Adventure Time: Hey Ice King! Why're we in Equestria!?! Book One

by TheLightning

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Ice King has gone too far this Time! Follow Finn and Jake on an Mathmatical Adventure in the Land of Equestria!

Finn and Jake have been teleported to Equestria by mysterious magic. They land in Twilight's Castle and things go bonkers from there! To a Ursa Major, a jerk of a Prince, some lovely love, and something that's way eviler than Ice King himself! That and more in Adventure Time: HIK! WAWIE!?! "Adventure Time, c'mon grab your friends, we'll go to very distant lands, with Jake the Dog and Finn the Human, the fun will never end, it's Adventure Time! Hey Ice King! Why're we Equestria!?! Can't believe you would do this! You giant Jerk! We're gonna travel across the land and find you, and we're gonna kick your ass! Yo, King of Ice, it would suffice, if you weren't such a jerk! We're gonna get to the bottom of this! And when we're done. Gonna kick your Ancient Booty!"

Edit: Book Two's new owner is The Cosmic Consciousness.

Prologue: The adventure begins

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The Tree House

"Finn!" Jake yelled from the bottom of the tree.
"Coming!" Finn said jumping down the ladder.
"We gotta get to the Candy Kingdom! BubbleGum needs our help!" Jake said turning into a car.
Finn got in as Jake went "Vroom!!!".and sped off to the Candy Kingdom.

Candy Kingdom

"Wow. Just wow.!" Finn said swinging around a sword made by Bubblegum.
"It's made of the stongest microcells known to Ooo" She said.
"Humma?" Finn said.
"-sighs- It's made out of Candy Steel. That's stronger than normal Steel." She said.
"Oh" he said.
"Hey, Princess! What's this thing?" Jake said looking at a machine.
"That's a Universe Transmorghigrater" She said.
"Oh, cool!" Finn said running over and pushing a button.
"Wait, don-" Too late. Finn and Jake dissapeared from the room before Bubblegum could say something.
"Oh boy..." Bubblegum said.

Ponyville: Twilight's Castle

"This place is big!" Spike said walking around with Twilight in her Castle.
"It sure is Spike, it sure is" Twilight said.
"Wait, you hear that?" He said.
"Yeah, what is that?" She said.
Finn and Jake appeared.
"Huh? Wha?" Finn said looking around.
"Oh... Universe Transmorghigrater... Bugglegum, you smartypants" Jake said.
"Uhhh..." Twilight said.
Finn and Jake turned around to see Twilight and Spike.
"Well.... this is awkward..." Finn said.


Chapter One and Two: Welcome to Ponyville (Updated, yet again)

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When I woke up today... I was hoping to help Bubblegum, then go have an adventure... But noooo.... I'm in a place I know nothing about.

"So, that explains everything" Twilight said rubbing her chin with her hoof.
"Yeah" Finn said.
"By the way, have you noticed you're a Alicorn now?" Twilight said pointing at Finn.
"What are you talking abo- What!?! Why do I have hooves!?!" Finn said looking at himself.
Jake looked at him and laughed. "Bahahahahaha!!!" He laughed rolling on the floor.
"Stop laughing! It's not funny!" Finn yelled.
"Whoa, sorry dude" Jake said getting up.
"Twilight, are you okay?" Everyone turned to see Rainbow Dash. "Whoa, what's going on here?" She said looking at them. "Who are those two?" she said pointing at Finn and Jake.
"I'm Finn and this is Jake" Finn said.
"Wassup'?" Jake said stretching over to her.
She stared at Jake wide-eyed and said "H-how did you?".
"Oh, sorry. I forgot to tell you guys that i'm a magical dog" He said stretching back to Finn.
4 mares walked up from behind Rainbow Dash.
"Uhhh..." Finn said.
"We saw everything that happened there" One mare said.
"Finn, Jake. I'd like you to meet my friends. Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Rarity, Pinkie Pie, and Applejack" Twilight said.
"Hi!" Jake said waving.
"Spike, could you make a letter to Celestia please?" Twilight said.
"Oh! Sure!" Spike said getting a Quill and some parchment.


"And that's about it, your majesties" Finn said bowing in front of Princess Celestia and Luna.
"Very intriguing" Celestia said.
"Yeah. But I don't think Bubblegum can help me and Jake get back home to Ooo. I'm pretty sure she doesn't know where her machine teleported us" Finn said rubbing his hoof on the back of his head.
"I'm certain we can get you home. But, i'm not certain how long it will take" Celestia said.
"Okay, Miss Celestia" Finn said nodding.
We will see eachother again soon, Finn the Human" Celestia said trotting out the door with Luna.
They get on their chariot and flyed away. On the chariot they both thought about Finn. They both sigh dreamily. They both gasped and then look at eachother.
"Sister, are you thinking what we are thinking" Luna said.
"I'm sure of it" Celestia said.
They both blushed.
"Sister, I think we have a crush on Mister Finn" Luna said, her face getting red.
"I think so too" Celestia said, her face getting red as well.
They thought about Finn all the way back to the casrle.

Back at the castle...

