• Published 1st Aug 2014
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Legend of Spyro: Dawn of Friendship - Shadicbro Brony

This story is a continued sequel of MLP season 4 and Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon. Spyro and Cynder have ben sent to Equestria to stop Malefor from taking over and cause chaos. They learned the secrets of friendship and must now rely on it to stop him.

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Update on Chapter 5.

Authors note: I’ve decided to take a break from this story for a while. I feel a little bad that some have not enjoyed my last chapter because the chapter was ooc (Out of character for short). I want to say I’m sorry about chapter 4, but I want to inform you all that I’m trying to give you all the best story I can give you. Not everybody is perfect at everything when it comes to writing stories. But, I did work on chapter 5 a little bit. So since I’m not working on the story for a while, the least I can do is let you all have a sneak peek on chapter 5. Also, for those who are enjoying my story, I’m sorry to disappoint you all, but I give you all my word, I’m not cancelling this story anytime soon. For now please enjoy this sneak peek of chapter 5.

Chapter 5:Forgiveness
With Celestia

Celestia was in the Canterlot library with her sister Luna; looking through every book in the library to try to find an answer to her nightmares. Every book she looked through had no answer she needed. She looked over to her sister, which also was having a hard time finding the right book they need.

“I’m guessing you haven’t found what were looking for right Luna?” she asked. Luna turned to her sister and shook her head.

“Nothing. I’ve looked through every book in the library and can’t find the answer to your nightmare problem.” Celestia sadly sighed and looked to the ground with disappointment. Her mind spun around as the nightmare resurfaced in her mind. Everything burning, her home destroyed, ponies she knew and loved killed. The large purple dragon glaring at her with its beading, yellow eyes. Celestia thought she was going crazy with this, but what does the nightmare mean? Is it a vision of the future? Her mind playing tricks on her? She couldn’t handle this any longer. Anger, sadness and fear took hold. She stomped her hoof to the floor which caused Luna to jump a little. Celestia gritted her teeth as tears ran down her eyes.

“I can’t take this anymore sister! This is too much for me to handle! I don’t know why this is happening! I just want this all to stop! I-I-I-“ Luna knows Celestia is taking this in hard. Celestia was afraid of everything that just happened for the past few days. Luna too, was afraid of this. Thinking quickly, she walked over to Celestia and embraced her with the most caring hug she can offer to her. She felt Celestia body shaking while she tried to comfort her best she can.

“Shhh. It’s alright Tia. I’m here. I promise, I will do everything in my power to help you. I will not rest until this problem is solved.” Celestias body slowly stopped shaking and her tears started to weakened. She looked down to her younger sister and smiled; happy she was there for her whenever she’s afraid or alone. She lifted one of her hooves and returned her own embrace to her sister. “Thank you LuLu.” She whispered. The two Alicorns broke up their embrace and smiled at one another.

“I needed that, and I’m glad to have you as my sister.” Luna smiled and nuzzled her sister.

“How about we take a break? We’ve been in the library all morning.” Celestia nodded in agreement as the two left the library. “I hope Twilight and her friends found something about this.” Celestia said.

“I hope as well. As soon as they come to Canterlot, I’m sure our research will-“Her sentence was cut off when a tied up scroll appeared in front of the two Alicorns. Celestia knew it was from Twilight. She took the scroll by using her magic, surrounding it with a yellow, sparkling aura and opened the scroll and started reading it. Luna looked at her sister with confusion as she saw her eyes widened every second as she continued reading the scroll. After she finished reading the letter, Celestia lowered the scroll and started to space out. The silence was then broken by Luna.

“What is Tia?” She asked. Celestia looked at her sister.

“I believe we’ve found the answers we need.” She said.

“What do you mean by that?” Luna asked. Celestia held the letter up Luna and Luna read the scroll. After a minute or so, she had the same look as her sister.

“I…I don’t know what to say.” Luna said with shock.

“Neither does I Luna. But if Twilight says that this Spyro character has the answers we need, then it’s crucial that we find him and get him and this Cynder to give us the answers we need.”

“I’m afraid that won’t happen my dear.” Said a dark voice. Luna and Celestia jolted their heads up and looked around the hallways of the catsle to find the trace of the voice. They saw nothing.

“Where are you!? Come out where we can see you!” shouted Luna.

“As you wish my dear.” Said the voice. Shadows around Luna and Celestia began to gather into one area of the hallways and created one huge shadow blob. After the shadows disappeared, a large, purple dragon stood in front of them with a grin. Overwhelming fear took hold of Celestia as she looked upon the dragon. He had the same features and looks that Celestia saw in her nightmares. Luna looked at her sister knowing that they might have found the answer to her nightmares. Luna then turned her attention back at the purple dragon, which still had the evil grin on his face.

“Identify yourself right now! Who are you!?” She asked glaring down at the large dragon. The dragon then gave out an evil chuckle.

“Oh how rude of me to not telling you two my name. Allow me to introduce myself. I am the Dark lord of my homeland known as Avalar. My name is Malefor.

Author's Note:

Well, that's it for the preview on chapter 5. Again, i'm sorry for dissapointing you all from chapter 4. I hope i'll get you attention back from chapter 5. Peace out to you all.