• Published 26th Feb 2015
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New beginnings: High School - Frisk Ramirez

Set 6 years after New Beginnings: Elementary Button, Prokun and friends go through life's ups and downs and their relationships strengthens through the years

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Chapter: 4 Death in the Family: Prokun

We arrived at the eye doctors and I wait to get the diagnosis.

"Prokun Star?" The Doctor said

"Yes?" He walks up to me and sighs shit that's not good. He grabbed black glasses out of his bag and puts them on me the world was clear.

"Are these better?" He asked

"Yes a whole lot better." I say as I look around

"Well get used to them you will have to wear them for the rest of your life your vision is permanently messed up." I look at Applebloom

"Run..." She looked at me with a confused look.


"I said fuckin RUN!" She bolted out the room and started to run home I gave her one minute then I flew after her. "Applebloom!" I caught up to her and I stopped in front of her then I remembered what my brother told me "Life happens but whatever happens you keep moving." I calm down. "I'm sorry for yelling at you...can you forgive me?"

"Yes Prokun I forgive you and I'm sorry for messing up your vision we hug.

"Prokun! Prokun!" I see my cousin Snowshine she was panting "Your sister!" Oh shit what did she do now?

"Okay lead the way." Me and Applebloom run to Everfree Forest, when we arrived I see my sister severely bleeding from her head I grab my phone and call the police, few seconds later they arrived and so did the others

"Prokun what's wrong?" Asked Dinky

"My sister was attacked by her client Sun Bolt a racer who is competing in the Ponyville 500 tomorrow." My sister comes to.

"Prokun is that you?" She was loaded on to the stretcher and put in the carriage

"Yes sis it's me..." She started to fade out

"Take care of your Cousins for me..." The pulse went flat.

"Sonata? Sonata?! SONATA?!" I started to cry "No...no..." She died Dinky came over to comfort me it was nice to have her near at least she's alive...

Author's Note:

i kind of like writing emotional chapters like theses they are fun just writing emotions on to paper also sorry for no being online yesterday my computer was acting stupid again but like always like,fav,comment, and follow.


P.S. I wrote this chapter on my phone.