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Legend of Spyro: Dawn of Friendship - Shadicbro Brony

This story is a continued sequel of MLP season 4 and Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon. Spyro and Cynder have ben sent to Equestria to stop Malefor from taking over and cause chaos. They learned the secrets of friendship and must now rely on it to stop him.

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Chapter 2: Reunion

Note: I went through Spyro: Dawn of the dragon a couple times to try to fix some of the errors I made from the first chapter. Cynders eyes are actually green, not violet. I thought they were violet at first, because I thought she had violet eyes. My mistake. Anyway, I hope I fixed most of what few errors I made. Enjoy.

Chapter 2: Reunion

Spyro and Cynder stood with fear and surprise that Malefor is still alive. Malefor continued to stare down the two dragons with his glowing, yellow eyes.

“So good to see you two again.” said Malefor. “It’s been two years since I’ve seen your faces.”

The two began to back up and tried hard not to believe what they are seeing. Malefor took a huge step forward near them.

“What? Not even a simple hello from my dear friends?” he said with a grin.

“Were not friends!” growled Spyro.

“Humph. Still courageous, and confident as usual my dear rival.” said Malefor, looking in Spyros eyes.

He then turned his attention toward Cynder, who was shaking in her scales.

“Ah. My dear Cynder. It’s been far too long since I’ve seen your face. You’ve grown so much. I can see you look more beautiful and sharper than ever.” He said stroking his shadow claw on Cynders chin.

“GET AWAY FROM HER!!” shouted Spyro as he got between her and Malefor.

Spyro stared down Malefor with anger and hatred in his eyes. He was almost at his limit to unleash a fury attack. Cynder stood there as fear took a huge grip in her mind and heart. Usually Cynder is not really afraid of anything, however due to some of the results of what happened back at Malefors Lair when he turned her into her dark form, Cynder was afraid of him a little. Most of her fear was focused on her young one still inside of her. Images and fear flooded through her mind as she imagined that her young dragon will be possessed by Malefor and cause pain and destruction to her home, her friends, Spyro, and to itself. Cynder curled up and hid behind Spyro as best she could. Spyro turned and saw Cynder afraid and crying a little. He got closer to her. Making sure she was safe from Malefor.

“Alright Malefor, start talking! How is it that you’re still alive?!” sneered Spyro.

Malefor looked into Spyros eyes and gave out a snort.

“Very well Spyro.” Malefor said. “Since I won’t be here for long, I might as well tell you and Cynder. When I was dragged into core, I knew the spirit of your ancestors were about to end me once and for all. But before they did, I used just enough dark energy to transfer some of my life energy into a mere dark crystal shard. Once you unleashed your energy to repair your world, I’ve used some of the crystals negative energy to ensure my survival. For the last 2 years, I’ve hid in the darkness. Then, the dark crystal was making contact with a green spirit gem, just a few inches away from me. I corrupted its positive energy and harnessed its negative energy. Its power allowed me to be escape from my crystal and be free. I was still weak once I resurrected from my prison. I was no more than a mere shadow. For the past couple of months, I continued absorbing negative energy from the spirit gems. As you can see now, I am finally reborn.”

“You’re nothing but a shadow.” said Spyro.

“Oh really?” said Malefor.

Malefor opened his shadow wings and shadows all around began to approach him. He then began to absorb the shadows until a blob of darkness was in front of Spyro and Cynder.

“Stay behind me.” said Spyro to Cynder.

Cynder gave him a nod and shrunk more to avoid what was happening. The shadow blob finally faded away, and Malefor stood in front of them in the flesh. He was whole again, alive, breathing. Spyro and Cynders stood there eyes widened as they see Malefore in skin and bones once again. Spyro still kept his guard up, ready to attack if Malefor tries to harm them.

“Impressed?” he asked.

No words came to the two as the continued to look at Malefor with fear, utter shock and surprise. Suddenly, a sharp pain lashed at Cynders underbelly. She grunted in pain as clenched the egg still developing inside. Spyro suddenly turned with fear knowing that the pain has returned to her. He needs to get her a green and red spirit gem, before the pain gets worse. Malefors eyes widen with surprise, but were then replaced with an evil smile.

