• Published 22nd Feb 2015
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Summer Sunset - RobRoyale

Summer vacation has arrived in the human world and Sunset Shimmer takes a trip back to Equestria. However she comes back to something more than she bargained for.

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The Heroic, The Villainous, and Flash Sentry

Chapter 5

Sunset felt her stomach lurch up into her throat. She saw a changeling head into Twilight’s room. She only saw one, but she figured there were already more inside. Planting her hooves down, she scraped at the ground then charged the door. Each second she was running, felt like an eternity. It wasn’t clear what the changelings wanted with Twilight, but she wouldn’t let them get ahold of her. She jumped aiming her side as her body slammed into the door. She imagined bursting through and blasting all the changelings, however, in reality a shiver went up through her entire body, and she fell to the ground.

In her brief moment of heroic adrenaline, she didn’t calculate that these doors were thicker than they appeared, and her unicorn body didn’t have the strength of an earth ponies. She rubbed her shoulder and shook her head. Stepping back from the door she refocused her gaze and ripped the doors open with magic then fired an illumination burst into the room. She caught glimpses of a dozen changelings surrounding the room, with a couple already on Twilight’s bed, towering over her.

“Twilight!” Sunset shouted.

Twilight woke with a start. “Sunset wha-AH!” She saw the changelings around her, and sprung up, knocking them back with a blast of magic. A few changelings by the door turned on Sunset, who was already charging, knocking them back with beams of magic. Sunset jumped to tackle one of the changelings still on the bed, but was blasted by another. She hit the window with an audible crack. Dazed momentarily, she sprung up teleporting into the air and fired beams of magic at the changelings.

Twilight was still disoriented by her abrupt waking, and barely ducked under a changeling as it went to tackle her. The other changelings advanced around the bed. Twilight stepped back up against the backboard of the bed, and kept her horn lit. She jumped to the side as another changeling tried to tackle her. She was off of her bed, but more changelings surrounded her.

Sunset bucked a changeling in the face as it attempted to swing. She whirled around firing a beam of magic, sending another into the wall. She saw Twilight fly up into the air, evading the changelings below. Out of the darkness above, changelings jumped down, piling on top of her. They brought her down and more jumped on the pile. They gnashed, pulled and bucked their legs at Twilight while others attacked her with green magic blasts. Sunset felt her anger boil and she head bucked the changeling in front of her and unleashed a tri shot of magic knocking three of the changelings off. Twilight pushed her head out of the pile and surrounded herself in a magical orb throwing the rest off. She had bite marks on her coat and magical burns. She was panting hard and dove forward as more changelings fell from above.

Maneuvering space was getting tight. Twenty changelings filled the room in the air and ground. Sunset burst through another group to meet Twilight. She saw Twilight’s eyes widen momentarily and then rush past pushing her out of the way as a changeling came from behind. It was aiming for Sunset’s exposed neck but instead imbedded its fangs in Twilight's hoof. Twilight screamed as blood spurted from the two puncture wounds. She flung her hoof around, trying to shake the changeling off but it wouldn’t let go. A pair of changelings jumped at Twilight, while their comrade held her in place.

Sunset seized them with magic, including the one biting Twilight’s hoof. “Get the buck away from her!” She yelled. Her eyes were fire and she flung them into the wall. Twilight winced as her wound was now exposed to the air and she gripped her hoof under her. Sunset moved in front of her and threw up a protective bubble around them. The changelings blasted it with green energy and a few physical rammed the bubble. Sunset strained her magic to keep the energy going. Her hooves were sore from the fighting, and she swore she felt she was bleeding from impacting the window earlier.

Looking back, she saw Twilight whimpering as she clutched her hoof. She was scraped and bruised all over. The pair were out of space and out of maneuvering room. Sunset struggled to keep the barrier going, but it began to crack under the constant barrage of attacks.

“No…” She growled under her breath. “I won’t let you touch her…” She forced her hooves into the ground and her horn glowed bright. “I won’t let you hurt my best friend!” She yelled. Her eyes disappeared and were replaced by a blinding light. Her horn surged with magical power. The energy bubble shattered around them. The first of the changelings jumped.

