• Published 7th Aug 2014
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The Final Days of Man - Anima Reaper

Armies clash in Equestria over an ancient feud between two powerful races. Ajax ,the last human, holds Celestia accountable for the extinction of his race. He will go to any lengths to see her brought to justice.

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Chapter One

“Oh crap! I slept in again!”

A cyan pegasus rolled around in her cloud sheets trying to silence a blaring alarm clock. Rainbow Dash smashed the contraption with her hoof and darted to her bedside window. A calm breeze blew through the empty pane in her wall, clouds floated gently above in the sky as birds began to sing their songs. The sun shyly sat on the horizon as ponies began to emerge from their homes to begin their day.

Rainbow Dash was eager to get her chores out of the way as quick as possible. She had somewhere to be later and wasn't going to let cloud duty get in her way. Not wanting to waste another second, the pony stood upright and stretched her hooves. She did a quick routine of a few wing-ups and hoovetouches before bolting out the door and into the wide open sky. She loved flying above all else in the world, it gave her a sense of freedom and belonging. The breeze flowing through her Rainbow Mane and the soft touch of the clouds just felt right to her.

“WoooHoo!” she shouted as the soared through the air.

The skilled pegasus sliced through the sky breaking up the soft clouds over Ponyville. She was the fastest flyer in town and she loved to show it. Each cloud would poof instantly and vanish without a trace when the light blue pegasus blew through them.

‘This won’t even take a minute. I’ll have this done in no time,’ she thought to herself.

Rainbow Dash smirked when she laid eyes upon the last cloud, but something was a bit off about it. The cloud was darker than the others, but it didn't matter, not to hear at least, she flew right toward her target at full force. However, no matter how fast the pegasus flew, the cloud wouldn't get any closer...it was...moving further away?


The dark cloud crossed the sky leaving a trail of grey behind it, the foggy trail obscured Dash’s vision. She shook off the cloudy stream and picked up the pace, but so did the cloud.

“HEY! Get back here!”

The cloud was now bolting towards the Everfree Forest, but Dash paid little attention to the matter. Suddenly the cloud made a quick descent disappearing into the tree line. Flying at top speed the pegasus tried her best to keep up the chase, but lost sight of the cloud when it reached the forest floor.

“What the?... Where did it?... Huh?”

Rainbow Dash looked in every direction confused, she had cleared plenty of clouds before, but no cloud had ever caused a high speed chase.

‘Something is fishy here...and I don’t like it.'

The pony was peering into the darkness of the Everfree Forest when a distant ominous voice silently whispered.


Dash’s ears shot up as she jumped into the air. The pony blinked her eyes a bit and took a glance behind her behind before she responded with her own whisper.

“W-who’s there? Hello?”

The forest remained silent. Rainbow Dash let out a sigh of relief.

‘I obviously need to get more sleep.’

Before she could fly away the same voice called out again.


“Alright! It’s no longer funny! Why don’t you 'come' here, and we can settle this pony to pony?!”

Rainbow Dash held her hooves up shadow boxing in the general direction of the voice. The forest however remained silent once again. Dash slowly put her hooves down before building up the courage to respond to the mystical voice.

“Fine! I‘m coming coward I hope you’re r-ready!”

She could feel her heart sink as she slowly trotted deeper into the forest. The forest grew thicker and eventually the cyan pony was swallowed up by a swarm of branches and brush. Rainbow Dash was uneasy because she knew that going into the forest, especially going into it alone, was dangerous. The forest soon became foreign to the pony. No pony really knew the forest, but she started to see critters and plants that were unheard of. Dash pressed forward despite her urges to turn back. Suddenly there was a light ahead of her. An opening in the thicket had finally made its appearance.

She picked up the pace and eventually stumbled out into an open area, her eyes fixated on something right in front of her. It was the same cloud from before! Rainbow Dash took a wide stance and blew a bit of air out of her nostrils. She charged at the cloud with all her might and annihilated the grey ball of fluff. She didn't stop to think about the thicket of branches and vines that was behind the cloud. The blue pony crashed headfirst into the wall of green.

Rainbow Dash tumbled as a light blue ball mixed with green vines, she continued to roll down a narrow passage bouncing off every wall before finally coming to a stop. Her eyes rolled around in her skull, she was a little beaten up, but nothing too bad.


The voice shook the passage around her. Rainbow Dash stood up and brushed herself off. She was too determined now. There was no way she was going to turn back, especially after how far she had come. She took a deep breath and pressed on, the pony trotted further and further down the narrow path. The light of the sun was now nearly completely block out by a make-shift ceiling of branches and twigs.


“I AM COMING ALREADY! COOL YOUR JETS!” shouted Rainbow Dash.

Her voice echoed throughout the forest bouncing off every tree and every rock. A bellowing roar quaked the path in front of her. Whatever was calling to her wasn't far off... She crouched low to the ground and slowly crept up behind a bush.

Two large violet eyes popped out from behind the shrub and began conducting reconnaissance. She looked around, but nothing caught her eye, until a tree was suddenly uprooted and ripped out of the ground right before her very eyes. Dash wasn't entirely sure of what she saw, but a large figure was swinging the tree around as if it were a mere club. Dash was about to make a break for it when another figure much smaller than the first appeared and knocked the large monstrosity backwards.

“Whoa…” said Dash as she watched the two creatures begin to clash.

A blast of black fire blew directly into the chest of the massive beast, pushing it over the edge of a cliff. The beast’s yell grew quieter and quieter until finally it faded out of earshot. Everything was silent now. Dash could only hear her own breathing as her eyes shot in every direction. She had lost sight of the smaller creature and was worried about where it had gone. Dash heard a noise from behind her, but it was too late. Something grabbed a hold of her and threw her violently through the air, the world spun around her, but before she could unfold her wings she slammed hard on her back. As Rainbow Dash unclenched her eyes, a large blade easily six feet long and a foot wide slammed into the ground next to her, barely missing her neck.

“Oh? You are no demon. You're just a pegasus…” A mysterious voice, but not the one Rainbow Dash had been chasing.

Dash shot up to her hooves and flew up to a safe distance before trying to grab a hold of the situation. Her breath was ragged, she tried her best to conceal her fear when she spoke.

