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Lunar Apprehension - Vypor

A mysterious pony attempts to show Luna her work is appreciated, but Celestia sees him as a threat.

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Chapter 16: Forced Relocation

The night was still young, as a cool breeze rustled the leaves in the Everfree forest. The dark form of an abandoned palace rose above the rest of the landscape. And an echo in the distance, an echo of hoofbeats.

In but a flash, two ponies galloped with great speed out of the trees and along a stretch of the long-abandoned road. Wide grins across their faces, both were completely caught up in the race, dashing through the grass.

Princess Luna, the normally regal and overly stoic watcher of the night found she was rediscovering the filly inside through a simple competition with a most unusual friend. And what felt at that time, her only friend.

She paced herself and pushed forward, her hooves beating the ground in a rhythmic dull thud. But the black stallion competing with her was not to be outdone, and Luna witnessed just how physically capable of keeping up with an Alicorn that he was.

Veering off around a bend, they both took a glance in each other's eyes. Neither one was accustomed to losing, nor were they willing to find out what it was like just then.

The stallion, Tsyreim, found he had met his match in the straightaway, and decided it was time to show the Princess where his real skill was. Gaining some distance ahead, he swung off to the side, and into the trees. Luna in hot pursuit.

As soon as they entered, dodging and weaving had become the order of the night. And Tsyreim, being as all he had ever known was living in a forest, was well-acquainted with this skill. He quickly began gaining ground ahead of the Alicorn, heading back up the hill towards the old palace. With every bob and weave, the Unicorn angled his hooves to dig into the ground and push off, carrying his momentum almost as if there were no trees in his way.

Luna had begun to panic at this turn of events, and made a split second decision to leap into the air. Her large wings spread forth and she soared over the trees, a powerful swoop after, and she shot forward through the air in a straight line.

Tsyreim was not unaware of this turn of events, and knowing that she had just broken the rules, he found it only fitting that he do so as well. In a flash, he uttered a phrase, and an arcane circle of sorts blinked around his midsection, carrying him forward with unearthly speed. A simple leap as he reached the large chasm spanning the hill from the Palace, and he shot across. A flash of light before him, and he saw Luna appear right where they started.

Tsyreim cast a spell to slow himself, but air control was impossible at this point, and he landed on her, the two ponies tumbling along the ground in a confused heap.

Luna's dark blue hoof shot up from the heap. “I am victorious!”

“Nay.” Tsyreim stumbled on his hooves once again. “For you cheated.”

“As did you, SUBJECT.” Luna glared at him.

“Only after you did, PRINCESS.” Tsyreim glared right back. “Oh and, you cheated twice, I only cheated once. So I win by default.”

“I see no scorekeeper. So all is here-say.” Luna brushed herself off.

The two ancient ponies stared at each other for a moment, then fell into a giggling fit like a pair of foals.

After the giggling had subsided, Luna wiped a tear from her eye. “Try as I might, I cannot recall when last that I experienced such... Fun.”

“Fun appears to be in short supply among ourselves as of late it would seem.” Tsyreim added, regaining his composure.

“Yet you spoke thus of your other 'friends'.” Luna corrected him. “Therefore, thou hast had more fun than I recently.”

The Unicorn shuffled. “Of course, your highness. I suppose I probably have. But I do not intend to keep it all to myself of course.”

Luna stood up and waved her hoof. “Please, call me Luna. Addressing me in such a royal manner makes you feel... Too much as one of the groveling, fearful subjects whom do not understand me.” Her face twisted in disgust, clearly having had her share of negative experiences.

“Why of course, your majesty.” Tsyreim bowed.

“Luna.” The Alicorn frowned.

“My apologies, Empress.” He continued bowing.

“Luna...” She glared at him.

“Whatever you say, your excellence.” Tsyreim withheld a grin.

Luna eyed him, then caught on to his scheme, her own face twisted into a knowing smile as she readied her response. “Have you ever seen the dungeons here?”

