• Published 29th Jul 2014
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Adventure Time: Hey Ice King! Why're we in Equestria!?! Book One - TheLightning

Ice King has gone too far this Time! Follow Finn and Jake on an Mathmatical Adventure in the Land of Equestria!

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Prologue: The adventure begins

The Tree House

"Finn!" Jake yelled from the bottom of the tree.
"Coming!" Finn said jumping down the ladder.
"We gotta get to the Candy Kingdom! BubbleGum needs our help!" Jake said turning into a car.
Finn got in as Jake went "Vroom!!!".and sped off to the Candy Kingdom.

Candy Kingdom

"Wow. Just wow.!" Finn said swinging around a sword made by Bubblegum.
"It's made of the stongest microcells known to Ooo" She said.
"Humma?" Finn said.
"-sighs- It's made out of Candy Steel. That's stronger than normal Steel." She said.
"Oh" he said.
"Hey, Princess! What's this thing?" Jake said looking at a machine.
"That's a Universe Transmorghigrater" She said.
"Oh, cool!" Finn said running over and pushing a button.
"Wait, don-" Too late. Finn and Jake dissapeared from the room before Bubblegum could say something.
"Oh boy..." Bubblegum said.

Ponyville: Twilight's Castle

"This place is big!" Spike said walking around with Twilight in her Castle.
"It sure is Spike, it sure is" Twilight said.
"Wait, you hear that?" He said.
"Yeah, what is that?" She said.
Finn and Jake appeared.
"Huh? Wha?" Finn said looking around.
"Oh... Universe Transmorghigrater... Bugglegum, you smartypants" Jake said.
"Uhhh..." Twilight said.
Finn and Jake turned around to see Twilight and Spike.
"Well.... this is awkward..." Finn said.


Author's Note:

Sorry for it being so short. It's my first fanfic. I've never done this before. Also, i'm planning on making this fanfic into a great game. But it's only a thought for now, so don't get too excited, okay?