• Published 14th Aug 2014
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The Colt In The Orchard - The Delirium

After a hard day's work, Applejack is returning from the apple orchards when she finds a mysterious colt, hurt and alone. She brings him back to the farmhouse, where the Apple family lets him live for a while.

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The Truth Comes In Pieces

In Big Macintosh's opinion, last night had been an emotional roller coaster. At first, he had been worried for Applejack when the lightning storm hit Ponyville. Then, he was relieved when he saw Applejack made it back to the farmhouse without injury. Finally, Big Mac didn't know what to feel when he saw the odd looking colt his sister had brought back with her. After they had treated to his wounds, Big Mac brought the colt upstairs to sleep in Apple Bloom's bed. He went to sleep himself right after that and had been wondering what to make of the whole situation.

The large stallion sighed to himself as he began to make his way to the orchards. The storm had blown down a lot of the branches off of the trees and he had to pick them all up. He was about to enter the first patch of trees when he spotted a sudden movement out of the corner of his eye. Big Mac stopped and turned around, but was quite shocked at what he saw. He spotted the mysterious colt climbing out of Apple Bloom's bedroom window. He was hanging out onto the window frame by his fore legs. The colt eventually dropped down. Big Mac gasped when he saw him fall to the ground, but sighed in relief when the colt landed on a hay bail.

Before the colt could get a step further, Big Mac moved to intercept him. As he climbed off the hay bail, the colt began to run away, but slammed into Big Macintosh. The colt looked upend Big Mac could see he was clearly disoriented by the collision. He used the opportunity to hoist the colt onto his back and take him back to the farmhouse. As he opened the door, he saw his sisters and grandmother chowing down on pancakes and apples. They stopped eating and looked at him as he put the colt down in a chair. Big Macintosh then made his way back out the door, but not before giving a quick warning.

"Keep an eye on him, will ya. Found him climbin out the window." As Big Mac exited the house, the three mares looked awkwardly at each other, not knowing what to do. Finally, Applejack decided to break the silence and speak to the colt.

"So,uh...mind tellin us why you were climbin out the window." The colt looked at Applejack curiously, but refused to say a word.

"Will you at least tell us your name, youngin?" Granny Smith asked. The colt seemed to consider her words before slowly shaking his head.

"Can you talk?" Apple Bloom asked. The question clearly surprised the colt, but he ended up nodding his head.

"Look, sugarcube, we just want to know what's goin on with ya. I found ya alone in the orchards and ya were hurt pretty badly. We want ta help ya. We really do, but to do that we got ta know a little bit about ya. So tell me, what's yer name?" A long time passed as the three ponies sat in silence.

"Nero." the colt said, surprising the Apples.

"What'd ya say, sugarcube?"

"Nero. My name's Nero, but that's all you need to know."

"It's a start, but if we're really gonna help ya, we need to know a little more. Can ya tell us how ya got hurt and why you were on our farm." The colt was hesitant, but eventually answered her.

"I was walking in the forrest by your farm when a group of timberwolves started chasing me. I tried to get away, but one of them caught me and you see what happened."

"Well, that was the Everfree forest! It's one of the most dangerous places in all of Equestria! What in tarnation were ya doin there?" This time, the colt decided against responding to Applejack and only shook is head once more.

"Ya don't want to tell us, huh? Oh well, ya know what they say. The truth comes in pieces." The room was silent once more until loud noise filled every pony's ears. Nero blushed when he realized that it was his stomach growling. Applejack noticed this and chuckled to herself. "No need to be embarrassed, sugarcube, every pony get's hungry."

After every pony had finished their breakfast, Applejack went to the fields for her daily apple bucking. Granny Smith and Apple Bloom would have started their daily chores, but they needed to watch Nero instead. The three sat in awkward silence until Granny Smith decided to speak up.

"So, Nero. How old are ya?


"Really? That's only one year older than Apple Bloom." Another period of silence passed through the room. Nero noticed Apple Bloom appeared to be deciding whether or not to say something.

"You can ask." Nero said, startling the Apples.


"I can see you want to ask me something. Just ask."

"Oh, ok. Do you have any family?" Nero had clearly not been expecting that question, for he almost fell out of his seat when Apple Bloom asked it. Once he had regained his composure, Nero stared intensely at Apple Bloom, making her blush. After a while, Nero looked at floor and shook his head. "Oh. I'm sorry." Without thinking, Apple Bloom got out of her seat and joined Nero on the couch. She quickly leaned over and embraced the colt in a hug. By now, Apple Bloom and Nero both had enormous blushes on their faces and Granny Smith was in complete shock.

"Gettin a little comfortable there, are we?" Apple Bloom heard the familiar voice and let go of Nero. She turned her head and saw that Applejack was staring in the doorway and had on an amused expression.

"It's not what it looks like, Applejack. Granny and I were askin him some questions when..."

"Ya were asking him questions! Did her answer em?"

"Well, yes."

"What did he tell ya!?"

"Nero said he was nine and then he said he didn't have any family. I felt bad for him and that's why I went to hug him." Applejack looked at Nero curiously before speaking again.

"No family, huh? That is pretty depressin. I couldn't image my life without my family." Apple Bloom and Granny Smith smiled at Applejack's words, but Nero only frowned and stared at the floor.