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Summer Sunset - RobRoyale

Summer vacation has arrived in the human world and Sunset Shimmer takes a trip back to Equestria. However she comes back to something more than she bargained for.

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Back To Equestria

Chapter 1

Every classroom at Canterlot high was silent. This was a momentous time in the year. No one made a sound, not teacher or student. All eyes rested on the clocks of each classroom. The long hand moved in slow motion making an audible ticking sound. Under normal circumstances the ticking was just background noise to the droll of a teacher’s lecture. However today it was the only sound in the entire building: the ticking of the clock.

Six young girls sat in their respective classes waiting. Everything had led up to this moment. Finals were done; plans had been made in advance and three schools months waited at the end of the next rotation. The second hand fell on the fifty-nine-strike mark, less than a minute to go now. It was a symbolic moment at the school, the waiting. In other schools teachers would have let students go early or sometimes not have class. But here this was tradition, that moment when it all ended.

For Sunset Shimmer and the Rainbooms it had been a spectacular year. Between the destruction of the fall formal, her reformation and the battle of the bands against the Sirens this had been a year to remember. Now on the twilight of the year it all came down to a few single ticks.

Twilight, Sunset thought. Her mind drifted to the pony princess from Equestria. Twilight Sparkle had done so much for her and asked for nothing in return. Sunset considered herself lucky to have a friend like her. Since the battle of the bands she had not seen much of her though. Being a Princess, she was probably busy with royal duties, Sunset considered.

A loud ring shattered the silence and brought Sunset from her thoughts. A second after the ring the school erupted into cheers. It was over, the school year was done and summer vacation had started. Students bolted from their seats out of the classrooms and flooded the locker-lined halls. Lockers flew opened and slammed shut as students emptied them out. Sunset Shimmer weaved through the mass of students rushing to get out and chatting as they went.

She squeezed herself through another crowd and stumbled to her locker. Upon opening it, she was greeted by a picture the group took after the battle of the bands. They were all huddled together smiling, Fluttershy was holding Spike, Pinkie Pie was above everyone somehow defying gravity, Applejack and Rainbow had their hands locked like they were arm wrestling, Rarity was posing fabulously, and Twilight stood next to Sunset waving at the camera with the cheesiest smile on her face. The sight of the picture made Sunset giggle a little.

“Whatcha lookin at?”

Sunset turned her head meeting two light blue pools staring at her. She jumped back in surprised with a gasp. “Pinkie! Where did you come from?”

“Well about eighteen years ago when my mommy and daddy wanted to have another kid they-”

Sunset quickly silenced Pinkie by covering her mouth with her hand. “No, no I meant… nevermind.” She shook her head. “Can I help you with something?”

“Yepperoni! We’re all heading to Sugarcube corner and they wanted me to get you.” Pinkie Pie’s speech was somehow not muffled by Sunset’s hand. She wanted to question it, but for the sake of her sanity decided to leave it for another time. She retracted her hand and smiled.

“Oh, of course, let me just grab-”

There was a vibrating sound at the bottom of her locker. She looked down and saw a brown hardcover book with her Equestrian cutie mark on it emitting a pink glow and vibrating. She picked it up and opened it. On a new page text appeared:

Dear Sunset Shimmer,

Hello, how are you? I’m so sorry I haven’t been back through the portal or written recently. Things have been hectic here recently. Pinkie Pie keeps going on and on about something about Season 5 and ponies with equal sign cutie marks. I don’t quite understand it myself but then again that’s Pinkie Pie. Also we’ve been dealing with a lot of changeling attacks recently but it’s nothing we can’t handle. Anyway I hope you and the girls are doing well and I hope I can find time to see you all again.

Your faithful friend,
Twilight Sparkle.

Sunset smiled at the message from Twilight. She didn’t get to talk to Twilight too much, so any message brought her some sense of joy. Something about talking with a long distance friend seemed more special than getting to see a friend everyday. No offense to her friends at Canterlot High, of course.

“None taken” Pinkie gave a cheery smile.

Sunset stared at her. “What? But how did….” She then remembered never question Pinkie Pie. She put the book in her backpack and emptied out the rest of her locker into her bag.

Sugarcube Corner was busier than ever before now. Students were filling out the front doors each second. The tables were all filled including a corner booth taken by four other girls. Pinkie Pie and Sunset slipped through the crowd and sat down at the table.

“Wow, I didn’t know everyone would be here!” Sunset commented.

Rainbow bounced a soccer ball on her head a couple times then caught it. “Heck yeah! It’s summer vacation! Who wouldn’t be pumped for this!?”

