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bro what tf are you doing here?


Finn and Jake have been teleported to Equestria by mysterious magic. They land in Twilight's Castle and things go bonkers from there! To a Ursa Major, a jerk of a Prince, some lovely love, and something that's way eviler than Ice King himself! That and more in Adventure Time: HIK! WAWIE!?! "Adventure Time, c'mon grab your friends, we'll go to very distant lands, with Jake the Dog and Finn the Human, the fun will never end, it's Adventure Time! Hey Ice King! Why're we Equestria!?! Can't believe you would do this! You giant Jerk! We're gonna travel across the land and find you, and we're gonna kick your ass! Yo, King of Ice, it would suffice, if you weren't such a jerk! We're gonna get to the bottom of this! And when we're done. Gonna kick your Ancient Booty!"

Edit: Book Two's new owner is The Cosmic Consciousness.

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Sorry for it being so short. It's my first fanfic. I've never done this before. Also, i'm planning on making this fanfic into a great game. But it's only a thought for now, so don't get too excited, okay?

Do you program? If so, what language?

You use said in every line of dialogue... let me tell you about TPS reports.

Oh, you mean a game program? I guess flash or Unity Engine

It has Adventure Time charm, but it's rather... Basic? For a first FF, it's imprssive, but it can be impoved in various areas, such as how characters speak their lines (say, say, say) and understanding how characters would react to certain situations (I don't think the Prncesses would blush over Finn straight away - they'd only just been introduced!).

I'll be following this though, because I got some enjoyment out of it. :twilightsmile:

The chapters don't have to be past the one thousand work mark, though they should be longer to establish the story.

Thanks Sonickyle27. And I agree with you ChaoticLighting, i'll try my best to make the chapters longer.

If you can draw, you'd make a good comic.
I think as a story its too rushed and doesn't have a lot of detail in between dialogue and actions.
But its your first fan fic, if it makes you feel better mine is 10x worse.

Thanks. But that image isn't mine. Even though i'm a really good artist, Hardc0r3Br0n3

Revenge on Blue Blood? Aw yeah!

Yeah, Hardc0r3Br0n3, there's gonna be a big mess... MUHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Is there going to be... you know, a red mess? :pinkiegasp:

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This is coming along alright except for the ocasional lowercase I, I'm, ect.
Love the crossover so far keep it up!

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4775093 Just for saying that. You're not going to be in the story, douche.

4775093 4775136 Ouch. There goes the candy-people making formula. I'm putting this on my read-later list, and I'll read it once I've finished with the other stories I'm reading. Good luck on your first story!

in my opinion the chapters are too short, and the story goes too fast, but other than that, good story, keep the good work.

4775636 :twilightsmile: Thanks. I don't know why i'm saying this, but, if you or someone else asks me to put something in (Reference, sentence, pun, or Etc.) I'll probablly put them in. :trollestia::trollestia:

4776285 Make a referenception! You reference your reference to your story!

4776287 I already put one on the current chapter I'm working on. :trollestia:

4776399 Hmmm... Then make a reference to that. >;D ALL TEH CEPTION

Chapter Six will be coming out and you will definitely will notice the changes in the way the story is. :pinkiehappy: You'll probably react like this --> :pinkiegasp: :raritystarry: :twilightsmile:

Chapter Six is now here! Remember. If you want me to include something (Reference, Sentence, Etc.) then comment if you want me to put it in! :trollestia:

Sounds good, but the grammar could be better, and the part where they went to the Candy Kingdom and then were teleported to Equestria could be better if it was like, "////Candy Kingdom\\\\" or "---Ponyville: Twilight's Castle---". Keep up the good work! :pinkiehappy:

They thought about Finn all the way back to the casrle.

lol "carsle."

Just a small complaint, but Finn seemed to master magic way to fast for someone who just came to Equestria and was turned into an alicorn. Also, why is he an alicorn? I was expecting him to stay a human, considering the cover page. I'm not trying to be annoying, but where did Ice King and the Princesses go, and where the heck did Chryssi come from?!:rainbowhuh::unsuresweetie: I thought she and her army were blasted away like Team Rocket from Pokemon.

4787501 Yeah, it was a typo and I thought about removing it. But I found it too funny. :rainbowlaugh: To tell the truth. I actually laughed for half a minute. I thought it was that funny. :trollestia:

4787525 Okay, here I go to explain everything. Finn mastered magic so fast because of the Grass Sword. It held magical properties. He had it, until it got ripped off '-'. I made him an Alicorn so fast because, think about it. He's the ONLY Human in Ooo, apart from his dad. He has a good soul, and he's encountered so much magical characters. And finally, Chrysalis appeared because the cave is her home, and just because she got blasted away, doesn't mean she didn't survive. Holy cow, that took a lot to write all that. Wait... Why are you still reading this? Go away!

They killed an URSA MAJOR?! By Celestia, they're even more powerful than Twilight!!! :twilightoops:

You need to separate the different individuals dialogue sections with line breaks.

4790650 That's what I did in the first few chapters. Dummy... :facehoof:

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