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Summer Sunset - RobRoyale

Summer vacation has arrived in the human world and Sunset Shimmer takes a trip back to Equestria. However she comes back to something more than she bargained for.

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Night Visit

Chapter 4

Sunset sipped her cup of tea as she and Twilight sat with Rarity outside at the café. After picking up the quills and parchment they met up with Rarity in town and stopped by the café for lunch. Twilight regaled her possible near death experience to Rarity.

“My goodness! Who in Equestria would try to harm you Twilight.” Rarity sat across from her with her mouth agape.

“Well…” Twilight levitated some of her hay fries up as she made a list. “King Sombra, Chrysalis, Tirek, the Sirens, oh and Sunset Shimmer.” Twilight held up five hay fries with each name. She caught her words and looked to Sunset who had a grimace on her face.

Before she spoke Sunset put a hoof up. “I know I know no offense, non taken.” She rolled her eyes and frowned.

“I’m sorry Sunset…” Twilight put her hoof over Sunset’s and brought their gazes to meet. “Really it slipped I didn’t mean to say it…”

Sunset stared into Twilights eyes, and then she blushed. Twilight noticed the blush and looked from Sunset’s face to their hooves. She then squeaked and drew her hoof back blushing the same.

Rarity stared at the pair with a cheeky grin. “My, my, taking a liking to your knight in sunlit armor?” She winked.

Twilight’s blush intensified and her jaw hung slightly. “I wait no… Its not like… I was just… ugh!” She stumbled over her words.

Rarity laughed then took a sip of her tea. “Calm down darling I was only teasing. You never take an interest in any stallion around here I have to have my fun some how.” She winked again. “Well accept for that one guard in the Crystal Empire.”

Twilight shot her a glare. “We’re not discussing that…”

“Discussing what?” Sunset asked.

“Nothing!” Twilight shot out.

“Oh yes I must tell you Sunset.” Rarity set her cup down and leaned over the table. “There is this guard in the Crystal Empire that Twilight has-“ A shadow draped itself across Rarity and she paused to look to her left. Standing before the three was a blue stallion with dark blue mane clad in silver armor. He looked at them with yellow eyes; over his left was a red scar.

The trio looked at him for a few moments then he bowed towards Twilight. “Apologize your highness but I was told to bring this message to you immediately.” He took a scroll out of his belt pouch and hoofed it to Twilight.

Twilight was thankful for the interruption but gave him a skeptical look. “Couldn’t it have sent it through Spike?”

“It’s was not sent from her highness Princess Celestia. This message is directly from the hooves of Princess Luna.” The guard said. “Also since I’m here.” He placed a packet of documents on the table. “The reports from this week's shifts ready for your evaluation.”

“Thank you sir guard.” Twilight nodded.

He saluted. “Is there anything else you require your highness?”

Twilight shook her head. “No that will be all thank you.” She smiled, he nodded to the three and turned around and flew off back into the skies above the town.

Twilight looked over the parchment in her hands and untied the ribbon with her magic and the scroll unraveled.

Dear Twilight Sparkle,

Our dearest friend, we must inform you of a troubling phenomenon we experienced last night. During our travels of the dreamscape we have encountered dreams of all sorts. You are aware of our ability but for once last night we could not enter a dream. When we tried to enter this dream we was blocked out, also we couldn’t recognize the pony having the dream. After careful searching around the dream scape and looking through some of your dreams we discovered the pony in question is Sunset Shimmer.

Twilight as your friend we must advise you to use caution. We’re not sure as to how or why Sunset has returned from the other world but be on the look out. We still don’t trust her and we will be informing Celestia as soon as we raise the moon tonight. For now be careful. If you see her do not make contact, we do not wish to see you harmed.

Your fellow Princess,

Twilight finished reading the parchment allowed and her mind went blank. It then occurred to her Luna’s ability to enter dreams might have slipped her mind. It also occurred to her that Luna might not have been informed about her second trip to the human world.