Pinkie Pie popped up next to her to everyone’s surprise. “Yeah! Everyone needs their energy for the kick off party tonight. Hosted by you’re truly.” She gave them a proud smile.

Applejack tipped her hat back. “Ya’ll better not do nothing dumb mkay? I gotta be up bright an’ early for the work season and I don't’ want to be draggin your butts back home cause ya’ll are drunk.”

Rainbow laughed. “You worry too much AJ.”

Rarity looked up from her phone and chimed in. “That reminds me, we haven’t really discussed tomorrow? What’s everyone doing this summer?”

Rainbow shot up first. “Heading the Wonderbolts flight academy! It’s going to be. So. Awesome!” She pumped her fist in the air and bounced the ball off her head and Fluttershy, who was sitting next to her, ducked in fear while Rainbow caught the ball as it came back down.

The pink haired girl raised her head and spoke softly but with a smile. “I’m going to be working full time at the animal shelter. Though I was offered an internship to work at the animal hospital, so I um, might do that too.”

The group looked to Applejack who was leaned back against the chair sipping a coke float. “What? Ya’ll already know the summer is work time for me. We’re planning on getting enough money together for renovating the barn. Plus there’s another Apple family reunion coming up.”

“Oh, oh me pick me!” Pinkie Pie shot her hand up.

Rarity smiled. “Alright darling what are you—”

“I’m to be doing a full time party/catering service! It will be the perfect chance to use my new party cannon!” Pinkie shouted enthusiastically.

The rest of the group shared looks of fear as to what she meant by party cannon. Rarity broke the awkward silence. “Well, I myself will be traveling to Manehattan to work abroad and pierce the heart of the fashion industry as it t’were!” Her comment was met with giggles and two eye rolls from Rainbow and Applejack.

Sunset Shimmer finally spoke up. “I’m sure you’ll do great there Rarity.”

“Thank you darling.” Rarity smiled back at her. “What about you?”


“What are you doing this summer?”

Sunset’s face went blank. “Oh… I… huh.” She leaned back against the booth “I haven’t really thought about that.”

“What?!” Rainbow’s jaw dropped. “It’s summer vacation, awesomest time of the year next to Christmas, well and Halloween. How could you have not planned ahead?”

“I gotta agree with Rainbow there, sugarcube.” Applejack added. “She procrastinates on everything yet she made advanced plans.”

“Yeah… wait, hey!” Rainbow shot the farm girl a glare.

The others laughed at little, then refocused their attention back on Sunset Shimmer. She looked down at her hands and scrunched up her nose in thought. “I actually thought that all of us could travel and play for people but…” She trailed off.

Rarity put a hand on her shoulder. “It’s a wonderful thought dear, but unfortunately the rest of us have plans.”

Sunset gave her a weak smile. “No, I understand.” She got up and readjusted her bag. “I’ve got to go.”

“We’ll see you at the party right!” Pinkie asked in a singsong voice.

Sunset looked back and gave a light nod as she disappeared into the crowd of students and exited the store.

Sunset Shimmer fell back on her bed and stared up at the ceiling. She lived in a small apartment. It wasn’t very furnished and the landlord, as part of her rent, provided the little furniture she had. Her room was pretty blank as well: a simple crimson red room with a window at the far end. It was a cozy living arrangement, but it never really felt like home to her. It wasn’t hers in the end like so many other things. Her mind drifted to what she once had in her life. She used to be the student of Princess Celestia, destined to be an Alicorn, and all that had been taken away by her own impatience and selfishness.

She came to this world and wanted to conquer it and Equestria. But that was taken away… by her own foolishness and blindness. It was now she realized she never could have conquered her home world with an army of teenage humans. She laughed a little at her own corrupted stupidity. But regardless, she had power and she lost it. Twilight Sparkle, a small part of her brain wanted to hate her for everything. But she couldn’t. It wasn’t Twilight’s fault for this. Twilight only did what she had to in order to protect the people she cared about. In the end she even befriended Sunset. Out of all the girls Twilight was her first real friend and she admitted to herself that she truly missed her.

Sunset sat up and looked around her room. These things weren’t hers; they didn’t hold memories like the ones she had in Equestria. The body she had never felt completely natural, from the fingers to the ability to walk on two legs. She had friends and they were truly her own. But even that took a rainbow blast reformation and a villain stopping musical competition in order to get them. She knew that the girls still cared about her and loved her as one of the group, but they were all leaving for the summer. She would be alone, with no one.

She looked at the clock, the party would be in a few hours. She then looked to her bag and picked it up emptying it onto the bed. She saw the picture again; there in the center was she and Twilight.

