Magenta. When the hippocampus held it her mane turned long wavy and shiny. Her scales shimmered and her eyes grew luminous.

"Hey! Tuck that stone inside the serpent's tail!"" Luna yelled. Magenta was too scared to disobey. She tucked the stone in between herself and the tail. The serpent froze.

His dull black scales were an elegant white that shimmered different colors in the sun. His brown spines were a sparkling golden. His red eyes were a beautiful shade of blue. He tried to roar, but instead a melodious opera note came out. He stopped trashing and gazed down at his new body, his blue eyes wide.

"What have you done?"the serpent said in a sweet voice. " You, you, you stupid ponies! Look at me! I'm horrible! Oh dear oh dear oh dear!" In his proper voice, the serpent would be bellowing in rage (and would not even think of saying oh dear), but now, the serpent could have been inviting the sisters over to tea.

Celestia used the blue stone, an waves twisted around the serpent, trapping him. The pegasus had reached Forest now, and was dragging her toward the beach. Magenta cheered, and the serpent wailed. The waves swirled around the serpent, like a whirlpool reaching for the sky. Water droplets flew everywhere, splattering Celestia and Luna with seaweed and salt water.

"Serpent! Here my words!" Celestia shouted once the waves had covered all of the serpent except Magenta and his head. "Do you wish to stay in this form forever!?"

"No dear, I defiantly do not." The serpent said, his eyes smoldering with rage, but his voice light and happy.

"Then realese the hippocampus, and leave these ponies alone forever!" Celestia said.

"Alright then dear." The serpent said. His tail uncurled and both Magenta and the white stone fell from his grip. He turned back to normal and threw the sisters one last glare before plunging into the sea. Celestia used the blue stone, and Magenta was carried gently back to the beach by a blanket of water. She scrambled towards Forest and the pegasus. Celestia and Luna came down to the beach the carpet was drenched, and flying a bit wobbly, but other than that it seemed fine.

"How could I ever thank you!" The pegasus said. She gasped. "Princess Celestia and Princess Luna!" She knelt before the sisters. Magenta and Forest did the same.

"There is no need for that now." Luna said, feeling a bit embarrassed.

"Yes, yes of course! My name is Breezy Current." The pegasus said. "These are my adopted daughters, Forest and Magenta Splash."

"Hi." Forest said shyly.

"Hi." Magenta copied.

"You have saved my little ones from this terrible serpent. Thank you! Now, rewards-" Breezy said.

"Oh, don't worry, we don't need rewarding." Celestia said. "Being able to help those in need is all the joy we need." Breezy smiled at her warmly and hugged her fillies. The sisters smiled back.

"There is no better reward than bringing a family back together." Celestia said.


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Celestia and Luna had promised the family they would search the area for the serpent to make sure he was gone for good. Searching a few miles from the coastline would only take an hour and a half at the most, so the sisters decided they had time to spare. Celestia and Luna performed a simple Air Bubble Spell before plunging into the ocean.

At first, the search was going well. The trashing waters were calming. There was no sign of the serpent for a mile, and it looked like the search would finish early. The sisters entered a coral reef, and thought this was good because it meant they could ask the ocean life if they've seen the serpent. But all the sea creatures in the the area fled at the sight of the sisters and refused to answer any questions. Celestia was getting frustrated, and that only made the fish more hasty to swim away. The sisters were starting to leave the reef. Luna thought she was daydreaming when she saw a little blue fish swimming after them.

"Hey, I'm Ralph!" The blue fish said. "You look like you're looking for something. I can help if you want."

"Thank you Ralph, I'm Princess Celestia, and this is my sister Princess Luna." Celestia said.

"Oh, I've heard of you sisters. It work differently down here in the ocean. We have a bunch of different Kingdoms. There the Fish Kingdom, the Carnivorous Fish Kingdom, the Shark Kingdom, the Sea Mammal Kingdom, the Shellfish Kingdom, the Invertebrate Kingdom, the ......" Ralph ranted.

"Yes. You said you can help us. We were wondering if you saw a black serpent passing through." Celestia and Luna told Ralph about the attack on the family.

"A hippocampi?! Is Magenta alright?" Ralph said, eyes wide with worry.

"Yes, she's alright. How do you know her name? We never mentioned it." Luna asked suspiciously.

"Um, well you see..." Ralph started, his voice full of embarrassment. "I've been following her around the coastline for awhile. She's so nice and kind to us little fish who everypony thinks are insignificant, and pretty too...." Ralph sighed with contentment. When he realized the sisters were watching him, the dreamy look fled from his eyes. "Anyways, um, I like Magenta that's all." If fish were able to blush, Ralph would have turned tomato red. "About the serpent, as a matter of fact I did see him passing through. What a water trasher and current hog! Never seen a serpent ruder. He went down there in the underwater cave network."

