• Published 27th Jan 2015
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I Found Love: Discord and Twilight - MLP Fangirl

Shortly after Twilight stood up for him, Discord found something he could only ever dream of having. Who knows? Perhaps she'll return the feelings.

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Facing the Truth

It had been about a week since Tirek was defeated and the Friendship Kingdom was established. The ponies of Ponyville were ecstatic to be apart of Princess Twilight Sparkle's newfound domain. They had known the studious alicorn before she had become a princess. She had played a vital role in keeping the town safe, organized, and in control. Now, she could help them in even larger ways by settling their disputes and resolving any conflict that might tear apart Ponyville's harmony.

The newly-appointed Princess of Friendship had also gained the interest of a certain mischievous spirit. Discord had betrayed all of ponykind by siding with Tirek and helping to drain all of Equestria's magic. He had every right to stay in that bubble. To suffer any fate that would have befallen him. But, she didn't allow it. She would not relent until he was released.

That moment, Discord saw Twilight in a different light. No pony had ever sacrificed something for him before. Not even Fluttershy. Ever since that fateful day, Discord didn't see Twilight as just a friend. He saw her as something more.

Discord was sitting in his thinking tree, doing exactly that. In his claw was a picture of Princess Twilight Sparkle, the mare who had outwitted him time and time again. He gripped the picture tightly, glaring angrily down at it.

"Twilight, why must you make me feel like this? I can't look at you for five seconds without that sickly feeling showing up in my lower abdomen. I don't understand it," He put the photograph down and placed his head in his paw.

Discord snapped his fingers, hoping that a little bit of chaos would take his mind off of things. A bowl of chocolate pudding appeared.

Discord looked at it curiously. "Well, that's not very chaotic, is it? Let's try this again."

He snapped his fingers once more. The branch he was sitting on turned into a cheese stick, still strong enough to support him.

Discord looked at the cheese branch with dissatisfaction. "Not feeling it. Ugh! This isn't working."

His eyes turned back to the picture of Twilight. In the past, now would be a good a time as any to get that mare's mane in a knot. He would have had no second thoughts about it. But, now, after the event, it didn't seem right anymore.

Discord got up and loudly exhaled. "Come on, Discord. This is just a phase. I'll get over it. These feelings are just come convoluted thoughts that popped into my head and have no inclination of leaving me right now. They'll go away, I'm sure." He glanced back at the picture of Twilight. She certainly had some fascinating qualities about her. The way she freaked out over small things. The perfect pony she was seen as everyday was just a façade, hiding a disaster waiting to happen. She had a habit of creating chaos without sometimes even realizing it.

Plus, she wasn't that bad to look at. The way her mane sparkled in the sun, her horn glowing in a beautiful magenta aura, her--He shook his head and turned away. He silently cursed himself.

"Get it out of your head, Discord! These thoughts will dissipate in a matter of days. Besides, it would never work out. She is far too organized for me. I wouldn't last one minute without her yelling at me for placing a quill in the wrong place," Discord conjured up one of his signature cotton confections.

"Yup, like I said before, this is just a phase. It is springtime, anyway. I'm sure every male is going through it. I have nothing to worry about." Discord calmly took a bite out of the cloud, settling down for a nap. And yet, the purple pony remained in the forefront of his mind.

Twilight and her friends were salvaging everything they could from the remnants of her old library. Seeing the burned-up stump brought some tears to the young alicorn.

Twilight took in the sight of her precious library burnt to a crisp. "Hard to believe that just last week I was sitting on that balcony reading a book. Can't do that now, can I?" She chuckled sadly.

Spike came over to her and patted her side. "I'm sad, too, Twi. I mean, we spent two years living there. Why wouldn't we get attached to it?"

Twilight gave a sad smile. "That's the bad part about getting attached to something. You don't know what you have until it's gone."

Applejack came over and put a hoof around Twilight. "I know this is hard for ya, Twi. But, everythang happens fer a reason. If the library was still around, ya wouldn't have that there fancy palace." Applejack pointed a hoof at the Friendship Palace.

"Applejack is right, darling," Rarity said, coming over to join them. "It may take awhile for you to get over the fact that you can no longer visit the library, but I'm sure in time, you'll grow to appreciate your new abode. I know I will."

Twilight gave them a smile. "Thanks, girls. Though, it's going to take me more than awhile to get over this." She looked back up at the burned down stump with solemn eyes.

"We know, dear. We know. Oh, by the way, I found a stack of flash cards," Rarity levitated them over to Twilight. "They are surprisingly well-preserved."

"Oh, good. These were in my emergency kit. They probably survived because of the magic ward I placed on it." Twilight took them in her own magical aura and placed them in her saddlebags.

"Wait a sec," Rainbow dusted off her hooves then moved over to Twilight. "You're telling me you put a stack of notecards in an emergency kit? What else did you have in there? Safety 101?" Rainbow broke into little chuckles, eliciting an annoyed grunt from Twilight.

"Your jokes are getting old fast, you know that," Twilight turned around and went back to work.

The girls worked for a good half hour. Finding some items that were salvageable. They found some photographs of Twilight and themselves. They weren't in the best condition, some burnt around the edges, but considering the devastating blow that Tirek had given the library, they were pretty well-preserved.

Spike's basket had taken a few hits, but Spike didn't care. As long as it wasn't ashes, it was good enough for him.

Pinkie Pie was sorting through a pile of books, or at least, parts of books. Mostly pages and ripped bindings, nothing too important. She managed to find a few books that could be salvaged.