The black stallion stood up. “Actually, I'd rather not...” Then rolled his eyes. “...Luna.”

“Oh, but wouldn't it be such... Fun?” Luna grinned.

“On a more serious note, I actually would rather not.” Tsyreim cleared his throat.

The Alicorn's head tilted to the side as she studied his response. “Your tone betrays your emotions, Tsyreim. You have been locked away before?”

“Nay.” Came his reply. “But one whom I once knew was. It is something I would very much like to forget.”

“My apologies.” Luna uttered, her hoof tapping a small stone around as she thought a way to rectify the conversation. Tsyreim however did that for her.

“You meant no harm, and none was done. It is just an old memory, it is in the past. I'd rather us look to the future instead.”

“Agreed.” Luna regained her composure. “Where are my manners, we still have spells which to study.”

“...Or to create.” Tsyreim spoke, looking back and levitating a pack from the bushes out toward them. “I know you are one whom respects the ancient magics, and thought perhaps you may find it refreshing to practice or create spells with another who is not so... How shall I put it?”

“Vehement.” Luna sighed. “My sister seems vehemently opposed to the usage of that language. When last I left her through the banishing, she was not so unreasonably strict about it.” Waving her hoof, her eyes drifted off, as did her mind while she reminisced. “Tia even allowed the court wizard to utilize it so that he would not feel so... confined. Just as long as he never spoke a word of it. But now...” She shook her head.

Tsyreim slowly sat beside her. “Do not fear to speak, not for my sake, but for your own. To bottle these emotions will surely cause you to rupture again.”

“I do not wish to speak badly of my sister.” Luna replied quietly.

The stallion nodded in understanding. “Then you do what you feel is right, to pressure information from you is not within my morals.” Sliding a scroll out, he paused again. “I am but a friend. From what I have learned thus far, a friend needs only listen. The time in which to speak will present itself.”

Luna stared at the ground, then up at Tsyreim. His bizarre, almost blank gaze seemed to throw her off. As she spoke, she felt her voice crack slightly, to betray emotions was not something she was used to. “You know all this of friendship, yet thou art so consistently stoic? Have you any real emotions?”

Tsy looked away for a moment, despite him having to agree to an extent, it still stung somewhat to be mistaken as emotionless. “Perhaps I lack what emotions I would have, had I grown within a settlement such as Ponyville. But lack all emotions I do not. I am simply... Jaded. I suppose that would be the word to use.”

The Princess watched him for a moment, noticing his reaction seemed slightly off, if a bit hurt. Realizing her question probably pushed a button, she decided to drop the subject altogether. Both ponies awkwardly paused and looked around, their lack of social skills was obviously their greatest foe right about now.

Breaking the silence, Luna motioned to the scroll. “Thou knowest that practice of this is banned, yet you do so anyway? May I inquire as to why?”

Tsyreim rolled it out and looked over the carefully drawn runes. “Tis all I have ever known. My first spell was of the Prequestrian. I know the standard silent spells which are so utilized in this present era, yet they feel watered down compared to the original.”

He looked up to find Luna smiling. “At last, one whom feels as I do. The potential of the Prequestrian is far above anything that silent spells could ever seem to conjure.”

“Making it understandably dangerous.” Tsyreim tilted his head, motioning to a particular circle. “Take for example, this spell I crafted here. There is only a minor difference in the runes where it becomes either a cloak of fire for myself as protection, or a cloak that will itself cook me alive.”

“Risky.” Luna traced the runes with her hoof. “I like it. It seems here that you could implement alternate elemental effects with it.”

“Which I have.” Tsyreim rolled the scroll out further, pointing to a similar rune. “I have done much experimenting with this spell, and found ways to conjure armor that not only protects me, but harms those whom come into contact with it.”