“Who are you?! What are you?!...Why did you call me here?!” asked the alarmed pegasus.

A creature with two arms and two legs stood before Rainbow Dash. The foreign unrecognizable creature was a human, but to Dash such a creature had never lived, let alone existed. She eyed the human nervously…The man spoke with a calm tone...

“What’s the big deal? You never seen a human before? Calm down I won’t hurt you pegasus. I just mistook you for something else.”

He held his massive sword in one hand off to the side with an open arm. The large sword seem to be as light as a feather to him, he didn't even need to put the slightest bit of effort into wielding the blade. Rainbow Dash remained silent. The man waited a bit for the pegasus to respond, but Dash was preoccupied with trying to figure out what exactly was she looking at.

He was as tall as Celestia, since he was standing on his hind legs. He had long, spiky white hair that reached halfway down his back. Thick plated armor covered his forearms and shins, but anyone could see that the armor was useless. It was bashed, beaten, and torn. It most likely weighed him down more than it helped him. His right arm was wrapped up completely in medical tape, covering some sort of thick gauntlet. A lone unbroken shoulder pad rested on his shoulder like a cherry atop a disaster.

The man's pale green eyes stared at Rainbow Dash as he began to place his sword onto his back. He waved his hand slowly in front of his face, trying to snap Rainbow Dash out of her train of thought.

Rainbow Dash shook her head, still confused by what she was looking at.

"I take it that you've actually never seen a human before," said the man with a shrug.

“No I actually haven’t seen one before…” remarked Rainbow Dash, still uncertain of whether she could trust this unknown creature.

The man raised an eyebrow.

“Obviously you need to get out more. Anyways, I am relieved to finally see another creature that isn't going to try to kill me...I was starting to think that I was left here to die…”

The man started to count on his fingers…

“Let's see...The last time, Celestia sent a check-up was like two-hundred years ago...two-hundred and thirty-five actually.”

Dash froze.

“You know Princess Celestia? The Princess Celestia?! The one that raises the sun!”

The man stared at her with his arms folded, raising an eyebrow. He was confused as to why the pegasus was bewildered.

“Unfortunately I do... why is that so surprising? She was the one that sent you here, right?”

Dash scratched the back of her head. She was trying to figure out if he was being serious.

'How can this guy know the princess...’ she thought to herself.

Rainbow Dash cleared her throat before speaking.

“I thought you were the one calling me here,” she said.

“Who me? I didn't call anyone here. Maybe the forest was playing a trick on you, or maybe you hit your head on the ground a little too hard when I threw you."

The man started to walk away as if he had lost interest in her. Rainbow Dash tried to put everything together so she could start to make sense of exactly what was going on here. She slowly descended to the ground, but made sure not to get too close to the human.

“I just stumbled on this place when I was chasing a cloud, but then it flew away and then it disappeared and then…" Rainbow Dash shook her head. "Look the point is, I wasn't sent here or anything, it was just an accident that I happened to stumble upon this place…”

The man looked back at Dash with a smile.

“So I finally have a guest then? Well I don’t care that you are a pegasus, I'm just happy that I get to talk with another creature that can carry a conversation. Mind if I ask you a few questions about the outside world? I have been in this damn forest for what seems to be an eternity. You don’t mind staying do you? I promise I will keep it brief and you can be off on your way to find your mystery cloud in no time.”

The man sat down on a nearby log and motioned for Rainbow Dash to take the seat opposite from him. Dash thought about it for a bit, but she eventually figured it would be alright. Before either of them could ask a question, the man shot a bolt of black fire from his palm and incinerated a small creature next to Rainbow Dash. The small rodent squealed as the black fire burned it alive. Rainbow Dash jumped, she still was hesitant whether the human was an ally. The man picked up the steaming carcass and took a large bite. Dash’s eyes opened wide in horror as the creature hunched over and gnawed on the critter that it had just murdered. He looked up at the horrified pony and wiped the blood from his mouth. Dash was speechless never before had she seen a creature murder an animal in such a cruel fashion.

“Oh... You must excuse me. I don’t have much to eat around here so I have to eat whatever I can get my hands on… Oh yea that’s right ponies aren't meat eaters... Well, I hope you don't mind.”

The human tossed the disemboweled creature over his shoulder.

Dash noticed that her hooves had began to quiver…

‘This “Human” is a cold blooded monster...he just burned another creature alive right in front of me. What if he tries to eat me next? He did say whatever he could get his hands on.’

She tried to calm herself down because the last thing she needed was for the strange creature to know that she was afraid. The man looked up while chewing the last bite he took. A drop of crimson blood fell from his bottom lip. Rainbow Dash couldn't help but stare at the drop of blood as it slowly fell to the ground.

“My name is Ajax by the way. What's your name pegasus?” asked the man as he wiped his mouth with his arm.

Dash snapped up, caught off-guard by the sudden question.

“Oo-h I-I... My name is Rainbow Dash…”

Ajax wiped his mouth and licked the tips of his fingers. Dash looked away in disgust.

“So you said you just happened to stumble upon this place?"

“Yea...I was doing my duty of clearing the sky and then I chased a cloud here and one thing led to another and...”

“I see, you should be more careful, this place is quite dangerous. The forest is a horrid place, especially this far in.”

Rainbow Dash nodded silently. The two remained quite for a few seconds before Ajax decided to just say something.

“I would have thought about more stuff to ask you if I knew you were coming,” he said.

The man sighed and placed his hands behind him on the log. Rainbow began to feel a bit more comfortable the longer they carried on a conversation.

“So what makes you wanna stay in a crummy place like this anyways?” asked Rainbow Dash.

Dash now found herself in a more relaxed position as well. She seemed to have forgotten everything that had just happened moments ago. Ajax let out a sigh as he looked up to the sky, but overhead there was no open blue sky, only a patchwork of dead branches.

“Don’t have much of a say in that matter sadly," he said.

Rainbow Dash wondered what he meant by that, but Ajax changed the subject before she could ask.

"Let’s talk about something else, I'm actually enjoying myself since... I don’t know when actually, so lets not kill the mood. How about we talk about current events in Equestria. Like how are my people doing?”

