• Published 14th May 2012
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A Change of Heart - ChaoticHarmony

A story about a Changeling

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Epilogue: One Year Later...

Epilogue: One Year Later…

Cherish was surrounded by a swarm of well-wishing ponies with make-up pads and sticks of mascara. She felt every poof of the pads as they patted her face again and again, placing more powder onto her face. The mascara was put onto her eyes, and she blinked them afterward. Everypony is making such a big deal about this! And nopony else made a bigger deal than her sister, who had to be led away after falling into Cherish’s hooves sobbing. Shaking her head at her sister’s reaction, Cherish earned a glare from the ponies around her. Going back to staying still, she fought the urge to sigh angrily.

After the make-up was put away, she was told to stand there and wait. They returned after a couple minutes, with a dress held carefully between two of them. Cherish really did sigh at this point, They really are being too careful with it. Shaking her head as they made their way to her, she sighed again, this time with resignation. They made her go slowly into the dress, hissing with derision when she tried to go any faster. She wanted to get this over with; she hated leaving Needle Wings waiting. She shivered with a sudden excitement as she thought of him standing there next to the pastor pony.

Once the dress was finally put on her, she moved over to the corner where her saddlebags were. She drew out a small jeweled box, encrusted with rubies with a fire-ruby in the shape of a heart as the latch. Walking over to the mirror, she looked deep into her reflection’s eyes. She looked nothing like she had before, her mane brushed and styled in curls. Her dress was a dark blue, with lace at the cuffs and collar. It suited her, the dress-maker said. Cherish knew nothing about dresses, but she figured that the professional would know best. Staring at herself in the mirror, she knew she had made a good choice trusting the Boutique’s owner. She supposed that she looked “flawless”, but it was missing something.

Caressing the box, her eyes traced the rays of light that sparkled from inside the rubies. She opened it slowly to reveal a mass of red velvet. Unfolding the velvet, she revealed an orange-red feather nestled in a protective spell. Taking it out of its enchanted place, she placed it into the hair right behind her ear. One of the ponies who were in charge of making her look “perfect for her big day” rushed over to her.

“Oh dearie! You can’t possibly wear that in your mane! It clashes with the entire dress!” The pony made to take it out of her mane, but had her hoof slapped by Cherish instead.

“The feather will stay where it is, regardless of fashion purposes. It means more to me and Needle than you will ever know.” Cherish’s tone was cold, unlike the feather in her hair. The pony stepped back, looking hurt at Cherish’s words. “I’m sorry, but I can’t take it out. It belonged to a good friend who saved our lives once when we thought all was lost. He managed to save our love at the price of his life.” She heard the wedding music being played, muted by the walls of the dressing room. “That’s my cue, are you coming?”

She walked out of the room, feather reflecting the sun’s fiery light.