"Well, what now?" Jake said. "We don't have a place to sleep" He said.
The Mane 6 looked at them and then looked at eachother.
"Well, there's a spare room in my castle" Twilight said blushing and patting her hoof into the floor.
"Wow. Thanks Twilight! Pony hug!" Finn said hugging Twilight, whose face got redder than an apple.
"Ah' guess we'll leave you three alone now. C'mon girls" Applejack said trotting out the doors.
"Yes, it was nice to meet you, Mister Finn" Rarity said, trotting out the doors as well.
The girls say goodbye. After everypony else left, Twilight showed Finn and Jake their room.
"Goodnight, you two" Twilight said trotting out the door.
"Goodnight Twi!" Finn and Jake said before jumping into their beds.
"Goodnight, Jake" Finn said.
"Goodnight, dude" Jake said.
Jake fell asleep, but Finn stayed up for a bit.
'I don't know why. But it feels like my gut's telling me something bad is gonna happen' He thought. "Oh, well" He said before going to sleep.

In the Everfree Forest, Zecora was in her hut meditating. "Hmmm..." She said. She opened her eyes and went outside. "Who's there?" She said pointing her spear fiercely. "I said, who be ther-" She was interrupted by an Icy Blast freezing blast, freezing her in place.
"Hehehehehe!" Looks likes Finn's gut is right. Something bad is gonna happen.


Chapter Three: To the Gala Part1/2 (Updated)

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Ponyville: Picnic Area

"You eat this stuff?" Finn said looking at a tray of Hay Sandwiches.
"Of course. It's delicious" Twilight said taking a sandwich and eating it.
"Eh, whatever you say" He said as he picks one up and eats it.
"Holy Poopy buns! This tastes Mathmatical!" He says before devouring the whole sandwich.
"Told ya" She said taking another bite.
"Huh, never thought i'd like hay" Jake said eating one as well.
"Twilight!" they turned to see Spike running towards them with a scroll.
"Letter... from... the... Princess..." He says before collapsing of exhaustion.
Twilight levitates it to herself and reads it.
"What's the letter say?" Finn said eating another sandwich.
Twilight puts the paper down and shows Finn and Jake nine golden tickets.
"Tickets to The Grand Galloping Gala, nine of them" She said.
"Wait, if six friends, plus a Dragon buddy, plus us equals.." Jake said counting his fingers.
"Seriously? You have to bring math into this?" Finn said looking at Jake while still eating a sandwich.
"That equals 9" Jake said looking at Twilight and Finn.
"Oh boy... I guess I have to get dressed properly for the Gala?" Finn said.
"Yes. Yes you do" Twilight said.
Finn groaned all the way back to Twilight's Castle.
"I hate getting dressed up! I'm used to my clothes!" Finn said sitting down.
"You'll be okay, I promise" Twilight said.
"Ugh...,... Fine!" Finn groaned.

A while later at Rarity's Boutique...

"You'll absolutely love his new look!" Rarity said walking out of the Dressing Room.
"Can we see how mah bro-ham looks?" Jake said.
"Of course! Mister Finn! Come out please!" Rarity yelled.
Finn walked out of the Dressing Room, he had a Tuxedo, a clean, combed, Mane. And he looked Handsome as heck!
"Oh my..." Twilight said.
"Isn't he simply dashing?" Rarity said.
"He sure is!" Jake said.
"Wait. How are we supposed to get there?" Finn said.
"A Chariot of course" Twilight said.
"Oh, that makes sense" Finn said.


"Is everypony on?" Twilight said.
"Yes" Everypony else said.
"Okay, let's go!" Twilight said.
The Chariot raised into the air and started towards Canterlot.
"Umm... Finn?" Rarity whispered.
"Yeah, Rarity?" Finn said.
"Can you do me a favor?" She said.
"Sure, what is it?" Finn said.
"If you see a stallion named Prince Blueblood. Could you get some revenge on him for me?" She said.
"Sure, Rarity" Finn said.


Chapter Four: To The Gala Part2/2 (Updated)

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"Woah. This place is way bigger than The Candy Kingdom" Finn said looking around.
"Hey, Jake!" Finn said.
"Yeah?" Jake said while stretching over to Finn.
"You thinking what i'm thinking?" Finn said pointing to the Royal Ball Room.
"Oohhhhh, yeeaaahhhh" Jake said.
Finn and Jake ran to the Ball Room.
"Dude, even this Ball Room is bigger!" Finn said trotting forward looking around.
"Off!" Finn fell down.
He looked up to see a White Stallion with Blonde Hair.
"I'm sor-" Finn started to say.
"Hey! I was just trying to apologize to you! What's your name?" Finn said getting up.
"If you must know, Peasant. My name is Prince Blueblood" He said scoffing.
"Hey, Jake?" Finn said.
"Yeah?" Jake said.
Finn whispered in his ear.
They both stared at Blueblood.
"What?" He said.


