• Published 27th Oct 2011
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Lunar Apprehension - Vypor

A mysterious pony attempts to show Luna her work is appreciated, but Celestia sees him as a threat.

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Chapter 9: Detective Twilight

Applejack trotted whimsically down the path with her cart, another batch of fresh apples jiggling slightly in their respective buckets. She nodded to a young couple who were out for a peaceful stroll toward the park.

Knowing who Applejack was, they stopped her for a bit to purchase a couple apples for their picnic. “Wonderful timing.” The stallion chuckled. “We were just on our way to the park since the weather is absolutely perfect today.”

“Ah'll agree with ya there. It sure looks the part don't it?” Applejack waved to them and parted ways, heading back down into the market district.

As she arrived, the farm pony could tell something was awry. Multiple ponies from the vendors were huddled together talking, occasionally looking back toward their stands. Several others were looking all over and around their stands as if looking for something.

One of them spotted Applejack and ran over to her. “Excuse me miss, but could you check your stand real quick? We need to see something.”

Applejack gave them a quizzical look. “Beg yer pardon? All that's in there is apples. Always is.” But being as she was going to open her shop anyway, she went ahead and unlocked it. “I dunno what all the fuss is about. Cause ah expect somepony to explai-whaat? What the hay is goin' on here?”

She stared in at her stand, multiple apples missing, and several bright shiny gold coins lay on the now exposed shelf. Countign them out, and the apples missing, she shook her head. “Well ah'll be. The coins are right for how many apples are missin'... But for Pete's sake, couldn't they have waited till mornin'?”

“That's just the thing...” The vendor pony turned her head toward the various other stands. “That happened. To a lot of the stands last night. Items missing, but payed for in full. All the coins are exactly the same though.”

“Ah better get Twilight fer this one...” Applejack muttered, galloping off toward the Ponyville Library.

- - -

After over a half-day's worth of sleeping, Twilight was fresh and ready for some more detective work regarding this mysterious Stallion Celestia was after. She was currently in the middle of a passage of a very old book, talking about ponies using illegal magic, when there was a knock at the door.

Setting down the book, Twilight trotted over to the door. “Oh hey Applejack, what seems to be the matter? You look worried.”

“Well, ah'm not sure if I should be or not.” Applejack sputtered. “It'll be a lot easier t' explain if you'd come on down to the market with me.”

Twilight tilted her head. “Well, a small explanation would be nice on the way there.” Turning back inside, she shouted out. “I'll be gone for a bit Spike, keep an eye on the place will you?”

“Right. I'm on it.” A lazy mumble emanated from upstairs.

“Good enough, let's go.” Twilight trotted outside with Applejack. “So what's this all about?”

Applejack pursed her lips for a bit, thinking. “Well best way ah can explain is, there were a whole bundle of break-ins in the market.”

Twilight gasped. “Someone was stealing everything?”

“Not exactly...” Applejack frowned. “They took goods n' stuff, but... They paid fer it.”

Twilight stared blankly ahead. “I think you're right, it would be better explained at the market.”

Shortly after that, they did, and Twilight looked around at all the perplexed vendors. There were guards stationed around, asking the vendors questions about what had been stolen, most all of them with the same expression. Confused.

“Ya see here Twilight.” Applejack picked up one of the coins. “All the coins are th' same. Bright and shiny, as if made just the day before. And all the items that were taken, were paid in full with the coins.”

Twilight examined the coin closely. “It looks worn, like it's been used, but... Still brand new. And do these feel heavier to you than normal?”

“Ah was just about to say the same thing.” Applejack shook her head. “Ain't sure what to think here. Nopony does. Ah never heard of a do-good thief before.”

“It would certainly be a first.” Twilight rubbed her forehead. “I'm gonna look around a bit here.” Turning her head back as heard her name, Twilight saw Rarity round the corner, galloping rather quickly. “What the...”