“Um, what do you mean your people?” asked Rainbow Dash.

Ajax frowned and looked down at the ground in disappointment. The pegasus became nervous wondering if she said something wrong. Ajax looked at his bandaged hand while he explained what he meant.

“You know, 'my people'… I guess it makes sense that the world has forgotten me, it's been so long...I just can only hope that my own kin haven't forgotten me. You see, Rainbow Dash, once upon a time I was a king.”

Rainbow Dash’s mouth dropped a bit before she commented.

“A king? Like a ruling king?” she asked.

“Of course a ruling king. Do you know of another type of king?” said Ajax with a chuckle.

“Well what happened?”

Ajax suddenly went silent. The question obviously upset him, but what worried Dash the most was that she could tell he was becoming angrier the more he thought it. She wanted to change the subject as quick as possible, she didn't want to upset a creature who could sling fire.

“Hey what was that huge thing I saw earlier?” asked Rainbow Dash.

Ajax looked up at her and stared at her for a bit before realizing what she was talking about.

“Oh that, that was just some trash trying to make its way out of Tartarus. Cerberus guards the main gate while I am stuck here guarding a crack in the wall… You see that huge gorge up ahead? At the bottom of that is a crevice that leads to Tartarus. My job is to make sure that nothing down there makes its way up here.”

Rainbow Dash nodded, but had a hard time believing the man’s story. Then again she did witness a fight between him and a monster moments ago.

“Now then, it is my turn to ask you a question." Ajax leaned forward and folded his hands.

How is the human race doing? You know, all the people that look like me and what not. ” Rainbow Dash could see the look of concern on his face. She knew that she had to make up something that would satisfy him. Not answering this question would actually be an answer in its own right.

“Oh you know… humans are fine and what not, just keeping to themselves as usual.”

Dash smiled, hoping that Ajax had bought her answer. The man stared at her for a while before letting out a sigh. Then he gave her a joyous smile, that's when she knew that he had bought her answer

“That’s good to hear. Thank you, Rainbow Dash,” said the man.

“Um yea... No problemo,” said Rainbow Dash as she avoided eye contact with Ajax.

“I really appreciate you staying to talk with me. I can tell that you are not comfortable being near me, but believe me when I say 'Thanks'. You just answered the one question that haunted my mind for the last one-thousand years. Please don’t let me keep you any longer you are free to go.”

The man stood up and bowed before the pony before he walked away. For a monster he wasn't that bad, he was pretty nice and seemed like a cool person. Rainbow Dash watched as Ajax casually walked back towards the gorge and sat at the edge of the crevice. Rainbow Dash caught sight of a second large sword adorning the man's back accompanying the first one. Dash decided that she had stayed too long and it was time for her to head back home. She spread her wings, and finally after what seemed like forever, found a large enough clearing in the thick roof of trees above her. The pegasus zoomed out of the Everfree Forest and headed towards Ponyville.

‘What exactly is a human...why have I never heard of them before?’

Dash couldn't help but think about her encounter with the man on her trip back to Ponyville. Her mind kept jumping from theories to questions about the human’s origins and powers. She landed in Ponyville square still pondering different theories when she caught a glimpse of the time on the clock tower.

“OH MY GOSH! I am going to be late! Twilight is going to kill me!”

The blue pegasus rushed as quick as possible to Twilight Sparkle’s castle hoping that she would be spared from another one of Twilight’s lectures. Flying through the window she quickly shouted to announce her arrival as quick as possible.


Dash looked around and saw Twilight Sparkle sitting at a desk reading a book. The unicorn looked up from her and eyed the pegasus before letting out a frustrated sigh.

“Sheesh Dash, for being the fastest pony you sure are late a lot…”

“Sorry Twilight, but I was caught up in-”

“Please Dash no more excuses. Everyone is outside waiting to get started.”

“Oh. Yea bu-”

Before Dash could say another line Twilight already stepped outside carrying a picnic basket.

Twilight set the basket down in front of all her friends and smiled. Everypony had gathered for a picnic in Twilight’s new backyard.

“Rainbow is here so we can finally start girls.”

Fluttershy, Rarity, Applejack, and Pinkie Pie stopped their previous conversation to greet their friend.

"Bout time you joined us Rainbow!" exclaimed Applejack.

Everypony sat down and began to eat sandwiches and converse about their day. Rainbow Dash slowly moved over next to her friends and decided to eat something, but she mostly kept to herself. Fluttershy noticed that something was bothering her friend.

"Um are you ok Rainbow Dash? If your worried we are mad about you being late there's no need. We don't mind waiting a bit."

"Oh, yea... Um, I'm not worried about anything... it's just..."

“Just tell me what’s bothering you, I promise I will do my best as a good friend to help you out.”

Fluttershy stared at Rainbow Dash with her large eyes and a wide smile.

“I told you it’s nothing alright. I just had a long day and don’t feel too good.”

Rainbow Dash tried her best to not be hypnotized by Fluttershy’s eyes, but no pony can resist the adorable eyes of Fluttershy.

“Fine, fine, fine!”

Dash couldn’t resist Fluttershy’s stare any longer.

“I met someone in the Everfree Forest that I can’t get off my mind. He was some creature that I had never even heard of before. It’s nothing to really be worried about though.”

“Was it a rare species of rabbit? Oh, oh! Maybe it was a rare Pink-Yellow Bellied Canterlot swallow!”

Rainbow went silent and stared at Fluttershy for a bit before speaking again.

“I met some sort of creature...It could speak and it called itself a 'human'...he was dangerous, vicious, and supposedly he was a king of some sort or something. In the end though he wasn't such a bad guy.”

Rainbow Dash made sure to spare Fluttershy the detail about how he had eaten a squirrel though. Twilight overhead the two pegasus, the alicorn was curious to hear of such a strange creature living in the forest. Twilight couldn’t help but cut into the conversation.

“I don’t recall any species called human, but I will double check my books. Whatever it is, it sounds quite interesting.”