“Um… I think we’re in trouble.” Twilight laughed nervously. She looked over to Sunset and swore she could physically see her having a heart attack in her mind. Sunset’s eyes were wide and she just stared. She then threw her hooves up and grabbed Twilight’s shoulders.

“Help me!”

“Eep!” Twilight squeaked.

Rarity raised an eyebrow. “I’m afraid I don’t see the problem.”

Sunset turned to her. “I can’t see Celestia! I j-just, I’m not ready!” She sputtered out. “When I left her it wasn’t on the best of terms and after everything I did in the human world well… um…”

“Ah I see.” Rarity finished for her and rubbed her chin. “Hm perhaps it would be best to let Luna in on this then?”

Twilight gulped. Luna was a very understanding pony but she wasn’t sure on her ability to keep secrets from Celestia. “I will write to her at once… however…”

“What?” Sunset asked.

“I think you should meet her.”

“What?!” Sunset blurted out.

“She mentioned that she couldn’t enter your dream. For an alicorn of her power that shouldn’t be possible. You said it was a terrible nightmare. I think Luna could help with this.” Twilight stated.

Sunset shrunk back and felt sweat forming on her brow. She had never met Luna from this world. Vice Principal Luna in the human world was dark and eerie, for Celestia’s sake her office was always dark. Going in there was like stepping into Dracula’s coffin. Suddenly the Princess of the Night seemed more frightening than the tales of Nightmare Moon she heard as a filly.

Nighttime fell over Ponyville with the rising of Luna’s majestic moon. The sun fell behind the horizon as it did the previous night and watching it was more beautiful than watching the sunset in the human world. Just thinking of how much magical power was needed to control the celestial bodies made Sunset’s head spin. She would have been fascinated to inquire Twilight about it if she was not shaking in her hooves. Off in the distance a group of figures came over the horizon line from Canterlot. They were silhouetted by the darkness.

As they grew closer Sunset could make out two bat ponies pulling a black and blue chariot with a hooded alicorn riding in it. A few guard mixed between bat and pegasus ponies flew in formation on either side. The chariot touched down in front of the crystal palace and hooded figure stepped down.

Unlike Twilight who was grinning ear to ear Sunset was stiff in place and had an uncertain look on her face.

“Princess, I don’t see why you need to wear the hood.” Twilight giggled.

“We thought this was what modern ponies call… dark and mysterious!” Luna put a hoof to the air. “A look that compliments the majestic beauty of our night.”

Twilight smiled and stepped forward briefly embracing Luna. “It’s good to see you again Luna.”

“Tis good to see you as well Twilight Sparkle.” Luna returned the embrace. She raised her head and met Sunset’s gaze and her expression hardened slightly. “Ah, Sunset Shimmer we presume.”

“Y-yes Princess.” Sunset stammered.

“Tis proper for our subjects to bow before us.” Luna said with a commanding tone.

“Sorry!” Sunset dropped quickly bowing her head.

Twilight shook her head. “Please this way Princess.” She led the three inside the palace and they entered the throne room where six thrones, one for each element of harmony, rested in a circular shape. Twilight took her seat and Sunset sat directly next to her. Luna sat across from them and kept her gaze focused on Sunset Shimmer.

Twilight looked between the two and coughed a little clearing her throat. “First I want to welcome you and thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule for coming here.”

Luna waved a hoof. “Tis not a problem Twilight Sparkle. Night court is um” She put a hoof to her chin. “How would you say it? Boring?”

Twilight nodded. “Either way thank you. I don’t know how much Celestia told you but this is Sunset Shimmer.”

“Ah yes… the she-demon.”

Sunset shrunk back in her chair looking away.

“Princess Luna!” Twilight spat but then recomposed herself. “Ahem… Nightmare Moon.”

Luna stared at Twilight for a few seconds. “Touché.” She looked back to Sunset Shimmer. “Apologies Miss Shimmer.” She cleared her throat. “First to put your fears to rest we have not informed Celestia of your return.”

Sunset let go of the breath she was holding.

