• Published 3rd May 2012
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With Teeth - TritiumAge00

HiE - The tale of a man displaced through space and time. A man and his strangely alluring canines.

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A Proper Introduction

Chapter Six

A Proper Introduction

The next two days passed in a blur. Twilight returned the following day seemingly more than happy at the prospect of cramming everything you needed to know about this world (Equestria appropriately enough) into your beady little head. The more you learned, the more obvious it became that you were in an a Universe where physical laws were more like suggestions.

Apparently the whole of their domain was ruled by two living gods, the royal sisters Celestia and Luna, who were as timeless as the planet itself. Twilight casually informed you that their reign extended back eons into antiquity. Lifespans extending to the brink of immortality were common place in your old world, but were only possible through advanced genetics programs and state of the art medical sciences. It seemed that the magic here was present on a quantum scale, and permeated all living things, dramatically extended their natural lives.

When Twilight initially told you she was only seventeen years old you had been surprised by her independence at such a young age. This was of course before she went on to tell you that a single Equestrian year translated into something like nine standard Galactic years. When you asked how it was possible that a year last that long on a planet of this mass orbiting a main sequence star at this distance, the unicorn effectively laughed in your face.

"Our world doesn't revolve around the sun! Where would you get such an outlandish idea?" She looked like she wanted to pat you on your head if she had been able to reach.

That was the other thing. Apparently the royal sisters also had control over the sun and moon. As in physical control over the heavenly bodies.

"So you're telling me that Princess Celestia and Princess Luna are responsible for the movements of the sun and moon around this planet?" you asked incredulously.

"Well of course," she began. "I mean, if it weren't for the princesses, how would the sun and moon rise and set? On their own? That's ridiculous!"

Sighing you relegated the next several hours explaining how gravity, while weak on a small scale, managed the motions of all massive bodies through space. Galaxies revolved around the super massive black holes at their centers. The hundreds of billions of stars comprising each galaxy traced their own paths about this axis over tens of millions of years. Each star was host to its own company of planets, moons and asteroids.

She seemed fascinated, if skeptical, of the concept and more or less demanded a more in depth class on the subject in the near future.

You had also met five of Twilight's closest friends when they stopped by to check in on her. You couldn't blame them, as Twilight was apt to get so engrossed in her historical and cultural lessons she would forget to feed herself.

First to introduce herself was the aforementioned seamstress, Rarity. She was an alabaster unicorn of high culture and self described peerless skill. This struck you as rather conceited until she managed to produce an entire head to toe ensemble for you with but a glance at your proportions. The unicorn worked fast too, producing results almost casually after a single day. She was the owner and proprietor of the Carousel Boutique which was, as Rarity informed you, known all throughout Equestria as being home to only the finest in fashion innovations.

The rainbow hued pegasus you had made first contact with in the Everfree Forest was appropriately enough named Rainbow Dash. Her mistrust of you was made almost comically obvious. It was as if a hurricane followed her into the room. It seemed this was the norm though as her friends only seemed to roll their eyes at the display. Twilight explained that the spirited pegasus was the holder of the element of loyalty. She did her title justice, as her fiery and fiercely steadfast personality struck you as charming in its own right, even though she immediately made a show of trying to beat you up. She only stopped when you stroked the sensitive downy feathers lining the underside of her wings.

"Even softer than I remember," you casually remarked catching her completely off guard. With a yelp, her entire body seized up at the sensation, dropping her onto her rump much to the amusement of her friends.

Twilight's friend Applejack, the element of honesty, especially seemed to enjoy your antics at her friend's expense. As she introduced herself, you noticed that she had an interesting regional accent which reminded you of films you had viewed in your childhood dating back to the mid 22nd century. Applejack exuded a sly charm of her own and even offered you a tour of the apple farm that she and her family owned on the outskirts of town. She also mentioned something about a cask of her family's much lauded over apple cider that she was happy to share when you came around. Thinking back on the last time you had been able to get hands on anything but synthesized alcohol, you were more than happy to accept.

Pinkie Pie, the element of laughter, literally left you speechless when she deposited her entire pink mass directly onto your stomach while cramming an entire banana cream pie down your throat. She produced an armada of brilliantly colored balloons seemingly from nowhere and without missing a beat dove into an impromptu rendition of her 'Welcome to Equestria Mr. Alien' song. The entire thing was hilarious and left you almost literally in stitches. Pinkie informed you that she worked at a bakery in town called Sugarcube Corner. Having a bit of a sweet-tooth yourself, you assured the pink pony that you would be stopping in for a visit as soon as possible.

You had actually been rather hopeful to meet the last of Twilight's companions. Well, you supposed that technically you had already met the butterscotch yellow pegasus, but it was hardly under the best conditions since she thought you were trying to eat her. Twilight explained that Fluttershy was timid by nature and that this sort of thing happened more often than you might think. Despite the unicorn's assurances you still felt pretty awful about the situation and wanted to offer your sincere apologies.

Once Twilight had bodily dragged the pegasus to your bed side, she ended up needing to restrain her with a cloud of purple magic, keeping the shivering mass floating in front of you at eye level. At first you weren't sure what to do. She seemed unwilling to even look at you, wings wrapped protectively around her eyes.