"What!? There is an underwater cave network?" Celestia gasped.

"Yep." Ralph replied. "Something wrong?"

"It will take us hours to search the area now!" Luna whined.

"Well, we still have to do it to make sure those ponies are safe. Even away from our throne, the kingdom comes first." Celestia said.

"I must be going now. Goodday to you Celestia, and you as well Luna. May our paths cross once more." Ralph said, and with a twirl of his tail and a flash of blue he was gone.

Once the sisters found an entrance to the underground tunnels they began their search. Both were confident their Bubble Spells would hold after years of honing them. The sisters gave a nod before plunging into the darkness. They illuminated their horns and started the search. Celestia didn't like the tunnels. Even with the golden light coming from her horn, the tunnel still was picth black. The rock walls were narrow and smooth, and Celestia could not find any signs of life. The tunnels curved up and down, left and right, branching off into different directions. Luckily, Luna was using magic to leave a glowing white stripe on the wall so the sisters would be able to find their way out of the dark maze.

The hours melted away. The tunnel system was so complex and confusing, with unexpected dead ends or passages that led back to where you started. Celestia and Luna kept doubling back, and trying other tunnels. Some tunnels could barely sqeeze the sisters through them, while others were as big as a sea monster. The erie darkness seemed to devour light. At last, when the sisters were satisfied that the serpent was gone for good, they retraced their steps back to the edge of the reef. The sisters swam to the surface and poped their Bubble Spells, enjoying fresh air at last. They flew to the shore where the family was waiting, the sun and wind drying off most of the water. Forest ran to meet the sisters, Magenta dragging herself after her. Breezy Current came more slowly, as if she were nervous about something.

"Hiya!!!" Forest said as the sister landed on the beach. She skidded to a halt in front of them. Magenta dragged herself across the golden sand and then sat down next to Forest. "How was your search?" Celestia remembered the dark tunnels and errie blackness.

"It wasn't my idea of a vacation, that's for sure." Luna replied. "The area is rid of that serpent. Not a trace of him." She added as Breezy came up behind her daughters.

"Oh thank you for sparing so much time on us! You were gone for hours!" Breezy exclaimed. "The girls do want to give you something." Celestia was about to say the needed no rewarding, but then Magenta spoke up.

"This is a gift that I have carried for a long time. I have the ability to kindspeak, which means to talk sense, kindness, and compassion into a creature. And they listen." Magenta paused. "Once there was a sailor, and everyday he went out sailing. But a terrible sea monster kept destroying his boats. I came along and talked to the monster. He calmed down and vowed to never bother the sailor again. That sailor gave me a gift, and because of my ability to kindspeak it is of no use to me. I feel that you need it much more than we do. When ever you need kindness, compassion, sense, or love call apon it. " Magenta held out a beautiful white sea shell. Celestia blinked.

"I don't understand." She said. The hippocampus smiled.

"You will when the time is right." She replied.

Playing Tag With a Star

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Celestia glanced at Luna, her head clear and her body at ease. She cast her power out, drifting her mind out into space, willing the sun towards her. She felt the first wisp of magic find the sun, and let it establish a firm grip. Sometimes when moving the sun, she felt as though she had thousands of little hooks. Then the hooks would lacth onto the sun pulling it down or pushing it up. Celestia felt the beams of sunlight warm her as the sun sank towards the horizon and out of sight. The moon was now ascending, it's gentle glow illuminating the darker sky. Celestia released her magic, and a new thought seized her. How did the moon glow? That was something to study when she got back home. Celestia's thoughts went darker. If she got home. She tried to think more optimistically. If she did get home, she would have a new assistant to study with.

Sudden worry took hold of Celestia at the word assistant. She remembered Twilight, left at the palace all alone, and coping with the responsibilities of two double booked princesses. Heck, she didn't care how many times that mare saved the world. She was too young to be burdened with this. Ah injustice, so we meet again. Celestia thought. Then she sighed. There was no alternative. Not really. Dear Cadance already had her hooves full. Maintaining the safety of the Crystal Empire was no small feat, and nursing the fatally ill Prince of Yakyakistan while running his kingdom... Celestia shook her head. That Cadance could sure multitake.

