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Stranger to Light - Cromegas_Flare

It's been a long time since Twilight Sparkle went missing. Now she is found, but what can her friends do if they can't even recognize the friend that brought them all together from the beginning?

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Everything one Loves

The Lost Letters of Princess Twilight Sparkle and her quest. These letters will never reach the eyes of her beloved princess and will be forgotten by all but the stranger to light.

~Dear Princess Celestia

Wow, it's been a long while since I last wrote to you. It feels even longer since I last wrote you a friendship report, though it actually has been a while since that time. Anyway, the reason why I'm writing this letter is in question to a matter I am researching. Yesterday, Spike and I were sitting down relaxing when he asked me a odd question. Though the question was simple, and asked before, it got me thinking. Who is Spike? I know he's a dragon, but I'm wondering what type of dragon. What happened to his family?

I remember the time where he went on that quest of his to find out more of himself, yet when he recalls that moment, he just feels happy to where he is at. Personally I feel that there may be a few questions and riddles about my assistant and friend that were left unchecked.

Princess Celestia, if you have or find any information on Spike's origin, please send it to me.

~Twilight Sparkle

~Dear Princess Celestia

I just received that package you sent me, and I want to thank you. I'm sure it will help me on my research. I feel excited about this, it feels like old times! Do you want me to send you a few progress reports? I hope so, that would be fun! Just like old times!

~Twilight Sparkle

~Dear Princess Celestia

I came across something uncanny today, or rather, something that has me concerned. I could not find any information on what type of dragon Spike actually is. All I could find was information to the area where his egg was found, and many more like it. As I looked deeper in the subject, all dragons which here hatched like Spike, disappeared after their 20th year. I'm concerned about this because Spike is a dear friend to me, and if there are any chances that he could vanish, I want to rectify a solution as soon as possible. If you have any information you could share with me, that would be wonderful!

~Twilight Sparkle

~Dear Princess Celestia

Why have you not written back? I guess you are busy, but I'm sure you are receiving my letters and are well aware about my progress. I know I'm a princess now, and that I have duties to attend to here in Ponyville. So when I say that I'm going to check the place where Spike came from, I'll be right back. The trip should take no longer than three days, and I'll be back with more information on Spike’s origins. To be honest, I don't know what I will find, but I think the trip will be useful.

Just between you and me, I want this to be a surprise for Spike. That's why I have been sending you the letters by my own spell and not his, so please, don't let him know I am doing this. Lets give him the information he deserves when we have enough to go on.

Write to you soon.

~Twilight Sparkle

~Dear Princess Celestia

I just got of the train at Scale Ridge. This place is more beautiful than I imagined, the rocks piled on each other. The rich red all around is just invigorating. According to the notes on the Serpent exposition, you know, the one where they found Spikes egg, among others as well. They were found in a cave just northwest of Belly rock, so I'm going to go and see any clues as to where to go.

~Twilight Sparkle.

Please send help!



Whatever, I'll just write this down. I don't have much time and more than an nightmares worth of memories to last a lifetime. I've been here for three days, locked in this cave. It was strange how this all happened, too. I entered the cave, and found the usual, a rock hallway lingering down into darkness. That should have been my first clue if it weren't for the single well known fact that caves are always dark!

I went down, and found some rocks, they were like Spike's eggs, but they were all stone. I was excited to find at least something that could lead me to more information...

Someone is coming. I'll send this and write more later.

~Twilight Sparkle

OK, where was I?

Those stones I found gave me hope to continue on my quest. The quest to find the exact place where Spike was found years ago. There were not only stones in the area though, there were markings as well, markings speaking of the laws of magic. I could read some of it, but there were markings that I could not understand as well, another language beyond what I know. It must of been ancient! After a while of studying the markings, I moved along a unusually marked passage. It was strange though, as soon as I passed into the cave, I started sensing power. It felt new, strong; yet the energy that filled the room was stronger than anything I have ever felt before. I knew it was magic, a type I have never heard of before, yet at the same time it was familiar. It was as if I was returning home.

