• Published 6th Feb 2015
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Spike and the Crusaders of Justice - N7_Spartan117

Spike and the Cutie Mark Crusaders are sucked into Power Ponies comic. The CMC must learn to control their new found powers as well as fight against Maretropolis newest villains.

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Chapter 3

Aside from the taps of hooves, no pony said a word as the fillies and Spike were lead into a large conference room. Motioned for them to take a seat at the end of a large P shaped table, each pony and drake took their assigned seat. Aside from Spike, the three fillies were both confused and amazed at the collection of oddly similar superheroine.

“Rarity, what’s with the weird outfit?” asked Sweetie Belle, pointing at the Power Ponies wielder of the bracelets of Beauty, Radiance.

“Yeah Sis, y'all preparing for Nightmare Night?” asked Apple Bloom, with her head tilted to the side.

“Sis?” asked Mistress Mare-velous, looking at the red maned filly.

“Applejack? It’s me, Apple Bloom.”

“Who’s Apple Bloom? You’re Fading Boom.”

“Who’s Rarity?” asked Radiance, giving Sweetie Belle a confused look.

“What are you talking about? You’re Rarity, fashion designer for the elite of Equestria!” exclaimed Sweetie Belle, giving her best interpretation of her sister.

“Fashion designer? While I do fancy a nice zeppelin outfit, I don’t really consider myself a Hoity Toity.”

“Spike, who are they?” asked Scootaloo, recognizing that master of Lighting is obviously not her idol in costume.

“I’ll explain later,” said Spike through his teeth, trying not to raise the Power Ponies suppositions even further. “Just play along.”

“But we know who they ar---” said Apple Bloom, said before being interrupted by the mild mannered scientist Dr. Spruce Spanner, the normal persona of the hulking heroin known as Saddle Ranger.

“They could be suffering from sonic concussions,” stated Spruce as she waved a light annoyingly in Apple Bloom’s eyes. “That could explain them mistaken our identities.”

“Who ever they think we are is not important,” said Masked Matter-Horn, as she turned on a terminal, displaying holographic videos of the quartet on the rooftop. “Do you four realize how much damage you could of caused?”

The holograms showed different video clips from Apple Bloom turing visible and invisible, Sweetie Belle screeching destroying an entire office building’s windows, and Scootaloo falling from the building. Feeling embarrassed and confused, the group just sat in silent looking at the heroes.

“What were you thinking?” asked Matterhorn, but received no response. Trying to not ridicule them any further, Matterhorn pinched her nuzzle and sighed. “Okay, what went wrong?”

“OH! OH! OH!” exclaimed Filli-second trying to get her comrade attention. “First Fading Bloom keep disappearing. Then SongBell lost control of her voice. Thensheshatteredallthe----

“Fillie you're talking to fast again,” said Zapp, trying to get fast talking mare from braking a sound bearer. “Besides I think she was talking to them.”

“We didn’t mean to. It was an accident,” said Spike, surprisingly not phased by the whole thing.

“We are aware of that, but this never should have happened,” said Matterhorn. “I’m afraid you are no longer allowed to leave the tower.”

“So y’all are grounding us for something that was an accident and we’re still not sure what what happened?” asked Apple Bloom, as if her protest would swear their decision.

“D….Don’t think of it as grounding,” said a stuttering Spruce as she placed a small device, with a bell symbol centerpiece, around Sweetie Belle’s neck. “Hold still please. I’m placing it on a low enough setting that should allow you speak without your scream.”

“So what exactly are we supposed to do?” asked Scootaloo, finally contributing to the conversation.

“Just stay in the tower,” said Marvelous, putting a reassuring hoof on Apple Bloom “You can do whatever you like.”

“Just don’t go leave the tower until you have shown you can properly handle your powers,” added Matterhorn, closing down the holograms.

With that said, the Power Ponies left the conference room leaving only the Crusaders and Spike. Turning to drake at the end of the table, the fillies began to bombard him with questions.

“Why don’t my Sis remember me?” asked Apple Bloom, pointing an invisible hoof at herself.

“What’s this thing around my neck?” asked Sweetie Belle, tugging at the device slightly choking her.

“Where are we?” asking Scootaloo, more concerned by the strange environment they found themselves in.

“Because that’s not Applejack, the Bell Ringer, and Power Ponies headquarters,” answered Spike without skipping a beat. To the drake’s disappointment, he was confronted with even more questions. “Come with me. I’ll explain everything.”

Spike lead the young fillies through the Power Ponies tower eventually reaching the trophy room. “As I told you earlier, we have been sucked into the world of the comic book, and we have been transformed into superheros.”

“So, how do we get out of here?” asked Scootaloo. Spike was about to open his mouth when the small white coated unicorn interrupted him.

“Maybe this can get us out of here?” asked Sweetie Belle messing with a large cube with strange markings.

“Put that down!” Before Spike could stop her, a portal appeared to a fiery world with a red minotaur turning sideways to look at them, with his horns glowing red with energy. Spike quickly took the cube from the filly and closed portal and trophy case before one of the crusaders messed with another artifact. “No, the father box can’t get us home.”

“Then how in tarnation are we supposed to get home?” asked Apple Bloom.

“We have to do like the spell said,” answered Spike as he pulled the comic out of one of his utility belt pockets. “See? You can return to the place you started when the fillies are trained and the Diamond Tyrant and Silver Aggressor are defeated.”

“Who in Equestria are Diamond Tyrant and Silver Aggressor?”

