• Published 29th Jul 2014
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Adventure Time: Hey Ice King! Why're we in Equestria!?! Book One - TheLightning

Ice King has gone too far this Time! Follow Finn and Jake on an Mathmatical Adventure in the Land of Equestria!

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Chapter Eight: Saving Princess Cadence Part2/2

Huh, so that's how it works... Oh, hi! Didn't see you there! Now where we? Oh yeah!

Finn stood there, facing the beast with Jake. "You ready, man? Finn asked Jake as he turned to look at him. "Yeah, man. Let's do this" Jake said getting into a ready stance. Finn got in a ready stance as well. "Let's do this!" Finn yelled as him and Jake ran towards the Ursa Major.

5 Seconds Later...

Finn flew across the room and landed on his face. "Oof!" Finn said when he hit the ground. Jake followed him a bit after. "Oof!" Jake said hitting the ground as well. "This is -Wheeze- a tough motherbucker" Finn said wheezing. "What are we supposed to do?" Jake said panting. Finn thought for a moment before a candle appeared above his head (What? Equestria doesn't have electricity. Yet). "I got an idea" Finn said before turning to look at Jake. "Jake?" He said. "Yeah?" Jake said. "Throw me at the Ursa's head" Finn said pointing at the Ursa Major. "Why?" Jake said. "You'll see" Finn said. "Whatever, dude" Jake said picking up Finn with his giant hand. Jake squinted before throwing Finn at the Ursa's head. Finn drew out his sword and focused his magic into it. He landed on the Ursa's head. He guided his sword upwards. "Asta la vista, Ursa" He said before jamming his sword into the Ursa's head. The Ursa roared with pain when the sword went in. 'Okay, the magic should spread across it's body, but it's gonna take a while' He thought. "Jake! Distract the Ursa!" He yelled down at Jake. "Okay!" Jake yelled back. "Hey smelly!" He yelled at the Ursa Major. The Ursa looked at him. "You're ugly!" Jake yelled to it. The Ursa growled at Jake before running towards him. Jake started running away from it. 'It should be done in 3. 2...' Finn thought before yelling "One!". His horn glowed as he activated the magic. The Ursa stopped in it's tracks. Finn then realized he was still on it. "Oh crap" He said to himself. The Ursa's body expanded before exploding (Not the -Boom!- Explosion, by the way). Some of the Ursa landed on Jake's face. "Aww, gross!" He yelled wiping it off of him. Finn landed where the Ursa was before. "Guess I should've thought before I did that" He said looking at one of his hooves that had Ursa on it. "Hey, wait! I smell Miss Cadence!" Jake said sniffing the air. "Where?" Finn said. "In there!" Jake said pointing at an opening. Finn and Jake walked in there to see that Cadence was in an Ice encasing like Twilight was. Finn positioned his sword and sliced. Cadence fell forward a little when the encasing broke open. "Where am I?" She said looking around. "The Gem Mines" Finn said. "Oh. Where's the exit?" She asked. Finn looked around to see no light from above. Finn sighed.

"Thank goodness, you're okay!" Shining Armor said hugging Cadence. "How's Twilight?" Finn asked. "She's still resting" Shining Armor said. "Well, guess we should teleport back to Ponyville"" Armor said. "Yeah, we should" Finn said. "Okay, hang on!" Armor said with his horn glowing before they teleported back to Ponyville.


Author's Note:

Sorry for it being so short. Oh, by the way. I won't be doing much work on this on August 8th (P.S. That's the date of my birthday}. So don't think that there's gonna be a chapter coming out on that day. That's all, goodbye! ... Seriously? You're still reading this!? Wow, people will read anything.................................................................................... Oh, come on! Stop reading! ... If you read this, you are stupid.