• Published 6th Feb 2015
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Spike and the Crusaders of Justice - N7_Spartan117

Spike and the Cutie Mark Crusaders are sucked into Power Ponies comic. The CMC must learn to control their new found powers as well as fight against Maretropolis newest villains.

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Chapter 2

“Where are we?!” yelled one of the fillies as Spike slowly began to open his eyes. All the dragon could feel were the rocks he was laying on top of.

“Apple Bloom!? Apple Bloom, where are yoUUUUUUU!!!!” asked Sweetie as her voice began to shriek at an ultrasonic pitch. The massive sound caused Spike to fully awaken with a sharp ringing resounding in his ears.

As Spike stumbled getting up, the dragon could only see Sweetie Belle with a worried look on her face, standing on the roof of an office building and wearing a black costume with a dark-grey jacket, black mask, and two-inch heels—just like Song Bell. She just stood there with her hooves covering her mouth.

“SWEETIE BELLE!” shouted a voice that sounded like Apple Bloom’s. “Y’ALL STOP YELLIN’!” Both Sweetie and Spike turned towards the source of the voice and found nothing.

“Apple BLOOOOMMMMM!!!!!!” screeched Sweetie Belle again, bringing the drake to his knees.

As Spike tried to get back on his feet to stop the screeching filly, half of a yellow hoof closed the unicorn filly’s mouth shut.

“Ah told you to stop yellin!” said the voice seeming to belong to the hoof. Before Sweetie or Spike could react to the voice, the rest of the hoof quickly turned visible along with the rest of the body, revealing that the hoof belonged to Apple Bloom.

“Apple Bloom?” asked Spike as he looked at the earth pony filly. She was wearing a red suit with two yellow lines going across the side of her body and a pink bow with four white dots on the knot. “Is that you?”

“Of course it’s me,” answered Apple Bloom with her hoof still covering Sweetie Belle’s mouth. “Now does somepony want to explain to me why Sweetie Belle is squealing like Piggington on bath day?”

Spike could only give a confused look as he looked at the two dressed fillies. Although Spike already knew what had happened, he was unsure of how to explain the situation to them, let alone how to keep them from freaking out once they found out what happened.

“Wdefe ef Msdfafaf?” asked Sweetie Belle, trying speak through Apple Bloom’s hoof.

“Say again?” asked Apple Bloom, but since Sweetie’s mouth was still covered her response was muffled. “Ah’ll let go if you promise not to scream.”

After Sweetie had finished all the motions to a Pinkie Promise, Apple Bloom slowly removed her hoof from the filly’s mouth. “I said where is Scootaloo?”

“Here I am!” shouted the filly in question standing on a gargoyle on a building across the street from the trio.

Spike jaw dropped when he saw Scootaloo in her superhero suit. Like the others’, Scootaloo’s suit was similar to that of the comic persona she took after: tight black spy suit, mask with lenses, and two front-hoof bracelets. The only difference was her face mask’s lenses, which were now purple instead of red, and they grew and shrunk as she tried to focus on her friends.

“Looking good, ScootalOOOOOO!!!!” again screeched Sweetie Belle sending a sound wave to the gargoyle that Scootaloo was standing on, making it collapse causing the flightless pegasus to fall to the street below.


Without a second thought, Spike jumped headfirst off the building after Scootaloo. Spike quickly opened up his Hum Drum cape to glide over to the screaming pegasus and grabbed her mid-flight. Once he caught Scootaloo, Spike reached for his grappling hook and shot at the building he lept from, swinging himself and Scootaloo back toward Apple Bloom and Sweetie.

“You okay?” Spike gently placed Scootaloo back on the rooftop.

Scootaloo took awhile to respond after her near death experience, but eventually nodded her head in response, “Ye...yeah I’m okay. Thanks for saving me.”

“No problem,” Spike gave the filly a warm smile that calmed her. As Scootaloo smiled in return, Apple Bloom decided it was time to break up the moment.