Rainbow slowly nodded. She was glad that her friends were willing to help her figure out what the creature was. The six ponies always helped each other out no matter what happened. They moved into Twilight’s castle and proceeded to rummage through all of her books trying to find anything related to humans. After an hour they started to lose hope. Eventually Applejack decided to ask Dash a few questions.

“Now Rainbow are ya sure he called himself a human? Maybe you misunderstood him or who knows it could be lingo for some kind of fancy speak? Applebloom was speaking all kinds of new words that I had never heard of the other day. She said that it was how all the cool fillies talked. Who knows, maybe the fella you met was downright crazy.”

“I know for a fact he said human. I am one-thousand percent sure of it!”

Dash had a habit of never admitting fault, but this time she was actually sure that the creature had called himself a human.

“OH, OH, OH, OH! What if we go to the Canterlot library! That’s the only library with more books than Twilight’s place!” blurted Pinkie.

“Ugh Pinkie...that’s, actually a really good idea.” said Twilight with a smile.

“Well! Let’s get going then before the trains stop running!”

Rainbow Dash was in no mood to wait and as always was the first out the door. The six ponies booked tickets for Canterlot and were off within the hour. Rarity noticed Dash looking out the train window lost in thought.

“Do you mind me asking why you seem to have such an obsession with this human Rainbow Dash?”

Rainbow looked over at her friend.

“Oh yea, sorry. Um. There was a lot of weird stuff leading up to the whole event and then there was this hole to Tartarus and-”

“DID YOU SAY A HOLE TO TARTARUS!? Wasn’t that the place Tirek came from?”

Rarity and Dash both nearly bit off their tongues from Pinkie’s outburst. Twilight couldn’t help but overhear, she pondered on the idea before asking a few questions.

“A hole to Tartarus? That’s not possible. The only way to get in, or out, is through the gates, which is guarded by Cerberus.”

“Listen, I am telling you that I saw it with my own eyes. If you don’t believe me we can go see it when we get back to Ponyville”

“I didn't mean it like that, I am just saying that it’s extremely unlikely something like that even exists. I just think we shouldn't jump to conclusions without a little investigating…”

Fluttershy patted Rainbow Dash on the back.

“I believe you Rainbow, if that makes you feel any better.”

Dash gave Fluttershy a slight smile before staring out the window again. The train arrived soundly at the station and the girls were off to the library in no time. The royal guards bowed before Princess Twilight, they gave her a pass which allowed access to all the wings within the Canterlot library. In front of them was the largest collection of knowledge ever recorded. Twilight’s horn started to glow with magic.

“Alright girls lets do this.”

They spent hours searching every book, note, paper and piece of scrap, but still nothing had turned up. They were starting to lose hope when suddenly they heard a voice from behind them.

“I heard you girls might be needing a little help finding something.”

As the ponies turned around they each bowed their heads before Princess Celestia. She smiled at the humble ponies.

"Please, bowing isn't necessary. So, what is it exactly that you girls are looking for?”

Twilight gave Rainbow Dash a nod, the pegasus stepped forward.

“Um I was wondering if you know anything about a species called human?”

Celestia froze for a moment before responding.

“May I ask how do you know of that species?” inquired Celesita.

“Um. Well I met one today.”

You what?!"

Celestia took a moment to clear her throat.

"Where did you meet this human?”

Celestia’s voice had a sense of urgency that started to unsettle the ponies.

“In the Everfree Forest.” said Dash, worried that she was in some sort of trouble.

Celestia closed her eyes for a moment and took a deep breath. The six ponies looked at each other wondering if everything was alright. Finally, Applejack built up enough courage to ask the princess.

“Um. Is there a problem Princess?”

Celestia opened her eyes and stared at the six ponies for a brief moment.

“Yes there is a problem.

You girls should never have met that human in the forest. Whatever you do make sure you do not return to speak with him ever again. Ok?”

Twilight was shocked, Celestia had never acted this way before. Something wasn’t right...was Celestia trying to hide something from them?

“Excuse me could you tell us why we should leave him alone?” whispered Fluttershy ever so softly.

Celestia took a deep breath and with a stern face said

“He is a vicious and ruthless monster. That is all you need to know, end of discussion.”

Fluttershy backed down with puppy dog eyes returning a series of tiny nods.

“Now do you fully understand how important it is that you stay away from the human?"

The girls were quiet, they were shocked by the princess' behavior and attitude. They all stared at Celestia with large eyes still petrified by disbelief.

Do you!?

The ponies nodded quickly. Celestia let out a sigh of relief.

“Good. There is nothing left for us to talk about. Goodbye.”

Celestia walked away without letting the girls even have a chance to question her unprecedented coldness. The ponies looked at each other each with expressions of confusion and worry. Celestia was not the type to act in such a way even when something was horribly wrong. The girls got on the last train to Ponyville with nothing to show for their trip to Canterlot..

“We should just go see him” said Rainbow.

Twilight frowned at the idea and reprimanded Rainbow for going against Celestia’s orders.

“Celestia told us directly to leave the human alone Rainbow Dash. We are going to obey that order.”

“What is the worst thing that can happen if we just go talk with him? The six of us would be safe together so there should be nothing to worry about besides, aren't you curious to see why Celestia was so upset when we asked her about humans?”

Twilight thought about what Rainbow Dash had said when Pinkie became excited with the idea of making a new friend.

“I know! I am going to bake him a cake! I am sure he would love that. Could you imagine if he never had cake before? That would be so terrible, a life without cake. He will be so taken aback by the cake he will become our BEEEEEST friend right on the spot!” thought Pinkie Pie out loud.

Twilight still didn't like the idea, but she was more curious than ever to meet the mysterious creature and find out why Celestia was trying to hide him from the world. The ponies gathered a few supplies and headed off into the Everfree Forest. There wasn’t much daylight left so they had to make the most of their time.

“Ok so I chased the cloud here and then I went this way…..and then I chased it through here…”

The girls were following Rainbow, who was doing her best to recall the path she had taken earlier that day.

“I am sorry dearie, but did you say that you chased a rogue cloud?” asked Rarity.

Rainbow stopped for a moment and shrugged.

“It’s a long story...and trust me it only gets weirder.”

