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I Found Love: Discord and Twilight - MLP Fangirl

Shortly after Twilight stood up for him, Discord found something he could only ever dream of having. Who knows? Perhaps she'll return the feelings.

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Igniting the Spark

Discord was sleeping, or at least trying to. He was in his inner-dimensional home, a place only he had access to. He was having a hard time falling asleep. He wasn't having a nightmare; it was, in fact, a rather pleasant dream. Though, it was one he would not prefer having.

Discord was sitting on a hill, overlooking the beautiful sunset. The day had been just perfect. He had had a wonderful day with the most wonderful mare in the world. Twilight Sparkle. And there she was, snuggling next to him. His lion paw covered her being, enjoying this moment of tranquility. She was everything he had ever dreamed of. She was his.

He sighed, "This is nice, isn't it, Twi?"

"It sure is, Dissy. I can't think of anywhere I'd rather be than right here beside you," She nuzzled his furry side, sending a pleasant shiver down his spine.

"I second that, my dear," He kissed the top of her forehead, eliciting a cute giggle from the mare.

"How about some of your delicious cotton candy, Dissy? You know I can't go a day without eating that delectable confection," Twilight gave him her adorable pleading eyes, ones he could never say no to.

Discord smiled, "Like you even have to ask, darling." He snapped his fingers, summoning the pink cloud.

Twilight grabbed a piece with her magic and began munching on it. "Good, as usual, Dissy. I love it. And I love you." She nuzzled him once again.

Discord blushed and leaned down to meet her in the eyes, "I love you, too." He planted a gentle kiss on her muzzle, one she gladly returned.

Discord woke with a start, cheeks red. That dream came out of nowhere. But, as he thought back to it, he realized that...he wanted that.

Having someone to call love, hearing someone say those three precious words. Discord sighed. He wanted that. He had to have it. He had to give it a try.

Discord took a deep breath, "I have to tell her."

Twilight was tossing and turning in her bed. Thoughts unending plaguing her mind. What she couldn't understand is why she was thinking about him. Of all the things to interrupt her sleep, Discord had to be the one.

Her thoughts, however, were not negative. She was thinking about all the times she had spent with the chaotic being, both the good and the bad. She began to realize that Discord mainly interacted with her more than the others.

Fluttershy may have been the first to introduce him to friendship, but Discord seemed to be mostly interested in her.

After these past few weeks of getting to know Discord, he was all she could think about. What did it mean? Were her friends right? Was she seeing Discord differently? Had she developed romantic feelings for him?

Twilight shivered at the thought. She had, at some point in time, envisioned herself settling down with a nice stallion and raising foals. But, being with Discord for all her life seemed kind of delusional.

Twilight had never had romance in her entire life. She had turned a few heads, but she never found her perfect match. To be honest, she never really cared for stallions besides her brother. Discord was no stallion, but if he put his mind to it, he could very well be a fine gentlecolt. Was it possible Discord was the one?

Twilight opened her eyes and looked up at the ceiling, "Have I really fallen for Discord?

Discord slowly walked towards the Friendship Palace. He didn't feel like teleporting or flying. Not while he had an important mission at hand.

His dream last night had made the decision, after all this time, he was finally going to confess. He had a terrible foreboding of what might happen. He knew that her rejecting him was not out of the question.

They had become good friends, no doubt, but wanting to be more might be pushing it. Twilight didn't exactly seem interested in starting a relationship, especially with him.

Discord knew that his chances with her were slim to none. There were many capable stallions out there, and Twilight was a very pretty mare. He was surprised she didn't have a coltfriend already.

He shook his head. No time for jitters. He was the Master of Chaos, for Celestia's sake! He could handle saying a few words to a Princess. He was not about to turn tail and run. He could do this.

With the new vote of confidence, Discord picked up his pace and headed towards the castle.

Twilight was in her lounge, waiting for Discord. It had been a few days since his last visit with her. But, he messaged her saying that he would be coming over today. This led Twilight to think about the previous night and the thoughts that had entered her mind. She tried shaking it off, but for the life of her, couldn't.

Twilight sighed. Had she really developed feelings for Discord? It was a crazy thought, but pleasant in a way. She could just picture herself and Discord, sitting by a lake and enjoying each other's company. Her thoughts were quickly interrupted by the sound of the double doors opening.

She left the room and went to greet her guest.

Discord opened the doors with his claw, stepping into the massive palace. He heard the sound of hooves clopping against the floor. He had a pretty good idea who it was and braced himself. He wouldn't tell her right away. He'd tell her when, as cliché as it sounds, the time was right.

The hoofsteps drew closer until she was a few feet in front of him. Discord took a deep breath and put up his playful façade.

"Why, hello, Twilight! What a pleasure to see you. I hope you haven't missed me too much. I have been busy as of late. But, I'm sure you managed without me," Discord shot her a toothy grin.