“Well, well, well. You two have been busy lately.” He said with a chuckle.

Fear once again gripped Cynder, now knowing that Malefor now knows she is pregnant.

“I’ve never expected you two would start raising a family so early.” He said. “Well, I for one am looking forward to seeing the young one very soon. I would love to give it a special gift. Hehehehe.”

Cynders heart missed a beat when she heard him say those words. She clenched her under stomach harder to protect the egg inside. Spyros eyes and body were now filled with rage.

“If. You. Ever. Lay. One claw on our young.” He started out clenching his teeth.

Fire began to emerge under his feet. Cynder knew immediately he was about to unleash Fury of Ishlandur’s Final Stand. Using her remaining energy, she flew behind a rock, which was behind Spyro.

“Ever. So. Help me. I. WILL…” he continued.

His body began to rise while the flames began to close in on him. Malefor stood there, still smiling while Spyro powers up.

“KILL YOOOOU!!!!” Spyro shouted at the top of his lungs as he released his Fury of Ishlandur’s Final Stand attack.

Fire burst everywhere around him, burning trees, destroying rocks, and shaking the ground. Luckily, the rock Cynder was hiding behind was solid and thick enough to withstand the explosion. When the explosion subsided, Cynder looked around the corner and saw Spyro, breathing heavily from using up a lot of energy from the blast. She looked around and didn’t see Malefor anywhere. Cynder flew toward Spyro and looked at him with fear in her eyes.

“Are you alright?” she asked wanting to know if he will be okay.

He lifts up his head and looked at her. Sweat was pouring from his head and was still trying to catch his breath. It has been a long time since he last used a fury attack. He didn’t know it will burn up so much of his energy. The last two years he spent together with Cynder, training was never on his mind. He let out a small smile and sighed.

“Yes. I’m okay.” He said. “I’m sorry Cynder. I just lost myself there for a second.”

“It’s okay Spyro. As long as your hear, I’m happy.” She said.

She then nuzzled him, happy he was still here with her. Cynders under belly was still throbbing with pain, but she didn’t care at that moment. Spyro nuzzled back, happy that she wasn’t harmed.

“HAHAHAHA!! How touching.” said a voice.

Spyro and Cynder looked and saw Malefor survived the explosion as he emerged from the shadows.

“What!? But-but how?” Cynder said with shock.

“Have you been listening to my story? I was reborn from the shadows. I AM the shadows!” he said following it by a laugh.

Cynder and Spyro stood there, afraid and exhausted. Spyro didn’t have the strength to fight back since he used up a lot of energy from his fury attack. Cynder was still in pain from the egg developing in her and was using a lot of energy to try to keep the pain from getting worse. Malefor continued to laugh as he approached the two exhausted dragons. The two embraced each other waiting for the final strike. Malefor raised his claw to end them for good. Out of nowhere, a flash of light appeared between Malefor and the two dragons. Malefor backed up from the light as it began to blind him. Spyro and Cynder covered their eyes with their wings as the light brightened up. Inside the light, an elder dragon began to emerge. The dragon had cyan colored scales with a white underbelly, wearing few bits of gold armor on his side, and a huge white crystal was hanging from his neck. The light finally faded and Spyro and Cynder got a better look at the cyan dragon. Spyros eyes squinted as he tried to get a better look at him. He then realized it was the Chronicler dragon, but there was something different about him.

“That’s Enough Malefor!” he said with a familier voice.

Spyro recognized the voice, but tried to find it hard to believe it was actually him.

“How dare you Chronicler.” Malefor growled.

“You will not lay a claw on these dragons. Not while I’m here.” He said.

Malefor growled knowing that he cannot compete against him, considering he’s using up a lot of energy to maintain his dragon form. Malefor knew his time here was done. He then turned around and opened his wings. Shadows began to leak from his wings. The shadows then started to swirl around in the air and created a black hole.

“A portal?” Chronicler said with shock.