“Twilight! Oh this is... Can I call ti dreadful?” Rarity seemed as confused as everyone else, though even moreso once she looked around at all the commotion of the marketplace. “What in Celestia's name happened here?”

“That's what we're trying to figure out.” Twilight shrugged. “Someone broke into the vendor stalls, took stuff, but still paid for it and closed them without doing any real damage.”

“Oh dear...” Rarity's eyes grew wide. “It must have been the same pony...”

Twilight stepped forward. “Same pony? What are you talking about?”

Rarity took a breath and tried to settle down. “Yesterday, about midday, I got a knock on my door. Hardly unusual. But when I opened it, this lay there.” She pulled the plank out of her side-bag, laying it in front of Twilight.

Both Applejack and Twilight stared at it even more confused now. “They... Wrote it in a board?”

“Awfully rough cut board too by the looks of it.” Applejack added. “Looks like they were in a hurry.”

“This speech is like... Olden times speech too. How odd.” Twilight shook her head. “Nopony uses a 'score' to describe a measurement anymore.”

“Well he did.” Rarity sighed.

“He?” Twilight looked up at her. “What did 'he' say or do? What did he look like?”

“Well, I didn't actually see him.” Rarity explained. “He was invisible. I filled out the order, since I had a roll of old rough cloth that I couldn't use anymore, said out loud that I'd let them have it for seven bits.”

“And?” Twilight raised a hoof.

“He came over. I heard hoofsteps and seven coins dropped out of midair at my doorstep. They must have been a Unicorn, cause a green aura lifted the roll of cloth, and then he spoke.”

Twilight and Applejack leaned in close without realizing it. “What did he say?”

Rarity looked from side to side and then whispered. “He knows Twilight. He addressed me as the 'Element of Generosity', and left an extra coin. Within seconds he had galloped off into the forest and I locked myself in my house till this morning.”

Twilight blinked. “It has to be him... It just HAS to be.”

“Who? What?” Rarity stepped forward. “I want to know who that was. The ordeal scared me silly!”

“I don't know really who they are, I just keep getting snippets of information from random ponies around town.” Twilight shook her head. “I wish I could tell you more, but I don't even have a name to go off of.”

Rarity walked between the two and pointed at the coins on Applejack's stand. “Those are the same coins.”

“Then it WAS him!” Twilight stomped her hoof. He must be sneaking around town at night when everypony is asleep. Most likely watching during the day to see which stand has what in it.”

“On a rather delightful side note...” Rarity began again. “These coins are solid gold. Pure. Which is odd, because no coins that I know of are actually SOLID gold.”

“Are you sure?” Twilight asked, shrinking back slightly at the glare Rarity gave her.

“Darling, if there's one thing I know, it's beauty. And gold plays a large part in expensive and authentic décor. Trust me, I know gold when I see it.”

“This pony has to be counterfeiting his own currency then, using an old worn coin he must have found. Because each coin looks slightly worn, as if the cast used for the new coins was made from an old one.”

After discussing some things with the town's guard, Twilight began to look around the woods near the marketplace for any clues.

About an hour and a half passed, when she looked up, screaming slight and jumping back to see Pinkie Pie directly in front of her. “Aagh! How do you DO that?!”

Pinkie shrugged. “I guess I'm just sneaky! But anyway, whatcha doing? You've been trotting around through these bushes all day it seems like.”

Twilight caught her breath before replying. “There have been a string of break-ins at the market. Somepony has taken stuff, but they paid for it, leaving the money inside the vendor's stalls. I'm looking for clues as to where they may have come from, or where they might hide during the day.”

Pinkie began jumping up and down. “Oh! Oh! We get to play detective then!”

Twilight rolled her eyes and looked back at Pinkie, starting slightly. “Well, it's more serious than a game Pinki-WHA... Where did you get those?”

“Whrut?” Pinkie smiled innocently, a plaid detective's hat alighted upon her head and a magnifying glass gripped between her teeth.

“Just, nevermind.” Twilight grumbled, continuing her search.