“A-hem! Ah hate to interrupt, but you mind telling us what is going on?!” asked Apple Bloom as she moved her hoof off of Sweetie’s mouth. “Where are we?”

“Yeah, and why are we wearing these costUUUUUU—!!!” screeched Sweetie Belle, bringing everypony to their knees in pain. Before the screech could rupture the fillies’ and Spike’s eardrums, an invisible force field formed around Sweetie Belle’s mouth.

“Sweetie Belle, stop your squealin!” said a disembodied voice that sounded like Apple Bloom.

“Apple Bloom, where did you go?” asked Scootaloo as she and the others searched in all directions.

“Ah’m right in front of you,” answered Apple Bloom, but as the others turned to look, the only pony standing there was a still-silenced Sweetie Belle.

“Seriously, Apple Bloom. Where are you?”

“Ah’m right here.” She reached out and touched Scootaloo, causing the filly to jump back into Spike at the touch.

“Ouch, that’s my tail,” said Spike as Scootaloo back away from him. “Apple Bloom, I need you to stay calm and focus.”

“Why? What’s wrong with me?”

“It’s nothing—”

“Nothing?!” yelled Scootaloo with excitement, “She’s invisible!”

“WHAT?” yelled Apple Bloom, her distress causing the force field covering Sweetie Belle’s mouth to disappear. “Ah...ah don’t want to be invisible!”

“You’re invisible?” Sweetie Belle poked at the place she thought Apple Bloom was still standing, “That’s so coOOOOOO—!!!” She suddenly stopped and dropped to the ground, unconscious. Spike had quickly taken Scootaloo’s right front-hoof and raised it, pointing it at Sweetie Belle and pressing a small button on her hoof bracelet to shoot a small dart at the screeching unicorn.

“Sorry, Sweetie Belle,” Spike said as he leaned her against the roof’s air condition unit. “Now, Apple Bloom, I need you to focus.”

“Focus?! Focus on what?” asked Apple Bloom as she began to panic, “How can I focus when Ah’m invisible?!”

“Do I need to sleep dart you too?” asked Spike as he raised Scootaloo’s hoof again, causing the pegasus to blush.

“No no no, Ah’m good. What do I need to focus on?”

“Focus on being visible.”

“Seriously?” asked Apple Bloom as she gave the dragon a suspicious look that he could not see.

“Yes, just focus on being visible and you will be back to normal,” explained Spike. The filly took a deep breath and did as she was told. After a few seconds, Apple Bloom was completely visible, much to her joy.

“Wow, that’s so cool, Apple Bloom!” said Scootaloo as she walked around her.

“Yeah, but how in Equestria did we get here?” asked Apple Bloom as she turned to face Spike.

“More importantly, where in Equestria are we?” added Scootaloo.

Spike looked at the two, then at Sweetie Belle, taking note of their costumes, Sweetie Belle’s ability to scream at a ultrasonic frequency, and how Apple Bloom was able to turn invisible and create a force fields. The drake took a deep breath and looked back at them.

“We are in Maretropolis, and you girls have turned into superheroes,” explained Spike as he pointed to Sweetie Belle. “I told you not to read that page, and now she is Song Bell.” Spike turned and pointed at Apple Bloom. “You're Fading Bloom, and Scoot, you are Silent…Wing...”

Spike went dead silent when he saw something in the distance.

“Spike?” said Scootaloo in a concerned tone. Spike just stood there, still staring into space. “Spike, you okay?” Still no response.

“Equestria to Spike, y’all there?” asked Apple Bloom as she waved a hoof in front of his face. While the fillies tried to get Spike’s attention, Sweetie Belle was slowly beginning to regain consciousness.

“Ugh, what happened?” asked Sweetie Belle as she began to pick herself off the ground. “And what am I wearing…..”

