• Published 29th Jul 2014
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Adventure Time: Hey Ice King! Why're we in Equestria!?! Book One - TheLightning

Ice King has gone too far this Time! Follow Finn and Jake on an Mathmatical Adventure in the Land of Equestria!

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Chapter Five: Saving Twilght Part 1/2

"What happened!? Where's Twilight!?" Rainbow Dash said.
"She's gone like Celestia and Luna" Finn said sadly.
'How? How did he get here?' Finn thought to himself.
"Uhh... Dude? We have save Twilight, remember?" Jake said.
"Oh, right" Finn said trotting towards the entrance.
"Wait!" Finn turned around to see Shining Armor.
"He took Cadence as well!" Armor said.
"Got it! Huh, this is reminding me of something... But I don't know what" Finn said.
"Huh?" Shining said confused.
"Oh nothing important. C'mon Jake! We got some Princesses to save" Finn said getting on Jake's back as hew grew.
"Yeah!" Jake said running away from the castle.
Everypony looked at them as they went away.
"They do know where they're going, right?" Shining asked looking at Rainbow Dash.
"No, they do not" She said shaking her head.

Later at the edge of Everfree Forest...

'-Sniff- -Sniff- -Sniff-'
"Are you sure you can pick up her scent?" Finn said as he followed Jake.
"Yeah, man. I know that she smells like grapes and lemons" Jake said as he kept sniffing.
"Yeah, that is true. She does smell like that" Finn said.
Jake looked up to see a cave with wet slime on the inside.
"I smell her in there" Jake said pointing at it.
They both walked into the cave.
"Jeez. What's with all this black junk all over this place?" Finn said.
"We'd better get used to it, this place is huge" Jake said.
They got to the end of the cave tunnel and saw something that shocked them.
"Is this a freakin' colony!?!" Finn said guffawing.
"It sure looks like i- WAAH!" Jake was innterupted.
"Jake?" Finn looked to his right to see that Jake was not there.
"Where are you, dude?" He asked.
He looked around and got a little freaked out.
"Dude! It's not fun-" He was knocked out before he could finish.


Author's Note:

Well. I wonder what happens next. Find out what happens in the next chapt-. "Hey!" Pinkie, What are you doing here!?! "Ooh! Let me try!" Hey! What are you-.
COOKIES ARE DELICIOUS! Seriously, Pinkie, seriously? Anyways, stay tuned for the next part! Goodbye! "And that's how Equestria was made!" Pinkie, get out of here!