They didn't find a lot really, there were hoofprints in the dirt, but it wasn't so strange to see other ponies frolicking about in the grass nearby the market, so they were dismissed.

The day passed without any more strange events, and so Twilight returned to the Library, as confused as ever. Ironically, the next day happened to turn out the very same way, except for Rarity's Boutique. The vendor carts had been opened, items taken, and coins left equal to what had been taken.

Needless to say, the townsfolk were getting restless, rumors abounded about the guards not doing their jobs well enough.

Meanwhile in the top floor of Sugarcube Corner...

“We need to set a trap...” Rainbow Dash slammed her hoof on the table across from Pinkie. “The guards can't catch them, so we should!”

“But how do we trap them?” Pinkie rubbed her chin thoughtfully. “He's a sneaky one, cause nobody has even seen him yet.”

“Yeah, but if WE CAN see him, I bet you I can catch him.” Rainbow Dash grinned. “Nopony can outrun me.”

“I heard he's dangerous.” Pinkie sighed, then grinning widely. “But I bet we could make friends with him!”

Rainbow Dash groaned, thumping her head against the table. “Pinkie... You bet you could make friends with ANYTHING.”

“Of course I could.” Pinkie replied cheerfully. “Why wouldn't I be able to?”

“I think for now, we should just stake the market out, and see if we can spot him.” Rainbow Dash leaned forward. “If there are guards nearby, we could yell for them at least. But we just mainly need to see who it is.”

“Doesn't sound as fun, but ok.” Pinkie Pie shrugged. “We'll start tonight.”

“Then this meeting is adjourned.” Dash grinned, whacking the table with a toy hammer. “Tonight it is.”

- - -

Twilight sat quietly at her desk. No matter how much she looked, she couldn't find anything in any books related to this pony. The only actual information was just what she had found out via the other ponies who had seen him. It was frustrating really.

Retreating from her studies for a bit, the Unicorn headed upstairs to the balcony to get some fresh air. Sitting down next to her telescope, Twilight contemplated what had happened over the past few days. And all the items that pony was after. She had to chuckle to herself though when she realized that from what he usually took, he must really like chocolate.

She suddenly sat up, hearing a faint noise. “That sounds like... Fluttershy?” She looked down from the balcony, the noise coming from near the door. She trotted down to the door quickly, hearing a faint tap on the door. “Definitely Fluttershy.”

Opening the door, she met a light creamy-yellow colored Pegasus. Long light pink hair drooped down her face and neck, nearly touching her awkwardly shuffling hooves. “Hello Twilight...” She whispered.

“Hello Fluttershy.” Twilight greeted her. “What brings you here? You seem flustered. Well, err... More than usual anyway.”

The yellow Pegasus looked back behind her. “Well umm, I needed to ask you if you well, would help me.”

“Help? With what? And why would you even need to ask?” Twilight smiled.

“It's Angel.” Fluttershy frowned. “That bunny was well... Being himself again, and he ran off to hide this morning. I was going after him but he... He ran into the forest...”

Twilight tilted her head. “Wait, the forest? As in the EVERFREE forest?”

Fluttershy nodded her head quickly. “I... I don't like that place... So I waited, sure he would come back.”

“He didn't?” Twilight began to look concerned.

“No. I waited till now, and he never came back.” Fluttershy fidgeted as she spoke, obviously worried. “I know that bunny is dedicated to causing trouble, but he'd never ever wait THAT long... I'm afraid he got lost so I... Well.”

“...Came to me to ask for help.” Twilight rolled her eyes. “It's fine Fluttershy, of course I'll help you.”

“Oh thank you thank you Twilight!” Fluttershy pranced lightly in glee. “I'd never be able to go in there alone.”

“Just show me where he went in, and we'll start there. We'll find that pesky bunny in no time.”

The two traveled to Fluttershy's cottage and checked all around to make sure Angel hadn't returned while Fluttershy was away. Finding nothing, they then headed to the spot where Angel had first entered the forest.