The girls eventually came upon a site where something had crashed. Rainbow gave a reassuring nod, she knew her crash sites when she saw them. She pointed her friends towards a path through a tiny crevice. The evening light overhead was stamped out by the trees making it extremely difficult to see. Twilight’s horn began to glow with a bright light, guiding the ponies down the dark pathway. The ponies eventually came out into an open area where a figure sat in front of a bright red fire.

Ajax slowly looked up at the six ponies. Twilight's eyes were wide open, she had seen creatures that looked like him before, but their world was on the other side of a magic mirror, not here in Equestria. She had even become a human herself when she chased down Sunset Shimmer in order to reclaim her crown.

“Well hello there Rainbow Dash. Don’t tell me that you came back on my behalf.”

Ajax stood up and bowed before the ponies.

“Oh and what’s this? You brought your friends with you this time?”

Suddenly an accordion began to play…

♫ ♫“OOOOOOOOOooooooooooooo How do you do?!

What do you say?!

Would you like a traaaaaay?!

Of myyyyyyyyyy


Pinkie Pie breathed heavily as she held out a tray of cupcakes in front of her. Everyone was silent, but suddenly Ajax began to laugh. He had enjoyed Pinkie's comical performance.

“Wow that was great! Sure, I would love to have a cupcake. I don’t even remember the last time I had something sweet to eat. Say, what's your name pony?”

“It’s Pinkie Pie!” squeaked the pink earth pony.

Confetti flew into the air as party balloons seemed to emerge from nowhere. Ajax nodded and raised the cupcake towards Pinkie before taking a bite. Pinky stared eagerly waiting for the man's review.

“Oh wow, that was delicious. Thank you very much Pinkie Pie.”

He gave Pinkie Pie a thumbs up as he wiped away left over icing from his mouth.

“Your friends are quite the charmers Rainbow Dash.”

The human and the ponies sat down around the fire and began to introduced themselves.

“I am actually surprised to see ponies and humans on such good terms these days.” said Ajax as he took another bite out of a cupcake.

Twilight Sparkle couldn't help her curiosity; she needed to find out why there was a human in Equestria. Could it be that he wasn't even from the world she had visited in the past? Could he be a type of human never seen before?

“Do ponies and humans usually not get along with each other?” asked Twilight.

She was trying to start small by gathering a few details.

“Back in my day not really. I honestly was surprised that Rainbow came back with you ponies, let alone came back at all.”

Rarity intervened before Twilight could dig further into the subject.

“Excuse me for saying this, but your armor is a complete mess I insist you come back with me and I fix it up, or at least let me find you something different to wear.”

“No, no it’s ok really, but thank you for your offer though. I would feel out of my element if I wore something else. Besides I am sure you don’t have anything that would fit me.”

Twilight found an opportunity to say something, but AppleJack asked a question right when the alicorn opened her mouth . Twilight was starting to get frustrated. She tried to wait patiently for her turn to ask a question, but it seemed like everyone was far too interested in the human.

“I honestly don’t see why you said he was dangerous Rainbow. He seems like a really nice guy.” said Fluttershy who sat only inches away from Ajax.

Ajax looked at Rainbow who returned a nervous smile.

“You said I was dangerous? Well I guess I can be somewhat scary at times, but I actually think I am a pretty nice guy when you get to know me.”

Applejack chuckled and gave him a slap on the back.

“Relax partner, I am sure she said that because none of us have ever seen a human before.”

Ajax had a puzzled expression on his face while he thought about what Applejack had just said.

“Wait so none of you have ever seen a human before? Like even heard of humans?”

“Heheh, nope! You are the only human we know of. We couldn’t even find a single book on humans no mattered how much we searched.” giggled Pinkie Pie.

The pink pony bounced around the human carelessly. Ajax bit his bottom lip anxiously, he began to speak with an urgent tone

“There are other humans though right? I am not the only one left?”

The six ponies were silent, trying to avoid eye contact with him. They realized that they might have said a bit too much. Ajax slowly started to understand what was going on.

“Wait no that’s not possible it can’t be I, but…”

He pressed his knuckles against his forehead.

“No. No. No. No. No. She promised us that if we guarded this hole that…”

Ajax knew that their silence was an answer to his question. The ponies looked at each other, none of them knew what to do. Fluttershy began to put a little more distance between her and Ajax. Twilight had a look of concern on her face as she approached the hunched over man.

“I am sorry that you found out this way. I can’t understand how you mu-”


The man stared at the pony with eyes brimming with black fire. His teeth grinded together in rage as he slowly stood up. Twilight gasped, this human was definitely different from the others she had met before. The floor beneath Ajax began to crack from sheer pressure as black fire began to churn around the humans feet. He slowly drew both of his swords from behind his back. The ominous steel blades rang as they were drawn from their sheaths. Each pony could feel the pure evil and the primal rage venting from his body…

“I will have revenge. We had a deal…WE HAD A DEAL!”

Ajax smashed through the forest as a burning black rocket. The ponies knew they had messed up bad. Twilight looked over at Rainbow Dash.


Rainbow Dash nodded.

“Yea! Let’s go!”

Twilight and Rainbow took off as the others tried their best to keep up. The two ponies raced through the air towards Canterlot. Rainbow Dash and Twilight made it to Canterlot in no time, there was no sign that Ajax had reached the city yet. The two ponies stood in front of the royal palace exhausted, they tried to tell the guards to let them in, but they could only get a few words out. The royal guards decided to take a guess at what the two ponies were trying to say.

“Do you need us to let you inside?”

Twilight slowly nodded as she squeak out a small “thank you”. The door to Celestia’s throne room flung open as Rainbow and Twilight dashed across the throne room floor. Celestia was in the middle of writing a letter, but immediately set it down when she saw the two alarmed ponies racing towards her.

“Twilight? Rainbow Dash? What’s the matter?”

They both tried their best to explain the situation, but they were still too tired.

“Relax girls, take it easy. Deep breaths and don’t speak until you are ready.” Celestia gave a reassuring smile to the worn out ponies as she stood up from her throne.

“NO TIME!...Ajax!...MAD!...REVENGE!” Celestia’s eyes opened wide as her jaw dropped.