Time slowed down around them as Sunset threw her head back letting the energy flow from every point of her body to the single point of her horn. When she was Princess Celestia’s student, she never had felt this kind of power before. It was like the power of two worlds coming together and joining. Her heart and mind were acting as one. Her desires and mind drove the attack forward as she brought her head down. She wasn’t doing this for herself. This was for Twilight. There was a flash, then a bright beam of light blue energy shot out from her horn, overtaking the changelings. The beam flew across the room, breaking through the adorning wall. When the dust subsided, most of the changelings were gone. A few had dodged the blast, and stared at Sunset with apparent fear in their eyes.

“Run!” Sunset screamed. The changelings jumped back, and flew out the hole in the wall. Seconds later, guards rushed into the room and gave chase to the changelings outside.

The guard they had met earlier in the day stepped forward. “Secure the perimeter! Round up any changelings around the palace! I want everyone scanned and checked!” He pointed a hoof at two guards. “Get to fixing that hole!” Two guards saluted and went to using their magic on the gaping hole in Twilight's bedroom. “Princess, Miss Shimmer, are you alright?”

Sunset was panting and gave a weak nod. “She… needs medical attention…” She pointed to Twilight behind her still clutching her hoof.

The guard nodded. “I will send for Nurse Redheart immediately.” He pointed his hoof to another guard. “I want an urgent message sent to the Princesses right away!”

Sunset turned weakly to Twilight. “Are… you alright…?”

Twilight gripped her wounded hoof. “Y-yeah… Sunset, that was amazing, you-“

She was cut off as Sunset put a hoof up. “Tell me… later.”


Everything in the room was blurry as Sunset opened her eyes. She let out a soft groan as she moved her head slightly side to side, then sat up. She immediately regretted doing that, the world was spinning and she felt her stomach roll in a summersault. She held a hoof to her forehead rubbing it slowly. Her mind was swelling with thoughts and energy. The room slowly came into focus as she blinked a few times and at a cursory glance, she was back in her room at the Crystal Palace. Upon a closer glance to her right, she saw the sleeping form of Twilight Sparkle. Her head was resting on her hooves on the edge of the bed. One of them was wrapped up in bandages.

Sunset blinked a couple times and stared at the alicorn. How long has she been sleeping there? She thought. She poked Twilight’s head lightly with a hoof causing the alicorn to stir. She let out a cute yawn before, lifting her head up. “Sunset!” She sprung up wrapping her good hoof around Sunset in a half embrace.

Slightly taken aback, she returned the embrace. “So, how long was I out?”

Twilight let go of her. “Not long, it’s the late afternoon and you’ve been asleep since this morning.”

“Yeah, about that… what happened this morning?”

“You don’t remember?” Twilight raised her brow.

“It's kind of a blur.”

“Well, changelings attacked us… you came in and saved me, you had a magical surge and blasted them in one shot and scared the rest off.” Twilight smiled. “It was amazing! I’ve only seen that kind of magical power from the Princesses.”

Sunset blushed at the praise. “Wow, now I wish I remembered that.” She chuckled softly. “How’s your hoof?”

“It's doing fine, Nurse Redheart patched it up and now I just have to be careful with it.”

“Good…” Sunset looked around. There was silence between the two for a few moments then Sunset’s stomach gurgled. She blushed and shrunk back in the covers. Twilight giggled. “C’mon, let's get you something to eat… oh, and I’m sorry… again.” She smiled sheepishly.

Sunset stared at her. “Sorry for what?” She asked slowly.

Twilight offered her good hoof. “You’ll see.” She helped Sunset out of the bed, and when she exited the room into the dining hall they were by Pinkie Pie with the rest of Twilight’s friends.

“Surprise!” The pink mare shouted.

Sunset facehoofed. “Do I want to know?”

“It's your ‘congrats on saving Twilight and stopping the changelings’ party!” Pinkie hopped up and down and fired off a dozen party cannons. Each let out a burst of confetti and streamers. Cakes flew across the room landing on the tables and banners dropped down from the ceiling. Each of them was decorated with Sunset in a heroic pose dressed in silver knight armor carrying Twilight, dressed as a damsel in regal attire, bridal style.

Both Sunset and Twilight blushed while staring at the banners. Sunset ducked her head. “Girls, though I appreciate this… it's not really necessary.”

Rarity stepped forward before Pinkie could interject. “Please darling, we insist. You did save Twilight, after all.”

“Yes, but she would have done the same for me.” Sunset shrugged. “It's just what friends do?”

“Not exactly.” Applejack responded. “Granted that all of us have gotten into scraps and helped each other before it’s still mighty fine of yah to save Twilight like this. It’s a show of courage and trust.” She gave a smile and tip of her hat.