You sat contemplating your next move for a moment. It looked like yet again your only option was one of direct action.

"Fluttershy," she cringes at the sound of your voice. "I know that my actions a few nights ago left you very frightened. For that I am eternally sorry. It was never my intention to harm you in any way. In fact, I was desperate, alone and afraid in an unfamiliar place." At this you notice her wings begin to slowly unfurl from around her face, huge sea foam green eyes revealing themselves to you. Seeing this as a good sign, you continue. "Later that night, when I was trying find a safe place to sleep, it occurred to me that I was the only of my kind in this world. In fact, it's now obvious to me that I may never be able to return home again." Genuine emotion enters your voice as you are reminded of the finality of the situation.

Something about the hopelessness of your story seemed to have resonated with the pegasus. She speaks for the first time, her motherly voice evoking memories of your childhood.

"Oh you poor thing! How selfish of me! I never once even thought of how scared you must be, suddenly finding yourself alone, especially in the Everfree Forrest of all places!" She was floating on her own now, Twilight's magic no longer necessary. "I think you mostly just startled me after all." She bashfully looks off to the side, a slight blush adorning her cheeks.

Feeling your heart leap into your throat at the adorable display, you gently grasp her fore hooves bringing her attention back from the floor. "Hey, I hate to see a pretty lady so upset," you begin when she offers no resistance. "I know I'm still at fault here, so if there's anything I can ever do to make it up to you, please just let me know, okay?" You offer your most sincere smile before realizing that's been getting you into a lot of trouble lately.

Her eyes swelling to the size of saucers, Fluttershy can only mumble "Oh, what big teeth you have..."

Groaning, you rub your eyes at your slip up. Things had been going so well too. Only one option now. You just hoped she would understand.

"Fluttershy, I'm not going to hurt you or any of your friends." You gestured to the other ponies around the room. "My species may have started as predators, but we have evolved beyond that. I'll admit that yes, I do enjoy eating meat," they all gasp at this "but I promise you that I have never and could never even conceive of eating another intelligent, sapient being. That would be barbaric."

She seems to be considering this. They all are.

Finally after what feels like an eternity, she responds, her voice barely a whisper. "Well, I guess that makes sense. I mean, that just makes you the same as some of my animal friends. Like the bears and otters and foxes. Mr Vulture never wants any of the nuts or berries I feed the other birds after all." Her voice has gradually returned to its original unwavering form.

"I can probably get by on an almost entirely vegetarian diet," you assure her, "as long the occasional fish isn't an issue."

"Fish? Oh, getting fish will be no trouble at all" she perks up, all unease seemingly evaporating in an instant. "I thought you were going to suggest eating my chicken and bunny friends, or something horrible like that."

She thought you were going to eat her friends? Great, now you felt worse than ever.

Forcing a laugh, you do your best to lighten the situation. "Eat your friends? I would never do something so terrible! Besides," you begin with a smirk, "why would I bother with furry woodland creatures when there are so many perfectly delicious ponies running around town for me to partake in?" Fluttershy gasps and tries to retreat, but before she can you reach out and place your left hand at the spot where wing meets body, offering a deep and tender caress of the downy fur and flesh below. The effect is immediate, the pegasus can offer only a startled "Eep" as her wings stiffen, locking rigidly in place away from her body. You laugh as she drops onto her rear in a daze, the necessary lift to keep her afloat strangely absent.

"Kidding! Kidding!" you offer waving your hands in a placating manner. "I'm sorry, that was in bad taste! Oh! Jeez, I really need to work on my phrasing don't I?"

Fluttershy's face looks red enough to melt steel, but you could see a dreamy little smile gracing her lips.

"Alright, alright, I think that's enough for tonight, Romeo!" Twilight remarked with a smirk eying you as she once again dragged Fluttershy across the room, this time towards the door. "I think that's enough excitement for one night everpony. Lets let our new friend here get his rest. Say good night everypony," she intoned, ushering her friends back out into the hallway.

"Goodnight everypony!" Pinkie happily exclaimed, bringing her head back into view from the door frame.

"Hardy har har," Twlight droned obviously used to dealing with the pink party pony's antics. With the door mostly closed and the sounds of her friends fading in the distance, she turns and regards you with a playful smirk and lidded eyes. "You seem nice enough, but I have a feeling that the combination of your playful personality and rather, unique, traits could get you into a lot of trouble around here. Can you promise me that you'll be on your absolute best behavior when you get released tomorrow?" She raises her eyebrow awaiting your response.

"I'll do my absolute best, Ma'am," you reply, offering a mock salute.

She chuckles at this and exits out into the hall closing the door behind her. "Troublesome boys," she says just loudly enough for you to hear.

You can't help but feel giddy as a your heart beats strongly in your chest. "Troublesome girls," you say to yourself, grinning up at the ceiling.

You were getting out of here tomorrow. Walking out on your own two legs, finally able to explore this vast world you now called home.

Tomorrow was going to be a big day.