The alicorn didn't pause for a second, she stomped her hoof on the floor and shouted at every guard in the throne room.


The other four ponies finally arrived, they were alarmed to see guards running around as if Canterlot was under attack. Celestia stepped in front of Twilight and her friends. She gave them a disappointed look. Celestia had hoped that they would’ve listened to her, that they would have trusted her, but none of that mattered now.

“What’s done is done, nothing can change that. Hopefully we can contain the situation before it gets any worse.”

Celestia shot out orders by the seconds to various royal guards, meanwhile Pinkie Pie bounced uncontrollably around the room.

“Pinkie Pie now is not the time to be messing around!” shouted Twilight.

Fluttershy gently tapped Twilight with a hoof.

“Um Twilight I think that might be her Pinkie sense.”

The palace shook as the main door blew open. Ajax stepped forward, but royal guards immediately rushed in front of him and blocked his path to the princess. He raised his right arm and with one quick sweep of his black fire knocked the entire squad across the throne room. The guards crashed before the hoofs of the main six and Celestia.


The man slowly stomped forward his eyes bursting with hatred. His eyes fixated solely on Celestia. She stared at him with an undaunted by his entrance.

“What are 'you' doing here, Ajax?”

Celestia addressed the man as if he was an uninvited guest. The burning man stopped in front of the golden throne. Ajax stood before Celestia and the six ponies with his swords drawn, ready to strike at any moment.


Celestia nodded.

“I did not break my promise. I left your people alone to their own accord. Humans however have such a passion for destruction that they turned on each other. You people were practically a ticking time bomb waiting to explode. Thankfully, In their last moments they didn't hurt anyone else in the process.”

“LIES! You killed us! This is all, your fault!”

He smashed his swords in the ground creating small craters with each.

“I spent a thousand years...A THOUSAND YEARS...practically fighting for survival. All of my friends died because we believed that we were the last hope for humanity. GUARDING THE SCAR WAS THE ONLY WAY FOR US TO BE SPARED! NOW YOU TELL ME THAT EVERYONE ELSE IS DEAD?!”

Celestia flew over the six ponies and placed herself between them and the human.

“A thousand years is way too little for the crimes you committed. Thankfully you will no longer cause any more trouble, monster.”

Celestia’s horn glowed with magic as her pink eyes warped into a chaotic gold. They stared at each other for a moment, waiting for the other to make the first move. He leaped into the air with swords crossed like a pair of scissors.

“You twisted tyrant! I will have your head!”

A bright light appeared underneath Ajax. Suddenly, he slammed down into the hard marble floor as dozens of magical chains wrapped around his body. Royal guards emerged from behind the pillars and grabbed the chains that bound the human. Despite the human’s strength, the bonds holding him were far too powerful for him to overcome.

“It wasn’t difficult to guess that you would come here. I guess it took you some time to find my new castle. You are just like the rest of the humans, governed by your hatred with no remorse for the pain you bring others.”

The Royal guards tugged on his chains as they began dragging him away.

“I will have vengeance Celestia even if it is the last thing that I do. I hereby declare war on Equestria and all of its inhabitants. Every single horse and creature you care about shall suffer because of you!”

The human kicked and fought against the chains, but finally was dragged away. Celestia let out a long sigh as she turned to the six ponies.

“I guess I've got some explaining to do.”

Celestia shot her magic into the floor creating a series of images to help explain her story. The ponies backed up and watched the slideshow.

“Long ago in the older days of Equestria there was an ancient race unlike any other. The human race was by far the most intellectual and determined race ever to exist in Equestria, but despite showing such promise they were by far the most destructive and vile creatures to ever set foot in these lands. They would enslave creatures from all across Equestria and work them to death. They even hosted events where large crowds would gather to watch people murder each other for the sake of entertainment. They cared not for any other race even their own kind or how they treated the lands of Equestria. Each human only cared for their own personal gain.”

Celestia looked up as a royal guard approached.

“Excuse me your majesty, but I have come to inform you that the prisoner is now being held in the Canterlot dungeon."

Celestia nodded and dismissed the unicorn before carrying on with her story. She closed her eyes for a brief moment to remember where she left off.

“Humans were truly the vilest creatures to ever live in Equestria. They even had a king that complimented their cruelty. One day, the king decided that the human race was the sole race worthy of inhabiting Equestria. He observed the other races of Equestria and concluded that they were inferior. The king however was far too old to lead an army, therefore he decided that he would send his only son to carry out his wish. The prince was a child cursed with demonic powers from birth and through their science, twisted into a war machine. Since his first steps the prince was raised to have no emotion, his sole purpose was to become a destructive force so that the king could wield him as his own personal weapon."

The pictures depicting the story grew darker as Celestia continued.

“The prince began spreading his destruction across all of Equestria. Many gentle and noble races fell by his hand never to be seen in Equestria again. Knowing that they would never stop, all the remaining races of Equestria banded together to put an end to the genocide. A lot of great ponies had to give their lives, but it was finally over. The human’s great city had fallen and their hopes of ruling Equestria along with it. The prince pleaded with the races of Equestria to spare his kind. He promised to serve any sentence and his people would accept any terms of condition as long as they were given a second chance. I agreed and sentenced him to guard the Everfree Scar for all eternity, but his race’s desire for destruction was far too great.”

The images depicting the story had grew far too dark and nightmarish for the ponies. Celestia ceased her magic, but carried on with her tale.

“They turned on each other and as if a snake swallowed its own tail they disappeared from Equestria never to be heard from again. I did not try to stop them. They had already brought enough sorrow to my people and I vowed that I would never let a single pony suffer by their hands ever again. I however left the prince alone because I knew he wouldn't be able to handle the truth. I left him to forever guard that cursed scar in the forest praying that Equestria could finally forget about humanity for good."

The ponies were silent baffled by the fact of who Ajax really was. The friendly human that they thought they knew was actually a mass murderer who during his reign had wiped out entire species in Equestria. The ponies finally understood where Celestia was coming from. Humanity was a race that didn’t belong in Equestria. They couldn’t understand how dangerous humans really were, but they knew Celestia had experienced it first-hand.

