• Published 26th Feb 2015
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New beginnings: High School - Frisk Ramirez

Set 6 years after New Beginnings: Elementary Button, Prokun and friends go through life's ups and downs and their relationships strengthens through the years

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Chapter-8 The Final Dance... Finale

"Wake up!! Wake up Dad!!" Said Snowshine jumping on me

"Alright...alright! Let me get up!" I get up and rub my eyes and put on my glasses.

"Dad Dinky is waiting for you she's here to go to the train station with you for the Canterlot Ball." Oh man I forgot today's the ball! I rush and get dressed Snowshine and Shao are already dressed I look at the mirror

"Good enough!" I grab my bag and kissed my mom goodbye and I get out the house and see Dinky in a beautiful white dress then I realized "Wait isn't that you mom's dress?" She blushes

"Yeah we couldn't afford a dress for me..." I looked at her with disbelief

"Nonsense." I look at my watch "we have time to get you a dress and we could ask Rarity for one..."

"Fine but let's hurry." We run to Rarity and Sweetie Belle's house of course Sweetie isn't there they are at the train station waiting for us. I knocked on the door

"Hello? Who's there?" Said Rarity

"It's me Rarity, Prokun we need help." She opened the door and immediately looked at Dinky

"Isn't that you mom's wedding gown?"

"Yes..." She said embarrassed

"Don't worry darling... I've got you covered." She pulled out a grey dress. "Here take this." Dinky got dress and when she came out I feel my bag get heavy.

"Thank You very much Rarity!" Rarity smiles

"Don't thank me thank my sister." She hugged her and we ran of to the station.

(Train Station)

"Finally you guys arrived! I thought you weren't going to show up..." Said Button in his seat playing his Vita I take out mine.

"Yeah sorry I had to get Dinky a new dress and stuff."

"Who be these little ones?" asked

"These are my adopted son and daughter Snowshine and Shao"

"Hello!" They said sitting in the seat.

"Aww they are adorable!" Said Scootaloo very out of character. Me and Button played game is while the mares gossiped and Shao read his book from Twilight.

(Canterlot Ball Four hours later)

We arrived and danced the night away we were swinging, twisting, and turning of course Dinky looked elegant dancing. Me and Dinky sat at our table trying to catch our breath then I decided it was the time

"Dinky?" I asked nervously

"Yes...dear... What's wrong?" I look into her eyes I feel time stop around us I pull the box out of my bag

"Dinky I've been going out with you for 6 years since we were twelve and... If you do me the honor will you Marry me?" Dinky froze then started to cry tears of joy

"Yes! Yes! I will marry you Prokun!" She kisses me my fiancé kisses me.

(Button's POV)

This pocket is slowly getting heavier I must do it! For Sparta!

"Sweetie Belle I have a big question to ask you..." She looks at me curious

"Okay go ahead I'm all ears sweetie..."

I pull out the box

"Sweetie Belle you are my sun and moon my happiness and sadness... My other half... I was wondering if you... Would be my player two...forever..." She starts to cry buckets

"Yes! Absolutely Button! I will be your Player two!" We kiss the world slowed down around is it seemed like everything is frozen just me and my fiancé Sweetie Belle.

Author's Note:

I'm so sorry it was short but I hard to end it I have the next generation in preparation so I am almost done I hope you can forgive me...


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Ur oc is so cute... Like a baby unicorn!!

Amazing! I just finished the story! Really well written and I love the plot!

5995903 It's not that good my NEW ones however a very good

5995907 Starting to read the sequel to this story!!!

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