• Published 17th Dec 2014
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The Soul's Savior - Dusty Old Qrow

Sunset Shimmer has fallen. At her lowest point, she recieves help from a girl who helped beat her - Rainbow Dash. Meanwhile, CHS teacher Time Turner has his own journey of healing. How do their stories connect?

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Chapter 7: Monday [OLD]

The students of Canterlot High School had never really looked forward to Mondays before. Why would they? Sunset Shimmer would just make their day miserable, anyway. If it wasn’t Shimmer, it would be a ridiculous rumor spreading around the school... Though that might have been Shimmer, as well.

This particular Monday was different, however. The previous Friday had seen the coming of two beautiful things: The reunification of the student body, and the downfall of the aforementioned Sunset Shimmer in a truly spectacular fashion. And that morning, as each student awakened from their slumber one by one with smiles on their faces, they all had one thing on their mind. Friendship.

For Tennis Match, the first thing she did when she got out of bed was grab her cell phone and call her best friend Octavia. The two conversed about random things (mostly about hanging out after school or what to eat for lunch that day) before they hung up. Next, she got dressed in her usual clothes (A dark green shirt with matching shorts under a light turquoise dress, long green socks and white shoes) and finally go to the dining room for breakfast, after which she left for school.

For Time Turner, his schedule was different. After he woke up and dressed himself in a blue suit with matching pants covered by his usual brown trenchcoat. He would then grab his precious locket and place it in his left hand pocket. After that he would have a small chat with Luna and Celestia if they called, and finally he would drive off to the school and grab a cup of coffee from the teachers’ break room before class started, where he would prepare the day’s lessons.

Sunset Shimmer would wake up and stretch after a tough night of sleeping on a lumpy mattress, grab her spare set of clothes (Which had been washed the night before in the local laundromat) and get dressed. After that, she exited her factory and walked to school as fast as she could, though there really was not a rush today. After all, why would she want to show up early to the most hostile place for her?

This Monday would prove to be very interesting indeed.

Seven-thirty in the morning, fifteen minutes before classes start. Just enough time to grab a bagel from the cafeteria, hang out with her friends and maybe sneak in a five minute nap. Yup, just another daily routine for Rainbow Dash.

Her usual jogging route was a little more cluttered with teenagers today- most of them talking to each other about future plans- but she easily worked her way past them. Her earphones blasting music into her ears blocked out most of their conversations anyway. She just brushed past them and continued her routine.

Rainbow Dash finally entered the grounds of Canterlot High School, just a little ways away from the equine statue, with Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, Scootaloo and a few other students hanging off of it like usual. Dash grinned and prepared to do a last sprint to the statue and say hello.

Despite her music blocking out most of the conversations around her, one particular word managed to reach Dash's ears.


It was exclaimed by a single voice, a girl in the lower grades who Dash didn't know the name of. But that didn't matter. As soon as that single word left the girl's mouth, the very air in the area seemed to thicken. Conversations stopped, nobody moved. Nobody dared to break the sudden tension.

For there at the other side of the street, standing alone with a backpack hanging off of her shoulder, was Sunset Shimmer.

Rainbow Dash gave a quiet "Oh no" as she turned her head to scan the crowd. Nearly every student seemed to suddenly be outside at that exact moment. Just freaking great. Now I've gotta do some damage control, she thought as she ran towards Sunset.

I knew this was a bad idea. I shouldn’t even be here. I should be rotting in a prison in Equestria. I should have stayed at the factory.

Their eyes were on her.

Every single student seemed to have chosen that exact moment to come outside. They all stared at her, every pair of eyes filled with hate. Some glared at her, some simply stared. But each and every one of them hated her.

Cloud Kicker. I kept mocking her best friend Blossomforth. I insulted them until they both cried. Thunderlane. Spread false rumors about him using steroids. Ruined his football career. Rumble. I used his sexuality as a tool to get his friends to abandon him. He tried to kill himself. Crystal Wishes. I tore up her romance stories in her face. She nearly gave up writing. Featherweight. I stuffed him into lockers. He now has a scar on his left arm. Flash Sentry-

Just then, Sunset felt someone’s elbow poke her in the ribs, causing her to snap her head to the side to see Rainbow Dash, looking about as uncomfortable as Sunset felt, standing defensively next to her. Rainbow Dash. I tore her friendships apart. Her helping me could ruin her social standing in the school. “What are you doing?!” Sunset half-whispered.