“Spike, snap out of it!” ordered Apple Bloom as she shook the open-mouthed dragon. Apple Bloom turned and looked at Scootaloo, who had a concerned look on her face. “Ah’ll get Scootaloo to kiss ya if---”

“WHAT?!?!” screamed Scootaloo as her face turned six shades of red. Spike seemed not to hear Apple Bloom’s comment, because he slowly turned the two fillies heads in the direction he was staring in.

Across the street from the office building Spike and the crusaders were standing on was a group of ponies standing in almost total darkness, on top of a taller building. The fillies stood in fear of the group, but Spike knew who these ponies were. A flash of lightning lit up the sky and struck a small golden lightning bolt shaped medallion, revealing six costumed ponies staring down at them.

“Come on, Tyrant. I’m telling you, they are not going to listen to us,” said a small silver-coated earth filly wearing a dark gray suit of armor, a black cape, and a helmet made of silver with a small S in the center. She was carrying a black briefcase with her magnetic powers. “Let’s just head back and think of a new pla—”

“No!” said a small pink-coated earth filly wearing a business suit with a tiara on her head. “They stole my plans, Aggressor. There has to be something about that in the villian code book.”

“Actually, there is!” Silver Aggressor pulled from her armor a small black book with a skull on it, and flipped through its pages. “Here it is! Article thirty-four paragraph hundred sixty-seven, ‘All is fair in villainy!”

“That doesn’t even make any sense!” As the two fillies walked down the aisles of cells in Balkham Asylum, they received evil looks from several inmates.

One light-blue pegasus mare with a white mane and the number ‘72’ on her prison suit, sat in a cell covered in ice with a large collar around her neck. She tried to form an icicle with her hoof, but as soon as the ice took shape, her collar activated and gave her a small shock of electricity that made her scream in pain.

“Here it is!” said Diamond Tyrant as she stopped in front of cell 0801.

As the filly gave the two stallions guarding the cell a small bag of bits, they could hear maniacal laughter coming from inside the cell. Once the guards opened the doors, the fillies could see the Mane-iac, wrapped in chains, with her yellow-coated earth pony coltfriend Nacho Cheeze leaning over her with his front hooves around her neck. In the same cell, Pharaoh Phetlock, Long-Face, Smudge, High Heels, and Shadowmane were playing cards.

“Ahem!” coughed Diamond Tyrant trying to get the group’s attention. Much to her chagrin, the group of supervillains quickly turned to look at the two fillies and gave them menacing stares, (except for Mane-iac, who continued to look down at her cards). “Uh...my associate and I are here to collect payment fo—”

“Payment?” asked High Heels as she and the rest of the villains (except for Mane-iac) burst into a fit of laughter, “Payment for what?”

“For the unlawful use of my father’s, Golden Gremlin, invention,” explained Tyrant as she took the briefcase form Aggressor and pulled out a contract.

“You mean you're the daughter of the psychopath that tried to mimic my Miss M?” asked Nacho Cheeze as he made model of the stallion in question out of the Mane-iac’s mane.

“Yes. Before my father was revealed to be the Gremlin and died, he had invented a device that allowed the user to transfer Meta-ponies’ powers to another pony. After his death, Sparkle Labs took control of the company until I reached the legal age to run it myself.”

“Will you get to the point?” asked Pharaoh Phetlock in an irritated tone, “I’d like to play my hoof now.”

“Why? It’s not like you are going anywhere anytime soon,” stated Silver Aggressor in a snooty tone, infuriating the slime pony Smudge. Smudge was starting to form a large mace with his slimy hoof, when the collar around his neck went off and shocked him.

“Very insolent foals they are,” thought Shadowmane to herself as she watched Smudge struggle with the inhibitor collar.

“As I was saying,” said Diamond Tyrant trying to get everpony’s attention back on her, “I am here to collect the bits you owe me for the use of my daddy’s invention.”

“And why should we pay you for the use of your deceased father’s stuff?” asked Long-Face. “The vile thing didn’t even work right.”