“That’s right Chronicler. This is a portal to another world.” He said. “I’ve discovered that this world holds untold power. Once I claim this power, I will rule ALL WORLDS!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!”

Malefor returned to his shadow form and leaped into the portal.

“Stop!!” Chronicler said.

The shadows began to disappear and the portal closed. Chronicler grunted in disappointment that Malefor escaped. He then finally lowered his guard and turned to the two dragons who were trying to keep their heads up.

“Are you two alright?” he asked.

“I…I…Igni…..Igni..tu….s…?” Spyro asked in weak words.

Before Chronicler could say a word, Spyro and Cynder collapsed with exhaustion and blacked out.


After the past 4 days, Princess Celstia did not get any sleep at all. The nightmare continued to run through her mind and left her awake night after night. Celestia was up in her throne room, trying desperately hard to stay awake. Her eye lids dropped very heavily on her. Before she fell asleep, she jolted her head up and shakes it madly to stay up. It wasn’t good enough. Celestia once again fell asleep.

The nightmare once again resurfaced in her dream. Celestia watched everypony she knew and loved being killed or running. Her castle destroyed and Ponyvill demolished or on fire. The dragon once again stood in front of her, staring down at her with his yellow eyes, holding the elements of harmony in his claws. Without a warning, the dragon shot his mouth toward her taking a bite out of her.

Celestia once again woke up with a fright and looked around her castle. She gave out a deep sigh, knowing that these nightmares must end. The doors to the throne room opened. She suddenly gasped, but relaxed a little bit. It was her sister, Princess Luna. She had a desperate look on her face, knowing her older sister hasn’t been herself lately. She closed the doors behind her and slowly walked toward her sister. She sat down next to her with the look still on her face.

“Sister, are you feeling alright?” she asked Celestia.

Celestia looked at her sister, trying not to look as tired as possible. She gives out a small smile at Luna.

“Yes Luna. I’m fine.” she said.

Luna was not buying any of her lies. She knows something is wrong.

“Don’t try to lie to me sister. I can see that you look exhausted. I know you have not been getting any sleep at all.” She said. “What is troubling you?”

Celestia looked at her sister again, knowing that she has beaten her. She finally gave out a deep sigh and began telling her everything. After a while when Celestia finished up her story, Luna sat there thinking.

“That is rather unusual now that I think about.” Luna said. “No pony should be able to have the same dream or nightmare that many times.”

Luna continued to think. “This is a very rare occasion indeed” she said.

“But, what could it mean sister?” Celestia asked.

“I do not know sister, but I will not ignore this. I will do everything in my magic to find out what this means.” She said.

Celestia smiled at her sister, knowing that she is taking this very seriously. Luna got up and headed for the door.

“I’ll be in the Canterlot library to find an answer to this problem. I’ll let you know immediately if I find anything suspicious about these nightmares.” Luna said as she opened the doors with her magic.

“Thank you sister. You have no idea how happy I am that you’re helping me with this.” said Celestia with a smile.

Luna looked back at her sister and smiled as well. “I would suggest that you inform Twilight about this as well. She may also help us with this problem of yours.” said Luna as she walked out closing the door behind her.

Celestia thought for a minute and realized it was a good idea for Twilight to help. She pulled out a scroll, ink, and a quill, and started to write a letter to Twilight.


Spyro opened his eyes and once again saw the same village being destroyed by the fire. The creatures continue to scream and run from death. Spyro once again saw Malefor in the center of the Village holding the mysterious gems in his claws. But, there was something new that filled Spyros heart with fear and sadness. Cynder was lying down on the ground dead next to Malefor, and a young baby dragon came from behind her. Spyro knew immediately it was their young. How else can you explain where else the young dragon came from? Anyway, the young dragon opened its eyes, and revealed a sharp, ruby red color. The young then smiled. It began to decent off the ground and darkness closed in on it. Spyro knew his young was under the control of Malefor. The young released the darkness as it closed in on Spyro.

“NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!” he shouted.

