• Published 26th Feb 2015
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New beginnings: High School - Frisk Ramirez

Set 6 years after New Beginnings: Elementary Button, Prokun and friends go through life's ups and downs and their relationships strengthens through the years

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Chapter:6 The Help: Button

"Welcome everyone to the Apple Family Carnival! Me and the Apple Family have planned everything that's happening today we hope you enjoy" said Class President Sea Swirl then Applejack's daughter Appleblossom

"Umm...yes all proceeds go to family a in need like the Star family." I see Prokun walk up he didn't want to be there he had to depend on himself all of his life and I understood that he lost his brother both his fathers left him now his sister.

"Button you okay you seem uneasy..." asked Sweetie Belle

"No let's just go and have fun" we played some games and we finally danced with everyone. Applejack and Caramel walked up to the mic

"Everyone it's time for some good ole karaoke y'all!" she said

"Sweetie I will be back." I said

"Okay what are you doing?" she asked

"You'll see..." I walk over to Prokun and Dinky they both look at me "Prokun I challenge you to a singing contest!" everyone gasp

"I think you can't beat him Button." said Sea Swirl

"Really? Because I think I can." I say proud of my singing he walks up

"All right bring it! what are the stakes." he asked

"Winner gets tickets to the Canterlot Ball!" I say, His eyes open up.

"A-and loser?" he asked i could tell he was shocked

"They have to give up their prized possession and their fillyfriend has to be their servant for two weeks!" I say

"Button! I heard THAT!" So what you did it to us!

"Deal!" he agrees

'Hey don't we get a say?!" said Dinky

"Nope too late you're in now!" said Prokun and like that we went to the stage Prokun made a song he was going to show it to Vinyl Scratch and Octavia but he decided he would do it now seeing everypony was here.So I sang first since I challenged him the song begins

"Umm... You are the sunshine of my life..." When I was done I was embarrassed it was terrible that's why my talent isn't singing. Prokun went up and sang

" You made my soul a burning fire you're getting to be my one desire You're getting to be all that matters to me and let me tell you girl I hope and pray each day I live a little more love I'll have to give a little more love that's devoted and true 'cause all I do is think about you..." He was amazing the song was amazing when he was done everyone went crazy

"Well I lost you won fair and square I will send you the tickets in the mail and Sweetie Belle will be at your house tomorrow..."

"Double or nothing..." Prokun said I was caught off guard.

"What!" I say still trying to figure it out.

"Well it wasn't fair you had to sing so lets play on your battleground let's go to your house set up Smash in the Theater in you house everyone can see your rematch against me... You Game!?" I laugh

"I'm always Game!" I say

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