“Plus,” Rainbow Dash swooped down, “Pinkie Pie rule number 34.”

Sunset tapped her chin thinking back to her dealings with Pinkie Pie in the human world. Then her eyes widened and she facehoofed again. “If it can be celebrated, then there will be a party.”

The rest of the afternoon into the early evening was spent at Pinkie Pie’s party. Though Sunset didn’t think it was necessary, she enjoyed herself nonetheless. During the party the blue pegasus guard entered and stood at attention commanding the room to halt activities.

“Pardon the interruption, but Princess Celestia has just arrived from Canterlot to survey the situation.” Said the guard.

An invisible hoof touched the record player and the music halted with an ear-piercing screech. Silence fell over the room. Twilight was the first to speak. “P-Princess Celestia i-is here!?” She stammered. “But she didn’t write ahead!”

“She just finished cleaning up the changeling attack on Canterlot and made her way over here the second she was done.” He stated.

Sunset felt her hooves lock into place on the ground. She started sweating and a lump formed in her throat, making it hard to swallow. Oh buck she thought. She felt a hoof drape across her back and she looked to Twilight who gave her a reassuring smile.

“Don’t worry, I’ll keep Celestia in the main throne room.”

Sunset gulped and nodded, wishing that she were dreaming. However, Luna was not there to come to her aid and there was no mistaking the mix of lavender and old paper scent radiating off of Twilight. The gears in her mind stop and backtracked. Shut up brain, you’re not helping.

Twilight walked out with the guard, leaving Sunset and the other girls to clean up the dining room. She walked towards the throne room and was greeted with the sight of her teacher and it brought shock and horror to her eyes. Celestia was adorned in golden battle armor with a lance across her back. The armor itself was scratched and covered in splotches of green goop. She had a burn mark on her cheek and there were large bags under her eyes. However, she was well composed in her posture and the air she radiated.

“Princess…” Twilight stood at the top of the stairs.

Celestia looked up and smiled, almost with tears in her eyes. She seized Twilight in her magic and pulled her down to her and into a tender hug. “Thank Faust you’re alright.”

Twilight smiled and hugged her back. “What about you, I mean…” She drew back out of the hug. “You’re a mess.” Quickly she threw her hooves over her mouth. “I’m sorry I didn’t mean—”

Celestia giggled and put a hoof up. “It’s alright, Twilight Sparkle. I am a mess. I would have cleaned up after the battle but upon hearing of the attack here all I could think about was making sure you were alright.” She smiled down at her.

“I’m alright, Princess Celestia.”

“You’re wounded.” She was staring at Twilight's hoof.

Twilight’s ears drooped and put the hoof behind her other. “It’s nothing Princess, really… though why would the changelings attack both Ponyville and Canterlot?”

Celestia’s expression hardened. Twilight had only seen this expression a couple times in her life and each time she felt herself shrink back in fear. “The attack on Canterlot was a diversion.”

“Canterlot a diversion? I’m afraid I don’t understand.” Twilight sat on her throne and Celestia told her guards to stay at the entrance while she sat down in the throne across from her.

“Could you have Spike make us some tea?” Celestia coughed, her throat sounding dry.

Twilight nodded and called to her dragon assistant. A few minutes later, he came out with a pot of freshly brewed tea. He served them both a cup, then exited. Celestia took a sip and smiled warmly. “Ah, I needed that. Now then.” She refocused her gaze and expression on Twilight. “The attack on Canterlot was disorganized and clumsy, the changelings were merely causing havoc around the city. Their attack patterns didn’t show a clear objective to infiltrate, take prisoners, or conquer major locations.” She sipped more of her tea. “At first, I was quite confused. Queen Chrysalis didn’t come out to join the battle either. Then I heard of attack on Ponyville. It then occurred to me that the changelings intention was to distract Luna and I in order to go after you.”

Twilight looked at the ground and tapped her hoof against the throne in thought. “But why would they go after me?”

“Twilight… do you still not understand your worth?” Celestia asked.

“Well, I know that I have a purpose as the Princess of Friendship, but-”

“That’s not what I meant.” Celestia interrupted. “I mean your worth to me, and your friends.” She paused a moment, seeing if Twilight would respond. The look of confusion on her face told her to continue. “You are loved and cherished by so many in Equestria. If Queen Chrysalis replaced you, she could feed off that love. You saw how powerful she became when she fed off Shining Armor’s love for Cadence. With the love that I and all of your friends give you, she would be unstoppable…”

Twilight stared at her, then nodded slowly. “Oh…” Silence fell over the room again. Twilight sat still, contemplating this information. She felt something in her stomach lurch at the thought of love being used for such evil. It made her sick when she found out Chrysalis had been feeding off her brother’s love. But a worse thought was the love she and her friends had for each other being used for evil.