Twilight rolled her eyes. Always the playful spirit. "I don't think I could've lasted another day," Twilight said in a sarcastic tone.

Discord silently gulped. If only those words were meant to be sincere. "A-anyway, I have another craving to spread my glorious chaos. We ready to head over to my favorite room?"

"Huh? Oh, yah, sure. Let's go," Twilight said a bit uneasily. Get a grip, Twilight. These feelings are still undefined. Just push them aside for now.

Discord followed Twilight down the few corridors that led to the "Friend Room," as Pinkie Pie liked to call it. Twilight opened the door and held it open for Discord. He gave a small nod before entering, Twilight doing the same shortly after.

Discord pressed the secret button, and the hidden panel revealed itself.

"After you," The Chaos Spirit ushered.

"Thank you," Twilight opened her wings and carefully descended into the anti-harmonic chamber.

Twilight landed firmly on the carpeted floor. Discord came down, as well.

"Well, go ahead. The floor's all yours. Quite literally, actually," Twilight stepped to the side, gesturing with her head for him to start.

"Oh, of course. I'll get right on it. Let me close the hatchet first," Discord flew up slightly and shut the panels.

"Are you sure that's a good idea?" Twilight asked warily.

"You worry too much. Trust me, I know what I'm doing," Discord came down and snapped his paw.

Suddenly, the room burst into color. Orange polka dots covered the walls, while red and green stripes outlined the floor.

Twilight picked up her left hoof, surprised by the sudden aberration to the carpet.

"Interesting," She mused, "But, it's definitely lacking something."

Discord looked over at her, then looked at the changes. He stroked his goatee. "Hmm, you might be right about that." He snapped his paw once more. This time, cotton candy and rainbow licorice filled in the empty spots in both the wall and the floor. He offered some licorice to Twilight, which she politely accepted.

"Mmm! This is surprisingly good. Though, I can't make out the flavor," She licked her lips, tasting an assortment of several different flavors.

"Well, it is rainbow-colored for a reason," He took a piece for himself and began chewing on it.

"Red part's cherry, orange is, well, orange. Yellow's lemon, green's lime, blue's blueberry, and purple's grape. My own personal invention. Tasty, no?" He slurped his right up.

"Wow, that's...rather smart. You should give this to Pinkie. She'd love this," Twilight finished the last of hers.

"I'm sure she would." Discord snapped his fingers, causing his signature throne and Twilight's throne to appear. His spell also placed Twilight in her assigned seat.

She shook her head after being plopped down so suddenly, "Is this from the throne room?"

"Uh huh, why? Do you not want to sit? I can easily put it back," He readied this fingers to snap again.

"Oh no, it's fine. Just surprised a little."

"I'm surprised you're still surprised after knowing me for so long. You should be used to my antics by now," Discord leaned his head against his claw.

"Well, chaos isn't exactly predictable, you know. You never really know what to expect from it. Well, I guess you could. I mean, you're the Spirit of Chaos. You kind of have to know," Twilight gave a joking smile.

"I guess," Discord shrugged. "Truth be told, I don't think chaos can ever truly be understood. I mean, I can harness it. Doesn't mean I understand it."

Twilight nodded her head, "I guess that makes sense. The same goes with harmony. It's a wide concept. We have many theories and speculations on it, but even the greatest magical minds would never be able to understand it in full depth. I know I never could or will."

"Perhaps some things are meant to be shrouded in mystery. Not everything in the universe has to be explained," Discord reclined on his throne, placing his hands behind his head.

Twilight nodded. In her mind, she was amazed that she was having this kind of conversation with Discord. It was a serious topic, one she wished she could discuss more often. Her friends could never talk with her about issues like this. She loved her friends with all her heart, but Twilight knew they didn't have the mind to converse about matters like this.

Discord had thousands of years behind him. He was even older than Celestia herself. He had experienced many things and had probably gained plenty of knowledge because of them. That was another aspect that Twilight admired about him. But, now was not the time to go there

"I'm rather hungry. How 'bout you?" Discord's voice brought Twilight from her thoughts.

"What? Sorry, I zoned out there," Twilight gave a sheepish grin.

"That's all right. Happens to me all the time. Are you hungry? I know I am," Discord rubbed his stomach.

"Uh, sure, I guess. What did you have in mind?"

Discord put a finger to his chin, "Well, what would you like?"

Twilight looked at the ground for a second. "Are daffodil and daisy sandwiches an option?"

Discord chuckled, "My dear, anything's an option. Daffodil and daisy sandwiches coming right up." Discord snapped his fingers, and a platter of the requested sandwiches appeared.

Twilight took the sandwich in her hooves-since magic was out of the question-and took a bite. Her face lit up.

