• Published 26th Feb 2015
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New beginnings: High School - Frisk Ramirez

Set 6 years after New Beginnings: Elementary Button, Prokun and friends go through life's ups and downs and their relationships strengthens through the years

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Chapter:3 Babs Seed Dramatic Stay:Prokun

Author's Note:

Forewarning: there's blood and some swearing next chapter I will make two versions of the same chapter Raw and Clean.


I walk home from school with Dinky and we talk about the homecoming dance which by the way I'm not excited about

"Are you excited? you get to take me to the dance." she said

"Yes Dinky I am I'm very excited." I say Not really I want to go with her to prom instead.

"What's wrong Prokun? You seem out of touch."

"Well we found my long lost older sister." I said afraid of saying her name

"So you found her what's wrong with that?"

"Well her name is So..." I say before getting interrupted by a familiar voice.

"Prokun! Hey what's up?" they said

"Babs? Is that you!" She runs over and gives me a hug "It's so nice to see you again! You visiting Applebloom?"

"Yeah also have you seen Button? I need to talk to him." She asked

"We were going to his house you can come with us in the meantime we can get caught up."

"Alright let's go." She said

(Button's House)

We arrived at Button's house to see him and Sweetie Belle talking on the couch "Yo! Button I have a visitor for you." He looks at me and Babs Seed and his ears went down that's not good.

"Hi Babs how's it going..." He said distant

"I'm good can I talk to you alone?" She asked this must be serious something's up.

"Okay let's go outside." He said, and they walked out of the house.

"Dinky stay here..." I say

"Why? Is something wrong?" she asked worried

"No I just need to check on them" I say and I walk out to see Button and Babs arguing

"I have a fillyfriend Babs! I love her I'm sorry!" He yelled then she kissed him Holy Luna! She kissed him Sweetie Belle is not going to be happy if she finds out...if. then I see Sweetie Belle walk out Button you are screwed!

"BUTTON! WHAT THE LUNA!" yelled Sweetie Belle he looks over and runs over to her.

"Sweetie Belle it's not what it looks like!" he said then...Applebloom came out Button you are about to get screwed hard! Sweetie Belle told her what happened

"I will deal with Babs later right now though." she winds up to kick him, I run in front of the kick and I take it all it.

"AHHGG!" I cover my face it hurts I try to look but it's very blurry.

"Prokun why did you take the kick?!" Applebloom yelled

"Because he's innocent Babs kissed him and he tried pulling away but she kept pulling him in." I rub my eyes

"Are you okay? because I hit you pretty hard." She asked

"I can see you but it's a blur of yellow and red." I said I hear Snowdrop gasp

"Prokun your vision is messed up you need to go to the eye doctors right away!" She said I felt a tug on my body I look and its a blond and blue blur.

"Dinky? is that you?" I ask

"Yeah it's me don't worry we will get you help." and we walk to the eye doctors.