“You alright Fluttershy?” Twilight asked the shivering Pegasus. “I could go look for him by myself, it's no problem really.”

Fluttershy runs to her side. “No no... It's scary, but I'd never let you go in ALONE.”

Twilight chuckles. “Alright then, let's find that meddlesome bunny.”

They both entered the forest, looking every which way. Both called out Angel's name, waiting for a bit to see if he'd come, then moving further in. Before long, Twilight looked back and realized she couldn't see the forest entrance anymore.

“I hope he hasn't gone much further than this.” She grimaced. “I don't like this forest any more than you do. But we still need to find him.”

Fluttershy called out Angel's name and hovered up a little ways, turning all around. “Still no sight of him... Ohhhhh Angel! Why did you have to do this?”

“Calm now Fluttershy, we'll find him yet.” Twilight patted her friend on the shoulder after she landed.

Fifteen minutes passed, and they had gone further in, spreading out slightly, but not very far due to Fluttershy's fear of being alone in the forest. Suddenly, seeing a flash of white, she shouted out. “Twilight! I think I see him!”

They both ran over toward where Fluttershy had pointed, but found only a white flower. Fluttershy's ears bent down. “Well... I thought I saw him.”

Twilight was rather worried now, they had been wandering quite some time, and she wasn't sure how far they had gone in. And though she was afraid to admit it, she wasn't exactly sure which way was the way back, they had taken so many detours around creeks and ditches.

Looking through a small opening in the trees above, Twilight swallowed. “Uh oh...”

“What is it?” Fluttershy turned around. “What's wrong?”

Twilight hesitated responding, but finally just said it. “The sun is setting. And I don't exactly know which way is home Fluttershy...”

The look on the yellow Pegasus' face was enough to melt a heart at the sound of that news. “Y-You mean we're... S-stuck? Here? In the forest?”

Twilight forced herself to perk up. “Let's just uhh, let's look a bit longer, and then if we don't find him, we can go back. Ok?” Truth be told, she knew they were lost, but wanted to keep Fluttershy's spirits up as long as she could. She knew the poor mare was prone to panicking in situations like this.

Six minutes later, and Twilight jumped as Flttershy launched into the air in fright. “Eeek! Something's coming!”

The leaves rustled quickly toward Twilight, and she soon found herself the landing spot of a shivering, frightened little bunny.

“Angel!” Fluttershy immediately landed. “How dare you! Why would you do this to us?” Her assertive spat ending as quick as it had arrived, Fluttershy immediately turned scared. “Twilight... We still don't know the way back do we?”

Twilight shook her head solemnly. “I'm sorry Fluttershy... II-I have no idea. We can head back the way we came, but, I don't know exactly which way that is, we turned around so much.”

“We should still try, I don't want to stay lost out here.” Flutteshy began to trot back through the bushes, Twilight jogging next to her. “We can at least try, but I'm afraid we won't be back in time.”

“S-Sure we can...” Fluttershy tried to stay optimistic, finding it harder to do the further they went.

Eventually, they had to squint. Between night setting upon them, and the overgrowth of the trees, it was incredibly difficult to see the ground. Finally, Twilight shook her head. “I'm sorry Fluttershy... We have to stop for the night.”

Fluttershy's large teal eyes quivered. “S-spend the night? In the E-Everfree forest? Can't you use your magic to make light?”

Twilight gritted her teeth in light frustrationg. “Yeesss... But that's also the problem. Light will attract a lot of attention to us. And this forest isn't known for helpful creatures.”

Fluttershy looked around and held Angel close, who seemed just as traumatized as the pony he clung to.

“Come on over here, I can make out a large tree stump we can hide out at.” Twilight said, leading Fluttershy over. “As long as we stay quiet and don't move much, nothing should be able to find us.

Fluttershy immediately grabbed nearby leaves and began covering herself. Twilight couldn't resist a grin herself, the Pegasus' defense mechanism for hiding was actually rather ingenious.

