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Lunar Apprehension - Vypor

A mysterious pony attempts to show Luna her work is appreciated, but Celestia sees him as a threat.

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Chapter 14: To meet a Princess

Gem began laughing uncontrollably. “Oh! Oh dear Celestia, what happened?! Please do tell!”

Tsyreim's face flushed slightly at the memory. “Silence, mother. It was terribly embarrassing... It would have been very helpful to know BEFOREHOOF.”

“Oh calm down, I'm sure it wasn't THAT bad, was it?” Gem asked. “I mean, you weren't gadding about in the streets that way were you?”

“No, some place called a salon.” Tsyreim grumbled.

Gem erupted in laughter once more. “My son in a salon?! Oh dear Celestia how I wish I was there...”

“You find great amusement from my embarrassment I see.” Tsy headed to his bedroom.

“Oh don't be so droll. You will laugh about it later on, I assure you.” His mother's voice calmed down. “I just have to admit, it would have been dreadfully adorably to see.”

“The dreadful part, you got quite accurate.” Tsyreim removed his hoofguards, just waiting for his mother to burst into laughter again.

“I'll spare you.” She simply said. “But if it makes you feel any better, you have some very attractive fetlocks.”

“Not helping.” Tsyreim crawled into bed. “You're my mother, you are supposed to say that.”

“Nonsense.” She consoled him. “I apologize, I suppose I should have told you.”

“Agreed.” He muttered. “Now would it be possible for you to leave me alone long enough to sleep?”

“Yes yes, goodnight, son.” Gem sighed.

- - - - - - -
Four days later, Canterlot Palace
- - - - - - -

Luna grit her teeth, glaring up at the sky. She was hardly concentrating on her job, placing the stars In the sky. She was too busy telling herself how it would just go unnoticed anyway.

She stopped for a moment however, scanning her work. “Oh dear that's not right at all...” She pulled out a few starcharts and looked from them, back to the sky. “No, that star isn't supposed to be there, nor that one...”

Ignoring her previous rant to herself, Luna began trying to fix her careless mistakes in the sky. But every time she moved one star, it seemed to displace another. She quickly grew confused, as they obviously looked alike, and she lost track of which one was which.

Stomping her hooves, she furiously swished them around, only adding to the mess. Tears ran down her face, and she collapsed to the floor, leaving it as it was. She didn't care, what did it matter anyway? She heard that voice in the back of her mind again.

“What did I tell you?”

“No... No, stop it...” She closed her eyes, seeing a flash of purple in her subconscious.

“Just you watch, nopony will notice if you leave it.”

“GO AWAY!” Luna screamed, standing tall again.

It was peaceful once again, and she stared up at the sky. There was no reset button, and she had messed it up far too much to fix it now. She would have to leave it. She had no choice at this point.

She solemnly put away her starcharts, no doubt Celestia would arrive and berate her about her sloppy work with the night sky. Luna would be content to simply wait on her bed for what she imagined was an inevitable scolding from her older sister.

That very sister however, was fast asleep in her office. So consumed with her work and trying to find a way to help Luna, she had worked herself weary, and fell asleep the moment she dared close her eyes.

- - - - - - -
Current time, Deepfrond Forest
- - - - - - -

Tsyreim trotted back toward home. Time had passed smoothly without incident with Celestia. And he had found doing random small jobs for ponies to gradually increase his reputation with them. It was slow work, but he could already tell the effects of their trust. Ponies even waved to him occasionally now.

Tsy felt almost a part of their little town now. He still wouldn't allow Rarity to take him back to the spa though. Celestia forbid he ever be seen in that place again.

He looked up at the sky while passing through a clearing, and slowed his trot to a standstill. Something was amiss.

Tsyreim's eyes scanned the night sky. The stars were so out of alignment, none of it made any sense at all. It had never been in such a mess like this. He didn't even need to think about the answer to why it had happened either.

“It is beginning again. But so soon?” He trotted back home, and was soon greeted by his mother.

“I will assume you know by now.” Gem simply stated.

“The night sky.” Tsyreim replied, looking back at it. “Luna is growing frustrated so soon already?”

“It would appear so.” Gem sighed. “What are we to do, but watch it happen?”

Tsyreim looked back down. “You would not have said that unless you intended me to do something about it.”

“You know me too well.” She chuckled. “But before you rush off into anything, you had better plan well. First off, what would you even do to avert her frustration?”

Tsyreim sat in the grass silently, running a few ideas through his head. “To be honest mother, I am unsure. I had not accounted for such a change, let alone one so soon.”

“Are you sure you want to try and help her? No doubt that would be extremely dangerous, considering your proximity to Celestia.” Gem questioned him.

“Mother, I refuse to let what happened a thousand years back happen yet again. Regardless of your questions, I would attempt something because I feel it is the right thing to do.”

“There is no stopping you obviously, not that I would attempt such a thing anyway.” His mother spoke softly. “I however, want you to promise me that you will take every precaution to stay safe. I do not want to lose you to a simple foolish act.”

Tsyreim looked toward the cave. “Rest assured dear mother, I am aware of the consequences. First of all however, I need to find a way to meet her. I've a feeling that the very thing she needs, is what I have recently discovered.”

“Friends?” Gem inquired.

“Precisely.” Tsyreim nodded, looking toward the faint light of Canterlot in the distance. “Nopony really expects to make friends with royalty. But sometimes, that needs to happen for the benefit of both. And if all I can gain her is my own friendship, then perhaps that could be enough to turn the tides.”

“I wouldn't advise a meeting within Canterlot.” Gem confided to him. “Might I suggest a note?”

“A note?” Tsyreim perked his ears up. “What do you mean?”

“A note that would tell her to meet you in a certain location.” Gem continued. “She is royalty, so I would try to keep it respectful, and not too demanding. But I think her curiosity would get the better of her in that situation.”

“She does not know me as far as I can tell.” Tsyreim rubbed his chin.

“There is time for that if she agrees to meet you.”

“Hmm...” Tsyreim began to smile. The idea was adventurous and exciting in it's own way. And he was always fond of a good adventure. If his plan ended up working, then maybe he could gain Celestia's favor as well. Friendship with an entire town was one thing, but friendship with Celestia's very sister was entirely another.

“What are you thinking?” Gem asked him.

“Just pondering...” Tsy replied absentmindedly. “I shall rest for now. I'll plan to enact the plan tomorrow, as envy waits for nopony. I'll have plenty of time to change my mind or adjust things on my way there. But for now, it's as simple as getting a note to her.”

“The castle is certainly well-guarded, take note.” Gem reminded him.

Tsyreim trotted inside. “This I am well aware of. I've improved my skills far beyond what I had when I first witnessed the sisters, the guards should therefore not be a problem.”

“Sounds like a busy day ahead.” Gem told him. “I would advise taking a few crystals to help recharge if it comes down to a lengthy escape.”

“Always planning ahead of course.” Tsyreim nodded. “Tomorrow it is then. I have the perfect plan to make my note irresistibly intriguing.”

“What's that?” Gem asked as Tsy slipped under the covers.

Closing his eyes, he grinned. “Simple. Write it in the Prequestrian.”

- - -

The next morning, Tsyreim awoke and gathered his things together. He would travel through Ponyville to leave Twilight a note that he likely wouldn't be there very much that day.

Strapping his small saddlebags on, he fitted several crystals into the pockets around on it. They would provide extra energy, should the occasion arise that he need to escape.

“Anything else you may be forgetting?” Gem asked him.

Tsyreim paused before shaking his head. “I've run this through my mind plenty enough. And realized you cannot plan a friendship, you can only meet and hope that it proceeds well.”

“I meant for safety, in case it came down to being found out.” Gem corrected him.

“I can't carry too much.” Tsyreim shrugged. “I still need to be agile. Carrying a pack about would only burden myself down.”

He looked up, hearing his mother sigh. “Mother, please. Relax, I am no foal to this sort of thing, have faith.”

“I'm a mother.” She told him. “It is my job to worry.”

Tsyreim opened his mouth to speak, and then stopped. “You know, I can't say anything to that. But alas, the daytime wanes. It is time for me to leave.”

“Good luck.” Gem called out to her son as he trotted out into the sunlight. “And for our sake, stay safe, please.”

“Noted.” Tsyreim nodded, galloping into the forest. “I love you mother.”

The cave grew silent once again, but Gem's anxiety only grew.

Tsyreim headed for Ponyville, taking another glance up at the faint gleam of Canterlot. The city on the side of a mountain, he had never been there before. The palace itself would not be hard to find, but finding Luna's chambers among the towers may prove otherwise.

Several hours passed before he trotted into Ponyville at his usual arrival spot. The market. Tsy smiling at one of the vendors, who waved their hoof in greeting. He had become friends with them once they realized that the bits he had left them in his nighttime shopping sprees were worth more than the coins they represented.

He shook his head as they asked him to come over and see what else they had to offer. “I must notify Twilight Sparkle of something, I likely shall not be present here for most of the day.”

As he approached the Library, Tsyreim angled his head to peek in the window. Ever faithful in her studies, Twilight was at her desk yet again.

He trotted right to the window and tapped on it. Twilight looked up in surprise, and opened it with a silly grin. “Uhh, I have a door you know.”

“That I am aware of already.” Tsyreim replied. “However, I have come to notify you that I shall be absent for most of the present day.”

Twilight blinked. “Why is that? You don't really have anything planned do you?”

“Something came up in the night.” Tsyreim simply said. “I'm afraid that is all that I can let you in on. Give that youngster, Mayor Mare my regards if you see her will you?”

Twilight laughed. “Haha, okay then. Well, good luck with... Whatever it is you're doing.”

“Thank you Miss Sparkle, I shall need it.” Tsyreim bowed, and began to trot away. Twilight leaned to the side of her stack of books, watching him leave. “That was odd.”

As soon as he was out of sight, Tsy began galloping again. Canterlot was not by any means, close-by.

He had never actually gone this far, but for the Summer Sun Celebrations in previous years at different settlements. Therefore, he decided to stick to the roads for the most part, or at least the woods alongside them. He obviously didn't want to be spotted.

Several hours of movement passed. Stopping only for quick snacks if he happened upon a good berry bush, Tsyreim watched Canterlot loom closer and closer still. He could help but think this would have been much faster if he had wings.

Wings however, mean you have to fly, and flying in turn means you are seen easier. He thought more about it as the landscape began to angel upwards. Traveling uphill took a lot more energy, and he decided to take it easy, saving the energy in the crystals for if it came down to a frantic escape. It would be likely that he'd need every bit of that to ensure a getaway.

Canterlot grew closer, and Tsyreim saw guard patrols more frequently on the road leading to the city. He started treading lighter, making sure to stay far more quiet whenever passing a patrol.

The city loomed ahead, and his heart beat in his chest. The capital city, there in front of him. Such decorations and carvings. The city was as much a work of art as it was a home to hundreds of families.

The woods began to thin out towards the edge of the wall, so Tsy stopped and watched from a distance. The wall in question was very high, scaling it was out of the question, using magic to get over it would no doubt get him noticed. He watched the gate and began to think. If he could cloak himself and sneak through when other ponies passed through, then that would be his best bet.

He crept as close as he dare, and waited. It was a bustling city, and it wasn't long before he saw a cart of supplies coming down the road. Even better, he could cloak and ride it in, thereby avoiding leaving a trail of hoofprints appearing from thin air.

He waited till it was just across from him, then cloaked and ran forward, hopping onto the cart lightly. He watched the stallion trudging forward, he barely flinched, so clearly Tsyreim's weight went unnoticed.

Tsy held his breath as the cart approached the gates. Several Pegasi guards trotted over and looked over the cart, nodding up to the top of the wall. Shortly after, the gates creaked open slowly, and the Stallion pulled the cart forward and into the city.

Success, he was in. Tsyreim took the first alley that the cart passed, immediately taking to the shadows between buildings and the wall. The Palace was easily seen, towering over the rest of the city.

Tsyreim made his way toward it, and while he enjoyed ornate design. The random pools and open parks made sneaking more difficult since they were often very open.

Tsyreim swore he cast stealth spells more in that journey from the gate to the palace more than any other time in his life. Finally the palace gates were in sight, he knew he wouldn't be so lucky to get a cart ride through those.

The Unicorn scanned the wall for any signs of architecture he could use to ascend. And aside of some houses set a bit further from the wall, there was no way to do so. A plan hatched in his mind however.

Tsyreim crept along the houses, using detect life spells to see if there was anypony inside the houses. Finally, he found one where the top floor was unoccupied. Creeping inside, he stealthed past the lone mare cooking in the kitchen, and stowed his way up the steps to the window facing the palace walls.

Getting his bearings on where he wanted to go, Tsyreim cast a teleportation spell. Being inside a house, most of the light from the spell would be hidden from view.

In a flash, he appeared next to one of the towers, and immediately ducked in a dip between the roof and the tower wall. Staying stock-still, he listened for any shouting or approaching pony. Thirty seconds passed, he was safe for now.

Now came the task of finding out which tower housed Luna's room. He gazed up at the spires, trying to take hints from the décor and colors. Most were about the same, but a few had varying colors. He decided to start with the darker one.

Looking around, he waited for a flying patrol of Pegasi to go below sight before he began to move again. This was possibly the most risky part, and depended a great deal on luck and timing. He had to be quick and precise. Casting a high teleportation spell, Tsyreim appeared on a windowsill further up on a tower, and spun, casting it again and doing the same thing to another tower, working his way higher.

Finally, he appeared on the roof of one of the lower towers, crouching under a decorative ornament. He panted slightly from he exertion of the repeated high spells. But at least he could get a somewhat good view of the tower in his interest. Tsy squinted his eyes, a smile crossing his face as he spied a banner inside, with what obviously was a crescent moon.

He wiped the sweat from his brow and cast a life detect spell toward the room. While it was more of a guess from that range, he couldn't see anything reflected by the spell inside.

Taking a look around, Tsyreim took a few breaths, and then cast another greater teleportation spell. He appeared on the balcony just outside the chamber, his heart felt like it was going to burst from his chest. He was so incredibly nervous.

He froze, looking around the room, nopony was in sight. The room was filled with fine artifacts, clothing, paintings and furniture. So pristine and clean. He trotted in slowly, being as silent as he could. Finding an intricately engraved desk, he pulled the note from his bag, and placed it on the surface, putting the crescent moon paperweight on top of it.

He spun around and looked outside, his paranoia was screaming at him, as if the Princess was about to land on the balcony at any moment.

Regardless, he decided to get out as if she were. Running to the balcony, he took another quick look around, the dizzying heights were not his style at all, and he swallowed, realizing that if he fell, that was it for him. Now wasn't the time for that however, and so the stallion began the descent again, using the same path as before.

Luck was on his side, as once he was back down at the bottom, there was no noise following after. Escape would be easier than entry, as he could simply drop from the wall and use a spell to slow his fall just before landing. Finding a good nook between tower and wall, he did just that, and crept along the side till he could teleport directly into the woods below.

And just like that, he was gone, making his way away from the city as fast as he could, just because his fear told him to. Sapping one of the crystals to regain his energy, Tsyreim took another look back at the tower. He prayed Luna would consider his note, as her sanity may very well depend on it.

- - -

The Princess in question was out flying again, and not but ten minutes after Tsyreim's escape from the tower, she landed on her balcony.

Walking in slowly, she looked around the room, sighing. That voice, 'HER' voice, kept tormenting the poor mare. Flying about in the fresh air helped alleviate the frustration that her envious feelings kept trying to plant in her consciousness.

Sittign down on her bed, Luna looked down at her hooves, and the royal hoofguards emblazoned with the crescent moon. She should be happy. Happy of her position, she knew that. And knew that many a pony would switch places with her in a moment's notice.

Why then did she desire so much more? Why had she become so greedy for what her sister had?

And why most of all, could she not seem to find it within her to just be happy?

She turned her head, looking over the room she kept so pristine in an attempt to keep her mind busy. Her blue eyes alighted upon the desk, and the paperweight in the center. Somepony had moved it.

She hopped off the bed and trotted over to it. Probably just Celestia leaving her a note or something. Lifting the paperweight, she set it off to the side, and looked down at the note.

She froze.

“What... What is this?” She levitated it up and looked over it. The symbols, the language. “A note? In the Prequestrian?”

She read over it, her eyes growing wider as she realized, it WASN'T from her sister. Somepony, had found a way into her room. She spun around and scanned the entire room, looking for any signs of life hiding inside. Breathing a sigh of relief as there were none, she returned to the note, mumbling it to herself.

The first two words were what affected her the most. “I noticed.”

She looked out at the sky. Somepony had noticed the night sky before, and not only that, they had the capability to sneak into her room, and the knowledge of how to write in the Prequestrian.

The rest of the note was simple enough, except for the last part. “Tonight, meet me in the ruined Royal Palace in the Everfree forest. And for our sake, do not inform Celestia of this.”

Why the ruined palace in the Everfree forest? That was an absurd place to set up a meeting, but it was mysterious. Luna liked mysterious things.

Luna folded up the note, and hid it in her saddlebags. This was too tempting. Who was this mysterious pony? The sense of adventure, of something new, a pony who payed attention to her work... It was exciting, but dangerous perhaps. She would not come unprepared.

First things first however, she needed to make sure they actually did get away, and weren't apprehended by the guard.

Trotting downstairs, she kept to her normal disposition, and approached Celestia's office. Knocking, there was a pause, and her sister's voice called from inside. “Come in.”

Luna pushed it open and trotted in. “Tia, tell me, has anypony been asking about me lately?”

Celestia looked up from her papers thoughtfully. “Ah, no. I'm afraid not.” She frowned slightly. “Sorry Luna.”

“There is naught a reason for you to be remorseful.” Luna shrugged. “Though one more thing before I leave.”

Celestia listened intently. “What is that, sister?”

“You didn't mention the night sky.” Luna stated blankly.

Celestia blinked. “Why... Would I do that?”

Luna began to leave the room. “Because it was hopelessly disarranged.”

Celestia stood up. “Luna! The sky is not a plaything.”

Luna spun around. “Oh yes, of course Tia, I know. But I was far too distraught to be able to even fix it. I'm sure you understand that too don't you?” She slammed the door and stomped off toward her room.

Celestia sat silent at her desk. Once again, that feeling of hopelessness washed over her. Had she not worked herself so hard to find a way to help her sister, she would not have fallen asleep. And now, as a result, the situation had only grown worse.

Bending her neck over, she leaned forward on her desk. Tears dropped to the papers below. What else could she do? She knew Luna would not listen, all she wanted, was to be a good sister.

- - - - - - -
About 4 hours later, Ponyville outskirts
- - - - - - -

Tsyreim finally trotted back into town, sweat dripped down his body from the heat. “I swear, I have not traveled so far before.” HE panted, wiping the sweat from his brow again.

His mouth was parched, the mere thought of a cold glass of juice from the market made his mouth want to water if it could.

He trotted straight there, and to the refreshments stand. The vendor there stared at him. “Tsyreim, you look... Parched. Surely you know to drink plenty of water on a day like this.”