Spyros eyes then snapped open as he began to breathe heavily. He lifted his head up and looked around. The Valley was a little destroyed from his fury attack. A cool moring breeze brushed through him and felt the warmth of the morning sun. He began to relax when he realized it was only a dream, but he knew the nightmare was getting worse every day. He looked down and saw Cynder next to him, sleeping peacefully. It brought a smile to Spyros face knowing that Cynder is still here with him. He nuzzled her gently. Spyro tried to get up, but he couldn’t move. His body was too weak. Spyro looked next to him and saw a red and green spirit gem just inches away from him. He thought for a moment and looked at Cynder. He knew that she would need them later if the pain would return. He then saw a pile of red and green spirit gems a few inches away from Cynder. It finally brought to a conclusion that Spyro was free to absorb the energy of the spirit gems next to him. He grabbed the gems and held them close to grab their power. The gems let out a small glow as they started to disappear. A wave of energy surged through Spyros body as his strength began to return. Spyro has never felt better than he ever had in a long time. Then, a light began to appear a few feet away from them. The light quickly faded and the Chronicler dragon began to approach them with a few more spirit gems in his claws.

“I’m glad to see you’re finally awake. You had me worried for a second.” He said as he set the gems in the pile.

“Ig…Ignitus?” Spyro asked.

The cyan dragon gave a smile to Spyro and nodded. Spyro slowly rose as his eyes began to widen than ever before. Tears began to form in his eyes. It was hard to believe for what he was seeing, but Ignitus was alive. Not only that, he was also the Chronicler dragon. Spyro suddenly ran toward Ignitus and began to nuzzle him hard. Tears ran down his eyes as he smiled for joy and relief. Ignitus smiled and nuzzled his head.

“I missed you so much.” Spyro said sobbing quietly.

“I missed you too young dragon.” said Ignitus with a few tears running down his cheek. “It has been too long old friend.”

“Far too long.” said Spyro.

The two finally broke up and looked at each other in their eyes. Questions began to run through Spyros mind.

“But, I don’t understand, how is it that you’re alive? And how come you’re the Chronicler dragon?” Spyro asked.

Ignitus chuckled a little and began telling Spyro what happened over the past two years when Spyro thought he was dead. He explained he was chosen to be the new chronicler dragon, what happened to the first, and other questions Spyro had for him. After he finished, Spyro looked into his eyes and smiled. Spyro was really happy that Ignitus was still alive. He looked over at Cynder who was still asleep.

“Does Cynder know that you’re alive, Ignitus?” asked Spyro.

He gave a soft nod to Spyro. “Yes, Cynder knows I’m alive. She’s been up a couple times while you were asleep.” He said.

They then heard a soft moan from Cynder as she slowly opens her eyes. She lifts up her head and looks at Spyro and Ignitus. Cynder had a huge smile on her when she saw Spyro awake and feeling fine. She ran to Spyro and gave him a huge hug, relieved that he is okay and up. Spyro returned the hug as a small tear ran down his cheek.

“I’m so glad your okay.” said Cynder with a soft whimper.

“Shhhhhh. It’s alright. I’m here.” whispered Spyro.

The two remained in their position for a few minutes until they broke up. Tears ran down Cynders eyes with relief. Spyro smiled, and then turned his attention back towards Ignitus.

“Cynder told me everything while you were asleep. How you care and protect her from anything that will harm you or her.” said Ignitus. “I’ve never been more proud of you.”

Spyro smiled and nodded to him knowing what he has done for the past two years. Spyro will do everything in his power to protect Cynder. Even, if it means his life on the line.

“Cynder even told me about her pregnancy. I congratulate the two of you.” said Ignitus with a smile.

Spyro smiled shyly and blushed with embarrassment. He finally switched his mind about Malefor. How he was alive, how to stop him, and more importantly, where he went.

“Ignitus, Is it true what Malefor said about he survived? How he was able to escape the power of our ancestors? “asked Spyro.

Ignitus lowered his head and gave soft nod. “Yes Spyro. What he told you was true about how he survived and how he was able to thrive for the past two years.” he said.