Following along the cave, I soon came to a room filled with light. The walls were glowing a light white color, Illuminating the chamber as the moon lights the sky. I was intrigued by what I found though, in the center, was this pedestal and on it lay an egg that look exactly like the one I hatched Spike from. I took a step forward and noticed as my hooves became soaked, that it was the center of a shallow pool. Water filled the area a good circumference of ten yards, roughly. I really don't know, I was so enthralled by the egg I didn't really take any considerate measurements of the pool.

I remember what you taught me a while back though Celestia, that I should never touch anything that seems important when in a place I know little about. I don't know what came over me though, I really don't. It was as if the egg was calling to me, begging me to touch it. Simply put, I used my magic to pick it up.

I was surprised to how close it resembled Spike’s egg, it was identical! The color of the shell, the spotted anomalies, it was all exactly like Spike's egg.

That was when things began to go a bit crazy, actually... It went really crazy. The whole time of being there, I thought I was alone. I was wrong though, for somepony shouted hey to me. I mean, I don't know why they would do that, I was holding an egg for Pete's sake! Tell Pete the mule I'm sorry, please.

Anyway, that was when I dropped the egg. I watched as the hollow shell shattered on the ground, then from that point, that was the last I saw. The walls went dark, and I could not see anything. Behind me I heard the same pony say "What have you done?"

I then blacked out. When I woke up, I found myself in this strange cell.

That's what happened, and I've been here ever since. I mean, occasionally somepony will stand on the other side of the door and ask me questions. Questions about magic, and how I felt. I told him other than a slight tingle in my chest, I was fine. I mean it was not uncomfortable, but surely I'm fine right?

Anyway, if you get this, that's what happened. Please come get me, I don't want to be here anymore.

~ Twilight Sparkle

I think I understand now. Today someone special visited me, though I never found out her name because she said it was not important, I couldn't even see her! She did tell me however, that my name may be important though, and that they needed one more sign before they knew for sure. She assured me that I would be fine in the end, but with what is happening, that consequences were required. As unnerving as that was to hear, it was as if her voice was caring and wise.

~Twilight Sparkle

It all makes sense now! Why I'm stuck here! I'm afraid to say, it may be a while before I return. I love him too much to leave, he must stay alive!

~Twilight Sparkle

I'll explain some things to you, things that need to be known in order to understand why this happened. Back at the room with the egg I smashed? That egg was the most important relic, an egg exempt from hatching, so no walking dragon could have the burden which it entitled. Celestia, I killed that egg. I destroyed the vessel of magic itself. As I learned, that had consequences.

I now know the truth of how I got my cutie mark. True, Rainbow Dash's rainboom triggered the cause, but I was not alone responsible for the effect. You see, that surge of raw magic did not come from me, but it came from Spike. Spike is a rare breed of dragon, born for the purpose of caring for the well being of magic. Though Spike did have the magical potential, he was not magic’s vessel. So the magic inside of him was brought into me. Because of that, when I broke the egg, not only did I put magic in danger, I also was the only key to saving it. I was key because of my connection to Spike.

It's going to take time, but I was shown the walls where the egg rested, they are beginning to glow again. It will take a long while for them to be ready, but I need to do this. Not just for the sake of saving magic, but also to save Spike.

Your Faithful Student


The people here, I really can't call them ponies because they aren't, they call themselves Guardians. They are the people who walk the magical plain, making sure all connects well and allows the world to survive. They assured me that they are not gods, or hold power in anyway, they just control the primary flow of magic. Though I can't see them, they can talk normally. It's fun to walk with them actually, because even though I can hear them, I can also feel them guide me around. Let me explain, since they are connected to the magical field, they allow me to sense their presence. I know where they are, so I can just simply follow them. It's actually fun and invigorating.

I'm actually happy I came across this place, I have learned so much about the nature of magic. At the same time though, I really miss my friends. I do hope they forgive me, I never meant for this to happen, but it must.

Anyway, the one who has been showing me around is their leader. She calls herself Vesta. She's the one who comforted me when I first arrived, and her ability to keep to honesty is perfect. She can tell me the truth to any situation, yet despite the horror and pain it could give, her presence make it easy to take in. I guess I could say, the only reason I have not turned to insanity yet is because of her.

