• Published 29th Jul 2014
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Adventure Time: Hey Ice King! Why're we in Equestria!?! Book One - TheLightning

Ice King has gone too far this Time! Follow Finn and Jake on an Mathmatical Adventure in the Land of Equestria!

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Chapter Ten: Saving Princess Celestia Part 1/3

---Ponyville: Hospital---

-Beep!- -Beep!- Beep!-
"Is he going to be okay, Miss Redheart?" Twilight asked. "I'm not sure, he has lost a lot of blood, i'm not sure he's going to make it" Redheart said. Twilight cried back at the waiting room. "I'm soory, Twilight. I wish he was still here" Jake said sitting next to her. "T-there's got to be some way to bring him back!" Twilight said still crying. Jake looked at her then thought about something that could help. "Wait, Twilight. I think I got something that mighty help" She turned to see a jar in his hand. "W-what's that?" She said. "It's the tears of a cyclops that can heal anything, but there's only a few drops left" He said looking inside the jar. "But it might work" He said getting and walking into the room holding Finn as Twilight followed him. "Okay, let's hope this works" Jake said opening the jar and pouring the last of it's contents on Finn. Finn moved a little. He opened his eyes and sat up. "Ugh... My head..." Finn said holding his forehead with his hoof and rubbing it. "He's awake!" Twilight said hugging Finn. "Woah! What the heck did I miss?" Finn said. "Let's just say a lot" Jake said laughing. "O-okay, you're starting to hurt me, Twilight" Finn said. "Oh, sorry" She said. She looked at her hoof to see blood on it. She stared at Jake. "I guess it didn't heal him fully, but atleast he's alive, right?" Jake said. "Yeah, that is true" She said looking at Finn getting up. "I wonder what damages happened to me" He said walking over to a clipboard with his name at the top and he read it. "It says I got impaled with a stone that was parted out, and now I can't use my wing" He said looking at his back to see it covered in bandages and bleeding a little. "Geez, I thought it was gonna be more serious" He said walking back to Jake and Twilight. "Let's just show the others" Twilight said. They walked out of the room and everypony turned to look at them."What's up?" Finn said. "You know what this calls for?" Pinkie Pie said hopping up next to Finn. "A PARTY!" She yelled. "Uh, Pinkie? Celestia still isn't saved yet" Finn said. "Oh, right. But can we have a party after that?" She asked wtih puppy eyes. "Of course! Now has anything suspicious been going on?" Finn said. "Well, I haven't heard anything from the Crystal Kingdom since I came to the Gala" Shining Armor said. Finn looked at Jake, then at everypony else. "Can you take us to the Crystal Kingdom?" Finn said. "I can do that" Shining said with his horn beginning to glow. "Wait, stop" Rainbow Dash said. Shining stopped. "We'll come" She said. "Yeah!" Pinkie said. "Eeyup" AppleJack said. "I-i'll try to help" Fluttershy said. "I will make sure this Ice King will pay" Rarity said. Finn smiled at this. "Okay, Shining, let's go" Finn said.

---Crystal Kingdom---

A light shone as Finn and the gang appeared. Shining looked around to see that the Kingdom was covered in Ice. "Looks like Ice King made this place his home" Finn said. "Let's go. And be quiet" Finn said. "WA-CHOO!" Pinkie sneezed. Finn looked at her with anger. "Hehe... Sorry" Pinkie said before they were surrounded. Finn took out his his sword. "Guess we'll have to fight, guys" He said before running towards the charging Gunthers. He sliced and stabbed them as he ran through. Jake grew big as he kicked the Gunthers away. Rainbow Dash sped towards the Gunthers knocking them over. Applejack got out her lasso and lassoed some Gunthers down. Pinkie Pie got her Party Cannon out. "Qwenk?" One of the Gunthers said. Pinkie pushed the button and out exploded block of concrete. A Gunther saluted before they got squashed. by the concrete. Shining Armor, Twilight and Rarity used their magic to push the Gunthers back. Fluttershy just sat there as a Gunther waddled up to her and pointed his spear at her. She looked at it with Puppy Eyes. The Gunther pulled it's spear back.before it fell down. Stabbing itself by accident. "I think that's all of them" Finn said looking around.
--Not anymore--
Shadows appeared in front of them. Dark Magic formed as it took on a physical appearances of the group. Everypony stared at their dark forms. "Let's do this" Finn said charging forward.

---Meanwhile inside the Throne Room of the Castle---

"Why are you doing this, you fiend!" Celestia yelled struggling against her chains. The Ice King walked forward and put his hands on the bars of the cell. "I need you for something special, Princess." He said leaning forward. "I blocked of your magic so you can't use it" He said. Celestia looked at him being scared for herself.

Author's Note:

There. An epic battle of dopplegangers is about to happen. And you can see what's happening to Celestia visually from Ice King's perspective.