Doing the same, Twilight settled in next to Fluttershy, holding her hoof silently as she smiled reassuringly to the frightened pony. “We'll get through this. I know it.

“But what about that ghost pony seen here?” Fluttershy asked meekly.

Twilight raised an eyebrow curiously. “Ghost pony? I've never heard of a ghost pony before.”

Looking back out into the forest, Fluttershy explained. “Ponies say that there have been sightings of a strange glowing Pegasus in these woods before. K-Kind of multicolored. And they ALWAYS see you...”

Twilight looked back out into the forest. “I've never heard about that tale. But if they exist, I'm sure if they glow, we'll be seeing them first with as dark as it is.”

Hours seemed like ages, Twilight feared the night would be too terrifying to Fluttershy, and really hoped that nothing came along at all. The fewer creatures, the better.

She also hoped it wouldn't stay so cold. Cause without moving, she was feeling a bit chilly.

- - -

Tsyreim galloped through the forest. With all his late-night visits to Ponyville, he was growing a bit tired, and slept in longer today.

Desiring to keep from disturbing the wildlife too much, he had cast a headvision spell, avoiding larger objects so not to wake a bear or Manticore.

Despite traveling so quickly, his hoofsteps were mostly silent. He knew where and how to step to make the least amount of noise. Yet as he traveled, he saw another heat signature. Angling away from it, he took another glance, and suddenly stopped, feeling that strange sense again. Just like when he saw the element ponies. He squinted, eventually making out the signature of TWO creatures, rather than one.

Naturally, this piqued his interest, and he crept closer a bit. It didn't take long to realize the two to resemble a regular pony's heat signature. But why in Equestria would two be so far out in the forest at this time of night?

He decided to sneak closer, and leapt into the trees, nimbly jumping from limb to limb, casting slow spells to lighten his hoof-falls to the branches.

Eventually he got close enough, and found them to indeed be two ponies. The element aura from them was definitely there too. And while he didn't fancy giving himself up, it was quite obvious the two were rather frightened and very lost.

Sighing, he leapt from the branches, landing about a hundred and fifty feet away, looking straight at them. He raised his head, causing his horn to glow brightly for a bit.

- - -

Twilight stared out into the forest, thinking about how Spike was probably worried sick since she never returned. Fluttershy was too busy thinking about how her various animals were worried sick about how she and Angel weren't back.

But in one second, both their thoughts were centered on one thing. The sudden green glow not far off.

Fluttershy began to shake uncontrollably. “I-I-It's th-them...!” She tried to keep her voice down. “Th-The ghost pony!”

Twilight put her hoof to Fluttershy's mouth. “No Fluttershy... That is not the ghost pony.” Realization struck her as she saw the glow fade enough to reflect off of the rest of the creature's body. A unicorn. Green horn, staring straight toward them. “Could it be?”

“Could it be who?” Fluttershy said, pulling Twilight's hoof from her mouth.

“That pony, from the posters. The one Celestia was after, the one who was doing the nighttime shopping!” Twilight began to chatter, almost excitedly. The fear of their situation flew out the door with her sighting of the pony. All that remained was her desire to get to him, to find out who he was, why he was there.

“Come on!” She jumped up.

Fluttershy gasped. “T-TWI! HE'LL SEE US!”

“That's the point!” Twilight replied, pulling Fluttershy along with her by her magic.

Fluttershy was absolutely terrified, flailing her legs about in desperation to escape. “TWWIIII!!”

- - -

It didn't take much for Tsyreim to see that they did indeed notice him. And with the leaves removed, it was easy to tell who they were.

He waited till they were about fifty feet away, and raised his hoof, his eyes glowing. “Halt.”

The Twilight Sparkle pony skidded to a stop, her friend huddled in a frightened little levitating ball, staring fearfully at Tsyreim.

“Who are you?” Twilight demanded.

Tsyreim centered his gaze on her. “You are lost, thus I will assist you in returning from whence you came.”

With that, he began to trot through the woods. “Come.” He simply spoke, not bothering to answer Twilight's question.