None of the books were entirely important, but Pinkie knew that Twilight would want to save every single book possible.

She threw some other books into a pile and picked up another one. She was about to put it aside, when the title caught her eye.

"Ooh, this looks interesting! HEY, GIRLS! I FOUND SOMETHING" Pinkie held a book out in the air.

"PINKIE! For Celestia's sake, we're all right here. You don't need to blow out our eardrums!" Applejack clutched her ears with her hooves.

"Oh, sorry! But, look. I found this book about Discord." She trotted over to the others, balancing the book on her head.

"About Discord?" Fluttershy perked up at the mention of her friend.

"That's strange. I don't remember reading this one." Twilight looked curiously at the book. She took it in her magic, wiping off the dust with her hooves. The corners were a bit burnt, but it appeared readable.

"I don't know if I'd be all that intrigued to read a story about him," Rarity said in an aloof manner.

"Now, Rarity, I don't think Discord would be happy to hear that. He's been trying really hard to gain back everypony's trust after...well, you know." Fluttershy gently scolded the white mare.

"Yah, well, he's not trying very hard. That's for sure," Rainbow crossed her forelegs.

"You guys are being a bunch of mean, judger, judgy pants..es. Discord's a fun guy. I'm sure if you gave him a chance, he'd be an awesome friend. Right, Twilight? Twilight?" Pinkie looked over to the mare in question.

"Huh? Oh, of course. Now, let's see," She opened up the book with her magic. "Discord: The Untold Story, I wonder what it's about." Her friends gathered around her, and she began to read.

Many know of the creature known as Discord. The living embodiment of Chaos himself. However, what most ponies fail to realize is that underneath that playful exterior, an unknown gold mine of truths and facts make up the interior. Twilight glanced up at her friends, already engrossed. She continued.

Discord was not always the mischievous being he's most commonly referred to. In fact, he used to be a very benevolent ruler. He was not even born a draconeques. Twilight's eyes widened as she read. He used to be a very wise and loving king named Accordance, treating his subjects with fairness.

However, he still had that playful spirit that invigorates him to this day. He would plan week-long celebrations for sometimes no reason. He would entertain his court with his clever jokes and vivid sense of humor. Life in the kingdom was truly wonderful. Until one day.

"Uh oh, you know what that means." Pinkie leaned in, both eager and anxious to hear the rest of it.

King Accord was in the royal archives when he stumbled across an old tome. It looked like it had been untouched for decades. It was about reaching the next level of magic. The king was quite intrigued by it. He was one of the most powerful unicorns at the point in time. As a recreational activity, the king would study every spell he could get his hooves on. If he could reach the next level of magic, who knows what her could do for his subjects. Unfortunately, the king failed to read the repercussions of achieving the next level. He carefully read and took in the information. Feeling he was ready, the king began the ritual.

He reached down into the deepest depths of his font, focusing on expanding it. A mental image formed in his mind. He pictured a giant hole and a shovel. As he pushed farther, the shovel would dig deeper. He could feel it. He would achieve the next level of magic. But, something went wrong. A new form of magic emerged itself into the "dirt" if that's what you would like to call it.

Accordance didn't pay any attention to it. It actually made him feel good. He welcomed the new magic, allowing it to consume him. This new magic affected the king in a very significant way. It corrupted his mind, getting rid of all his memories and replacing them with those of evil intentions. Not only that, his body began to transmogrify.

The king didn't try to stop it because it made him feel good. This new magic provided him with an unexplored field of arcane magic and a vastly enlarged amount of power. The king took in the feeling, not realizing the outcome, until it was too late.

Finally, the magic dissipated. But, King Accordance was no longer. In the once kind unicorn's place, a creature of chaos was born. A being with no intention of keeping harmony in its land. At that moment, the Era of Discord had begun. And the rest is history as we know it.

Twilight closed the book, her mind racing with thought after thought. She took a look at her friends and saw that their faces were grim. This was a lot to take in. Who could've guessed that Discord was a result of a spell gone wrong. She knew that this book spoke truth because of the author, Genuine Fact. She was a very reliable author in Equestria, known for her dedication to finding out the genuine truth, hence the name.

Still, this was all very hard to believe.

Rarity broke the long silence. "Oh my, what a back story."

"Yah," Rainbow rubbed her neck sheepishly. "Kind of makes you feel sorry for the guy. Almost."

"I find it hard to believe," Applejack looked up, staring into space. "But, I reckon there are some thangs out there that we might never grasp."

Twilight got up and began walking towards her castle. Her friends quickly followed suit.

"What are you doing, Twilight?" Pinkie asked, bouncing along side her.

"Well, this information about Discord is truly amazing. It's gotten me thinking that maybe there's more to history than what we know from books. Our world has been around for many millennia. Do we really have all there is to know about the past? I have to wonder if even Celestia knows about this. If she did, I would think she would have told me this." Twilight speculated as she ascended the steps of her castle.

"So, what are you doing now?" Spike asked.

"I need some alone time with my books. I'll be in my study. You're all welcome to stay longer, but I need some time to think." She trotted down the hall to her study, preparing for a few hours of research.

Author's Note:

Hey, MLP Fangirl is back with a new story. Hopefully, none of you are Discolight haters. I was able to give my Discord headcannon in this chapter. Does it make sense? I tried to word it as best I could. If you don't like it or agree with it, that's fine. After all, it is just fan speculation.
I hope you enjoy it. Things will be escalating in the next few chapters, so don't worry.
See you next time.

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