“Twilight.” Sunset said aloud. She stared at the picture for a few moments and then grabbed her enchanted book. She flipped to the last entry from earlier and glanced over it. Without thinking about it she picked up a spare pen and started writing.

Dear Twilight Sparkle,

I’m doing fine, Twilight. I’m sorry to hear things have been so busy lately. That stuff with Pinkie Pie shouldn’t be surprising. I think the best thing now is to keep the human and pony Pinkie’s from meeting. Neither universe would be ready for that.

Sunset stopped writing briefly to giggle at that thought. Two Pinkies would probably tear a hole in the universes and there would be chaos and bedlam everywhere.

We just started summer vacation here at Canterlot High. Everyone is leaving though, and I don’t really have any plans for the summer. I’m unsure of what to do right now and I could use your advice.

Your friend,
Sunset Shimmer.

Sunset closed the book and fell back on her bed. She wasn’t lying when she said she needed Twilight’s help. She was clueless and didn’t know what to do. Get a summer job? No she didn’t want to do that. Something inside her was nagging at her to do something amazing but she didn’t understand it. A minute later the book vibrated. Sunset bolted up and grabbed it flipping to the new page.

Dear Sunset Shimmer,

You’re probably right, good thing I keep the portal closed knowing how curious our Pinkies can be. Truthfully, I don’t know exactly what to tell you. From my studies of the human world there are various activities, more than I know of, you could engage in over the break. If you like I could write you a compiled list to help?

Your faithful friend,
Twilight Sparkle

Sunset frowned a little, but didn’t know what more to expect. She took up the pen and tapped it against her chin then began to write again.

Dear Twilight Sparkle,

Twilight, I know there are plenty of things to do in the human world but the thing is I don’t think I want to do anything here. I want to be with my friends but they’re all going away or will be busy. I want to enjoy life not just wait for school again. I’m sorry I shouldn’t be bothering with you about this but…

One thing Sunset forgot was that the book transmitted words instantaneously. So in theory, if Twilight was looking at the book waiting for a response she could see exactly what Sunset is writing while she’s writing it. Sunset realized this as words appeared directly under her last written line. There was no introduction or sign off, just seven words:

Why don’t you come back to Equestria?

The words echoed in Sunset’s mind as she read them. She hadn’t considered going back even for a short time. Schoolwork had kept her busy and Twilight had never been able to respond quick enough to set a date to open the portal. However now she was free, nothing tied her down from going back home.

Home, she thought. Equestria was her real home. She had a home in the human world, but her true home was in Equestria. She looked around her room. She wouldn’t need to bring much and people—no wait, ponies—there weren’t big on wearing clothes. She looked back to the message in the book and wrote her response.

Can you open the portal tonight?

Principal Celestia and Vice Principal Luna had been very generous allowing the summer kickoff party to be held on school grounds. In the back of the school on stage, Vinyl Scratch was throwing down heavy beats as students partied. Sunset, however, was in front of the school with a suitcase in her hand and bag on her back. She had packed what she would need from her home and wrote a note to her landlord.

There was a full moon out with stars surrounding the skies above. It was similar to the moon she saw when she first arrived in the human world. She stepped forward slowly and brushed the face of the marble statue with her finger. The surface rippled a little like a vibration. The portal was open.

“And just where do you think ya’ll are going, sugarcube?”

Sunset turned her head and saw her friends. All of them dressed up in their party clothes with skeptical looks on their faces. She frowned a little. “I’m going home.”

“For how long?” Pinkie asked there was a slight whimper in her voice.

“I don’t know, at the moment, for the summer.”

The girls stared at her all with sad looks, but they understood her reasoning. They would be gone and therefore so would she, not forever, just for the summer.

The group walked forward and pulled Sunset into a group hug. “Say hi to Twilight for us.” Said Rarity holding back a sniff.

Sunset smiled and pulled away. “I will, and good luck to you guys.” She pulled the enchanted book out of her bag and handed to them. “Hold onto this for me. I’ll see you around.” With that she stepped through the portal.

Pinkie Pie pulled a megaphone out of her hair and took a deep breath. “Don’t forget to write!!!!!” The others cupped their ears and cringed at the pink girls amplified voice. Pinkie breathed a little and looked around. “Do you think she heard me?”

Author's Note:

Okay so this is my first attempt at a MLP fanfic. I will be trying my best to peg the characters personalities. Yes this has a romantic element for Twilight and Sunset Shimmer. If you're not a fan of the ship then I don't recommend reading more chapters. Though I will point out that the story is not completely revolving around a romance. There is an actual plot for the story.

Proof Read/edited by: 1DATMLP
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