“And where did you get a comic that SUCKS PONIES INTO A BOOK?!” shouted Sweetie Belle, thankfully without a sonic screech.

“From this merchant’s strange magic shop in Canterlot,” answered Spike, while the fillies gave him annoyed look. “What? It was a limited edition.”

“Wait, what did the merchant look like?” asked Scootaloo.

“Uh, he was a grey stallion with glasses and greyish purple braided mane. Why?”

“Scoots went in the same shop looking for a lov--” said Apple Bloom before being shot with a sleep dart by Scootaloo. To the group's surprise, the dart didn’t even hit Apple Bloom, but instead hovered a few centimeters from her front leg. “What the…..”

Everypony turned to Spike, looking for an answer. “Apple Bloom just relax don’t freak out…..” Sadly the dragons calm words didn’t keep the yellow filly from freaking out. Suddenly everypony and thing was pushed against a glass wall with a force that felt like someone had cast a gravity spell. Spike tried to push up against the glass only to cause the glass to begin to crack.

“A...Apple Bloom cut it out,” strained Sweetie Belle.

“I don’t know how,” said Apple Bloom scared by the ability.

“J….just r…..relax,” said Spike as he trying to calm the filly. “Just breath.”

Doing as the dragon said, Apple Bloom took a deep breath and calmed herself causing the invisible force to release it pressure pinning the others. “What the hay was that?!”

“I told you. You each have been turned into a superhero. You have the power to be invisible and make force fields”

“Please don’t do that again,” asked Scootaloo as she tried to pop her bones to relieve the stress.

“Well maybe I Wouldn't if you didn’t try to shoot me!” argued Apple Bloom. As the two fillies began to argue with each other, Sweetie Belle noticed a training room, that the trophy room over looked. The training area was a large spherical room with square pylons covering every inch of the room.

“Hey Spike,” said Sweetie Belle tugging on Spike’s cape with her magic. “What’s that room?”

“That’s the Danger Arena,” answered Spike. “It’s where the Power Ponies train and test their powers using holographic projections.”

“Didn’t the spell say that when the fillies are trained? If we became the characters, doesn’t that mean we need to train?”

“Well, I don’t know. The Power Ponies really don’t really let anypony in there unless they supervise.”

“Oh come on, think about it. You finally get to see it up close and personal,” said Sweetie Belle, as she turned to Spike's head to the still arguing Scootaloo and Apple Bloom. “Plus you get to spend some personal time with a special somepony.”

Spike’s cheeks cheeks changed from purple to red, “Y...yeah…..wait what?”

“All Power Ponies to the hanger. We have a code purple,” said Matterhorn over the loudspeaker.

“What’s that all about?” asked Apple Bloom.

“I don’t know. Follow me,” said Spike, as he lead the others to the hanger, accidentally grabbing Scootaloo hoof in the process, causing both of them to blush.

“Air vents, why can’t these super scientists find better ways to keep me out,” though the mare as she popped the air vent loose. Surveying the lab of the famous Sparkle labs CEO’s personal Lab, from the open air vent the spying mear dropped two small one device released a mist revealing security laser. The other hitting one of the lasers became subatomic then imploding. “Amature.”

Repelling down the vent the mare located her objective, a large touch screen computer/lab table. Carefully maneuvering the lasers, the mare reached her objective. Plugging in small decrypting device the mare waited for the device to finishing its task. “That brat better not have cheated me on this.” With a small flash the computer's defenses were down and the thief began to go through the computer looking for her true objective. Tampering with the computer caused the lab to light up blaring alarms, casing three hovering security drones to appear.

“HALT YOU ARE----” said one of the drones before being shot with the mares sidearm. Before the two other drones could react they exploded, being sliced with the mares double edged sword with their crickets resting on swords pointed crossguards.

“Right on time,” said the mare as she found the file she was looking for, downloaded it to the device she used to hack and shot out the window. Jumping out the window, the mare fell from the top floor of the two hundred story building. Hitting a button on her purple and black armor, expanding the suits wings gilding to the adjacent building. Flying through an opening she had created earlier, the mare landed and galloped over to her sniper's perch looking overlooking Maretropolis First National Bank. Taking up her rifle the mare watched as a speeding carriage drove up to bank.

“Deathstrike,” said the voice in her ear, causing the mare to roll her eyes.

“Yeah Tyrant,” answered the mare, as she began to take off her helmet, concealing her identity.

“Do you have the file?”

“Sending it to you now.” With the push of a button on the hacking device, the mare transferred the file she had been sent to recover.

Diamond Tyrant let out a small smile escape, as she and Silver Aggressor looked through the file displayed on a screen in their carriage.

“Is this what you have planned?” asked Silver Aggressor, in awe of the contents on file.

“Yes, how objective two coming along?” asked Diamond Tyrant, as she sipped from her drink.

“In my sights,” answered the magenta coated unicorn mare with a broken horn and scared right eye covered by an eye patch. “As well as objective four. Want me to engage? Could save you time later.”

“No, we will deal with them soon.”

With her order given, Deathstrike relaxed her trigger and watched as the green maned Mane-iac existed the stagecoach with white coated blue maned unicorn stallion holding three golden projectile crowns with his magic.

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If the Power Ponies were voiced, what would they sound like?

I've never given that much thought. I do imagine Radiance would talk like a person from the 1920's.

have to say, that last chapter looks only sparely edited, but the overall concept is still good at least

holy shit this still has my old name on it! :rainbowlaugh:

Your back. YEAH BOY!!!! Spikealoo for the win!!!

Will there be nosebleeds?

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