"I dunno. You look fine being up on top of the Castle hanging upside-down" Finn snickered.
"Whatever, I can teleport dow- HEY! WHY CAN'T I USE MY MAGIC!?!" He yelled.
"Yeah, I imagine that must be hard with Horn-Brace on your horn" Finn said.
"WHY YOU LITTL-" He started to say before Jake put Duck-Tape over his mouth.
"He'll have a hard time explaining that in the morning" Finn guffawed.
"Heeheehee" Jake giggled.
"Finn?" Somepony said.
"Huh? Oh. Hey, Twilight" Finn said turning around to face her.
"I'd like to meet my brother, Shining Armor, and his wife and my sister, Princess Cadence" She said gesturing her hoof towards the two. "Nice to meet you two" Finn said bowing towards them.
"Nice to meet you too, Finn the human" Shining said bowing back.
They left a little while after to dance.
"Well, see you later, Twilight" Finn said waving goodbye.
"Wait, Finn" Twilight said stopping him.
"Yeah, what is it?" Finn said turning around.
"Would you, um, care to dance?" She said shyly.
Finn blushed at hearing this.
"S-s-sure, Twilight" He said holding her hoof.
They trotted onto the dance floor.
"-sighs- He's growing up so fast. -sniffs-" Jake said crying a little.
"Do you know how to dance?" Twilight asked Finn.
"Yeah!" Finn said excitedly.
"As a pony?" She said.
"Oh. No" Finn said.
"Well. I'll teach you then. First you have to..."


-slow music playing-
"I gotta say. This is really fun!" Finn said happily.
"Hey, Finn?" Twilight said shyly.
"Yeah?" He said.
"Could you, um, close your eyes?" She said even more shyly.
"Uhhh... okay" He said closing his eyes.
'Now's my chance!' Twilight thought inching closer to Finn's face
Closer, and closer, and closer...
-Crash- "Heeheeheee!"
"What the-?!" Finn said turning towards the sound.
A chilly blast came forth from the outside.
"No.. It can't be..." Finn said.
"What? It can't be who?" Twilight said.
"Heeheehee!" The Ice King appeared from the freezing blast.
He looked around and saw Finn and Twilight.
"Princess..." He said before completely freezing Twilight.
"Twilight!" Finn yelled.
"What's going on in here!?!" Princess Celestia and Luna appeared at the entrance.
But before they could do anything, the Ice King froze them both.
The Ice King swooped down and grabbed all of them.
"Ice King! Why are you doing this!?!" Finn yelled stomping his hoof on the floor.
"I'm afraid I can't tell you! But you can come and try to save them!" He said before flying away.
Finn stood there wide-eyed.
"Hey, man! What's going on..." Jake said before looking around.
"Oh" He said.


Chapter Five: Saving Twilght Part 1/2

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"What happened!? Where's Twilight!?" Rainbow Dash said.
"She's gone like Celestia and Luna" Finn said sadly.
'How? How did he get here?' Finn thought to himself.
"Uhh... Dude? We have save Twilight, remember?" Jake said.
"Oh, right" Finn said trotting towards the entrance.
"Wait!" Finn turned around to see Shining Armor.
"He took Cadence as well!" Armor said.
"Got it! Huh, this is reminding me of something... But I don't know what" Finn said.
"Huh?" Shining said confused.
"Oh nothing important. C'mon Jake! We got some Princesses to save" Finn said getting on Jake's back as hew grew.
"Yeah!" Jake said running away from the castle.
Everypony looked at them as they went away.
"They do know where they're going, right?" Shining asked looking at Rainbow Dash.
"No, they do not" She said shaking her head.

Later at the edge of Everfree Forest...

'-Sniff- -Sniff- -Sniff-'
"Are you sure you can pick up her scent?" Finn said as he followed Jake.
"Yeah, man. I know that she smells like grapes and lemons" Jake said as he kept sniffing.
"Yeah, that is true. She does smell like that" Finn said.
Jake looked up to see a cave with wet slime on the inside.
"I smell her in there" Jake said pointing at it.
They both walked into the cave.
"Jeez. What's with all this black junk all over this place?" Finn said.
"We'd better get used to it, this place is huge" Jake said.
They got to the end of the cave tunnel and saw something that shocked them.
"Is this a freakin' colony!?!" Finn said guffawing.
"It sure looks like i- WAAH!" Jake was innterupted.
"Jake?" Finn looked to his right to see that Jake was not there.
"Where are you, dude?" He asked.
He looked around and got a little freaked out.
"Dude! It's not fun-" He was knocked out before he could finish.


Chapter Six: Saving Twilight Part2/2

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Finn opened his eyes. "-groans- Where am I?" He said looking around, to see that he was in a cocoon. "What the heck!?" He yelled. He looked around some more. "Huh. So this is how those Candy People felt in that deer gunk" He said to himself while struggling to get out. He then remembered he brought his sword with him, "Alright, time to try to use my horn" Finn said. He grunted and struggled to use his horn until he was able to grab his sword. 'Got it!' He thought to himself. He lined up his sword to the opening of the cocoon. "One... Two... Three!" He said slicing it. The sack gurgled as he got out of it. "Bleck! I'd really hate to have been born in there!" He said getting up. He looked to his left to see Jake staring at him from within it. Finn sighed as he sliced the egg open. Jake got out and shook the gunk off. "Aww, dude!" Finn said covering himself. "I can't help it! I'm a dog!" Jake said. "-Hiss!-" Finn and Jake turned to see a horde of Changelings. "Run" Finn said. "You don't have to tell me twile! Jump on my powdered doughnut!" Jake said stretching his back. Finn jumped on as Jake started running. The Changelings followed them. "Hmmm... Interesting" A shadowed figure watched Jake and Finn. "Looks like my subjects will be having dinner" It said smiling.