“Because…..because it’s the law!” The whole prison burst into fit of laughter at the satement, from the mare in the ice-cell, Frostbite, to the yellow-coated master markspony Deadrot in cell 59, who had spit out the apples he was eating when he heard the statement. The only prisoner that was not laughing was Mane-iac, who was still playing with her cards.

“Tfs daf!” laughed Smudge in his gurgling speech as he started to cry tears of slime.

“I’m being serious!” yelled the pink filly as she stomped her hoof. The villains only laughed even more uncontrollably, while Silver tried to hide her face with her cape in embarrassment.

“That’s hilarious, isn’t Miss M?” asked Nacho Cheeze as he jabbed Mane-iac’s side, but the mare did not respond. “Right?” Still Mane-iac did not respond.

“Hey, you’re the one I’m looking to get my bits from,” said Tyrant as she made her way over to the silent mare. “You hear me?” Diamond turned the chair the Mane-iac was sitting in, and was surprised as well as the rest of the villains that the mare sitting in the chair was not Mane-iac, but instead a guard with a smile on her face, dressed as the infamous villain.

“You’re not my Miss. M!”

“Really, what was your first clue?” asked Pharaoh. Although the pony Diamond wanted to see was gone, she quickly turn her attention back to the rest of the villains.

“So, who’s going to pay me?” Again all the villains in the cell erupted into a fit of laughter.

“Piece of advice little foal,” said High Heels as she pulled Diamond closer to her, “Don’t try to sue over something that doesn’t work.”

“And leave the villain stuff to us,” added Pharaoh as Shadowmare swiped Silver’s code book of villainy out of her cape without her knowing, “We are professionals.”

Through with being humiliated by the villains, Diamond Tyrant stormed out of the cell with Silver Aggressor following behind her.

“Mane-iac escaped…..again,” said Diamond not even looking at the guards as she walked past them.

“Again?” asked one of the guards as they galloped into the cell.

The walk out of the Balkham Asylum was relatively quiet, aside from the times Tyrant would mumble to herself. Once the two fillies reached the carriage waiting for them outside of the asylum, Sliver decided it was time to break the silence she was holding.

“So what shoul—”

“Just who do they think they are, making fun of me like that!” yelled Tyrant in anger, “Me! The daughter of the Golden Gremlin! The strongest most feared mechanical genius this city has ever seen!!”

“But wasn’t the mare with the metal tentacles and hooves the mechanical genius, and didn’t your dad get his strength from his Gremlin Formula?” asked Silver Aggressor, but her only response was a hateful look from her partner.

“As I was saying, I am the Diamond Tyrant!” exclaimed the pink filly, “I’m the wealthiest, most intelligent, and most powerful villain ever!”

“But you don’t have any powers.” Silver displayed her powers of magnetism as she removed the tiara off of Tyrant’s head and placed it on hers.

“But I soon will,” said Diamond with a menacing smile. ”Maurice!”

As soon as his name was called, a tan-coated young stallion rolled down the window separating him in the drivers seat and the fillies in the back.

“Yes, Madam Tyrant,” said the young stallion looking through the rearview mirror.

“Give me my suit pla—” Before the filly could finish her sentence, the stallion passed the blueprints she wanted. “Thank you Maurice. Silver, pass me the phone.”

“What for?” asked the silver filly as she passed the phone.

“I’m going to need someone to break into Sparkle Labs for me and get my father’s original plans back,” explained Diamond Tyrant as she started to dial a number on the phone.


“The only pony in the city that can get a job done right—Deathstrike!”

Author's Note:

Okay for thoes of you who are curious about who the three ponies are in Balkham Asylum are.

Frostbite: Fleetfoot(Killer Frost)
Deadrot: Breaburn(Deadshot)
Nacho Cheese: Cheese Sandwich(Harley Quinn) Yes, I made Cheese like Harley had to have someone if Pinkie is like Flash.

And Filthy Rich would be Green Goblin. Sorry can't tell who Deathstrike is yet. Can you can guess what the numbers for Frostbite and Mane-iac's cell are from. And yes Mane-iac's escape is a Killing Joke reference.