• Published 29th Jul 2014
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Adventure Time: Hey Ice King! Why're we in Equestria!?! Book One - TheLightning

Ice King has gone too far this Time! Follow Finn and Jake on an Mathmatical Adventure in the Land of Equestria!

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Chapter Four: To The Gala Part2/2 (Updated)

"Woah. This place is way bigger than The Candy Kingdom" Finn said looking around.
"Hey, Jake!" Finn said.
"Yeah?" Jake said while stretching over to Finn.
"You thinking what i'm thinking?" Finn said pointing to the Royal Ball Room.
"Oohhhhh, yeeaaahhhh" Jake said.
Finn and Jake ran to the Ball Room.
"Dude, even this Ball Room is bigger!" Finn said trotting forward looking around.
"Off!" Finn fell down.
He looked up to see a White Stallion with Blonde Hair.
"I'm sor-" Finn started to say.
"Hey! I was just trying to apologize to you! What's your name?" Finn said getting up.
"If you must know, Peasant. My name is Prince Blueblood" He said scoffing.
"Hey, Jake?" Finn said.
"Yeah?" Jake said.
Finn whispered in his ear.
They both stared at Blueblood.
"What?" He said.


"I dunno. You look fine being up on top of the Castle hanging upside-down" Finn snickered.
"Whatever, I can teleport dow- HEY! WHY CAN'T I USE MY MAGIC!?!" He yelled.
"Yeah, I imagine that must be hard with Horn-Brace on your horn" Finn said.
"WHY YOU LITTL-" He started to say before Jake put Duck-Tape over his mouth.
"He'll have a hard time explaining that in the morning" Finn guffawed.
"Heeheehee" Jake giggled.
"Finn?" Somepony said.
"Huh? Oh. Hey, Twilight" Finn said turning around to face her.
"I'd like to meet my brother, Shining Armor, and his wife and my sister, Princess Cadence" She said gesturing her hoof towards the two. "Nice to meet you two" Finn said bowing towards them.
"Nice to meet you too, Finn the human" Shining said bowing back.
They left a little while after to dance.
"Well, see you later, Twilight" Finn said waving goodbye.
"Wait, Finn" Twilight said stopping him.
"Yeah, what is it?" Finn said turning around.
"Would you, um, care to dance?" She said shyly.
Finn blushed at hearing this.
"S-s-sure, Twilight" He said holding her hoof.
They trotted onto the dance floor.
"-sighs- He's growing up so fast. -sniffs-" Jake said crying a little.
"Do you know how to dance?" Twilight asked Finn.
"Yeah!" Finn said excitedly.
"As a pony?" She said.
"Oh. No" Finn said.
"Well. I'll teach you then. First you have to..."


-slow music playing-
"I gotta say. This is really fun!" Finn said happily.
"Hey, Finn?" Twilight said shyly.
"Yeah?" He said.
"Could you, um, close your eyes?" She said even more shyly.
"Uhhh... okay" He said closing his eyes.
'Now's my chance!' Twilight thought inching closer to Finn's face
Closer, and closer, and closer...
-Crash- "Heeheeheee!"
"What the-?!" Finn said turning towards the sound.
A chilly blast came forth from the outside.
"No.. It can't be..." Finn said.
"What? It can't be who?" Twilight said.
"Heeheehee!" The Ice King appeared from the freezing blast.
He looked around and saw Finn and Twilight.
"Princess..." He said before completely freezing Twilight.
"Twilight!" Finn yelled.
"What's going on in here!?!" Princess Celestia and Luna appeared at the entrance.
But before they could do anything, the Ice King froze them both.
The Ice King swooped down and grabbed all of them.
"Ice King! Why are you doing this!?!" Finn yelled stomping his hoof on the floor.
"I'm afraid I can't tell you! But you can come and try to save them!" He said before flying away.
Finn stood there wide-eyed.
"Hey, man! What's going on..." Jake said before looking around.
"Oh" He said.


Author's Note:

Here's Chapter Four. Enjoy it or I come to your house and I keel you.