"Holy crap, these things are fast!" Finn said swatting away Changelings with his sword. "Dude, look! Up ahead!" Jake said . Finn looked forward to see Twilight incased in Ice and some of that gunk that's everywhere in here. "Twilight!" Finn yelled. "F-finn, Is t-that you?" She said weakly. "Woah!" Jake said slipping on some goop on the floor of the cave. Finn landed in front of Twilight. "Owch" He said before getting up. He looked at Twilight then back at Jake. "Jake, hold them off!" Finn said getting his sword out. "On it!" Jake said stretching into a wall. "Okay.. Gotta. Aim. Carefully" Finn said before slicing the Ice encasing open. Twilight fell down. Finn picked her up with magic and put her on his back. "Alright, Jake. We gotta get the buck out of here!" Finn said running up to Jake. "Okay, dude!" Jake said stretching into a bigger form of himself. Finn jumped on his back. But before Jake could start running... "Halt" Jake stopped in his tracks. A figure appeared from the swarm of Changelings. Finn put Twilight on Jake's back and hopped down. "What do you want?" Finn said getting his sword out. "Oh, nothing much" It said before grabbing Finn by his neck and bringing him closer to itself. "W-who the heck are you?" Finn said gasping for air. "I'm Queen Chrysalis of the Changelings" She said revealing her face. "W-why are you doing this?" Finn said still gasping for air. "I sense a huge amount of love in your inner being, and my species must feed on it" She said showing her fangs. "Not on my watch!" Jake said smacking Chrysalis with his hand. She released Finn from her grasp. "Why you little twat! Attack my subjects!" She yelled. "Not on my watch" Finn said. He got up and used his magic to grab his sword. "What is that puny thing going to do to my army?" She cackled. Finn focused his magic on his sword then swung it. "That's what's it'll do" Finn said. Chrysalis turned to see her army, laying on the ground gasping for air. "H-how?" She blubbered. "Easy, I just infused my magic into my sword, causing your army to have their internal organs stop for 5 seconds. Simple" Finn said getting back on Jake. "C'mon let's go, dude" Finn said. Jake walked out of the cave. Chrysalis saw them go away. You swear you could see her smile. "He's really interesting" She said before going back in to the cave.


Chapter Seven: Saving Princess Cadence Part1/2

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Ponyville Hospital

"Is she gonna be okay, Nurse Redheart?" Finn said standing next to Twilight's bed. "Yes. But's it's going to take a while for her to be Fully-Healed. We're just gonna have to wait" Nurse Redheart said while checking Twilight's status. Finn walked out of Twilight's room with Jake. "Is my sister going to be okay?" Shining Armor said trotting up to them. "She's okay, but she needs to rest" Finn said looking back at Twilight's room. "Oh, thank the heavens!" Shining Armor said while crying tears of joy. "But now we have to find the other Princesses" Finn said looking back at Shining Armor. "Where could they possibly be?" Shining Armor said. "Do you have anything that belongs to Princess Cadence?" Finn asked. "I have this handkerchief. Why?" Shining Armor said taking out a handkerchief. "Sniff it, Jake" Finn said pointing at the handkerchief. "-Sniff- -Sniff- -Sniff-" Jake smelled the handkerchief. "Well, where is she?" Finn asked. "She's... somewhere beneath Canterlot" Jake said. "The only thing below Canterlot is that old mine" Shining Armor said rubbing his chin with his hoof. "Armor. Can you take us to entrance?" Finn asked. "Sure!" Shining said before using his magic to teleport them there.

Gem Mines

"-Poof!- Here we are!" Armor said. Finn looked at in the cave. "C'mon Jake" Finn said before running in. "Wait for me!" Jake said running in after him. "Be careful!" Armor yelled.

"Oh my Glob, this place is huge!" Finn said looking around while trotting forward. "Of course it's big, dude. All mines are" Jake said following him. "I just hope we can find Miss Cadence" Finn said. "Yeah, it's gonna take a while to find her in here" Jake said looking around. "Heeheehee!" They stopped in their tracks when they heard that familiar cackle. "Ice King" Finn said. "Yes, it is I, the Ice King!" Ice King appeared with a smirk on his face. "Tell us where the Princess is!" Finn yelled. "I'm sorry, but I can't tell you that. She's a little frozen at the moment" Ice King said cackling. "Tell us now!" Finn yelled. "I know you could use some company, so here!" Ice King said using his magic, freezing Finn and Jake.

"-groans- Where am I now?" Finn said rubbing the back of his head and getting up. He turned to see Jake getting up and rubbing his head as well. "Where are we?" Finn said. "I dunno, but it's pretty big" Jake said. "-Growls-". "Jake, was that you?" Finn said. "No" Jake said. "-Snarles-". Finn turned around to see two big eyes staring at them. The creature that the eyes belonged to got up and roared. "Oh crap!" Finn said. "I know what that is! It's an Ursa Major!" Jake said. Finn drew out his sword with his magic and Jake grew big. "Let's do this" Finn said before running towards the Ursa Major.


