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This story is a sequel to New beginnings: Elementary

Set 6 years after Elementary Button and the gang go to Ponyville High School with Prokun's new dad as the new principle of the school. Button has to deal with a straining relationship with Sweetie Belle, Prokun on the other hand has to deal with his family changing and a haunting past coming back to haunt him.

Warning:Some Language, Feels, and some parts of adorableness.

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but there is no adorable picture on this one T_T

5674009 waiting for the artist to finish they are probably busy so I don't want to rush them

Thanks for making clean versions for when you make some with bad language :twilightsmile:

Now, this concept is amazing. I love, love, LOVE what you are doing with the characters. However, there are several must-fixes that need to happen:
-Foreshadowing. Everything happened without warning, and we got NO buildup. I see the problem of: "where would I put said foreshadowing?" . Well, that's what a prologue is for.
- Steady pacing. No offence, but this thing was rushed to hell and back. Slow down, and tell us what is going on.
-Elaboration and detailing. You lack it. That is the reason people hate short chapters, because small either means short, or rushed, as said before.

Those are the 3 strikes that forces me to go no higher than a rather low 4/10. Then all the other ones that are good to have:
-Fluent dialogue
-Proper character characterization

For instance: oh! I forgot! Sweetie Belle can now pull a blinding roundhouse kick from her magical hat! HUZZAH! Did I mention that Babs somehow knew Button MAGICALLY, and decided, why not kiss him without any foreshadowing? YEAH! That too!
Those were specific characterization issues I found in chapter 4. There are a couple more, but you get the idea.

5687150 I have a question did you read the first story?

5687465 whelp, I'm a dumbass. Ok, that completely throws out foreshadowing, as I didn't do my research. But still, the other stuff is still there, and necessary. One strike non-existent.

5687548 I'm tired can we talk about this tomorrow please?

Thanks for using Sea Swirl! LOL! I love how the girls are like: WHAT?! :rainbowlaugh:

so this is kicking the Button x Babs in the pants

I'm assuming you mean Smash Bros, in which case you are awesome.

Awwww!!!! -crack- okay, now it's for realizes broken... Hehe... Hehe... Can some pony call a doctor?

Ur oc is so cute... Like a baby unicorn!!

Amazing! I just finished the story! Really well written and I love the plot!

5995903 It's not that good my NEW ones however a very good

5995907 Starting to read the sequel to this story!!!

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