He watched the night princess' eyes darting over the parchment. A small smile alighted her face as they both studied the various ways that the spell could be altered. To study such a thing with somepony was clearly something she greatly missed doing. And it was in that simple fact, that Tsyreim found encouragement. That perhaps this was indeed the ticket to help her overcome her inner rage and jealousy.

The two studied and crafted through the night, till Luna's head shot up and she gasped. “Curses! I do apologize sir Tsyreim, but tis almost come time for me to, lower the moon.”

Tsyreim stood up and yawned. “No hard feelings, Princess. You have your duties, and I have mine. Though, I do believe sleep is currently my main interest. Tonight we shall meet again?”

The Alicorn spread her wings and smiled warmly. “Most assuredly, yes. I have not had such fun in a thousand years.”

“Then the pleasure is all mine.” Tsyreim crossed a foreleg, bowing. “Go, Princess. Keep not thine citizens waiting.”

Luna nodded and with a leap and powerful flap, rose into the air. Turning to utter an apology as Tsyreim magically drew all the scrolls back toward him from their sudden scattering due to her wingbeat. She turned and soared back into the night sky, toward Canterlot.

Tsyreim stood silent in his spot, watching her leave. More than the other friendships he had gained or would gain, it was this relationship he felt would do Equestria as a whole more good in the coming days. Gathering the scrolls, he placed them back into his pack and trotted back into the forest toward home.

- - - - - - -
One hour later, The Royal Canterlot Balcony
- - - - - - -

Celestia walked toward the staircase to Luna's room, but as she glanced to the side, she found her sister was already there. The dark blue Alicorn stood at the balcony's railing, gazing outward across the expansive landscape.

“Luna?” Celestia uttered tentatively. The previous episodes caused her to draw caution so not as to trigger any unwanted spats between the two again. “You're back early. Are you feeling well?”

The following reaction left the white Alicorn momentarily speechless as her sister turned with a smile and nodded. “I have not felt better, Tia. Thank you.”

Celestia raised a hoof and opened her mouth, then shook her head and walked forward. “I, err.. Well, I was just hoping. Pah...” She sighed, then spoke. “I'm sorry about... Well, lately. I know I haven't been the greatest sister recently.”

Pausing, she stared into Luna's face before speaking again. “O-ok, I'm just going to ask... What just happened? I have not seen a smile like that from you since... I mean, well, when we threw you that Equestria-wide welcome back party.”

Luna shrugged, her mind was racing with responses that would sound reasonable enough. She eventually settled on one that was simple enough, and still true but not revealing. “Well, Tia. I made a friend.” She smiled again.

Celestia's ears perked up. “Well that is good to hear. I'm very glad for you. I was afraid you wouldn't, err...”

“Wouldn't what, sister?” Luna prodded.

“I'm simply going to stop before I say something foolish.” The white Alicorn sighed. “I think it's clear I have not been the best with words lately.” Motioning toward the sky, she cleared her throat. “Either way, I believe we have business to take care of.”

Luna simply nodded and closed her eyes, raising her head, her dark magical aura radiated around her horn, the moon arcing downwards as Celestia too raised her head. The sky lightened upon the horizon and the sun climbed toward it, slowly peeking over the distant mountains, it's light slowly bathing the entirety of Equestria.

Celestia took a glance over at her sister as she rose the sun, and noticed an almost visual serenity about her. She seemed refreshed, happy. Even though she was lowering the moon, which she had not been particularly pleased about in the recent days.

“Luna?” Celestia spoke, watching her sister's blue eyes open.

“Yes, Tia?”

“Your friend... They're nice?”

“Of course, why does thou ask?”

“Just, wondering.”

“Very well.”

Celestia paused, Luna slowly walking back toward her room. Tia turned her head quickly and spoke again. “He? Or she?”

Luna turned to face her sister. “A stallion.”

“I see...” Celestia nodded, turning back toward the rising sun.

Luna began to walk away again, just before Celestia stopped her once more. “When do I get to meet them?”