Chapter Eight: Saving Princess Cadence Part2/2

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Huh, so that's how it works... Oh, hi! Didn't see you there! Now where we? Oh yeah!

Finn stood there, facing the beast with Jake. "You ready, man? Finn asked Jake as he turned to look at him. "Yeah, man. Let's do this" Jake said getting into a ready stance. Finn got in a ready stance as well. "Let's do this!" Finn yelled as him and Jake ran towards the Ursa Major.

5 Seconds Later...

Finn flew across the room and landed on his face. "Oof!" Finn said when he hit the ground. Jake followed him a bit after. "Oof!" Jake said hitting the ground as well. "This is -Wheeze- a tough motherbucker" Finn said wheezing. "What are we supposed to do?" Jake said panting. Finn thought for a moment before a candle appeared above his head (What? Equestria doesn't have electricity. Yet). "I got an idea" Finn said before turning to look at Jake. "Jake?" He said. "Yeah?" Jake said. "Throw me at the Ursa's head" Finn said pointing at the Ursa Major. "Why?" Jake said. "You'll see" Finn said. "Whatever, dude" Jake said picking up Finn with his giant hand. Jake squinted before throwing Finn at the Ursa's head. Finn drew out his sword and focused his magic into it. He landed on the Ursa's head. He guided his sword upwards. "Asta la vista, Ursa" He said before jamming his sword into the Ursa's head. The Ursa roared with pain when the sword went in. 'Okay, the magic should spread across it's body, but it's gonna take a while' He thought. "Jake! Distract the Ursa!" He yelled down at Jake. "Okay!" Jake yelled back. "Hey smelly!" He yelled at the Ursa Major. The Ursa looked at him. "You're ugly!" Jake yelled to it. The Ursa growled at Jake before running towards him. Jake started running away from it. 'It should be done in 3. 2...' Finn thought before yelling "One!". His horn glowed as he activated the magic. The Ursa stopped in it's tracks. Finn then realized he was still on it. "Oh crap" He said to himself. The Ursa's body expanded before exploding (Not the -Boom!- Explosion, by the way). Some of the Ursa landed on Jake's face. "Aww, gross!" He yelled wiping it off of him. Finn landed where the Ursa was before. "Guess I should've thought before I did that" He said looking at one of his hooves that had Ursa on it. "Hey, wait! I smell Miss Cadence!" Jake said sniffing the air. "Where?" Finn said. "In there!" Jake said pointing at an opening. Finn and Jake walked in there to see that Cadence was in an Ice encasing like Twilight was. Finn positioned his sword and sliced. Cadence fell forward a little when the encasing broke open. "Where am I?" She said looking around. "The Gem Mines" Finn said. "Oh. Where's the exit?" She asked. Finn looked around to see no light from above. Finn sighed.

"Thank goodness, you're okay!" Shining Armor said hugging Cadence. "How's Twilight?" Finn asked. "She's still resting" Shining Armor said. "Well, guess we should teleport back to Ponyville"" Armor said. "Yeah, we should" Finn said. "Okay, hang on!" Armor said with his horn glowing before they teleported back to Ponyville.


Chapter Nine: Saving Princess Luna

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"-Snores- No! Don't do that, Ice King! ZZZzzzzz...." Finn was fast asleep in the spare room Twilight gave Him and Jake. "Dude, wake up" Jake said poking Finn. "5 more minutes, mom" Finn said turning over. "Okay, you asked for it!" Jake said stretching out his arms. "Tickle, Tickle, Tickle!" Jake said tickling Finn. "HAHAHA! Okay, okay! I'm up!" Finn said laughing before getting up. "What is it?" He said rubbing his eyes. "Twilight's out of the hospital!" Jake said pointing to the door, where Twilight was standing. Finn stared at Twilight for a second before running over and hugging her.. "Thank the heavens you're okay, Twilight!" He said hugging her tighter. Twilight smiled and hugged him back. "Yes, i'm okay. Thanks for saving me and Cadence" She said smooching Finn on his cheek. Finn blushed at this before kissing her back. "Uh, lovebirds? Me and Finn have to rescue Celestia and Luna, renember?" Jake said interrupting. Finn and Twilight blushed before they stopped hugging. "Well, where could one of them be?" Finn asked. "I think I know where one of them might be" Twilight said. "I'm all ears" Jake said before ears popped all over his body (By magic of course). Twilight stared at him for a second before saying "Alright, listen up..."

"Ugh, my head.... Where the heck am I?" A pony said before getting up. It looked around to see it was in an unfamiliar forest. "This isn't my house" It said trotting forward. It stopped in front of a pond and looked at itself. It's scream could be heard for a half-mile.

"You mean Luna's probably in the Old Castle?" Finn asked Twilight. "That's where i'm guessing she is" Twilight said. "I guess we should head there the-" Jake was interrupted by a faint scream. "What's wrong, Jake?" Finn said walking over to Jake. "I hear Marceline!" Jake said. "What!?" Finn said shockingly. "Who's Marceline?" Twilight asked. "No time to explain! Come on Finn!" Jake said grabbing Finn's arm and running out the door. "Uhhh... Okay?" Twilight said confused.