Tsyreim slapped one of his gold bits down on the counter, and pointed at the menu. “Applejuice. Cold, please.”

The salesmare whipped him out an extra large and placed it on the counter. It hadn't sat there but for half a second before Tsyreim had it tilted back, chugging it down.

In one sitting, he downed the whole thing and plunked the cup back on the stand, sighing happily. “That was... Absolutely seraphic. I'll take another.”

Another bit on the counter, and another cup slid to him. There wasn't anything quite like a cold refreshment when a pony felt like melting in the sun.

Tsy finished the second a bit slower, and handed them back the cup, thanking the salesmare profusely. He walked away, taking another look up at the sky. So close to dusk already?

Thinking over the time, he realized a good bit of the day had been him galloping to and from Canterlot. Not to mention having to sneak around in the city, that took up another hour and a half at least.

Tsyreim headed back to the library, and knocked on the door. Shortly afterward, Spike opened the door, looking up at him. “Oh, hello again.” Leaning back, he shouted. “Hey Twi, your friend is here!”

“I have a lot of friends Spi-oh hello.” Twilight poked her head down the stairs. She walked to the door, looking at Tsyreim curiously. “Geez Tsyreim, it looks like you've been through a battle or something. Don't let Rarity see you like that, she'll drag you back to the salon.”

Tsyreim instinctively looked behind him, ignoring Twilight's girlish giggle. “She had better not be coming this way, I'll not go with her...”

“Well anyway, what did you need, 'Sir Fetlocks'?” She snickered.

Tsyreim blushed slightly. “I despise that title,you should know that.”

“I couldn't resist.” Twilight waved her hoof. “I'm sorry, I'm sorry.”

Tsyreim sighed and shook his head slightly. “I just came by to tell you that I'm afraid I cannot aid you in your studies today. For it grows late, and I have... Matters to attend to tonight.”

“Aww, well okay.” Twilight frowned. “I guess tomorrow then. I do really love your explanations on the properties of magic, and spellcrafting.”

“I gathered that you would.” Tsyreim smiled. “But alas, I must be off now. Farewell, Miss Sparkle.”

“Good night.” Twilight waved, waiting till he was further off, before giggling again. “...Sir Fetlocks.”

- - - - - - -
3 hours later, ruined Everfree Palace
- - - - - - -

Tsyreim sat toward the end of the great hall at the palace. Night had set, and so had the stage for hopefully what was to come.

He looked toward the sky, what if she didn't come? What if she had instead informed the guard, and had a small army coming to apprehend him? Why was he even thinking about those things?

He took a heavy breath and sighed. He wasn't sure if he'd even be able to speak to her if she arrived. Every time he had witnessed royalty, they always chased after him like he was the most wanted criminal.

His gaze drifted down to the random circles and things he had scribbled in the dust on the floor. He had engaged this meeting, and he planned to sit through it till the end. Whatever happened, would happen.

- - -

Several miles off, gliding through the air, the Princess of the Night saw the old palace looming in the darkness. Memories of past events flashed through her mind at the sight of it.

Who was this mysterious pony who wanted to meet her here? And why here at all?”

She circled overhead and looked down into the main chamber, a lone black figure sat in the center. They were there.

She glided in closer, slowly. Settling lightly on the roof, she looked around inside for any signs of a trap, she could never be too safe, in case a pony wanted to hold her for ransom.

Taking a look at the pony further in, she felt she recognized him somehow. Either way, no traps, so it was time to make her entry.

She hopped off the roof, spreading her wings as she landed on the ancient dusty floor, slowing herself to a stop. The pony before her stood up and turned around, his striking green eyes glowed slightly in the moonlight. And that's when she realized, it was the same pony Celestia had lost her temper and started chasing.

He smiled warmly, and faced her. “Jy fisoriruabf, Nlubheff at rve Budvr.” He repeated again, bowing. “My salutations, Princess of the Night.”