The darker Alicorn paused before responding. “Perhaps, someday sister. But he's not ready, not right now.”

Celestia watched Luna trot back upstairs to her room. This was indeed a peculiar turn of events. But Luna seemed happy, and while Celestia wanted her sister to be happy, she still felt uneasy about the whole thing. Just something about it seemed unsettling.

After she had finished raising the sun, the ancient white pony sat on the balcony, staring out over the land. Her pink eyes glinted in the light as she scoured the land with her gaze. Thinking about Luna's new friend drew her thoughts back to that black stallion she seemed so convinced was the reason her dear Luna had gone berserk as Nightmare Moon. Momentary rage began to rise up, but she pushed it back down, trying to concentrate on the fact that her sister seemed happy again for once.

Turning her head slightly at the sound of the clop of hoofbeats on the stone floor, the Princess heard her advisor. “Your majesty, the representative of Las Pegasus wishes to speak with you.”

Celestia stood up slowly with a heavy sigh. A Princesses work was never done.

- - - - - - -
Present time, Ponyville Library
- - - - - - -

Twilight drifted through space, her dreams suddenly growing a warmer shade of color. A reddish hue overpowering her sight, and her eyes opened. Rubbing them slowly with a wide yawn, the purple pony shielded her vision, the sun's light shining right through her window. It was about as good an alarm clock as any.

A soft thunk sounded as she stepped out of bed, stretching. The sun's light was feeling better everyday. A sign that colder seasons were approaching.

Twilight chuckled as she trotted down the stairs lightly, no doubt Rarity would use the slight temperature change as an excuse to begin showing off her newest scarf designs. The purple pony couldn't resist contemplating what colors her friend would have chosen for the scarves however. While a simple pony, Twilight recognized and respected Rarity's skill in fashion.

She sighed and looked through her cupboards, pulling out an apple crisp and poured a glass of juice. It was time for studies, which Twilight had no problem with. In fact, she actually woke up earlier than other ponies just for that express reason.

This all changed however, as she looked out the window and noticed a multitude of tents crammed into the center of town. “What the...” She tilted her head and stared at the sight, before rooting around through her neatly organized stack of papers. “Ah, here aaaannnd... No?” She scrolled her hoof over the announcement schedule for the week, and there wasn't a carnival of any sort for this day.

While work was overly important to her, Twilight wasn't about to try to do it while this mystery weighed on her mind. She scarfed down the crisp and guzzled the juice before running to the door. “Spiiiike! I'm gonna be out for awhile, take care of the place while I'm gone, okay?”

Twilight didn't wait for an answer, she knew he probably didn't hear it anyway considering the dragon's sleeping habits. She swung the door open, ran outside and promptly back inside. Moments later, she reappeared with a scarf on, it was much more chilly than she had expected.

As she approached the impromptu camp, she saw some other citizens milling around, looking rather concerned. This wasn't a good sign. And as she grew closer, the purple pony realized some of them weren't even citizens of ponyville. A LOT weren't.

Several noticed her galloping up, and waved to her, worry obviously present on their faces. “Hey! What's going on here? What's with all the tents?”

The ponies huddled around a fire looked at each other, and then an older stallion spoke up. “As of now, miss. These tents are our home...”

Twilight slowed up and walked a little past them, “What...” She looked to the side and saw a whole community. Mares taking care of fillies crying from the cold, husbands debating with each other, some looked angry, others distraught. Twi looked back at the older equine. “...Where did you all come from?”

“Take a seat, miss.” He nodded his head and two of the ponies moved aside so she could sit by the fire. Twilight obliged and sat down on the cold earth, watching him as he looked back at the tents. “My name is LightLeaf, I'm one of the elders of our town, Saddlesburg. We had to leave our homes, but not because we wanted to-”

He was immediately interrupted by another stallion who blurted out. “We were forced out!” He snorted angrily. “That sonova... That criminal and his gang ransacked the town!”