“Twilight told me about you and has already explained what transpired during her second trip to the other world.” She looked away. “We suppose having been responsible for bringing others pain in the past as well it would be a hypocrisy to shame you for your actions. Tis only fair we treat you with the same courtesy we were given.”

Sunset nodded and sat up in her seat. “Thank you Princess Luna.”

“You’re most welcome. However Twilight has asked us here to aid with your dream problem. Upon returning from our imprisonment on the moon we started visiting dreams in order to help our subjects in a new way and make up for our actions. We have not encountered a dream we could not enter. That is until we came across your dream.” She paused before continuing. “When we tried to enter there was a black wall that prevented us from entering your dream. Even looking at it wasn’t impossible. There was just static on the image.”

“Perhaps it’s because Sunset has been away from Equestria for a long time.” Twilight suggested.

“Tis a theory but we have a feeling it may be do to something else. Sunset Shimmer could you please tell us what you saw in your dream?”

Sunset gulped and took a quick breath. She was hesitant but explained what she remembered from the previous night’s dream. The pain, the punishment, and the agony she felt at the hooves of those she thought cared for her. She saw Twilight put her hooves over her mouth in shock. Luna however sat patiently waiting for her to finish.

When she was done Luna waited a few more seconds before continuing. “We see. We now understand why you’re so hesitant to meet Celestia. However we do not share the idea that our sister is a cruel ruler.” She stopped. “Though banishing us to the moon may have been over doing it.” She muttered. “Dreams like that usually spawn from fears. Have Twilight and her friends been cruel to you since you arrived here?”

“No” Sunset answered.

“So this fear is unjust, and we can assure you that Celestia would not exact punishment on you in the way you think.” Luna put a hoof to her chin. “Its possible that they could be from something else.”

“Sunset” Twilight interrupted. “Have you forgiven yourself for what happened?”

Sunset’s ears drooped and she looked away. “I thought I did… after the band competition… but…I guess part of me hasn’t…”

“Then that explains it.” Luna frowned. “Tis hard to accept one’s past transgressions. We found this difficult at first after returning from banishment. We recommend some mental exercises such as clearing your mind before you sleep. Hmm… sleeping with another pony may help as well.”

This made Sunset blush and take a quick glance at Twilight.

Luna didn’t notice and continued. “Also try to do things that you think will make up for your actions. You are in Ponyville and have a chance for a brand new start.” A guard from outside rushed into the throne room.

“Pardon my interruption your highness but I have urgent news from Canterlot.” He gave Luna a scroll and she read it. A frown grew on her face and soon turned into a scowl.

“Forgive our abrupt leave but we must return to Canterlot at once.” Luna stepped off the throne and made her way to the door.

“What’s going on Luna?” Twilight asked.

“Another changeling attack.” Her horn lit up and a set of battle armor covered her body with a silver long sword materializing across her back. “Heed our advice Sunset Shimmer, and take care Twilight.” She closed the doors behind her with magic and left the pair alone. Sunset sat in her chair staring down at her hooves. She contemplated what Luna had said. She thought it was all right and that she had forgiven herself for her past transgressions but it seemed her illegitimate fears were caused by her failure to fully forgive herself.

She felt Twilight place a hoof on her shoulder and she looked over to see her friend smiling. “C’mon it's late we should both be getting some rest.”

“Do you think Luna and Celestia will be alright?” Sunset asked.

“If there’s one thing I know about my teacher it’s that she is one of the most powerful pony I know.” Twilight gave her a reassuring smile. “Actually I remember she and Spike once fought off an army of mutant cockatrices.”

Sunset blinked a couple times. “Mutant cockatrices?”

“Long story involving a magical surge from a passing comet.” Said Twilight. “If you like I can tell you it before bed.”