He kept an ear cocked a bit back to listen to the two. Their conversation was actually quite comical to him.

“I need to find out who he is!” Twilight mumbled to her friend, who's words were a barely audible. “But he's scarryyy...!”

Tsyreim kept his canter up, sensing Twilight Sparkle's approach. He felt a sudden magical force and a wall set up around him.

He stopped and turned around to face her. “There!” She panted slightly, stopping right next to the magical field. “I asked you, Who are you?!”

He looked down at her, a slight grin crossing his face. “Jiduh Muffunire.” The field shattered easily with his words.

The two ponies stared at him blankly.

Tsyreim chuckled as he spoke again. “Surely thou didn't honestly believe that to hold me.”

“No. No I didn't.” Twilight stood up. “I just wanted to stop you. Why won't you answer my questions?”

“Such inquiries are irrelevant.” Tsyreim replied. “What information do you honestly desire to obtain from a simple hermit?”

“Simple isn't the word I'd use to describe you.” Twilight huffed.

“Rather amusing, you two.” Tsyreim said, looking over at the yellow Pegasus. “So I shall entertain a small portion of your no doubt, plethora of questions.”

“Then let's start with the first one I tried.” Twilight nodded. “Who are you?”

Tsyreim thought for a second. “To summarize myself is an interesting task indeed. So I shall simply leave you with a name.” Bowing slightly, he introduced himself. “I am Tsyreim.”

“Psy, reym?” Twilight tilted her head.

“Yes, spelled T-S-Y-R-E-I-M. Tsyreim.” He replied nonchalantly.

“Odd name, but fitting for an odd pony I suppose.” Twilight shrugged. “Ok, next question. How do you know who we are? And why were you after me?”

Tsyreim shrugged. “Two questions really, but technicalities aside, I'll answer them regardless. It should be obvious from me being at the site of Nightmare Moon's reckoning, that I saw you use the Elements of Harmony to defeat her.”

“And?” Twilight twirled her hoof.

“It was only that event that verified my earlier hypothesis. I can sense the Element's aura emanating from both of you.” Pointing to Twilight, and then Fluttershy, he named their elements. “You, Element of Magic. And you, though I do not know your name, you are no doubt the Element of Kindness.”

“You also knew my friend from the boutique.” Twilight added.

“Is that what that place was called.” Tsyreim tapped his chin. “Yes, the Element of Generosity she was.”

“And the other question?” Twilight reminded him.

“If when you say 'after you', you are referring to hunting you down, then no. It was my desire to warn you of the danger you were taking on. At that time, I did not fully understand that you embodied and would inevitably harness the power of the Elements of Harmony.” Tsyreim smiled as he admired Twilight's expression. “What seems to be the matter, child? Did Celestia tell you otherwise?”

“Not exactly...” Twilight mused. “You were warning us?”

“I did just say that did I not?”

Twilight shook her head, “Okay, one more. What is your cutie mark?”

“Three questions, that is quite enough for now.” Tsyreim turned around, starting to walk again. “Come hither, or stay lost in the forest. The choice should be rather clear.”

Twilight grumbled as she followed. “Three choices... Should have switched the third with the second...”

Tsyreim led them on toward the edge of the forest, occasionally looking back at the two. The yellow one seemed to have recovered somewhat from her initial fright. But it was clear she wouldn't fully accept his presence, despite his helping them. He smiled, thinking that if it existed, the Element of Shyness would be more befitting of her.

The trees began to thin, and several lights shone further away. Tsyreim led them the rest of the way, stopping right at the edge of the meadow. Fluttershy's cottage could be seen in the distance. “I believe this is where your escort ends.” He said to the passing ponies.

- - -

Twilight set Fluttershy on the ground, and she held Angel close.

“Thank you, Tsyreim.” She said. “Even if I wasn't the most agreeable pony, I still very much appreciate you doing this for us. And I mean, really appreciate.”