"Oh my, this is delicious! It tastes super fresh," Twilight savored the meal.

Discord smiled as he took a bite out of his. "Only the freshest for a Princess."

Twilight blushed and turned her gaze away.

After an hour of silent munching and talking, Discord snapped the platter away before getting up and stretching. "Well, I don't know about you, but I've had my fun for today. Let's head back up." Discord flew up and pushed on the panels. He froze as they weren't opening as they should.

"Uh, Twilight? Mind lending me a hoof here? These panels won't move," Discord gritted his teeth as he pushed with no success.

Twilight's eyes widened. She quickly flew up and began pushing with all her might, and yet, the panels remained immovable.

"Hoofston, we have a problem," Discord banged his long body against it, but to no avail.

"See! I knew it wasn't a good idea to close them! I kept them open for a reason!" Twilight flapped her wings as fast as she could, trying to build momentum.

"Well, how was I supposed to know this would happen?! I'm not a psychic, you know." He flew down to the ground and spread his wings.

"Discord, what are you--"

"Twilight, please move to the side. I'm going to attempt a 'Rainbow Dash.' May not be the smartest idea, but I have to try!" Discord readied his wings.

"Discord, I wouldn't if I were--"

"Shush! I'm ready." On the count of three, Discord took off as fast he could. He hit the panels as hard as he could. He fell down, head spinning, the panels still remaining immobile.

Twilight flew down quickly, "I tried to warn you. Now, look what you've done," Twilight motioned to his head.

"Don't worry, I'm fine," Discord shook his head, clearing away the dizziness.

"Well, if all else fails, use magic," Twilight pointed to his hands.

Discord stood up, a little wobbly at first, but regained his balance. "Yah...probably should have done that first." He snapped his fingers, expecting to see the shutters open in an instant. But, to their dismay, they remained closed.

Twilight flew up to try and open them. They remained in the same state as before. Twilight looked down at Discord and shook her head.

Discord was shocked. "That should've worked!"

Twilight came down and sat down next to him. "Well, it didn't. We'll have to wait until someone comes by. Can you message Spike to come help us? They probably can be opened from the outside."

"You think one little dragon will be able to open those heavy panels?" Discord raised an eyebrow.

Twilight rolled her eyes, "Then tell him to get Rainbow or Applejack. Come on, Discord. I can't think of everything."

Discord chuckled, "Very well." Discord quickly sent a letter to Spike, informing him of their current conundrum.

"Well, I guess we're stuck here for a little while," Twilight sighed.

Discord nodded. He looked over at the purple alicorn. Guess now's a good a time as any. Nothing will interrupt me, that's for sure. Here goes.

"Hey, Twilight?"

"Yes, Discord?" Twilight looked him in the eye, causing him to blush slightly.

"I...have to tell you something. It may sound silly, but I kind of need you to take this seriously," Discord felt quite warm, but pushed the blood out of his cheeks.

"Uh, okay..." She answered uncertainly.

Discord took a deep breath, "Well, you remember the first time you called me a friend?"

Twilight smiled, "How could I not? It was a very important moment for everyone. Plus, it's kind of hard to forget something like that."

Discord slightly chuckled, "Um, yah, heh. Well, truth is, you didn't have to. I deserved to be rejected, to be shunned. I had betrayed all of Equestria, due to my inability to see the truth. I deserved your distrust. You could've easily looked at me as an outcast, and I would've been fine with that. That's what I probably would've been, if not for you. No pony would have accepted me back into society, and yet...here I am."

Twilight looked touched. He sounded sincere, and she knew it. She slid closer to him and put a hoof on his paw.

"Discord, I tell you time and time again that we've forgiven you. I've forgiven you. I was upset that you had betrayed us, but I know you probably wouldn't have if Tirek hadn't tricked you. You were misguided. Think of it as a test. You may have had a failing grade in the beginning, but in the end, you came out with an A+. You figured out that friendship really is magic. It may have taken some struggles for you to fully see it, but good things can come from personal conflict. It all worked out in the end, didn't it?"

Discord smiled at her encouraging words. Another reason why he liked her. "I suppose you're right. Thank you for that. But...that's not what I wanted to talk to you about."

Twilight raised an eyebrow, "Oh? If that wasn't it, then what?"

Discord looked down at her. That gentle smile, those sparkling eyes, that wonderful attitude. He had to tell her. "Well, at that moment, or maybe, shortly after that moment, I began to...see you differently."

Twilight's heart skipped a beat. Was he saying what she thought he was saying?

"I didn't know what to make of it at first, but then I realized something. No pony has ever shown be such kindness. Not even sweet Fluttershy. You stood up for me, when you could've let me rot in that bubble. I find that to be quite remarkable."

Twilight blushed. She had a feeling she knew what he was getting at but let him continue.