“Sure.” Sunset smiled. The pair walked to Twilight's room and sat up in front of the fireplace again. Twilight regaled to her the tale including her adventure with her friends to find the queen of the changelings, Chrysalis, to rescue the cutie mark crusaders from her. Sunset sat quietly enjoying the tale; it was like something out of a fantasy book. This was before Sunset had even met Twilight and she found herself bewildered by the possibilities and what she accomplished. Twilight herself went hoof to hoof with Chrysalis and using her magical strength fueled by the love of her friends she defeated the changeling queen. Even at that early stage Twilight had surpassed even the strongest of unicorns across Equestria.

“It’s no wonder you became an alicorn.” Sunset chuckled.

“There was a lot more to it than just magical strength. Anyone can achieve that power as long as they have friendship.” Twilight smiled patting her head with a hoof.

Sunset rolled her eyes and laughed. “I’m sorry Twilight but that was corny!”

Twilight blushed and her nose scrunched up. “But it’s the truth!”

“Still corny!” Sunset rolled onto her back laughing. Soon Twilight found herself laughing and the both of them were in hysterics.

Sunset rolled back onto her stomach. “Hm… do you think if I had that friendship I could be strong?”

“As long as your heart is in the right place then yes.” She poked Sunset’s chest and smiled at her. “Plus you’re already strong.”

“Not really Twilight.” Sunset looked away.

“Don’t doubt yourself.” Twilight pushed. “Without you we couldn’t have defeated the Sirens.”

Sunset looked back to Twilight and a small smile grew on her face. She nodded a silent thank you and stood up. “Thanks for the story Twi. Goodnight.”

“Goodnight Sunset” Twilight said back as she climbed into her bed.

Sunset exited Twilight’s room closing the door behind her with her magic. She walked to her room on the side and entered. She briefly lit her horn up as she walked over to the bed and crawled in it. She lay staring up at the sheet canopy above her. Slowly she closed her eyes thinking about Twilight’s story as she fell into slumber.

Something grabbed her. Sunset’s eyes flew open feeling resisting pressure against her hooves. She struggled to move them but they were pinned by something she couldn’t see. There was darkness all around her and all she could see directly in front of her were two artic blue insect like eyes. The creature hissed and Sunset could see the outline of two large fangs. She charged her horn and the aura unveiled the darkness infront of her. The creature was sickly black green with a curved horn and a muzzle similar to a pony. It snarled at the light and opened its maw.

Sunset brought her hind legs up and bucked it into the center throwing it off. She sat up and was thrown off the bed by a pony sized mass hitting her. She hit the ground and skidded on her hooves. She casted an orb of light in the air and illuminated before her was five pony form insect like creatures. All of them had the same eyes and black coats with protruding fangs and grated hooves. A couple wore dark blue armor plates.

Changelings! Sunset mentally shouted. She had never encountered them before when she first lived in Equestria but she had done enough reading to know what they were like. One of them lunged for her and she jumped out of the way. Another followed its comrade and dove for her. She jumped into the air but was blasted by a stream of green magic from another. She hit the wall and slid to the ground. The room was spinning and she shook her head to rub off the disorientation. They were blocking her path to the door.

She didn’t know why they were here but then one thought ran through her head. “Twilight!” She shouted. She charged her horn and three orbs appeared in front of her. “Get out of my way!” She yelled jumping and launching the three magic balls. Three of the changelings tried to evade but were caught by the blasts. The last two both flew up into the air and dived for her. Sunset teleported above them and fired simultaneous blasts from her horn sending them into the ground.

Sunset landed on her hooves and shook her head. It had been a while since she used offensive magic like that. But she shook off the feeling and bolted out of the door. She turned to Twilight’s room and saw the horror of the doors closing behind a changeling entering it.

Author's Note:

Shipping, Drama, Action, Suspense, and Luna! X3 I love Luna, especially the Gamer Luna Tumblr if you haven't seen it go check it out!
Enjoy chapter 4 :D I'm unsure if Luna still talks with the royal 'we' but it sounded funny when I was reading it over.

Proof Read/edited by: 1DATMLP
Feedback is appreciated ^^ I've enjoyed it thus far and I'm grateful for the support. :twilightsmile:

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