• Published 11th Mar 2015
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Sister of the Stars - Sheltie Paws

An ancient spell that has kept Princess Celestia's and Luna's sister disappear from all memories is on the brink of being broken. The sisters set out to find not only their little sibling, but a chain of fractured memories and forgotten dreams.

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Celestia rose shakily to her hooves, her mind whirling like a violent storm. She stepped to help Luna, who was still gasping for breath, but something sharp stung into her hoof. When she lifted it up, a small porcelain shard poked up from the carpet, and she realized there were more shattered remains of her soup bowl all over it. Soup was spilled over the soft red fabric, staining it. Celestia would have normally used a cleaning spell to get rid of a mess like this, but she could not summon the energy, though it was a very simple piece of magic.

"Celestia," Luna said. "What will we do sister?" Her voice hid a hint of desperation.

Natural instinct came to Celestia. "Whatever happens, first we must take care of our kingdom." she replied. Luna staggered to her hooves, leaning heavily on her sister's shoulder. They wobbled to the balcony and prepared to bring the night.

"I can't do it, I just can't Celestia!" Luna moaned. Celestia blinked. She had never heard her sister sound this way. But if Celestia could not even do a cleaning spell, how would she lower the sun?

"We can do it, Luna. Think of Moon Beam and Sunlight. Think of our parents." Celestia replied. This seemed to flip a switch in Luna. Even though she was still battered and exhausted, a new burning fire shone within her. She pressed her front hooves against the balcony railing, closed her eyes, and a faint glow issued from her horn. Celestia wondered if Luna had gotten the same visions she had received, and then remembered Sunlight's rippling mane, and Moon Beam's merry laugh.

She too closed her eyes and focused on moving the sun. Normally she preformed this task with only the slightest bit of effort, but now it felt as if she were handling it with her own hooves instead of her horn. She could feel its heat scorching her, its tremendous weight, and her energy evaporating like mist. Dread washed over her. How can I do this?!she silently wailed. Tranfering all her strength to her horn she felt as if she was shoving the sun down, instead of lowering it.

An image of her mother and father flashed through her mind. A sudden flash of energy came to her. The sun dissapeared on the horizon and the moon was slowly rising. Celestia sighed. Her job was done. She let Luna lean on her shoulder again and trotted back to her bed. They sepparated at the bed chambers, and said a weary good night. Celestia could barely take in her souroundings, and half dragged herself into bed, not bothering to take her crown of. The second Celestia hit the pillow, she fell into a dark, dreamless sleep.

Twilight Sparkle stood at her window, observing the way the sun trembled down. Something was wrong.

"Flash? Cancel my meetings tomorrow. I need to see the regal sisters." she declared. Twilight desperately hoped her old mentor was safe.

Author's Note:

Sorry this chapter came out a bit later than the others . I took a short break from writing after this story was submitted. I'd also like to thank everyone who liked or favorited this story, especially considering it only has 3 chapters!:pinkiehappy: