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Lunar Apprehension - Vypor

A mysterious pony attempts to show Luna her work is appreciated, but Celestia sees him as a threat.

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Chapter 10: The Meeting

Twilight Sparkle sat quietly in the center of the room, surrounded by several of her friends. Whom were to say the least, befuddled by how their friend was acting.

The door opened and Applejack trotted in. “Sorry ah'm late ya'll, Big Macintosh needed some help loadin' up the cart before I left.”

Twilight nodded. “It's fine Applejack, take a seat and we'll start.”

Rainbow Dash turned to Twilight and crossed her forelegs. “So what is this all about anyway? You sure were acting strange last night when we found you.”

Rarity spoke up as well. “Yes, what seems to be the matter? The last time we had a discussion like this, it was about Nightmare Moon.”

Twilight shook her head. “It doesn't involve Nightmare Moon. Thanks to you all, Princess Luna is fine now. This is about something entirely different.”

“Then speak up. What is it?” Applejack said, taking a seat.

Twilight looked over at Fluttershy, who gave a small smile of encouragement. “It's... Difficult to explain.” Twilight mumbled. “But I'll just tell you straight up. I met the stallion who Celestia is after.”

The room spun into chaos. Ponies shouted out questions about what he was like, if he was hostile, what he said. Twilight yelled for them to quiet, and finally had to simply silence them all magically. “Enough! Let me speak already! Geez...”

After releasing them, she continued. “To tell you the truth, he wasn't anything like I expected.”

“So he wasn't creepy?” Rarity raised an eye.

“Creepy wouldn't really be the word I'd use.” Twilight shook her head in response. “Mysterious, and very protective of what he knew. I could only get him to answer three questions.”

“Hold up a second there sugarcube.” Applejack waved her hoof. “How did you even find this fellow in the first place?”

“Funny story actually.” Twilight grinned, then looking over at Fluttershy. “Ok, so funny isn't an accurate description. No matter, it's a simple explanation.”

“Angel ran into the Everfree forest, and Twilight was kind enough to help me look for him.” Fluttershy whispered, then sighing and speaking slightly louder after everypony stared at her blankly.

“As Fluttershy said.” Twilight picked up again. “We went after him, and thankfully we found the troublemaking bunny, but got lost in the process.”

“We would have been trapped in that forest forever...” Fluttershy huddled down, recalling the night.

“While forever is an overly generous term, I would agree that it could have turned out to be a long time.” Twilight rubbed Fluttershy's shoulder in comfort, she knew the poor Pegasus was still traumatized by the event.

“So how did you get out so soon?” Pinkie Pie asked, easily sitting on the edge of her seat.

“That strange pony helped them out!” Rainbow Dash blurted out what Twilight had told her last night.

“What?!” The room started shouting again, though feeling magic gripping them again, they quickly quieted down.

“Dash is right.” Twilight nodded slowly. “It was him. He stopped by us, and when I went after him, he told us to follow him if we wanted out of the forest.”

“And you TRUSTED him?” Rarity gasped. “But... He's a wanted pony.”

“I never said I trusted him.” Twilight grinned. “You should know me better by now Rarity. I wanted ANSWERS. And I would have followed him all over the mountains for those answers.”

“Thank you for not doing that.” Fluttershy meeped.

Rolling her eyes, the purple unicorn explained more. “I stopped him with magic, though he easily dispelled my spell, I only wanted to ask him questions. And he was kind enough to let me ask them.”

“You say 'kind'. Explain.” Rainbow Dash eyed her friend suspiciously.

“Well, surprisingly, he was very polite. Stern and serious, yes. But polite nonetheless. He answered my questions, and then we moved on. I could only get three answers out of him.”

“What questions, and what did he say?” Pinkie asked again, her tail seeming to waggle in excitement.

“Well my first question, was who was he. And all he gave me was a name. An odd one at that. 'Tsyreim'. T-S-R-Y-R-E-I-M.”

“What the hay kind of name is that?” Applejack frowned. “His mother had an interesting taste in words didn't she?”

“Colts can't be choosers of their names.” Twilight shrugged. “He didn't give me any real info about whether it was significant, but at least we have a name to go by now.”

“What was the next question?” Rarity inquired.

“I asked him how he knew who we were. And why he was after me.” Twilight said, interrupted immediately by Rainbow Dash again.

“Wait, he was after you?”

“Well, not necessarily.” Twilight grimaced, trying to figure out a simple way to explain it. “Derpy, the mailmare told me he was looking for me on the night that Nightmare Moon returned. I asked him why he was looking for me.”

Looking over her friends, she chuckled. “Turns out, he was looking for all of us. To warn us of the danger we were headed for. Namely, Nightmare Moon herself.”

The confused looks from her audience told Twilight they didn't quite understand why he'd want to warn them. “I know what you're thinking. Why would a criminal pony be concerned for OUR safety?”

“Took the words right outta mah mouth.” Applejack shrugged.

“Well I'll tell you why I think.” Twilight stood up tall. “I don't think he's a criminal at all.”

The confused looks turned blank, and then confused again. “Saywhatnow?” Applejack retorted.

“Are you saying... Celestia was WRONG about him?” Rarity said, taken aback by this turn of events.

“Girls, girls calm down.” Twilight waved her hooves. “Don't you remember? Celestia never SAID he was a criminal, all she ever told us was that she wanted us to report sightings of him. Naturally, that combined with her reaction to him led us to believe he was a criminal.”

“I can't imagine Celestia being that ANGRY over seeing an old 'friend'.” Rainbow Dash rolled her eyes.

“Well look here.” Twilight replied. “I managed to squeeze out one more question from him in the end. I asked him why Celestia was after him. And his response was nothing like I had expected.” Stopping and looking into her friend's eyes, she spoke again. “He told me he would have asked me the same question.”

“He didn't know why?” Pinkie Pie began to think. “Maybe... SHE WANTED TO THROW HIM A PARTY!” Somehow, Pinkie managed to shoot confetti from the chair.

Ignoring the outburst, Rainbow Dash spoke up again. “So basically what Pinkie just said. He didn't know why Celestia was after him?”

“He had no clue at all.” Twilight shook her head. “I can tell generally when a pony is lying, and there was no sign of it in his expression. I think he honestly had no idea why she was so angry with him.”

“Why doesn't he just talk to her then?” Rarity held her hooves aloft in questioning. “He sounds reasonable, and I know Celestia certainly is.”

“Well he told me he wanted to, and would have the night we defeated Nightmare Moon.” Looking down as she mused, Twilight continued. “But he is scared. Scared of Celestia and her power, he had to run, he had no other choice.”

“Well that's a dreadful life to live.” Rarity pouted. “Living like a criminal. Why don't we just tell Celestia ourselves?”

“No no no!” Twilight quickly spoke up. “Not yet, certainly not yet. You saw how angry she was. We need to find out more about him first, then work our way up.”

Trailing off on another note, she told them about the letter she had sent the Princess. “I sent a letter, asking Celestia about him. All I got as a response was her telling me not to ask such questions. Whatever this is, it's a very personal matter, so we can't just go throwing questions around like Celestia will listen to our every whim.”

The room grew silent. When all of a sudden, Fluttershy spoke. “Well... We could get to know him.”

Every eye turned to her, Twilight was quick to speak. “Umm, Fluttershy. You were scared to death of him.”

“Was.” Fluttershy corrected her. “You're right, you could tell if he was lying, and he wasn't. I saw that. I think this is just a lonely pony who was misunderstood. And he helped us both Twilight, you know that. We should at least try to help him.”

“I still am trying to figure out why you of all ponies want to do this. But I do see your logic, in a way. I guess we are kind of indebted to him for helping us out.” Twilight rubbed her chin. “But how do we catch him? Or rather, meet him. He's a sneaky one.”

“Oh! Oh!” Pinkie Pie bounced up and down. “We were waiting for him last night, but had to stop to help look for you and Fluttershy.”

“Yeah.” Rainbow Dash nodded. “Since he keeps 'shopping', we figured waiting in the marketplace would be the best idea.”

Rarity began to pitch in. “Twilight darling, do you know any spells that could detect an invisible pony? Cause he was invisible when he bought that roll of cloth from me.”

“I think I have a few spells around here for something like that.” Twilight nodded.

“What if he resists?” Applejack raised her hoof.

“Then don't fight him.” Twilight shrugged. “The last thing we need is a fight on our hands. To be quite honest, this entire plan is crazy, and no doubt the rest of the town will think us so. But somepony has to do this.”

“Tonight then?” Dash asked.

“Tonight.” They all agreed.

- - - - - - -
One hour later, Tsyreim's cave
- - - - - - -

Tsyreim awoke slowly, crawling out of bed. “Morning already?”

“Good morning, son.” Gem greeted him. “And actually, morning was several hours ago, but I believe that can be excused. After all, you've been a busy stallion haven't you?”

“Do I sense a hidden note in your greeting?” Tsyreim sighed.

“You made some friends didn't you?” Gem asked.

“I would not call them friends, so much as 'rescues'.” Tsyreim walked out of his room, stretching.

“Twilight?” Gem simply said.

“How do you know that name?” Tsyreim stopped.

“The real question is, how could I not? You kept mumbling it throughout the night.” Gem giggled. “Twilight Sparkle isn't much of a guy's name either.”

“If there is an assumption woven into your speech, then I assure you that you are incorrect.” Tsyreim huffed in irritation, walking outside into the warm sunlight.

“Someone is cranky today.” Gem continued, despite Tsyreim's irritation.

“Not so much cranky, as confused.” He replied, sitting in the grass, watching the birds flutter through the air. “I answered several of her questions. And while they weren't really much to answer, I still feel that I should have kept them a secret.”

“What did you tell her?” Gem asked.

“Simply my name, the fact that I knew her and her friends to be the embodiments of the Elements of Harmony, and why I went looking for her during the night that Luna returned.”

“Anything else?” Gem probed.

“Actually yes.” Tsyreim nodded. “More or less anyway, she inquired as to why Celestia was after me. And I simply told her I would have asked the same thing, for I knew not why her Princess is so intent on my capture.”

“I see no problem with disclosing such information.” Gem replied. “None of it really leads back here, so what are you so worried about?”

“I told a pony information, mother. I have never told anypony anything, except for you and father.”

“I suppose that would be an odd thing to do after so many years.” Gem agreed. “But it's nothing to fret over, son. If they are the elements embodied, they are not cutthroats. I doubt them to ever sell you out for personal gain.”

“My gratitude for your blatant encouragement, mother. Tis wonderful to think about ponies selling me out for personal gain.” Tsyreim chuckled.

“You are too cynical, Tsy.” Gem sighed. “You really DO need some friends.”

“In time, mother. In time.” Tsyreim shrugged.

- - - - - - -
Current time, Canterlot Palace
- - - - - - -

Luna nodded to the guards as she walked down the corridor. They nodded back, but she could sense a tinge of fear in them. They knew of her Nightmare Moon side. Everyone did.

She ignored that for the most part, but a part of her could not. The whole reason Luna had let her envy go too far in the first place was because she felt unappreciated. She wanted ponies not to fear her so much as love her for who she was. Not some scary dark and foreboding temper which was entirely blown out of proportion.

She sighed and walked past Celestia's door, stopping and knocking. “Sister? Art thou present?”

Cracking the door open slightly as she heard talking, Luna peeked in. Celestia was having a conversation via some magical warp she must have conjured. A voice echoed through the swirling anomaly as Celestia spoke.

“I trust the supplies arrived in good condition?” The Sun Princess inquired of the voice.

“Yes they did your majesty. Other than a small group of bandits who tried to take it over, the guards you provided made short work of their ambush. Thank you again, our town needed those supplies.” The voice replied, sounding somewhat proud yet thankful.

Celestia looked over to see Luna looking in. “Oh, so sorry Luna, I didn't hear you. I was simply taking care of some business.”

“As I would expect you to be doing.” Luna replied, a small smile crossing her face.

The voice in the void suddenly spoke up. “Ahh, the Mare in the Moon is it? I trust you haven't been causing too much trouble lately.”

What small smile instantly vanished from Luna's face. Celestia immediately snapped back at them. “That was completely uncalled for! She is my sister, not a nightma...” Her voice drifted off as she saw Luna had already left.”

“My sincerest apologies your majesty... I should not have said that.” The stallion apologized swiftly.

“No, no you should not have.” Celestia grumbled. “I believe that concludes our communication. I bid you farewell.” She closed the magical voice-field without waiting for a response.

Ignoring the papers on her desk that needed dealing with, she headed straight for Luna's chambers. Finding the door locked, she knocked lightly. “Sister... I'm sorry for that back there, he should not have said that.”

She swallowed, hearing a slight sniffle from inside the room. “Thank you Tia... But I think I'd rather spend some time alone here.”

The Sun Princess sighed heavily and bowed her head. “Please remember, I am here whenever you need me...” Pausing for a bit, she turned and plodded back to her room.

Luna however, sat on her bed, holding a small stuffed tiger close. A couple tears ran down her face. “All thine subjects recall my memory... But for all the wrong reasons...”

- - - - - - -
Three hours later, Ponyville Town Hall
- - - - - - -

“You want to do WHAT?!” An aged tan pony stomped her hoof indignantly. “This is preposterous. You want to detain a wanted criminal by Celestia herself, in HERE, just to ask questions, and then let him leave?”

Twilight swallowed uncomfortably. “Mayor Mare, I know it sounds crazy, but we're no strangers to crazy. You need to listen to me on this, nopony must know.”

“I still can't believe this...” The Mayor rubbed her brow. “What can you hope to gain from this?”

“Information.” Twilight simply replied, looking back at her friends. “We defeated Nightmare Moon, and this pony isn't Nightmare Moon. We think Celestia has it all wrong about him.”

“You're accusing our Princess of wrongdoing?” The Mayor glared at Twilight.

Cringing for a second, Twiligth shook her head and stood firm. “Had it not been for that same stallion, Fluttershy and I would most likely STILL be lost in the Everfree Forest! He may have taken things from town, but he ALWAYS repayed.”

“With counterfeit coins!” The Mayor spat back.

“They're solid gold!” Rarity shouted. “They're worth more than five times the value of a regular bit!”

Seeing her resolve beginning to crack, Twilight continued to press the matter. “How many criminal ponies have you met who were polite, and willing to help? Who repayed their debts?”

Mayor mare began to shrink back.

“If anything, this is just a misunderstood pony. And I am to get to the bottom of the story behind him.” The purple unicorn paused before adding more. “...With, or without your help.”

“Fine...” The elder pony grumbled. “We'll be here tonight. YOU and your friends just make sure to keep him under control. If any harm comes to ponies from him, I hold all of you personally responsible.”

Twilight turned to her friends. “Are these acceptable terms?”

The other five ponies looked to each other, and shook their heads. “Good enough fer me.” Applejack nodded.

Twilight turned back to the Mayor with a small grin. “Then we have an accord. Tonight we'll bring him in if he comes.”

“And if he doesn't agree to come?”

“Then we won't try to stop him. The last thing we want to do is actually provoke physical violence.” Twilight shook her head. “Despite what we think about him, we can't ignore the fact that he may be unpredictable if feeling cornered.”

“Then I pray for all our sake that he not feel that way.” The Mayor turned around, heading back to her office.

Twilight nodded to her friends, and they all headed out to Applejack's stand at the market.

Once there, they outlined their plans to the vendors there. And despite the unrest around the idea, most agreed. After all, the Nightmare Moon escapade reassured the ponies that these six could hold their own if it came down to it.

Twilight and her friends organized a plan where they would hide in different spots around the market. If one of them spotted Tsyreim, they would confront him and call out the others if he agreed to their terms. “Under no circumstances should any of you ever try to force him into submitting.” Twilight reiterated the rule again. “He knows a very powerful magic that even I don't understand, so don't risk a confrontation.”

Looking at the sky, she arranged a time for them to begin. “Meet back here in three hours. Dusk should be arriving by then, so we'll each go to our designated areas then. Ok?”

Once all had agreed, they went their separate ways. Except for Applejack, who was selling apples there anyway.

Twilight returned to the Library, but couldn't hardly study. The prospect of finding out more about this curious Unicorn excited her. When she wasn't studying, she loved to read good detective books, and this whole endeavor made her feel like she was in her very own book.

The time seemed to fly by as she sat at her desk, and when the time came, she racked her brain, trying to remember if she was forgetting something. After running all over the library, she remembered that she didn't really need to bring anything at all.

After settling her paranoia about being prepared, Twilight galloped down to the marketplace. Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash were already there, Pinkie Pie wasn't far behind Twilight either.

Once there, Twilight looked up at the clocktower to note the time. “Where's Rarity?”

“Fancy'in herself up no doubt.” Applejack rolled her eyes. Fashion was definitely not part of the farmpony's expertise in the slightest.

When Rarity finally trotted into the group, the sun was already setting. Twilight nodded to them all and reiterated the plan. “Ok, remember, no chasing him. Just ask him to come, and that we simply want to know what he knows about this whole issue.”

When they were all ready, each pony retreated to their individual hiding spots. Naturally, due to their experience meeting Tsyreim, Fluttershy and Twilight both used the same spot to hide.

Once settled in, they began the waiting game. It was only a matter of time.

- - - - - - -
Ten minutes earlier, outside Ponyville
- - - - - - -

Tsyreim lay back in his treetop hammock, amused by the clearly obvious antics of the ponies below. Watching them each scurry to the little hiding spots, he kept note of which pony had hidden where.

Sitting forward, he rested on his chin. “Twilight Sparkle...” Tsyreim chuckled. “I knew those simple three questions would not sate your hunger for knowledge.”

While he would ordinarily be incredibly paranoid about allowing himself to be questioned, he knew the Elements of Harmony would never choose those who were greedy and intended harm. It was plain to see that Twilight simply thirsted for answers, and wanted to know about him.

That however, could complicate things. Tonight however, he would entertain her inquiries. Just so long as she kept to his own set of parameters.

Even though Tsyreim would allow them to speak to him, he would wait until night, when most everypony else had already gone to bed. The fewer ponies that saw him, the better.

Ponyville slowly settled down with the sun setting, and so night overtook the quaint village. Tsyreim finally deciding it was time to greet his 'friends'.

He didn't plan on letting the six think for once that he didn't know. Might as well have some fun with them. As he crept toward the marketplace, he spotted a large crate, looking around, he found a rope as well. “Hmm... Perfect.” He grinned, a plan hatching in his mind.

- - - - - - -
Seven minutes later, center Ponyville Marketplace
- - - - - - -

Twilight and Fluttershy whispered to each other for a couple seconds, trying to pass the time. “I can only imagine how impatient Rainbow Dash must be right now.” Twilight had to giggle.

Fluttershy smiled and looked out toward the rainbow Pegasus' spot. “I think this is the longest she's ever sat in one place.”

Twilight was about to reply, when suddenly she sensed somepony using magic nearby. “Wait, what's that...” She held up her hoof, Fluttershy immediately freezing.

A large wooden crate suddenly floated through the marketplace, a green aura encircling it. The crate tilted back, and a large branch propped up the higher end, setting down on the ground. Several seconds later, a rope flew in and tied around the branch, stretching out across the ground. The entire setup finished, making the simple, yet popular foal's-play box trap.

“...What.” Twilight stared in confusion.

Then suddenly, Tsyreim dropped into sight, walking toward the crate nonchalantly. Grinning, he walked underneath the crate, then spoke out. “So, which pony would so wish to tug on yonder rope? Being as you all are ever so desperate to capture me.”

There was no point in hiding now, they all realized it, and began to walk out of their hiding spots. All except for Pinkie Pie, who made a beeline for the rope. “ME FIRST! ME FIRST!” Gripping the rope in her teeth, she ripped the branch out from under the crate, and it thumped over Tsyreim.

“I got him, Twilight!” The exuberant pink pony beamed. Almost as brightly as the light that flashed from the cracks in the crate.

“Aaaand there he goes.” Twilight facehooved.

Tsyreim however simply teleported right next to the crate, and looked around at the ponies. “It would not take much to decipher which of ye be the Element of Laughter.” He grinned at Pinkie.

Turning then to Twilight, he bowed. “Miss Sparkle. We meet again.”

“You don't seem to be very worried.” She eyed him. “What do you know that we don't?”

“If you would be referring to your antics in order to detain me, then I shall reply, nothing.” Sighing, he motioned toward the woods. “I would have expected you most of all to at least presume that I not arrive only at the depth of night.”

“I guess I got overexcited.” Twilight pawed at the ground awkwardly. “So why did you still come if you knew we were waiting for you?”

Tsyreim began to explain. “I know the Elements of Harmony, but not those who have thus become the very vessels for the Elements however. Despite this, I still recognize that the Elements would never choose unfitting beings. That alone, is why I trusted you all enough to still make my appearance here.”

“Then you must know why I'm here.” Twilight replied.

Nodding, Tsyreim confirmed it. “Your endless thirst for knowledge.”

“I guess you do know me pretty well.” Twilight giggled. “Ok, well there is a part of this that you don't know about, and I was planning to ask you to come with us either way.”

Tsyreim turned serious. “If it involves meeting your Princess, then I must fervently decline your invitation.”

“No no no!” Twilight was quick to correct him. “It's just out mayor. She has agreed to hear out your story, and maybe we can figure out what the problem is with you and Celestia.”

Tsyreim raised a hoof, rather taken aback by this turn of events. “If I were not mistaken, I would gather that you are putting your reputation on the line. And for what? Helping some old stallion who lives in the forest?”

Twilight shook her head. “There's more to it than just that. You and I both know it. You don't know why Celestia was after you, and she wouldn't tell me why. So I'm trying to solve the problem.”

“For all you know, she thinks me a criminal.” Tsyreim huffed.

“Well I don't.” Twilight stood firm. “No criminal pony goes out of their way to help lost ponies, to be polite even under such unusual circumstances. So no, I don't think you're a criminal. And if you have any sense in you, you'd allow me to help you.”

“...US, to help you.” Applejack corrected Twilight. “Ah've never seen a pony so willin' to help another, even when they don't know all 'bout em. But Twilight has never been wrong as far as ah can tell, and I'd sooner lose mah farm than let an innocent pony be branded a bad apple without proof.”

The marketplace went eerily silent. Tsyreim stared blankly at Twilight. His shock that some pony who barely knew him was so willing to help him, was only overcome by the fact that all their friends felt the same way. Suddenly, his thousand year fear of feeling that his name would never be cleansed, was suddenly cracked. Hope, began to feed in, and he felt a stinging in his eyes.

Tears. Was this what it was like to have, friends?

Finally he cleared his throat and spoke, keeping a lid on his emotions as far as he could. “Then so be it. What is your request.”

Twilight sighed in relief. “We need you to come to the Town Hall. Where Nightmare Moon returned, I have no doubt you were there hidden in the shadows, so I'm sure you know where that is.”

“You presume correctly, Miss Sparkle.” Tsyreim smiled.

“Please, call me Twilight.” The purple Unicorn shuffled akwardly. “Miss Sparkle makes me feel old.”

“My apologies Twilight.” Tsyreim looked outward. “Shall we move along then?”

“Agreed.” Motioning for them to follow, Twilight called out for her friends. “Come on, let's go figure this out.”

- - -

Mayor Mare leaned back in her chair, snoring. Waiting during the night was too much for her old body, and she had fallen asleep rather quickly. The door opened, and a guard poked his head in. “Miss Mayor, they're here!”

She awoke with a start, and regained her composure. “Wait, does that mean they actually...”

The guard nodded quickly, then ran back to the main hall. Mayor mare was close behind, and trotted calmly into the hall as the Six walked in, a large black Unicorn following close behind. “Oh dear Celestia...” She whispered under her breath.

Clearing her voice, she looked at the guards, and several moved to the doors.

Tsyreim swung his hoof toward them and spoke. “Bervel Visr!” The guards froze in place, looking around as they were unable to move. The rest of the guards stood up quickly, gritting their teeth.

Twilight jumped forward. “WAIT!”

The room came to a pause as Twilight shouted out. “Mayor, we agreed to not try to capture him!”