"And especially after these past few weeks. Hanging out with you and truly getting to know you, I've got to say they have been some of the most fun moments in my life."

Twilight looked at him with earnest eyes, "Discord--" He placed a talon on her lips, silencing her.

"Let me finish." Discord was finding this much easier than he thought. He didn't even know where these words were coming from. They sounded weird coming from him, but they felt right.

"So, after much thinking, and many restless nights, I've come up with only one conclusion," He picked up her hoof in his paw and squeezed it.

"I find this hard to believe, Twilight Sparkle. Especially for a guy like me, but I've never met a mare quite like you. The truth is...I think I've fallen for you. Take from that what you may, but it's the truth either way." He gave her a sincere smile, something rarely seen on someone like him.

Twilight's mouth stood agape. Her heart was pounding at uneven speeds. Discord liked her. He actually liked her. And everything he had said about her was just unbelievable. Twilight's eyes threatened to unleash tears. She never would have guessed it. The Spirit of Disharmony had just poured his heart out to her. Twilight couldn't be happier.

"Discord, I..."

Discord released her hoof, "You don't have to say anything just yet. I know this it a lot to take in, but like I said, it's the truth. You should feel ashamed, missy. I haven't been able to stop thinking about you. You should feel guilty." Discord gently poked her in the chest, feeling relieved to finally get that off of his.

Twilight moved a strand of her mane that had covered her eye, "I had no idea, Discord. You certainly hid it well. I never would've known."

"Well, I am a master of deception. Anyway, I don't expect your answer just yet. It's a lot to take in, after all," Discord suddenly felt something against his chest.

"How about I give my answer now?" Twilight rubbed her head against his fur. Discord's face lit bright red.


She pulled away but kept her hooves on his chest, "I've been thinking about you lately, too. You've rubbed off on me, Discord. You haven't been rude. You've been showing qualities I never thought I'd see in you. And they're all good." She nuzzled his chest again.

"And to be honest, I wouldn't mind calling you my coltfriend. You're definitely an unorthodox choice, but I wouldn't mind giving it a try," Twilight looked up at him.

Discord's heart pounded in his chest. Was it really happening? "Twilight, you can't be serious. I mean, I'd love to be with you, but are you sure this is what you want?"

Twilight pulled away. "I am. It will take some adjusting to, but I'll never know unless I try. We can take it slow, I don't want to rush this, but I wouldn't mind starting a relationship with you." She leaned against his long body.

Discord's eyes were wide. She likes me. She truly likes me. Should I accept? Oh, who am I kidding, of course I'll accept! Discord wrapped his arms around the young Princess, breathing in her lovely scent.

"Twilight, you can not begin to imagine what I'm feeling right now," Discord stroked her ever-so-soft mane.

"I don't need to. I already know, " Twilight snuggled into her new coltfriend's embrace.

Discord kissed the top of her forehead, just like in his dream. He knew at that moment that there was nowhere he'd rather be than right there with her in his arms.

Unfortunately, the joyous moment was cut short by the sound of the panels opening. Twilight and Discord quickly separated from each other, happy to finally get out.

Applejack and Spike peered down at them from the top. "You two, okay? You've been in here for quite some time," Applejack asked with concern.

"Twilight! I'm so sorry for taking so long. I tried finding Rainbow first, but I couldn't so went to get Applejack," Spike bent down to help Twilight up as she and Discord came up.

"Don't worry about it, Spike. It gave Discord and me some time to talk," Twilight gave Discord a knowing look. He gave her wink back.

Spike and Applejack exchanged glances. "What exactly were you talkin' about down there?" Applejack raised an eyebrow.

Twilight smiled at Discord, "Well, let's just say I took your advice."

Applejack scratched her head, "Advice? On wha-oh! Oh, ah see." Applejack gave a smirk.

"I'm confused," Spike looked between the two.

"Well, I must say, I'm shocked. Though, I'm right proud of you, Twi. And Discord, too. You'd better look out for 'er, Discord. Or you'll be talking to the twins," Applejack pointed to her back hindlegs known as "Bucky McGillycuddy" and "Kicks McGee."

"Don't worry, AJ. She's a keeper," Discord messed up Twilight's mane, causing her to giggle.

"Wait, what?" Spike was still completely oblivious.

"You'll find out soon enough, buddy," Discord laughed. He, Twilight, and Applejack began walking towards the door, with Spike quickly chasing after them.

Author's Note:

And done! Wow, that was a doozy. But, as I said, Discord has finally confessed to Twilight.:yay: And Twilight is okay with it. For all those who have been waiting for that inevitable moment, there you go. :pinkiehappy:
I hope you all enjoyed that. Now, Twilight and Discord are officially an item. One can only imagine what their relationship will be like. See you next time.:twilightsmile:

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