“How about you girls head home, you have had quite a long day. Luckily we have control of the situation and if anything comes up I will be sure to contact you” said Celestia.

The alicorn smiled, reassuring the ponies that they had nothing to worry about. They nodded and began to leave, but Celestia stopped Twilight.

“Except for you, Princess Twilight, you are needed here so that we may discuss what to do with the human.”

Twilight nodded and waved goodbye to her friends as she followed Celestia to a different room. The two alicorns entered a grand room with a large map of Equestria covering the center table. Princess Luna and an image of Princess Cadence, projected from a nearby crystal, sat at the table clearly waiting for their arrival.

“Ah, Sister you are finally here. Why are you up this late? Is something the matter?” asked Luna.

Celestia took a seat, followed by Twilight and explained the events leading up to the matter at hand. The projection of Cadence looked toward Celestia with a concerned expression.

“You speak as if he is the embodiment of evil himself, maybe you are over exaggerating things. It was over a thousand years since you have even talked to him I mean people change after periods of time like that.”

Luna gave a nod agreeing with Cadence, she herself had experienced such change. She finally decided to ask her sister the question on everyponies mind.

“So Celestia, what do you propose we do with the human?”

Celestia didn’t even hesitate to answer.

“There is only one thing that we can do in this situation.”

Celestia’s closed her eyes and sighed as if she knew beforehand they weren’t going to agree with her.

“We must execute him. The veil of false hope that has held him at bay has now been lifted from over his head. He holds me accountable for the extinction of his people and will go to great lengths to see that I and those I care for suffer dearly. Keeping him imprisoned was only possible when he stayed by his own free will. Our hooves are tied in this matter.”

Luna, Cadence, and Twilight stared at Celestia with their eyes wide in shock. They couldn’t believe what they had heard her just say. Luna’s jaw dropped hearing her sister suggest something so harsh.

“Sister?! How could you suggest something like that? There hasn’t been an execution in Equestria in over four-hundred years!”

Celestia slammed her hooves down on the table. She stared into her sister's eyes certain that her method was the only solution. Luna looked away from her sisters gaze trying not to provoke her. Celestia's cold gaze shot between the three other alicorns.

“Listen! I am the only one at this table who knows first-hoof what he is capable of. You must trust me when I say that he must be put down before he gets out of control.”

Each Princess silently looked at one another. They were at an impasse since they couldn’t agree on a proper sentence.


Ajax knelt in the middle of a dark, cold, stone cell as the moonlight shone down on his back. Two royal guards kept watch on the prisoner, both awaiting further orders from the council of four princesses when there was a slight tapping noise. The guards turned around and saw the man tapping his finger on the stone floor.

“Hey! Knock it off!” grunted the stallion.

The man raised his finger one last time before he looked up at the stallions. He looked at both of them before he stood up. Their horns glowed with magic ready to take action.

“Look fellas. I have been waiting quite some time for the Princess to come check up on me, but at this rate I am starting to think she isn’t going to, so I am just gonna leave while I can and come back another time.” said Ajax with a sigh.

The guards looked at each other when suddenly a blast of black fire destroyed the prison door and the magic seal holding it. A guard struggled to lift up his head and saw the figure of a man emerging from the smoke. He tried to speak, but Ajax grabbed his muzzle and slammed his head into the floor.

“I can’t believe Celestia underestimated me so much, that seal was far too weak. I actually suspect that she might have intended for me to escape.”

The ponies eyes started to roll back, everything went blurry as the world around him started to spin.

“Or was it you that put on that magic seal? If that's the case then you have my gratitude.”

The guard found it difficult to breathe since Ajax was pushing down on his snout.

“Hey don’t black out on me, remember this pony: Next time you see me set foot in Canterlot, I intend to raze the city and watch its inhabitants burn with it.”

Ajax let go of the pony since the guard had finally blacked out. He retrieved his swords and leapt out the window and began running across the rooftops of Canterlot. He glided across the city with each stride easily covering twenty feet. Under the shroud of night no pony could see him, let alone tell who he was. When he reached the edge of the city he scaled the wall and slid down the mountainside disappearing into the darkness…

When Celestia had heard the news, there wasn’t a single town in Equestria without a wanted poster. Word had spread throughout all of Equestria about the human. No matter how much they searched though they couldn’t find a trace of him. He seemed to have vanished into thin air, but he was only waiting. He knew that if he was going to take down quite possibly the mightiest ruler in history he would have to take the proper amount of time to prepare. His time spent fighting for survival over the last thousand years had indeed made him strong, but he was no match for the entire force of Canterlot and her people.

He would need allies.


In the northern parts of Equestria the last major town before the Crystal Empire was a town called Pon-treal. A wondrous and lively city by day, but by night, the darker inhabitants of Equestria opened shop and partook in “unsupervised” acts. The Crimson Mare was a pub that became extremely popular around this hour and housed criminals from all eyes in Equestria.

A cloaked figure stood with an upright posture at the entrance, but hunched over as if it were a pony before entering the pub. The pub was a rowdy place that smelled of aged cider and filth. The cloaked figure approached the bar and took a seat. No pony had payed any attention to the new guest, they were too caught up with fighting and gambling with each other, besides, a cloaked figure in these parts was not an uncommon thing.

“What’s yer poison stranger?”

A large unicorn with a long red mane and a large mustache was cleaning a glass mug. He looked at his new customer with a smile.

“I will have a glass of cider.”

A glass of cider immediately slid across the counter before being grabbed by a hand. The bartender raised an eyebrow upon seeing the hand and began stroking his mustache.

“So? Whacha doin here fella? Ya aint from around here are ya?”

The unicorn put a wanted poster on the counter. It was a poster for Ajax. A reward of a million bits had been placed on his head.

“Wanted Dead o’ Alive and it says right here that a noticeable description of the criminal would be a hand with five appendages similar to that of a minotaur. Such as yarself, stranger.”

The two stared at each other briefly before the figure spoke.

“You don’t want to do this.”

The unicorn chuckled as he tossed away the wanted poster.

“Relax Ajax. Mind if I call ya that? No one here is going to turn ya in, this is a place where Celestia’s ears can’t reach, free of Equestria's bounty hunters. Besides I wouldn’t want to tussle with someone who managed to get a bounty of a million bits on his head.”

