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Legend of Spyro: Dawn of Friendship - Shadicbro Brony

This story is a continued sequel of MLP season 4 and Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon. Spyro and Cynder have ben sent to Equestria to stop Malefor from taking over and cause chaos. They learned the secrets of friendship and must now rely on it to stop him.

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Chapter 1: A great Evil Returns

Note: before the story begins, I want to inform all of you I will try to do my best to keep the stories of both series in balance. This story is also a part sequel of Past sins. Thank you.

Chapter 1: A great Evil Returns


Over 3 months have passed Since Tirek was defeated and banish to the underworld gaurded by ceberus. Peace was once again restored to Equestria thanks to Princess Twilight and her friends. In the castle of Canterlot, Princess Celestia, the godess of the sun peacfuly strolls through her castle halls. She looks up in the sky and watches the sun beaming its warmth under Equestria. Celestia smiled, but was suddenly wiped from her face. Something in her gut was telling her something awful was going to happen very soon. But Celestia once again smiled beleiving it was nothing to worry about.....Or so she thought.

Later that night, Celestia continued to toss and turn in her sleep. In her dream, she saw everything falling apart. Her castle destroyed, everything on fire, and many ponies hurt or dead. In the center of Ponyvill, a huge, dark, purple dragon stood in the center smiling with the elements of harmony in his grasp. The dragon suddenly shot a fireball toward her. With that, Celestia jolted up from her bed screaming. She looked around her castle room and realized it was only a dream. She stood ther for a few seconds catching her breath, trying to relax of the results of what happened. She jumped a little when her doors opened.

"Are you alright sister?" said a voice.

Celstia looked and saw her sister Princess Luna standing at the door. She was a little younger than she is. Her mane and tail were blue as the night and sparkled like the stars. She had a moon cutie mark on her flank. She is also known as the godess of the moon.

"Yes. I'm ok Luna. Nothing to worry about." said Celestia.

"It was just a bad dream. Nothing more."

Luna let out a sigh of relief knowing that her sister is okay. She let out a small smile as she returned to the balcony to fill out her duties and shut the doors behind her. When Luna left, Celestia sat on her bed, thinking about the dream she had. She was nervous as she thought about it. Could it be true? Will Ponyvill really come to an end, along with Canterlot? Questions continue to buzz around in Celstias head as she lied back down trying to go back to sleep.

//"I hope none of it is true."// she thought to herself as her eyes slowly closed.

Spyros World

2 years have passed Since Malefor was defeated by the Legendary Purple Dragon Spyro. In the Vally of Avalar, Spyro peacefuly flies over the Vally with a red and green spirit gem in his claws. Spyro has grown a little after Malefor was defeated. He was a little smaller than an elder dragon, but much of his body improved. His forearms and legs had more muscle then before, his spines and horns grew another 2 inches no less, and has became a great flyer; able to reach speeds up to 95 mph. Spyro landed near the entrance to a small cave; no bigger than a couple few feet. It was big enough for two dragons of his size. Spyro put the green spirit gem in his right claw with the red and walked in.

"Cynder. Are you in here?" he called out.

"Over here Spyro" called out a voice.

Spyro head toward the place where the voice came from. Inside the cave, laid Cynder in a dragon nest; big enough for two. Cynder was bigger than before. Her legs and body were more slimmer and had clear white claws. Her horns on her head grew about 1 and a half inches. She looked at Spyro with her Voilet colored eyes. Spyro smiled as he walked toward her with the gems in his claws.

"Take these. They should help dowse some of the pain." he said with a smile.

Cynder smiled as she took the spirit gems and held them close to her. They began to glow and were absorbed into her body. Cynder let out a sigh with relief when the gems were absorbed.

"Better?" he asked.

"Much. Thank you" she said.

Spyro smiled as he lay down next to her, carefuly applying pressure to her body. Cynder laid her head on Spyros neck and smiled. Spyro reurned the brace and also smiled.

"The time is almost here Spyro." Cynder wispered in Sypros ear.

"It won't be long now." he said looking at Cynders bottom stomach.

Cynders bottom stomach was a little big than usual. The two are expecting great things soon. That's right. Cynder is pregnant. An egg was developing in the bottom part of her body ever so slowly. The two didn't know what kind of dragon will hatch from it, niether know what abilities it will posses. But, it didn't matter at the moment. Spyro and Cynder laid their heads down next to one another as they slowly drifted to sleep.

"I love you Spyro." said Cynder.

"I love you too Cynder" said Spyro.

Later that night, Spyro and Cynder were connected to their dreams. They soon opened their eyes and saw the most horrorifying scene. A Village saw burning, fire everywhere, a castle in the distance was destroyed. They also saw mysterious creatures running for their lives and few on the ground dead. Spyro and Cynder couldn't say anything for what they're seeing. Suddenly, A huge, Purple, Dragon was in the center of the village holding wierd looking gems. Spyro looked closer to the dragon. The dragon turned his head staring down the two with yellow eyes.

"M-Malefor?" asked Spyro.

The dragon didn't respon and shot a fire ball at the two of them. The two jolted their heads up and looked around, realizing it was only a nightmare.

"What was that all about?" asked Cynder.

"I don't know. What I do know, it's not good." said Spyro.

Cynder looked down at the bottom part of her stomach and began to worry a little.

"Hey. It's alright." said Spyro as he gently nuzzled Cynder.

"I won't let anything happen to you, or the baby. I promise."

Cynder smiled and gave Spyro a kiss before she fell back to sleep.

//"Could Malefor really be alive? If he is, how did he survive?"// thought Spyro.

Spyro struggled to find the awnsers he needs, until sleep was on his mind. He let out a quiet yawn, and looked at Cynder sleeping peacefully on his shoulder. He smiled and gave her a soft kiss on the cheek. She moved a little and let out a small smile. Spyro laid his head down and once again fell asleep.

The next Morning, Spyro and Cynder left their cave and flew for a little bit for exersize. Spyro could see that Cynder is having a little hard time keeping up with him, especially since she's pregnant. Spyro flew at Cynder's pace and stayed close to her. Cynder blushed a little knowing that Spyro will always be there for her. A couple hours after their flight, they landed next to the entrance of their cave. Cynder was breathing a little heavily considering she used up a lot of energy to keep flight. But she raised her head and looked up at Spyro smiling. Spyro knows Cynder is getting more tired everyday as the egg continues to grow heavier in her body. Spyro smiled back and nuzzled her. Cynder nuzzled back.

"Enjoyed the morning you two. Hehehehe." said a deep voice.

Spyro and Cynder both jumped by the sound of the voice. They knew who it was. They looked around finding where the voice came from.

"Come out where we can see you!" yelled Spyro.

"As you wish.....Dragon." said the voice.

Suddenly, hundreds of shadows began to merge together as it slowly grows into the shap of a huge dragon. Yellow eyes appeared on the head as the shadow smiled evilly into their souls.

"Malefor." said both Spyro and Cynder.

Malefor gave out a huge evil laughter. A piece came together in Spyros mind. One of his questions last night were awnsered. Malefore is alive. And he's back with avengance.

To be continued...

Author's Note:

Uh-Oh! Looks like things aren't turning out well for Spyro and Cynder. Can they stop Malefor again, or will Malefor become vitorious? Find out next Time on The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of Friendship.

I enjoyed making this story. Hope you all enjoyed it as well. I'll upload Chapter 2 ASAP. Thank you all for reading.