"What the hell am I?!" Marceline said looking at her new form. "Am I a horse or something?" She said looking at her hooves. She then heard footsteps coming closer than stopping. She looked to see Jake and... A pony? "Hey, Jake. What's up? Who's that with you?" She said. "Marceline? Is that you?" Finn asked. She noticed the voice and said "Finn? Is that you?". "Yeah, it's me. Why are you here?" Finn said. "I don't know. I was asleep in my bed and now i'm here in a horse's body" She said looking at herself. "First of all, you're a Pony, and second, you're one of those Changelings!" Finn said. "Oh... So what are you guys up to?" She said walking over to them. "We're going to that old castle, we think one of the Princesses is in there somewhere" Jake said pointing to an old castle in the distance. "Oh, okay. Wait. One of the Princesses?" She said. "I'll explain later, but right now we gotta head over there" Finn said walking forward with Jake. Marceline looked around again "Wait up!" She yelled running towards them to catch up.

---The Alicorn Sisters Old Castle---

"Woah. Is this place supposed to have Ice everywhere?" Marceline said looking at the Castle. "Ice King must be near" Finn said walking into the Castle. Ice covered everything inside. They stopped and looked around. "Which way should we take? There's five of them!" Finn said. Suddenly Ice covered the exits and they were trapped in there. They heard Ice King cackling before he appeared in front of them. "Ice King!" Finn yelled. He ran up towards Ice King with his sword unsheathed. Ice King used his magic to put Luna's frozen form in front of him. Finn stopped himself before he could hit her. Ice King hit him with a strong freezing blast, causing Finn to be launched across the room and hitting the wall head on before falling to the floor, leaving a bloody imprint on the wall and the floor. "Finn!" Jake and Marceline yelled. "Why would you do that!?!" Jake yelled turning to face the Ice King with his face seething with anger. He charged at Ice King, but before the Ice King retaliate, Jake hit him square across the face. Ice King landed on the. He got up and spit out blood. "You'll regret doing that!" He said before snapping his fingers and disappearing. Jake picked up Luna in her frozen form and put her in his sack that he created on his back. He turned back to see Marceline standing next to Finn's unconscious form. He sweared he could see some tears coming out of her eyes. "Don't worry, Marceline. I'm sure he'll be fine. We just have to take him back to Ponyville" He said picking up Finn's body. "-Sniff- O-okay" She said rubbing her eye.

---Ponyville: Twilight's Library---

"I hope they're okay" Twilight said trotting around in a circle. "I'm sure Finn and Jake are okay" Shining Armor said patting Twilight. "Yeah, they haven't been hurt badly once! I'm sure they're fine!" Rainbow Dash said reassuring Twilight. "I guess you're rig-" Twilight said before being interrupted by the front doors being opened. Everypony turned to see Jake and Marceline. "Hey, Jake! Who's that?" Twilight asked looking at Marceline. "She's one of mine and Finn's friends" Jake said. "Jake, where's Finn?" Rarity asked. Jake looked at Marceline, and she nodded. Jake looked at everypony and sighed. "I might as well show you" He said. He strected his body sack and took out Luna then he took something out that was covered in a blanket that was reddened and it was dripping. "W-what's in there?" Fluttershy asked. Jake opened the blanket to show them. It was Finn, and he was covered in blood and was barely breathing. Everypony stared for a moment before tears showed up on their faces. "I-is he gonna be o-okay?" Twilight asked while crying. Jake looked at Finn and looked back at them. "I don't... think he's gonna make it..." He said crying as well. "A-are you sure?" Twilight said with more tears coming out of her eyes. Jake nodded sadly. Twilight sat down and started crying hardly into her hooves. "R-rest in peace, dude" Jake said crying.


Chapter Ten: Saving Princess Celestia Part 1/3

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---Ponyville: Hospital---

-Beep!- -Beep!- Beep!-
"Is he going to be okay, Miss Redheart?" Twilight asked. "I'm not sure, he has lost a lot of blood, i'm not sure he's going to make it" Redheart said. Twilight cried back at the waiting room. "I'm soory, Twilight. I wish he was still here" Jake said sitting next to her. "T-there's got to be some way to bring him back!" Twilight said still crying. Jake looked at her then thought about something that could help. "Wait, Twilight. I think I got something that mighty help" She turned to see a jar in his hand. "W-what's that?" She said. "It's the tears of a cyclops that can heal anything, but there's only a few drops left" He said looking inside the jar. "But it might work" He said getting and walking into the room holding Finn as Twilight followed him. "Okay, let's hope this works" Jake said opening the jar and pouring the last of it's contents on Finn. Finn moved a little. He opened his eyes and sat up. "Ugh... My head..." Finn said holding his forehead with his hoof and rubbing it. "He's awake!" Twilight said hugging Finn. "Woah! What the heck did I miss?" Finn said. "Let's just say a lot" Jake said laughing. "O-okay, you're starting to hurt me, Twilight" Finn said. "Oh, sorry" She said. She looked at her hoof to see blood on it. She stared at Jake. "I guess it didn't heal him fully, but atleast he's alive, right?" Jake said. "Yeah, that is true" She said looking at Finn getting up. "I wonder what damages happened to me" He said walking over to a clipboard with his name at the top and he read it. "It says I got impaled with a stone that was parted out, and now I can't use my wing" He said looking at his back to see it covered in bandages and bleeding a little. "Geez, I thought it was gonna be more serious" He said walking back to Jake and Twilight. "Let's just show the others" Twilight said. They walked out of the room and everypony turned to look at them."What's up?" Finn said. "You know what this calls for?" Pinkie Pie said hopping up next to Finn. "A PARTY!" She yelled. "Uh, Pinkie? Celestia still isn't saved yet" Finn said. "Oh, right. But can we have a party after that?" She asked wtih puppy eyes. "Of course! Now has anything suspicious been going on?" Finn said. "Well, I haven't heard anything from the Crystal Kingdom since I came to the Gala" Shining Armor said. Finn looked at Jake, then at everypony else. "Can you take us to the Crystal Kingdom?" Finn said. "I can do that" Shining said with his horn beginning to glow. "Wait, stop" Rainbow Dash said. Shining stopped. "We'll come" She said. "Yeah!" Pinkie said. "Eeyup" AppleJack said. "I-i'll try to help" Fluttershy said. "I will make sure this Ice King will pay" Rarity said. Finn smiled at this. "Okay, Shining, let's go" Finn said.