“Helping you get outta this,” Rainbow Dash paused, looking for the right word. “Situation. They’ll tear you apart.” The rainbow haired girl grabbed Sunset’s wrist and pulled her towards the crowd, despite Sunset’s attempts at resistance.

“Let go!”


“But you can’t help me! They’ll hate you!”

“Don’t care. Loyalty, remember?”


“Shut up and start moving your legs!”

That’s when Sunset realized she had her feet firmly planted on the asphalt of the road, with Rainbow Dash latched on to her wrist, fruitlessly trying to pull the flame haired girl towards the school. Awkward. Sunset looked at her surroundings, from the girl trying to pull her to the crowd that looked at them in anger-slash-confusion.

Sunset grudgingly started walked forward, still being pulled my Rainbow Dash.

She tilted her head downwards, trying her best at ignoring the hate-filled glares, which had increased in intensity.

“Yes, Luna, I’m feeling much better after Saturday. No, I haven’t seen her since.”

I’m just glad you’re alright, Time. When you walked away, ‘Tia and I were so worried!

“I apologize for making you worry. I wasn’t thinking clearly.” Turner sighed and leaned back in his swivel chair behind his desk. “In other news,” He began, taking a sip from his mug of coffee. “According to Miss Pinkie Pie, Sunset Shimmer is back on school grounds.”

Luna remained pointedly silent for a few brief moments before replying again. “... Joy.

Turner let out a small laugh and straightened his sitting posture. “I ran into her, Shimmer, on Saturday as well. After I had my... episode.”


“Yes, really. I won’t say where, I don’t think she’d want that information to get out...”

Even though she would not extend the same courtesy to you? If she found out about Derpy and Dinky, there’s no way she wouldn’t use that to her advantage somehow.

“I...” Turner sighed. “That’s not fair, Luna.” Turner glared straight ahead, staring at the wall on the opposite end of the classroom. Glares don’t really work if the person you’re glaring at cannot see it... “The Sunset Shimmer I saw on Saturday was not the same Sunset Shimmer that had the entire school terrified of her. You want to know how I know?”

How can you possibly know that, Time?

“Because Sunset Shimmer was terrified of me. We were in a place that I hadn’t set foot in for nearly twenty years, a place that she was familiar with. I had nothing around or on me that could have indicated that I was there to harm her. My physique is nowhere close to that of a professional fighter. Shimmer had access to steel pipes, bricks, bits of drywall, and she has been in more than her fair share of fights. She had no reason to be afraid of me, but she was, Luna. That girl is not the queen of this school anymore, and everyone knows it. Nobody is scared of her anymore, and the thought of that terrifies her.”

Turner stood up and put his free hand- the one that was not holding the phone- flat on his desk. “Sunset Shimmer is absolutely mortified at the moment. She’s vulnerable. Any student with a grudge could use it. She’s not the bully anymore, she’s the bullied. And as teachers, we need to protect those students who can’t, or won’t, protect themselves. In my opinion, Sunset falls under that category.”
Vice Principal Luna, from her chair in the vice principal’s office, sat in stunned silence with her cell phone losely held in her hand. Her mouth was slightly agape and her eyes were wide in shock. “Turner?” She began, putting the phone back to her ear. “I think that was the most I have heard you talk in a long time.” She joked, her mouth twisting into a smirk.

Heh heh heh,” Turner laughed. “I guess I got a little passionate there. Sorry ‘bout that.

“No need to apologize. I may not have a... strong opinion like you do regarding Miss Shimmer, but I do agree with you. She’s going to need a little protection from the student body.” Luna tsk’d, and stood up, walked across the room and opened the door to the hallway, seeing groups of students walking by happily. Some even waved at her. “I do not like to think that our students are capable of doing the same atrocities that Sunset Shimmer committed, but I would be a fool to deny the possibility. I just think that the protection that Sunset Shimmer requires is the kind that we cannot give.”

What do you mean?

“Time Turner, we may be able to stop rumors and little fights, but if what you say is true, Sunset Shimmer can’t possibly be defended outside of school. She expressed no proverbial backbone if your recount is to be believed. Imagine if it was, say, Thunderlane who confronted her? What if he wanted to get some revenge? Who’s to say that Ms. Shimmer wouldn’t see this as her getting her own comeuppance?”

Her friend went silent for a brief moment. “I think you may be right Luna.” She immediately raised an eyebrow at his tone.