Twilight stood up. “Who did this?” For some reason, that poster of Tsyreim bounced around in her mind, but felt relief as soon as the stallion spoke of a different pony.

“Some jerk calling himself, 'Darkhoof'.” He was about to speak more when LightLeaf cleared his throat. “I understand you are angry, as am I, Willspark. But I think I can tell her more information than just what my angry conscious is telling me to say.”

The Stallion shrunk back and allowed the elder to continue. “As he said, this Darkhoof fellow tore our community apart. He has a gang of bandits that work, either for him or with him, I don't know exactly. But we never knew how large their numbers were. They pestered us for some time, small robberies and such, but nothing so severe that it drove us from our homes...”

“How did they do that?” Twilight inquired, staring back up at him.

“Black magic, miss. I've seen a lot of magic in my days, but they had some amongst them who had the audacity to use such evil in order to get what they wanted. Turning some of us against each other, temporary sickness, other things too, and all in one night.” His eyes turned down to the fire. “I'm one of the elders of the town council there, and we made a swift decision to leave. None of us were trained to battle against that kind of magic, and we had to leave before they grew even more audacious and ponies started getting killed.”

Twilight looked at the fire too, and her mind raced around. Being the type of pony who always wanted to help others, she ran through other anti-magic spells she had studied before, perhaps something to help combat it. But before she could really think of anything, the older equine spoke to her.

“We're waiting on word from the Royal Guard miss, they won't let this stay I assure you. Don't fret yourself, we will be fine.” His smiled warmed her, it was filled with confidence, someone who has seen and trusted the rule of Celestia all his days. Twilight knew that the Royal Guard could probably take care of it, but still felt like there was something she should do.

“Sir, if there is ANYTHING at all that you need, then come to me. I run the Library in town, and have a direct line to Celestia and every other pony in town here. No pony is going to be stranded here without at least SOME comforts of home.” She planted her hooves, giving her most dedicated expression. “Or else my name isn't Twilight Sparkle.”

She was about to bid them goodbye to go and contact her friends, when one of the fillies at the fire spoke up. “Twilight?”

Turning around, the purple pony looked back. “Yes?”

“You were one of those ponies that stopped the night?” They stared up at her, large eyes quivering as if they were in the presence of Celestia herself.

Twilight turned her head, a slight blush as she had never really had anypony look up to her as if a hero. “Yes, yes I am.”

“Then the honor is all ours.” The LightLeaf spoke up. “Thank you for what you've done already, I should have recognized that name.”

Twilight awkwardly nodded and trotted away. She wasn't the greatest at 'playing the hero', only when the time really called for it. For now however, she had to find her friends, not only did she need their help to take care of these ponies, but something else was running through her mind.

“Tsyreim...” She realized that with how badly Celestia wanted to catch him, there would be posters in every town, every city. Wherever he might show up, and if he came to Ponyville, unaware that the entire residence of Saddlesburg was there... Well, it wouldn't bode well for Twilight, her friends, or any of the town leaders.

She immediately headed for Applejack's stand on the other side of town. Applejack was an early-riser, ready to get to work as well. Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy were next, as they would always be eager to help anypony. Rainbow Dash was... Well Twilight didn't know exactly how Rainbow could help an entire estranged town, but it might be funny to find out. Rarity last, she tended to like her beauty sleep, and Celestia help you if you wake her before she's ready.

Arriving at the marketplace, Twilight saw that not even Applejack was there yet. Considering the time however, she was already on her way, so the Unicorn ran down the path toward Apple Acres, she'd meet her along the way.

Before long, she was right too, as the orange Earth pony trotted down the path, carting a large load of apples. “Heya there Twilight. What brings you down here so... Why you look so worried?”

Twilight took a moment to catch her breath and pointed back at Ponyville. “Applejack, the entire town of Saddlesburg is camping out in the middle of town, they were run out of town by bandits.”

The farmpony raised a hoof and lifted her hat up, staring rather perplexed down at the Unicorn. “Yer tellin' me that an entire town was run out of their homes, and is livin' in Ponyville?”

“Exactly.” Twilight nodded. “They need our help, but that's not the only thing.” She looked around as if somepony might be listening in, though considering where they were, that wasn't exactly feasible. “Tsyreim usually comes out of the woods around your stand, right?”

“Yeah.” Applejack replies, then suddenly standing up. “Oh shoot, Twi! Alright, Ah'll warn him if he comes by.”

Twilight sighs and waves. “I gotta go talk to the others too, hopefully we can help these ponies out without Tsyreim being found out.”

“Good luck to ya!” Applejack calls out as Twilight gallops back down toward Ponyville. “A whole town run out... Well Ah'll be.”

Twilight ran all over town, alerting her friends, all of whom quickly got ready and headed to the 'campsite'. Twilight slowly trotted back as well, and plonked herself down next to the same fire. “Whew... My friends need to live closer to each other.”

She looked to the side and saw Fluttershy scurrying around, a multitude of birds carrying small folded napkins of biscuits and whatever baked goods that Pinkie Pie and the Cake family could pump out. Distributing them to various families all around. Twilight's attention was turned back to LightLeaf again. “Thank you miss Twilight.”

Twilight stands up and nods to him. “Oh I'm not quite done yet.” She walks to the center of the camp and closes her eyes. Her horn begins to glow brightly and shoots a beam toward the sky, that spreads down like a fountain, encasing the camp in a large purplish bubble. As she walks back to the fire, she smiles. “This will help hold the heat in, so it won't be as cold.”

“You're skilled for such a young Unicorn.” The Elder complimented her. “I can see why Celestia took you under her wing.”

“I'm very glad she did.” Twilight replied. “I've learned so much from her.”

The two of them spoke and learned from each other about a great many things, before a maroon Pegasus approached LightLeaf. “One can never truly have enough learning can they?”

“Indeed they cannot.” The elder smiled at him. “Come, take a seat. There's space.

The Pegasus shook his head. “Afraid I have come instead to speak to Miss Twilight.” She immediately looked up at him curiously. She didn't recognize him at all. “I would like to speak to you for a second, if I may.”

The purple Unicorn stood up. “Well, okay, sure.” She followed him till they were in a more secluded part of town. “Okay, do I know you? Cause you have a strange magic seeming to follow you.” She tilts her head, looking over him.

The Pegasus slowly turns around and smiles at her, his bright green eyes seemed to glint in the sunlight, till she realized it wasn't a glint. They were glowing. Moments after his body flashed and in his place stood Tsyreim. “Greetings, Twilight.” He grinned, emitting a slight chuckle. “If only thou could view the expression which you currently wear.”

Twilight gritted her teeth and looked back to see if anypony was watching. “Tsyreim! What are you doing here? Can't you see-”

“I am entirely aware of what is going on Twilight, you need not worry about a thing.” Tsyreim stated calmly. “Whence I greeted miss Applejack, she told me of this poor town's plight.” His expression grew grim. “And those whom bear responsibility for such a heinous deed will not go unpunished.”

Twilight sighs and waves her hoof. “The Royal Guard is going to take care of it, Tsy. You don't need to worry about it.”

Tsyreim looks down at her, and Twilight twitches, unused to seeing such sternness in his gaze. “Miss Twilight, I shall personally address this issue. As Saddlesburg was once my father's hometown. It was where he lived, where he taught. And I refuse to allow his legacy to be overrun by the scum that so deems it their playground for selfish treachery.”

Twi stared at him. “Tsy, you aren't going to... Kill anypony, are you?”

“Such is not my way, miss Twilight.” He continues. “Some choose death by their repeated actions. Others, need the teachings of humbleness. They shall be put in their place accordingly. Death however, I do not feel is necessary here. I will return when the town has been cleansed of it's current blight.”