---Crystal Kingdom---

A light shone as Finn and the gang appeared. Shining looked around to see that the Kingdom was covered in Ice. "Looks like Ice King made this place his home" Finn said. "Let's go. And be quiet" Finn said. "WA-CHOO!" Pinkie sneezed. Finn looked at her with anger. "Hehe... Sorry" Pinkie said before they were surrounded. Finn took out his his sword. "Guess we'll have to fight, guys" He said before running towards the charging Gunthers. He sliced and stabbed them as he ran through. Jake grew big as he kicked the Gunthers away. Rainbow Dash sped towards the Gunthers knocking them over. Applejack got out her lasso and lassoed some Gunthers down. Pinkie Pie got her Party Cannon out. "Qwenk?" One of the Gunthers said. Pinkie pushed the button and out exploded block of concrete. A Gunther saluted before they got squashed. by the concrete. Shining Armor, Twilight and Rarity used their magic to push the Gunthers back. Fluttershy just sat there as a Gunther waddled up to her and pointed his spear at her. She looked at it with Puppy Eyes. The Gunther pulled it's spear back.before it fell down. Stabbing itself by accident. "I think that's all of them" Finn said looking around.
--Not anymore--
Shadows appeared in front of them. Dark Magic formed as it took on a physical appearances of the group. Everypony stared at their dark forms. "Let's do this" Finn said charging forward.

---Meanwhile inside the Throne Room of the Castle---

"Why are you doing this, you fiend!" Celestia yelled struggling against her chains. The Ice King walked forward and put his hands on the bars of the cell. "I need you for something special, Princess." He said leaning forward. "I blocked of your magic so you can't use it" He said. Celestia looked at him being scared for herself.

Chapter Eleven: Saving Princess Celestia Part2/3

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The Battlefield was splattered with the bodies of the Gunthers. Finn stared down his dark form. "Is this all the Ice King has to protect himself?" Finn said still having a staring contest with his dark form. "I don't think Ice King created these" Jake said. Everypony stood still for a moment before charging at eachother's dark forms.
Finn swinged at his dark form, but the shadow form dodged and used it's magic to manifest a sword and teleported behind Finn and stabbed him. "Gah!" Finn yelled. His eyesight dimmed a little. 'Please don't let my friends die, Glob' He thought before he blacked out.
Jake turned to see Finn being stabbed. He gasped, then he got furious. Jake grabbed his dark clone and ripped it in half. Twilight saw Finn get stabbed also. She used her magic to vaporize her dark form. Her and Jake helped the others with their dark forms.
After the battle was won. Jake and the others walked over to Finn's body. Twilight began to cry. Jake lowered his head. Then he noticed something out of the corner of his eyes. He turned around to see the rest of their friends. "Did we miss anything, perchance?" Luna asked. Jake stepped out of the way to show them. "No! It can't be possi-" Luna began to say before she noticed Finn move. "Wait, I saw him move!" She said pointing at Finn. Everypony saw Finn open his eyes a little. He got up and only was bleeding a little. "Don't worry, guys. I'm okay. I've been hurt worse than that. Let's go" He said running towards the castle. Jake looked at everypony and shrugged before running towards the Castle as well. Everypony ran towards it as well

