• Published 8th Jun 2014
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Song of Sorrow - iseeblackandwhite

He was emotionally scarred from its only friend being taken away and corrupted. Waking up in a new world it makes new ones and it vows to protect them.

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New world

I glared at the two creatures standing before me. A yellow Pegasus and a purple dragon. Two mythical creatures who are standing right in front of me. No matter how hard I tried, they wouldn't leave me alone. That's when they heard them. The screams coming from another direction. The ears of the yellow Pegasus perked up before she exchanged a few words with the dragon that I couldn't make out. I was still recovering from my crash landing. The dragon then got on the Pegasus's back before flexing her wings and then she took off with the dragon placed on her back. What were they doing? Are they leaving me again.....like her? The screams clawed at my mind as they filled the air again. Fuck it, just go along with it. Flaring my wings, I launched myself into the air before I began flying toward the noise. Scanning the ground a small village cme into my view. A hulking yellow figure trudging toward....a Pegasus and a dragon.

It's them!

The hulking yellow figure was a serpent-like creature with three heads and two legs. The three heads hissed ahead as I let out a screech causing the creature to freeze in place. Tucking my wings in I shot forward like a bullet and collided with the creature at break-neck speed. The creature was knocked off its feet and slid back a few meters. Glancing over at the duo, I glanced at them. By now, I heard the hissing behind me.

He's getting back up!

Facing the creature, I let out a high shriek before charging forward. The serpent sidestepped avoiding my charge as I crashed into a building sending wood and glass everywhere. Getting up I faced my opponent letting out a loud shriek that shattered all the windows around me. Charging forward, I launched a punch at its head. My fist collided with its rib-cage as I unleashed a kick to its leg, sweeping its feet from under it. The creature hissed in pain as it landed on its back. I let out a stomp as my foot crushed one of its three necks. Hissing in pain the creature wrapped its remaining two heads on each of my legs as it stood up. Falling on my back, I saw one of its necks was hanging limply.

"One down, two to go."

Shooting out my fist, I attempted a punch before one of the two heads wrapped around my arm. The head coiled around my arm as I felt it latch onto my shoulder. This thing wasn't going to let go. I grabbed the neck of the head coiled around my arm. Planting my foot on its body, I pulled back. I felt flesh tear apart as the head coiled around my arm was ripped from its body. By the now the Serpent was very angry. Hissing in pain and anger it charged forward before it slammed into me. My feet planted into the ground as it attempted to push me back. My eyes glared at it before, I let loose a punch at its remaining neck. Stumbling back, I swept my foot under its legs causing it to fall on its back. Letting out a battle shriek, I flapped my wings before I launched myself into the air. My body slammed down onto its remaining head crushing it under my feet before letting out a shriek of triumph into the air. Glancing back at the Pegasus and the Dragon, I trudged toward them knowing they were safe from any danger. I stopped abruptly as I slammed into some kind of purple barrier. What was that? I glanced around me as a purple barrier surrounded me. Glancing forward, I saw another Pegasus. It was a Lavender one with a navy blue mane and a pink stripe running down it. On its head was a horn that stood out complete with a tiara.

"Is this the owner of this town?"

"Fluttershy! Spike! Are you guys okay?", She yelled out before sprinting toward the Pegasus and the Dragon. Thanks for the concern about me. The yellow Pegasus hid behind her pink mane before she looked at her friend.

"U-um y-yes we are.", Fluttershy said before the dragon interrupted.

"It was so cool! You should've seen it Twilight! The Hydra was all like, "I'm going to eat you!" And then this huge bird that came out of the Everfree was all like, "Naw, naw you ain' touching my frien-"

"Wait! You said this creature is from the Everfree!?", The lavender pony interrupted Spike before she glanced at me.

"This doesn't seem like any species, I've read about."

"M-maybe its new, after all it was in a crater."

"Crater?", Twilight replied before a grin broke out on her face.

"It could be an Extraterrestrial! This is a major break-through of science! Do you know how many scientists are going to be wanting to look at this bird! Oh my god, I can even name it after Celestia!", she said excitedly. Celestia?

"Um, I don't think it'll like that." Fluttershy whispered. I wasn't even paying attention to her conversation, I was more intrigued with the purple barrier surrounding me. I placed my hand as an electrical shock went through eliciting a screech of pain from me. I punched the barrier creating a crack filling me up with another shock of electricity.