Spyro grunted knowing what Malefor said was true. They remained silent for a few seconds until Cynder asked Ignitus something else.

“We saw him use the power of the shadows to open some kind of dark hole. If what we have heard said that you said it was a portal, how did he know how to create a portal, and more importantly, where did he go?” asked Cynder.

“Portals are created by using a large amount of magic. In order to create one, one must focus its inner heart and mind to create one. Portals have many properties to their uses. Allowing one to travel back in time, move from one place to another, and the highest class, traveling to dimensions.” said Ignitus. “I do not know how he was able to learn the knowledge of traveling to dimensions, but while we are here as we speak, he will grow stronger and will end everything in this new dimension.”

Spyro and Cynder looked with fear in their eyes knowing that the nightmares they have seen for the past few days will come true. Ignitus looked at them with confusion why they looked shock, until something came to his head.

“Let me ask you two something. Have you’ve been having the same dream for the past 4 days?” he asked.

Spyro and Cynders eyed widend and nodded. Spyro didn’t care that he was asleep for the past 4 days, because he, Cynder, and Sparx were asleep for 3 years in a crystal after Gaul was defeated. Ignitus knew this was truly a problem.

“I believe the dream you two saw for the past four nights was a vision of the future. It’s a very rare occasion.” he said. Their eyes grew with more fear knowing for what they saw will come true. They immediately told Ignitus about the nightmare the two had. Ignitus eyes widened with shock, finding this hard to believe. He then finally reached a conclusion that there was only one way to keep the nightmare from becoming reality.

“Spyro, Cynder.” said Ignitus. “I know you two have done so much to save this planet, and everything that lives here. But I hate to ask-“

“You don’t have to anything else Ignitus. Me and Cynder will do everything in our power to stop Malefor once and for all.” said Spyro. Ignitus smiled.

“Thank you both. I am forever in your dept.” he said.

“But still, we don’t even know what dimension he traveled to.”

“I can help you with that. Before the portal closed, I picked up the readings of this dimension. Knowing where Malefor will be.” said Ignitus. “But, I also discovered that this world doesn’t possess spirit gems.”

“If this world does not have spirit gems, how will Spyro and I regain our strength and magic?” asked Cynder.

“I can also help you two with that.” said Ignitus.

They white crystal on his neck began to glow, blinding Spyro and Cynder. As the light faded, the two opened their eyes and looked down their necks. Hanging from their necks were white crystals.

“Those crystals are very special. They will allow you two to create spirit gems with ease.” said Ignitus.

Spyro and Cynder looked up at Ignitus to thank him, but soon saw that Ignitus is starting to fade.

“Ignitus! What’s Happening!?” said Spyro panicking.

“I cannot stay in this world for too long, and I must return to the library.” said Ignitus.

“No! You can’t leave! I need you!” shouted Spyro.

Ignitus looked at Spyro with confidence in his eyes. “I know young dragon. But, you need to know that I cannot always be there by your side. But, if you ever need to talk to me, focus your heart in the crystal and speak with your mind. I’ll always be there to guide you and Cynder if you two ever get lost.” he said.

“I will open a portal to this world before I go.”

He opened his large, cyan wings and let out light. Soon, a portal was created to lead them to this new world.

“I know you two can do it. Follow your hearts to what you believe is right and defeat Malefor once and for all.” said Ignitus.

He began to disappear before he let out his final words to the two.

“Good luck, and may the ancestors look after you two.” Finally, he was gone.

Spyro looked down at the ground with sadness, knowing Ignitus is gone again. But, he knows he will watch over them and guild them to what is right. Courage and confidence filled his eyes as he lifts his head and looked at Cynder.

“I’m ready when you are Spyro.” said Cynder.

The two faced the portal shoulder to shoulder, ready to face for what lies ahead.

“Let’s do it” said Spyro.

The two jumped into the portal, and their true journey began.

To be continued….

Author's Note:

Whew. This chapter took a little longer then I expected. But i'm glad its done. Hopefully, I improved in this chapter then I did in the last. Thank you all for reading. Chapter 3 Coming soon...