“Now you understand why I’m worried. With me I have brought a contingent of guards for Ponyville and at the personal request of your brother, you will have your own personal guard.”

Twilight’s ears perked up. “Princess… I appreciate the extra security around Ponyville, for the villagers’ sake. However, I don’t require a personal guard.”

“Oh?” Celestia raised an eyebrow. “And why is that?”

“Well.” Twilight chose her words carefully. She didn’t want to indicate that she had Sunset Shimmer to help keep her safe. “I have my friends.”

“I see.” Celestia began slowly. “However, upon talking with the guard captain here, your friends weren’t present during the attack.” Celestia said, finishing her tea.

Something inside Twilight twisted into a knot. She was stuck; she didn’t know what to say now.

“When the guards came into the room the changelings were fleeing. As capable as I know you are, fending off a surprise attack by all of those changelings with a wounded hoof seems… less believable than I would like it to be.” She commented and then paused. “Tell me, Twilight… how did you do it?” She rested her chin on her front hooves.

Twilight started sweating. Her throat went dry and she downed the rest of her tea coughing a few times. “Um… the magic of friendship?”

Celestia just stared, her face conveyed an expression of: I’m over a thousand years old and have heard every excuse in existence. is that the best you could come up with? She waited a moment and sighed. “Twilight… what are you hiding from me?”

From around the corner out of sight, Sunset was listening in. She had her ear pressed against the wall, and could feel her heart rate skyrocketing with each passing moment. Celestia was on to them and, depending on how Twilight answered, would find out about her. She could see herself hauled off to Canterlot dungeons in chains, never to see the light of day again. At this moment, she just wanted the universe to delete itself.

“Your Highness!” A guard called out and stepped forward. “I’m sorry to intrude, but we’ve just received word from our allies in the Griffon Kingdom. Their scouting parties along the border have fallen under attack by changeling forces, they require immediate assistance.”

Celestia broke her gaze from Twilight and stepped off the throne. “Send a message to General Iron Claw that I will handle the situation and that I would like to meet with him, once it is over.” Though Sunset and Twilight didn’t know about the other, they were both mentally sighing in relief and thanking Faust for this miracle.

The guard saluted, and ran off rallying the other guards to exit as he went. Celestia looked back to Twilight. “We will have to continue this conversation later, Twilight.” She walked back over to the lavender alicorn and hugged her. “I’m still glad you are safe.” With that, she walked to exit the room then paused. “Oh… and you’re still getting a personal guard, they should be here momentarily.” As she exited, a squad of guards entered. They were clad in dark magenta armor and mixed between all three races of ponies. Each wore helmets that hid their features.

The pony at the head of the escort stepped forward and revealed his helmet. “Greetings your highness. It’s good to see you again.”

Sunset peaked around the corner and felt her soul jump off a cliff and plummet to its doom. No… you’ve got to be kidding me…

Twilight stepped down from her throne and was taken aback. A slight blush appeared on her features. “Flash Sentry? What… how... I thought you were part of the Crystal Empire Guard?”

Flash nodded. “I was, but when Captain Shining Armor was organizing your escort, Princess Cadence for some reason said I should lead it.”

Twilight was smiling, but inside she cursed her sister-in-law to Tartarus. Though Flash seemed clueless, she understood why Cadence had sent him. Her thoughts were interrupted by Flash taking hold of her hoof and kissing it in a gentle-colt like manner. “Believe me when I say it’s an honor to serve under you and a pleasure to see you again.”

Twilight felt her cheeks heat up, however, around the corner Sunset gritted her teeth glaring daggers at Flash. With Celestia gone, she stepped out from the hiding spot. “Ahem.”

Flash looked up and Twilight turned to see her. Flash’s expression went flat, and his lip curled into a scowl. “What are you doing here?”

“I could ask you the same.” Sunset growled under her breath.

Twilight looked between them multiple times. “Um… did I miss something?”

Author's Note:

-Slight to heavy DBZ influence with a kamehameha stunt
-Pinkie Pie Rule Number 34

Proof Read/edited by: 1DATMLP

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