"Um, Twilight, I think you should let him out.", Fluttershy whispered before, I nodded my head in agreement. THIS is amazing, not only do I get full control of myself but I'm in a different universe! Entirely....different....universe. Lutece? No, they died when Comstock, ordered their assassination. Eventually the purple barrier disappeared as, I glanced at the purple unicorn/Pegasus below my feet.

"Hi my name is Twilight Sparkle and I'm a studen-", her little sentence was interrupted by a screech I let out in her face. She backed away nervously before I followed her in anger. A yellow figure blocked me.

"Um excuse me. Mr. Bird! I don't think you should do that.", a yellow Pegasus said glancing at the ground occasionally. I brought up a finger in protest before bringing it own in defeat.

"Say, Twilight shouldn't you be on a tri-"

"Not now Spike!", Twilight scolded the purple dragon before facing me.

"Oh, I got so many questions for you!", Twilight finished jumping up and down like an excited child....with a horn....and wings.

They led me to some sort of library castle thingy. We passed by a tree that was burnt down, I glanced at Twilight whose ears were drooping slightly from sorrow. I sat outside as I eavesdropped on their conversation.

"Judging by its test, it has no injury other than its vocal cords being damaged. Which is why it must use chirps, and screeches.", the purple pony said.

"Um, Twilight may I ask. Where are the others?", The yellow Pegasus said. Others?

"Oh. Pinkie Pie is visiting her sisters at the Rock Farm. Rainbow Dash is visiting her father at Cloudsdale. Rarity is seeing how Coco is doing at Manehattan with the fashion line and Applejack is at Appleoosa."

"Listening in on their conversation, huh.", a voice snapped me out of my thoughts. No, I wasn't! I glanced down at the purple dragon below me. A look of sadness painted on his face.

"You're lucky, Twilight is all over you because you're some kind of alien. While I'm just ignored by her. She never has time for me. I asked her if she wants to go hang out but she brushes me off ans says she's busy.", The purple dragon said before tears filled his eyes.

"I used to be her number one assistant but she just said that to make me feel better.", he sniffed as tears started streaming down his face. God damn-it, what do I do? I'm not good with kids! Reaching down reluctantly, I picked up the Baby Dragon before, I embraced him in a hug. Fucking damn-it! This is going to be a long night. Great, this is how I spend my first night. Comforting a Baby Dragon.

Author's Note:

Very short fight scene, I wanted to show the readers how powerful Songbird was in the game. Anyways, I wanted to add some comedy in it just saying also I wanted people to feel sorrow fro Spike when he was always being ignored by Twilight because of her new royal duties.

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Honestly, I wanted to see Songbird grab that Hydra and do some suplexes, pile driver, and finish it off with a super high Seismic Toss just like Ash's Charizard does for its finisher. But there isn't much in Equestria that can stand up to Songbird... so fights might get real booring when he just thrashes everything. He outmasses most of the monsters and has so much power behind his blows he'll kill most anything he hits.



Honestly, I wanted to see Songbird grab that Hydra and do some suplexes, pile driver, and finish it off with a super high Seismic Toss just like Ash's Charizard does for its finisher.

Oh my! My sides! :rainbowlaugh:
Anyways are you sure nothing will stand up against it?

4663912 I know the size is pretty small but I typically spend a few thirty minutes writing a chapter.


Meh, good chapter. Quite small though. I mean, it has been quite some time.

I know the size is pretty small but I typically spend a few thirty minutes writing a chapter.

Couldn't help myself

4663838 Not the average monster.

4663995 *Guy yells out from the background.

there was a heir thatn a her and a te than the

More please!

4667116 Fixed

4668234 Still writing next chapter

If I could ever go to equestria I would bring R/Cs mounted with paint ball guns and cameras to watch a mayhem as I pellet the town of ponyville with paintball for a added bonus I would dump a can of brown paint all over rarity I put would be hilarious.

4685356 I would probably do something similar, but make sure that the brown paint is the ugliest shade of brown I can find, then make it worse.

Can't wait for the next chapter

great story!, looking forward to more chapters!,
this story has great potential please don't give
up on it!, i hope the songbird gets to live his life in
peace for once?!, overall great story! keep up the
good work!.:twilightsmile:.

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