• Published 8th Jun 2014
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Song of Sorrow - iseeblackandwhite

He was emotionally scarred from its only friend being taken away and corrupted. Waking up in a new world it makes new ones and it vows to protect them.

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One emotion

I flapped my wings as I picked up speed in the night flying around Columbia searching for my friend. Elizabeth. That name echoed in my mind as I let out a shriek to find her. Elizabeth was my only friend ever since she fixed me. We became friends after I crashed into Monument Island's tower and disconnected my breathing apparatus. After I struggled to put it back on Elizabeth connected it back on for me saving my life. That was the start of a new friendship. That is until he arrived, for the past few hours I have been chasing a man who kidnapped Elizabeth. I glanced down at Monument island the same place where I took care of Elizabeth by bringing her food, books, and drinks. The tower reflected the moon-light as I felt a sharp pain in my head as a voice spoke to me.

"Destroy the tower," it echoed in my mind over and over again. Letting out a blood-curling shriek I dove toward Monument tower. Slamming into it, I crashed through the tower demolishing the home of Elizabeth

"Why did I do that?" I thought to myself

. That's when the voices stopped repeating as I began feeling her presence. Elizabeth? Flying up, I glanced down and spotted her...with him. No, I'm not going to let him take Elizabeth away. Letting out a shriek that can pierce the soul of anyone, I flew down toward the pair.

"Elizabeth!" the man shouted as I dove toward them intent of ending his life for taking Elizabeth away. That's when I saw it, a flash of light blinding me, the world around me melting as I slammed into a wall shrieking. Glancing around to my horror, I was underwater. I slammed my fists into the glass as Elizabeth looked on, her face holding remorse as she put her hand on the glass. Elizabeth's voice was muffled by the water as she spoke to me. A sharp pain filling my body as I felt the pressure take its toll on me.

"Shhh, it's okay," she whispered as I sank to the bottom of the abyss, water filling up his body. This is how it ends? Elizabeth being abducted from me while I die in the bottom of a sea. Emotions, I didn't even know if I could feel emotions but if I can I would feel....Sorrow. The darkness consumed me as I felt that one emotion again...Sorrow.

Meanwhile in another universe.

Spike grabbed the final chicken as he placed him in the coop. Fluttershy had asked for his help in doing some chores in exchange for a few gems. After completing the task, he glanced toward Fluttershy smiling. The yello-maned pegasus giving him a warm smile that rivaled Celestia's.

"Thanks Spike it means a lot to me that you came here to help," she said her voice sounding like the wind, reaching forward she handed him a gem. Spike gave her a smile before he took the gem from her hooves.

"No problem Fluttershy. After all we are friends and that's what friends do," the purple dragon finished before glancing at the floor. Fluttershy embraced him in a hug. Spike returned the embrace he let out a sigh. Ever since Twilight found out she was the princess of friendship she couldn't hang out with him no more because of her royal duties. She couldn't even bring along Spike because he was still a baby dragon. Even though Twilight and the others still cared deeply about him. He still felt left out, the only one who still hung out with him was Fluttershy mostly because she had to tend to the animals and couldn't leave for trips for that reason. Their embrace was interrupted by a loud crash that echoed throughout Equestria.

"W-what was that?" Fluttershy whispered.

"I think it came from the Everfree forest," Spike replied back before rushing to the forest.

"Spike! Wait, it's dangerous to go by yourself," she said before following Spike toward the noise. Rushing through the thick forest brush, they stumbled onto the noise. A huge crater was brought into view as they stopped a few feet away from it.

"S-spike, what is it?" Fluttershy asked. Spike crept closer to the crater before peering into it.

"I don't know? It looks like a bird. A really big one too," Spike said before he was shoved out of the way by the pegasus. Fluttershy laid eyes on it and made out the bird-like creature. It had no feathers and its skin was seemed to be made out of steel and seemed scratched. Its eyes were shut and leaking a black fluid. It had talons like a Griffin but only on its feet while it had hands like a Minotaur . It had three talons on its feet while its hands had five talons. Its wings seemed to be made of steel and were folded. Its eyes shot open revealing its orange color.

"Eep!" Fluttershy said before darting toward a bush with Spike following her. Sitting up its head darted around searching for something before letting out a exasperated screech. Landing back on its belly it closed its eyes as more black fluid came out. Fluttershy and Spike stuck out their heads from the bush looking at the weird bird.

"Um, well I see it's fine! Lets go!" Spike said walking away before a hoof grabbed him and dragged him back.

"Spike, I think it's hurt we should help it," Fluttershy whispered as the creature let out a sniff. The sniff sounding like metal being dragged on concrete. Fluttershy crept out of the bush as she slowly walked toward the creature. Laying a hoof on the creature's beak, she flinched from the cold metal.

"Oh my! It is metal," Fluttershy thought as she looked at the creature. A hesitant Spike crept out of the bush as he looked at the creature. Creeping forward, he stepped on a twig letting out a SNAP. The creatures eyes shot open as it made eye contact with Fluttershy. Its orange eyes turned red as it got up and stood up on its feet while letting out a loud blood-curling shriek. Stepping back, Fluttershy's mouth dropped open at the creatures size. It was a huge lumbering bird that rivaled that of a Ursa Minor.

"Fluttershy? Are there birds that are that size?" Spike whispered his voice showing fright as he backed away from the lumbering creature. Fluttershy didn't respond, it was to distracted from the creature. Flying up it got near its eyes and began speaking trying to calm it down.

"Um, Excuse me? Mr. Bird, I was wondering if you're ok-" her sentence was interrupted by the creature letting out a shriek.

"Um, before I was interrupted. Are you okay?" Fluttershy finished as the creature's eyes turned an orange color looking at Fluttershy curiously. Fluttershy froze as screams were heard.

"It's coming from Ponyville!" Spike said before getting on Fluttershy's back and both flew toward Ponyville leaving the creature behind looking at them curiously still standing up. Flying toward Ponyville the duo spotted what was going on. A yellow Hydra stumbled around hissing as it terrified the townsfolk. Its feet stomped around searching for anypony to eat. That's when it laid its eyes on Fluttershy and Spike. Letting out a loud hiss it ran towards them. Fluttershy remained glued to the ground in fear as the creature got close. Spike screaming as the Hydra got closer.

A loud shriek was heard as a metallic blur slammed into the Hydra knocking it back a few meters. Fluttershy glanced up at her savior as her mouth gaped open in awe. It was the bird, its metal skin shined in the sunlight as it looked down at Fluttershy and Spike. Its eyes turning green before looking at the Hydra changing into the color red. The Hydra scrambled onto its feet as it let out a loud hiss and charged toward the bird. The bird let out a shriek before charging forward ready to engage the Hydra.

Author's Note:

Had this idea stck in my head and since I'm a fan of the Bioshock series I decided to make a crossover. Enjoy! Next Chapter is going to be Songbird's POV by the way. Point out any Grammar mistakes. Thanks

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