“We weren't...” The Mayor looked toward Tsyreim fearfully.

Tsyreim settled down some and spoke again, waving his leg. “Mufuff Fness.” The guards frozen in place stumbled, regaining the ability to move. Looking back toward the mayor, Tsyreim bowed. “Pardon my paranoia. The last time I had doors ordered to trap me, was when I first became acquainted with your Princess.”

“Then you ARE a criminal?” The Mayor glared at him.

Tsyreim stood firm, his gaze cutting through her confidence. “Irrelevant. I know not why your Princess so desires my capture. When I first met her, I arrived with the intention of aiding her in the battle which had arisen with her very sister.”

Twilight turned around. “But... That was only about a week ago. Celestia acted like she knew you from before.”

“I am not referring to the return of the Mare in the Moon.” Tsyreim stepped forward. “I am referring to the BANISHMENT of the Mare in the Moon.”

The room grew silent.

Twilight finally raised her hoof. “Umm, that was-”

“A thousand years ago. Yes, I am well aware.” Tsyreim interrupted, looking down in her eyes as he walked past. “And for that same thousand years, I hid. Hid in fear of whatever misconception that your dear Celestia had made about myself.”

Rarity shook her head. “A thousand years? You couldn't possibly still be alive.”

“Then should you not say the same of your Princess?” Tsyreim retorted. “Indeed there is much of me you do not know. But I guarantee you that you know more of me even now, than your Princess does.”

“Enough!” The Mayor stomped her hoof. “Twilight, did I not agree that you could bring him here-”

“-If he gave us information?” Twilight took Tsyreim's approach, interrupting the mayor. “Well he just has. And needless to say, I'm listening to him. Are you?”

The elder pony grumbled. “How can you believe all this? You hardly know him, and yet you trust everything he says? Celestia has never yet been wrong about anything!”

Tsyreim looked back at her. “Do you believe that even she is exempt from misconceptions, miss?”

Flustered, the Mayor defended her position. “He's trying to lead you all astray, it's obvious! You only just started questioning Celestia after HE came along.”

Twilight began to shout back, all the ponies trying to defend their point of views. Tsyreim however, remained silent, till he couldn't take it anymore. Stomping his hoof, the floor cracked as he shouted out. “NLUJE ILEI FUSEBHE!”

Everypony's mouths suddenly snapped shut in silence as he looked around in frustration. “This night, I had hoped I could find those who would help me at least clear my name of whatever has been plastered to it wrongfully. Yet all I find is more spiteful accusations, the likes of which I have lived with for all my years. I need no others with which to burden myself down more.”

Looking down to Twilight he sighed. “You gave me hope tonight, but I can see society will never be so willing to accept me. Not while my name is bogged down with such accusations. I apologize for your trouble going through all this. But I must leave. There is no more reason for me to be here.”

Twilight tried to speak, nothing but silence coming from her clenched mouth as she stomped her hoof in frustration.

Tsyreim trotted toward the doors, dismissing the spell as he left, the ponies suddenly being able to speak again.

Twilight and her friends ran out the door, she angrily shot the mayor a look as she left. Rainbow Dash flew in front of Tsyreim. “Come on man! You're just gonna leave because of HER?”

Tsyreim kept trotting. “She is of no importance. It is the opinion of the populous that would turn me in.” Looking back, he saw the others closing in on him. “How many more do you suppose would be so willing to go against what they believed all their lives? That their immortal wise Princess is actually terribly wrong about something for once? Perfection is an illusion. Nopony can be perfect, no matter how hard they try.”

Twilight shouted at him. “Tsyreim! Please, reconsider.”

He looked down into her eyes, trying to stay as calm as he could. Even though inside he felt broken. The hope that only thirty minutes earlier flew through him, flew right back out. “Miss Sparkle, in my line of work, reconsidering is not an option. They have all made up their minds. It is time I returned to my life as I have always known it.”

He walked past her quietly, the six ponies stood somberly behind as he crossed the outskirts towards the forest. Twilight lobbing a small stone at him.

He looked back at her as she shouted. “I said call me Twilight!”

“My apologies.” He managed to smile. “Farewell, Twilight Sparkle.”