Ajax removed the hood and drank the entire glass of cider. He wiped his forearm across his mouth.

“Wonderful, I am glad to hear that not all creatures of Equestria serve Celestia blindly. Say how about you do me a favor. I had intended to find a unicorn in this place that would be willing to decipher this map for me.”

Ajax placed a large piece of paper in between them and blew off a large dust cloud. The barkeep coughed as Ajax pointed at the glowing inscriptions.

“Humans have not even the slightest knowledge about magic, but I am sure you could translate.”

The unicorn observed the flowing runes and symbols. He traced his hooves across the magical markings while mumbling to himself.

“Hmmm. Yes, yes. This will go here and that goes there, meaning...that it….....Nevermind...I got nothing.” said the barpony with a smile.

“What? What do you mean you got nothing! You are a unicorn, a magical creature, how come you can’t read it?”

Ajax drew a sack of coin and placed it on the table. The pony raised a hoof and shook his head.

“What ya got there ain’t something easy to read. Ya gonna need a unicorn skilled in magic to understand what that there piece of paper is trying to say.”

Ajax rubbed his forehead trying to figure out what he was going to do, he couldn’t just walk into the Canterlot library and ask some sort of pony scholar to decipher the scroll.

“There might be one pony in these parts who is smart enough to understand what's going on with that there paper.”

Ajax looked up and sat back in his seat, the unicorn had his full attention.

“She is the performing act tonight and supposedly she is a skilled magician of sort or something. Why not stick around for a bit and have a few more drinks till she goes on... hmm?”

Ajax shrugged and ordered a few more rounds. What else could he do, he had all the time in the world to waste. The lights of the Crimson Mare suddenly went out. Each pony began arguing with one another, one pony was even stabbed in the commotion, BUT when the lights came back, a glorious lavender hat and cape flapped in the wind as fireworks shot into the air.


The sky blue unicorn threw her hooves into the air as more fireworks went off. The crowd was silent, unmoved by her entrance. Trixie gave a slight cough as she turned off the fan she had used for her introduction.

“Well then! Prepare to be left in shock and awe as I amaze you with my magic!”

The pony’s horn began to glow with a purple color as she lifted a bunny in a cage out from her trunk. The rabbit shook with fear, it obviously didn’t enjoy being near Trixie. She pulled out a long drape and tossed it over the cage.

“Behold as I The Great and Powerful Trixie uses her magic to transform this rabbit into a chicken!” The crowd still seemed to care very little for the unicorn’s performance. Trixie gave the crowd a look that complimented their enthusiasm.


The ponies horn glowed with magic as she tapped the cage with her horn. She threw off the drape and revealed a chicken in the cage. The unicorn began to bow as a few members of the audience clapped. Trixie’s hat slipped off her head, a rabbit scurried out from underneath the wizard's hat and darted offstage. She blushed while giving a big smile, but the entire room continued to boo her offstage. The pony had to dodge cider mugs and other objects thrown at her while she tried to escape back stage, one pony was even stabbed in the commotion.


The unicorn stormed off back to her wagon and slammed the door.

“So that was her huh...?” said Ajax.

Ajax looked over at the barkeep, but the unicorn was to busy trying to clean up the mess made by the audience.

Trixie began to pack her belongs, but threwt he luggage against the wall as she laid her head down on a nearby table. She couldn’t get the thought out of her head that she was some sort of failure doomed to forever put on extraordinary performances for hooligans. Trixie tried her best to fight back her tears when there was a knock at the door.

“Go away...”

Trixie continued to wallow in self-pity when the knock came again louder.

Trixie picked herself up and opened the door. The tall figure was easily twice Trixie’s height and invited himself inside.

“Hey! What are you doing? You can’t just barge in like that!”

The man took a seat as if he did not hear her at all. Trixie scrunched her snout, she was clearly upset with her guest's manners. She walked over to a drawer and took out a few bits and threw them into Ajax’s lap.

“That’s all I have...Tell Bastion that I need more time to get the rest of the money.”

She sat in the corner of the room looking away from her guest with contempt. Ajax looked down at the coins and tossed them aside. Trixie was about to give him a piece of her mind, but when the man stood over her for a second time she finally realized how tall he was compared to her. Before Trixie could say a word a large sack of metal dropped onto the table overflowing with bits. Trixie’s eyes reflected the glorious shine of the coins as she stared at the sack of money.

“Where did you get money like that? Did you rob a bank or something?” joked Trixie.

“Two. Actually.”

Trixie cleared her throat as he took a nearby seat.

"So tell me. What brings you to Trixie's humble abode."

After seeing the money she was a bit more polite towards her guest.

“I got something you can help me with. If you are successful I will leave that bag of money on the table and we can just go our separate ways. You could pay off your debts in no time.”

Trixie knew this was too good to be true. No one would offer to pay someone that much money unless they wanted them to do something stupid or crazy. Or both.

“So what kind of creature are you anyways?”

"I am a human, you might not have heard of my kind, but that doesn't matter. All you need to know is that I have a easy task for you that pays quite well. All you have to do is translate this magical scroll for me."

“Let me get this straight? You will pay me that much money just to translate some magic for you?”

Ajax nodded as he handed her the scroll.

“Don’t worry Ajax. THE GREAT AND POWERFUL TRIXIE has never encountered a scroll that she couldn’t conquer, a scroll that she couldn’t overcome, a scroll that she couldn’t vanquish, a scroll that she couldn’...”

Ajax had placed a finger over the pony's mouth.

“Please, just get to work.”

Trixie nodded and unrolled the scroll. The magical symbols illuminated the room of the wagon with bright, vivid colors. Trixie observed the scroll for only a few seconds before she rolled it up and packed it into her saddle.

“Well?” said Ajax.

He looked at the unicorn intrigued by how little time she had taken. Trixie gave him a reassuring nod.

"What you got here is a map, I will lead you to the end of the trail and then we go our seperate ways, kapeesh?"

Ajax patted her on the back and gathered his belongings and raised his hood over his head.

“I guess you aren’t half bad Trixie. Please, lead the way.”