“Time. What are you planning?”

You know me, Luna. I’m too caring for my own good. That’s how I became a teacher, after all!

The bell signaling the start of class would ring in three minutes.

Not that Sunset was counting down the minutes with dread. Nope. That was definitely not it.

“You okay, Sunset?” She heard Dash ask her. “You look like you’re about to drop dead.”

I just might. “J-Just a little nervous, I guess...” She muttered, burying her face in her arms that laid against the table. She and Rainbow Dash sat at the back of the lunchroom, away from the other students who mostly ignored the two for now, but a small few dedicated their time to giving Sunset and Dash spiteful glares that went unnoticed. Mostly. “Its kind of hard to be calm when you’re locked in a building full of people who hate your very existence.” Sunset whimpered. Rainbow Dash, who sat next to Sunset, cast her eyes downward, and did not respond right away.

Dash lifted her head and patted Sunset on the back and flashed a comforting smile. “I don’t hate you!” She laughed. “Heck, right now you’re one of the only people I can stand!” Rainbow Dash continued to laugh loudly, drawing the attention of more students. But Dash did not care. She met their glares halfway with her own and crossed her arms.

“Point proven." She harrumphed.

Sunset sighed and looked at her rainbow haired friend. "Look, Dash," she started. "I get that you want to keep your promise to Princess Twilight...” She found herself gritting her teeth as she said the pony princess’s name. “But look at this, Dash! Everyone’s gonna hate you just for being seen with me! I can’t do that to you!” Ignoring the fact that I tried to kill you last Friday night. Sunset spared a glance at the surrounding students, who were- surprise surprise- still giving her and Rainbow Dash glares.

Speaking of Rainbow Dash, she sighed as Sunset finished her sentence. “Again with that,” Dash sighed. “Sunset, I’ve already told you that I wanna help you. But I can’t do that if you try to make me leave you! And I don’t think I’d be able to do that.” To emphasize her point, Rainbow Dash leaned toward Sunset and placed her hand flat on the table.

Before Sunset could argue, the bell rang. Noise and commotion quickly filled the room as students forgot about their hatred and grabbed their bags to leave for class. Rainbow Dash sat for a few moments longer, still leaning towards Sunset, but eventually sighed and stood. “Look,” She began. “I’m sticking by you no matter what, Sunset. You can count on me. And it is not because of my promise. I’m doing this because I want to.” She stepped away from her friend, walking to the doorway leading to the hall with a final “goodbye”, leaving Sunset all alone in the empty cafeteria.

“Alright, class,” Time Turner began, standing in front of the students in desks with the whiteboard behind him. “Welcome back. I’m sure you’re all thrilled to get back to class after the events of Friday.” A few groans came from the back of the class, but he ignored them. “I know I am!” With that, he clapped his hands together and started pacing back and forth. “There was something I wanted to tell you all, something...” He trailed off, stopping his pacing and turning back to his class. “Ah, yes, that’s right. Sunset Shimmer.

“She’s back at the school, yes. And I realize that some of you, or maybe even all of you, hate her for what she has done. And the events last Friday certainly did not help matters. But, I ask that you promise me one thing, please. Please do not step down to her level. I know that it would be tempting to bully her back. Give her a taste of her own medicine...” He felt disturbed by the amount of his students that smirked at his remark. “But nevertheless, you are not her. You can be better than her. Two wrongs do not make a right. She begged on her knees, in tears, for your forgiveness. I’m not saying that you have to give it. But leave your hate in the form of glaring at her, or something non-harmful to others.” He glanced at the desk in the middle of the front row, which held his best student, the fun-filled Pinkie Pie, who sat there smiling. “Ms. Pie, I believe you’re one of Shimmer’s friends, correct?”

Pinkie Pie laughed. “Yup! Sunny’s actually a really nice girl! I saw her on Sunday which was yesterday by the way and she seemed very friendly towards me! I was only there for a few minutes because she didn’t want me to bother her for a few hours but when I went back there she was gone!”

Turner had long since learned how to keep up with her energetic speech. “Quiet right. I shared a talk with her as well. She still has a long way to go, but I assure you all, Sunset Shimmer is a changed girl. Can you accept that?”

As he turned to his desk, his heart warmed at Derpy Hooves smiling at her desk in the back row. She’s grown into a fine young woman. Her mother would have been proud.

“All right, then. Roll call. Amethyst Star?”

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