---Cryicestal Castle---

--It's almost complete--
"Yes it is" The Ice King said looking at the dark sky. "You'll never get away with this!" Celestia yelled. The Ice King just grinned. A Dark Minion ran into the Ice King's Throne Room. "Sir!" It said saluting. Ice King turned around. "What, Minion?" He said annoyed. "They got past the defenses" It said. "WHAT!?" Ice King yelled. Suddenly, the Throne Room doors burst open. "Oops" Jake said stretching his hand back to normal size. The Ice King scowled. "Your reign is over, Ice King" Finn said walking forward with Jake. "Not true" Ice King said smiling. He snapped his fingers and a powerful magical barrier was formed around them. Twilight saw this and tried using her magic on it, but got pushed back by the power of it. The group gasped at this. Finn and Jake looked at the Ice King. He formed Dark Ice Crystals and shot them at Finn and Jake. Finn took out his sword and deflected them. Jake swooped around at hit the Ice King in the back. The Ice King got up and shot a Dark Ice Crystal at Finn. Finn wasn't fast enough to react and got hit by it. "GAH!" Finn screamed. The Dark Ice Crystal left a huge gash where it was. "Finn!" Jake yelled. He growled at Ice King before grabbing him and slamming him on a Ice Shard that was pointing out of the wall. "Payback, jerk" Jake said before slamming Ice King to the ground. The Ice King breathed his last breath before passing away right there. "Enjoy the Nightosphere, you sick freak" Jake said before running towards Finn. "You okay, buddy?" Jake asked him. "Y-yeah" Finn said.
--You're not gonna win that easily--
A Dark Form emergered from the Ice King. "Who are you?" Finn said grabbing his sword.
--That's not important. Because now you must be killed--
The Dark Figure formed dark magic into it's hoof.
Finn looked at Jake, and Jake nodded. "Actually, you'll be the one dying here" Finn said.
The Final Battle was about to begin.


Chapter Twelve: The Final Battle (Fixed and Updated)

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Probably best if you listen to this

---Cryicestal Castle---

Finn and Jake stared at the Figure. The Figure concentrated Dark Magic into it's hoof. Finn pulled out his sword. The Figure smiled as it threw the Dark magic at them. The heroes looked at eachother and nodded before they ran forward.
Twilight and the others watched them fight the Dark Form that appeared. "Please be okay, guys" Twilight whispered.
Finn ducked and sidestepped out of the Dark orbs that were being thrown at him. Jake stretched and weaved out of the way as well. The Dark form growled at this before looking at Jake who was still distracted from the other Orbs. The Dark figure smiled before shooting a large Dark orb at him. Finn saw this and yelled "Jake, look out!". But it was too late... Jake was struck by the Dark magic and fell down. Finn ran over to him to check his pulse. There was none... Tears started to flow from Finn's eyes.
--One miserable blockade down, one to go-- The Dark figure said throwing a Dark orb at Finn.
Twilight gasped and covered her eyes.
The Dark orb flew closer to Finn. And closer, and closer, and closer.
--WHAT!?-- The Dark figure was stunned.
Finn's hoof had grabbed the Dark orb. And Finn shattered it.
"Twilight, look!" Marceline said pointing at Finn. Twilight opened her eyes to see a glowing light coming from Finn.
Finn's body was encased in the light. And everypony saw him change. His body grew to that of as grown Alicorn, and his wings ripped out of his bandages and grew to the size of an Alicorn's. And his horn grew to the size of Celestia's. The glow that envelped him went away to show Finn in his true form.
Everypony gasped at this.
--I-im-possible!-- The Dark figure stepped back.
"YOU'RE NOT GOING ANYWHERE!" Finn yelled in The Royal Canterlot Voice. Finn grabbed the Figure and slammed it again st the wall. "THAT'S FOR ENSLAVING THE PRINCESSES!" Finn yelled before slamming it against the wall and breaking it. "THAT"S FOR KILLING MY FRIEND!" FInn yelled before throwing the Figure forcefully to the snowy ground below. "AND THIS IS FOR EVERYTHING ELSE!" Finn yelled taking out his sword and stabbing it in the Dark figure's heart. "Enjoy Tarturus. MotherBucker" Finn said before slicing the figure in half.
--NOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo......-- The Dark Figure dissipated.
The forcefield dissapeared.
"H-he did it" Twilight said. Finn turned back to normal. "It's all over" He said.
Finn flew back up as the Ice was beginning to melt. He walked over to Jake and sighed. Twilight walked over to him. "I'm sure he's in a better place" She said patting Finn on the back. Finn smiled "He's not going there for a long time" He said. "What?" Twilight said confused. Jake got up with his organs on one thumb. "That'll answer your question" Finn said smiling.

---Canterlot Castle---

(He's the cliche' Ceremony now)
Everypony was cheering in the room. "Here we go, bud" Finn said to Jake. Finn walked forward with Jake up to Celestia and everypony cheered. "Today, I would like to thank you for saving us" Celestia said smiling. "I present you with this!" Celestia said pointing her hoof to a curtain. Two ponies lowered it showing an stained glass picture of Finn and Jake and the others fighting their Dark forms and on the top was Finn in his true form fighting the Dark figure. Two ponies put medals on the heroes. "The heroes of Equestria!" Celestia said. Everypony cheered as Finn and Jake waved.

After the Ceremony...

"It feels nice to be treated like this" Finn said to Jake and Twilight. "Yeah, it sure is, bud" Jake said smiling. "Hey, Finn?" Twilight asked. "Yeah?" Finn said. "I gotta show you something in my old room at the castle" She said blushing. "Oh... Okay" Finn said blushing as well. When they were out of earshot, Jake looked at the viewers. "Something tells me I'm gonna have a baby cousin soon" He said winking. "I'M STILL UP HERE!" Blueblood yelled. "Shut up! I don't care!" Jake yelled back. He looked back at the viewers. "Dude's a total Douche'" Jake said shaking his head.