• Published 14th Aug 2014
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The Colt In The Orchard - The Delirium

After a hard day's work, Applejack is returning from the apple orchards when she finds a mysterious colt, hurt and alone. She brings him back to the farmhouse, where the Apple family lets him live for a while.

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Flashes In The Storm

The Ponyville weather team had an extraordinarily bad habit of scheduling rain storms at the most inconvenient of times. This is exactly what an orange earth pony mare was thinking as she trotted through Sweet Apple Acres. Applejack had just finished her last tree of the day when a huge clap of thunder roared in her ears. She looked up and saw dark storm clouds had enveloped the sky. It began to drizzle lightly, so Applejack started to slowly make her way back to the farmhouse that she lived in with her family. As the rain started to fall a little harder, Applejack increased her speed so she was now traveling at slight jog. She made it a good distance at that pace before another bolt of lightning shook the ground. Applejack fell to the ground and into a puddle of mud. Unamused, she stood up and let the rain wash the mud off of her body.

Suddenly, the rain picked up again and now was at a full downpour. Applejack needed to get back to the farmhouse as quickly as possible, so she began a full on sprint out of the fields. The clouds had blocked out the son, making the orchards pitch black, but every so soften a lightning bolt would eliminate them. Applejack continued her mad dash when another bolt of lightning lit up the sky. The light only lasted for a split second, but in that time Applejack swore she could see a pony lying against a tree. She stopped her running and looked around. When the next bolt of lightning hit, she clearly saw the body of a pony lying against a nearby tree. She trotted over to the pony and looked down. Applejack could see that the pony was a blue unicorn colt. He had multiple gashes and bruises all over his body, including a fairly deep cut on his forehead. Applejack didn't know if it was the weird lighting, but he appeared to have weird markings on his body.

"Hey there, little fella. You look pretty beat up. Need some help?" When the colt didn't answer, Applejack lowered herself so they were face to face. Only then could she see that he was unconscious and the gash on his head was bleeding very badly. Quickly, she lifted him up and placed him on her back. Applejack resumed her run back to the farmhouse, making sure the colt stayed on her back. Eventually, she made it out of the fields and the house was in her sights. Immediately she rushed to it and opened the door. Three pairs of eyes looked at her as she closed the door. A little filly quickly rushed to her sister and embraced her in a hug.

"Applejack, where were ya? We were all worried sick."

"Sorry, AB, but I had to pick some pony up first. Listen, I need you to go get some blankets. Big Mac, go get the first-aid kit."

"What's wrong, Applejack? Are ya hurt." After Apple Bloom's question, Applejack turned to show them the colt that was lying on her back. His injuries looked even worse now that she could see him clearly. Immediately, Apple Bloom rushed to get a blanket and Big Mac had already returned with the first-aid kit. Applejack set the colt on the couch and the other three members of the Apple family came to join them. Big Mac handed Applejack the fist-aid kit and she popped it open. For the next two hours, the Apple family cared for the colt, who now Applejack could see was dark blue with a light blue mane. He did, in fact, have strange turquoise markings on his face, legs, and flank. After all of the bandages had been placed, cuts had been disinfected, and wounds had been stitched up, there was nothing left for them to do.

"We've done all we can. We'll just have ta see how he's doin in the mornin." Just then, the colt's eyes fluttered open and he suddenly gasped. The four apples looked over at him and saw he had big purple eyes that were now wide with shock. "Hey, little guy. How ya feelin?" Before he could answer, a loud clap of thunder shook the house and the colt sparing into the air. He instantly yelped in pain and curled up into a ball. "Ya need to take it easy fer now. Yer hurt pretty badly." The colt didn't answer and Applejack realized that he had passed out.

"Applejack?" began Apple Bloom. "What are we gonna do with him?"

"I don't know, Bloom. First we're gonna see if he's got any family and why he was in our orchards. Then we'll decide what to do." Applejack had Big Mac take the colt up to Apple Bloom's room. He laid the colt on her bed and draped a blanket over him.

"Where am I gonna sleep? On the floor?"




By the next day, the storm had already passed and the skies were crystal clear. Apple Bloom had waken up and immediately wondered why she was on the floor. She quickly remembered how Applejack had brought the odd looking colt home and put him in her bed. Apple Bloom stood up and looked over the bed frame and at the colt.

"Who is he?" she thought. "I wonder why he was all alone?" She continued to stare at his sleeping form. "He looks pretty weird with all those marks on him, but other than that he's pretty cute." Apple Bloom blushed at her thoughts. "Did I really just think that!?" Just then, Applejack entered the room and noticed Apple Bloom wasn't asleep.

"You're awake I see."

"Mornin, Applejack. Are Mac and Granny up yet?"

"Sure are. How's are little friend doin?"

"Still asleep."

"Well, when he wakes up, we'll talk to him. Anyway, breakfast is ready and I could eat a horse."


"Oh yeah, forgot we're ponies. Oh well." Applejack then left the room and headed down the stairs. Once she was gone, Apple Bloom continued to stare at the colt.

"I hope he's gonna be ok."