• Published 29th Jul 2014
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Adventure Time: Hey Ice King! Why're we in Equestria!?! Book One - TheLightning

Ice King has gone too far this Time! Follow Finn and Jake on an Mathmatical Adventure in the Land of Equestria!

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Chapter Seven: Saving Princess Cadence Part1/2

Ponyville Hospital

"Is she gonna be okay, Nurse Redheart?" Finn said standing next to Twilight's bed. "Yes. But's it's going to take a while for her to be Fully-Healed. We're just gonna have to wait" Nurse Redheart said while checking Twilight's status. Finn walked out of Twilight's room with Jake. "Is my sister going to be okay?" Shining Armor said trotting up to them. "She's okay, but she needs to rest" Finn said looking back at Twilight's room. "Oh, thank the heavens!" Shining Armor said while crying tears of joy. "But now we have to find the other Princesses" Finn said looking back at Shining Armor. "Where could they possibly be?" Shining Armor said. "Do you have anything that belongs to Princess Cadence?" Finn asked. "I have this handkerchief. Why?" Shining Armor said taking out a handkerchief. "Sniff it, Jake" Finn said pointing at the handkerchief. "-Sniff- -Sniff- -Sniff-" Jake smelled the handkerchief. "Well, where is she?" Finn asked. "She's... somewhere beneath Canterlot" Jake said. "The only thing below Canterlot is that old mine" Shining Armor said rubbing his chin with his hoof. "Armor. Can you take us to entrance?" Finn asked. "Sure!" Shining said before using his magic to teleport them there.

Gem Mines

"-Poof!- Here we are!" Armor said. Finn looked at in the cave. "C'mon Jake" Finn said before running in. "Wait for me!" Jake said running in after him. "Be careful!" Armor yelled.

"Oh my Glob, this place is huge!" Finn said looking around while trotting forward. "Of course it's big, dude. All mines are" Jake said following him. "I just hope we can find Miss Cadence" Finn said. "Yeah, it's gonna take a while to find her in here" Jake said looking around. "Heeheehee!" They stopped in their tracks when they heard that familiar cackle. "Ice King" Finn said. "Yes, it is I, the Ice King!" Ice King appeared with a smirk on his face. "Tell us where the Princess is!" Finn yelled. "I'm sorry, but I can't tell you that. She's a little frozen at the moment" Ice King said cackling. "Tell us now!" Finn yelled. "I know you could use some company, so here!" Ice King said using his magic, freezing Finn and Jake.

"-groans- Where am I now?" Finn said rubbing the back of his head and getting up. He turned to see Jake getting up and rubbing his head as well. "Where are we?" Finn said. "I dunno, but it's pretty big" Jake said. "-Growls-". "Jake, was that you?" Finn said. "No" Jake said. "-Snarles-". Finn turned around to see two big eyes staring at them. The creature that the eyes belonged to got up and roared. "Oh crap!" Finn said. "I know what that is! It's an Ursa Major!" Jake said. Finn drew out his sword with his magic and Jake grew big. "Let's do this" Finn said before running towards the Ursa Major.


Author's Note:

Sorry that it's so short. But I need stuff to put in Part Two.

"Oh my glob" Requested by Amethyst Sword.

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