Tsyreim bowed again. “I do not sit idly by when innocent ponies are in need. Especially not the harbingers of the elements.”

“May I ask at least ONE more question?” Twilight looked up at him.

Tsyreim sighed. “Very well then.”

“Why is Celestia after you?” Twilight asked.

Tsyreim looked down into her eyes before answering. “If ever I were to ask you a question, it would have been that very one.”

“What?” Twilight blinked. “Ask ME why Celestia is after you?”

“All truth be told, I know not why she pursues me.” Tsyreim exhaled, slight frustration easily recognizable in his voice. “Ask her, I would have already. Had it not been for the glare of murder on her face whenever she lays eyes upon me. I may be powerful, but I am no Alicorn.”

Looking back down at the confused purple pony, he waved. “With that, I shall be off. Go tell your Princess, I'm sure you inevitably shall. No doubt you two keep in touch well-enough with all the happenings of late.”

“Actually, I think I have more to think about before I make any letters...” Twilight mumbled absentmindedly. Looking back up at him, she nodded and motioned for Fluttershy to follow her. “Come on Fluttershy, it's late, and I'm sure Ponyville is worried about us.”

Fluttershy flapped her wings, hovering into the air, stopping in front of Tsyreim for a moment. For once since she saw him, her mouth formed a small smile, following up with a barely audible “Thank you...” Before she flew off after Twilight.

Twilight turned to look back, but Tsyreim had already vanished back into the woods. “Well... That was interesting. And now I'm more confused than ever...”

Fluttershy stayed close, holding Angel tight. “He was... Nice. Scary but, nice.”

“And protective of whatever he knows.” Twilight grumbled. “He sure wasn't one for chatting.”

As the two approached Fluttershy's cottage, they saw several ponies around it. One spotted the two and shouted, all the rest converging on Twilight and Fluttershy.

Rainbow Dash flew over. “Hey! Where have you two been?! Word spread around that neither of you returned, so we all went looking.”

Fluttershy blushed. “I'm sorry... We got lost, looking for Angel.”

“Oh. How do you even put up with him?” Rainbow Dash frowned, the bunny shooting her a glare. Unaffected, Rainbow Dash interrupted Twilight as she was about to speak. “Pinkie and I had to break our cover to help looking for you guys.”

“Cover?” Twilight raised an eyebrow.

“Yeah!” Dash replied, crossing her forelegs. “We were waiting for our mysterious midnight shopper.”

Twilight chuckled and looked back from where they came. “I doubt you're going to see him tonight.”

Rainbow Dash hovered closer. “I'm sorry, what was that? Cause it looks to me like you know something.”

“I met him.” Twilight simply stated.

“WHAAAT?!” Rainbow Dash threw her forelegs wide. “Well where is he? Didn't you catch him?!”

“No.” Twilight shrugged. “He led us out of the forest, we would still have been huddling next to that stump had it not been for him.”

“Buh... Wha... The...” Rainbow Dash tried to comprehend the situation. “The pony Celestia went bonkers over HELPED you two?”

“He was nice...” Fluttershy whispered.

“NICE?!” Rainbow Dash was shouting now, once again her tendency to get overexcited was kicking in. “Celestia has posters up for ponies to REPORT HIM. He's like... A criminal or something.”

“Calm down Dash.” Twilight waved as the other ponies finally caught up. “Meet me in the library tomorrow. I'll explain it all there. Make sure Pinkie Pie, Rarity and Applejack are there too. They need to hear this.”

Rainbow dash eyed Twilight suspiciously. “O-kaayyy then... You're fine, obviously, and you scared off the 'shopper', so I guess I'm just going to bed.”

“Scared off isn't really...” Twilight ended her sentence abruptly as Rainbow Dash simply flew off. “That pony...”

After getting things sorted out with everypony else, Twilight and Fluttershy returned to their homes. Twilight was too tired to stay up and think about it all, so many different sides to the story about this stallion.

Hopefully tomorrow, her friends could help her piece it together.