I know it's been about a year now, but conversion is not yet ready. The walls are still dim, but that tingly feeling in my chest, or what I'm told, the cast of the vessel, is developing stronger.

There is not much more I can say right now, so I'll write later.


I have not forgotten why I'm still here. It's to save Spike. Even though I love learning everything here, I also miss my friends. At the same time, I can't leave because if I do, Spike will die. I can't choose between the two, but I can choose to help everyone live. In the end, I'm doing this because I love all my friends. I made a mistake, I will be the one to pay for it, but the consequences will affect more than just me.

Despite the years, It's my duty to do this. Not as princess, but as a friend.

~Twilight Sparkle

The time is nearly here. All I need to do is connect my magic to Spike, then the process of restoration will start. I will have three days to find Spike before the cast kills me. I've planned a course to Ponyville that will take one day instead of two, that should give me time to explain and say good bye. If by some miracle you are receiving these, please tell my friends that I am sorry.

I have so much to share, and so much to say goodbye to.

Once I touch Spike, his physical form will fuse with the magical plain, separating him from time, causing him to be pulled from every ponies memory. Sure, some things won't make sense to them, but their minds will fix the gap until he returns. If I don't do this, he will die since the plain will collapse. I'm not strong enough to handle restoring the plain, if I were I would do it myself. Only a Keeper of Magic can complete this, and Spike happens to be the only one around. All the magical residue I hold will fuse into him. During this time, I will become the vessel to Spikes soul. My body will be under so much stress, it won't function normally. We will both be in there, unconscious of the world around us. As much as I hate to say, Things will not return to normal until the essence of my power is fully given. That will include the Elements of Harmony.

I... I... I need a moment.

I can't do this! I want to be with my friends, I have not seen them so long! I can't lose them!

No, I'm doing this to save Spike! It's all for him.

The time has arrived, In about one hour, twenty seven minutes and forty five seconds, I will be leaving to head to Ponyville. I know the plan, and if all goes well... I will at least have time to say bye to my friends, even if they hate me, I need to see them one more time.


I'm not going to make it on time! My chest hurts, and I twisted my ankle! I can't run or walk, all I can do is crawl. Even as I write this, I'm wasting time. It's been two days already, and I have yet to see anypony to help. Why does this have to happen? Does the world hate me so much that it's going to kill me with the knowledge that my best friend will not only die, but cease from existence?

I'm at the lake side, so here is what I'm going to do. I'm going to jump in and float. Maybe, just maybe I'll get lucky. It's my only chance.


~Dear Princess Celestia

You know Celestia, I forgot a bit that I was writing to you. I don't know when I started writing these letters as journals, but I guess that does not matter now. I can feel my energy draining, even right now it hurts to breath. I guess all I can do now is hope. I'm scared, I haven't written about this yet, but this will change me. I will not remember everything, and worst of all... it will be as if my soul will be lost. I'm afraid to what will happen to me if I wake up, if this all works out. Right now, there are two events that will take place. Event one: I die, and Spike no longer exists. Event Two: Someone finds me, and Spike somehow manages to touch me before I die, starting the chain events that will ultimately save his life making him the most important dragon in the world.

Celestia, tell my friends I love them. After all, all I do is for them. Thank you for teaching me the power of friendship.

Always, your faithful student

~Twilight Sparkle.

Author's Note:

Whew, this chapter was hard for me. I usually don't have a hard time writing Twilight because I can relate to her so well. However, when it comes to writing, her form of OCD and my form of OCD are not the same. I literally had to watch all of season one, and replay her letters over and over just to get the proper feel of how she writes her letters. So I hope you enjoyed this chapter, and there is one more that will answer some of the most pressing questions. The next chapter will also be the final, yet most powerful chapter revolving around the time after Twilight wakes up and how she copes with life.

Anyway, check out the piece I listened to while writing this chapter.

I would like to thank Eskerata and Soaring for helping me with some minor edits and insight.

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