Luna released her magic and shot a smile at Celestia. The stars were beautiful tonight, some glittering and sparkling, some flickering dimly. The moon rested in the middle of the sky, like a crowning jewl. A steady breeze had begun to blow across the beach they stood in. The soft clap of waves against the shore was relaxing, and calm. The first night creatures were beginning to appear. A chorus of crickets grew gradually louder, and the occasional hoot of an owl traveled with the wind. The sisters just stood there, enjoying the few moments of sereneness and beauty they would grant themselves. Luna broke the quiet between them.

"The star map leads us here. The question is, is this the place we are looking for? Or do we keep going over ocean?" Luna asked, almost talking to herself. Celestia was about to reply when she was caught off guard for a moment. Luna's flowing mane did not shimmer and sparkle like it did in daylight. During the night, it became even more breathtaking. It glowed a deep blue, constantly shifting shapes. The glow was never steady. Instead it changed and faded, almost making Luna seem no more than a spirit, fading into the night. You think after millenias you would think your own sister's mane would not surprise you. Think again. Though Luna rejected all makeup, hair products, and style, Celestia suspected she was fond of her mane effect. Luna must have put an Astonishment Renewing Spell of some sort. Celestia cleared her head.

"I don't know everything little sis." Celestia shook her head. She reached into her beaded pouch and pulled out the carefully folded star chart. Luna stiffled a giggle.

"What?" Celestia asked, bewildered. Luna was trembling now, trying not to laugh. "What?!" Celestia was now irritated. Luna forced back her giggles.

"You used Goldenhoof's Folding Spell for that, right?" Luna still stiffled. Celestia nodded. "Remember that stupid commercial for it...." Luna burst out laughing so hard she was almost shrieking. Something in Celestia's mind clicked as she remembered. She recalled the jingle sung that Luna was repeating now.

"Goldenhoof's The Great, Sensational Pony! Foldings Spells For Everyone! Use It For Landry, Use It For Napkins! Goldenhoof's The GGGRRREEEEEAAAAAATTTTTT!" Luna shrieked out the last word as a high soprano. "Garunteed To Straiten Out After Folding!" She added in a fake masculine tone. Celestia burst out laughing. Mabey it was tension, mabye the stress explained why they were acting like shcool-fillies. No matter. There was no one out here to hear them and spread this all over the news. Like the cake incident. Celestia inwardly shuddered.

She unfolded the star chart and stared hard at the little dot marking the faint star she had found. Was this the place? Or would they have to travel over ocean and into unknown territory? Celestia drew her wings to her side, still engrossed in thought. She looked down at the mark. To her surprise, it flickered. Celestia dropped the chart. The mark seemed to wink once, and then fade. She stared. Luna's eyes darted around the parchment, as though she expected the mark to appear somewhere else. It did. Glowing a bright, natural gold, the little dot stood out against the yellowing parchment. The dot was surprisingly intense, casting out a small but strong beam of light into the dark night. Instead of its usual spot, the mark was located under the left wing of The Gargoyle Constellation. The sisters said nothing. Then slowly, Luna raised her head and searched the sky.

"Look." She said softly. Under the left wing of The Gargoyle was the faint star. Celestia looked down at the paper and up at the star. The positioning on the chart marked perfectly the location of the real star. Celestia felt understanding dawn on her.

"We have to follow it. It will keep changing position, taking us to where we are needed." Celestia glanced at her sister.

"Where we are needed." Luna repeated slowly. "That makes sense. The star led us here first, to help that family deal with the serpent."

"Exactly." Celestia nodded. She looked at the stretch of beach behind them, wondering where the family was now. Most likely seeking shelter at the nearest village.

"It's like tag." Luna said, faintly amused. "And we are it. We have to cacth the star."

"That's one way of seeing it." Celestia summoned the magic carpet. "Shall we ride through the night?" Luna shook her head.

"Were living beings Tia. We have to sleep sometime you know." Luna snorted.

"The carpet takes commands. We could sleep while it drives." Celestia retorted.

"No." Luna shook her head. "Imagine this: We fall asleep on the carpet, contented. The carpet glides along into the night, taking us closer to our goal. Then all of a sudden, some big cannibal creature pops out of nowhere and attacks us. Oh well. We were sleeping. Result: we get ripped to shreds." Celestia snorted.

"You're very optimistic." She said. "Fine. Tent mode!" The carpet transformed into the two pony tent.

Celestia and Luna settled down in the tent. Celestia took a last look at the faint star. The night was still peaceful. Heather rusteld in the breeze. The cricket chorus sounded more like an orchestra at the moment. The sky was clear. Celestia sighed contently. How long would this peace hold though? She burrowed into her fuzzy cotton blanket, breathing in the soft smell of flowers. Then she was captured by the comforting, hazy world of memories and dreams. She felt a burning certainty that this time, she would learn more.