Twilight looks to the side and sighs. “Then good luck, Tsyreim. Please try to be careful. If the Royal Guard shows up while you're there though...”

“Irrelevant.” He states bluntly. “Their presence is of no consequence. If they arrive while I still am there, then rest assured that they will be unable to procure me. Celestia on the other hand, may be more difficult.”

“And if SHE shows up?” Twilight glares at him.

Tsyreim looks away. “IF she shows up, then she will see me performing a good deed to cleanse a town of it's ruffians. Perhaps it will then allow me to actually speak to her on terms that do not involve my most undesirable demise.” He nods to the Purple pony. “I can only hope, Twilight. The only one whom I have to fear, is Celestia herself. Either way, it was a pleasure knowing you. If I do not return... Well, then please do not fret for me.”

With that, he speaks and his body vanishes in a flash of light. Twilight sighs and walks back toward the campsite. “His father lived there? I wish he could have told me more about that. Perhaps the ponies there... No, that was too long ago.”

She sits down at the fire again and LightLeaf looks at her. “Is something the matter, miss Twilight?”

“No, no I'm fine.” She pauses, then looks up at him. “Sir, could you tell me what you know about the teachers in your town? The oldest ones you can remember?”

The elder pony chuckles. “Oh dear... You're going back a long time now.”

“The further, the better.” She replies, then points to a poster of Tsyreim. “He had a father that lived in Saddlesburg a long time ago. Apparently was a teacher.”

LightLeaf looked at the poster, then at Twilight curiously. “How do you know all this?”

“Research...” She shrugs, contemplating if she had just asked for more than she could chew.

- - - - - - -
Several hours later, Saddlesburg
- - - - - - -

The town was alive, and a mess. Ponies ran around and fought it out in the streets in drunken rage. The place was a mess, and two green eyes watched from the woods. Tsyreim looked down on the disgusting pit of filth that the criminals were turning this poor town into. Ransacking homes and breaking things without any reason to do so, other than the fact that they could.

It made him sick, and very angry. Especially when he saw them tearing into the schoolhouse. A place of learning, it should be kept for that purpose only. He watched across the town and tried to find a way to draw them all into the town's center, to deal with them all at once.

Tsyreim didn't have to however, as a larger Pegasus, blue with black hooves walked toward the statue at the center of town. Tsyreim squinted and looked him over. He had a Unicorn horn too? No possible way this pony was an Alicorn.

The pony in question shouted out, and the others slowly quit their fighting. Tsyreim listened in, and could hear him calling them all to where he was. How perfect, they were gathering all in one area. Tsyreim slunk back into the woods to get around closer.

The central pony, obviously Darkhoof, walked around the statue while looking down at the others that gathered around. “Look at this! This entire town! We took it over in a single night, without hardly much of a fight at all.”

The ponies shouted out in huzzah, half of them drunk. “Weee showed them!”

“We can hold this town for ransom!” He continues. “How much would they pay to get their town back without a fight? An entire town!”

One of the stallions shouted out. “W-wait... Did you say they would pay us a lot for the town... Or... Or pay us a town for the town?”

“Neither.” A voice spoke above the rest. “Now move, you're in my way.” Part of the circle of ponies was blown inwards as DarkHoof jumped in the air and avoided their skidding bodies. “You oafs! What's going on here?!”

“My apologies for the wave of idiocy.” Tsyreim walked to the center of the circle and stood next to the statue. DarkHoof landed and stomped. “YOU'RE the idiot, know your place, or I'll kill you where you stand!”

Tsyreim stared blankly at him. “My place, is freeing this town from your irresponsible actions, and heinous deeds.”

Darkhoof began to chuckle, then laugh hysterically. “Wait, wait wait... You hear that guys? He's here to beat ALL OF US!”

The ponies go up in a roar of laughter, pointing at Tsyreim and spitting. “One pony! Hahaha!”

Tsyreim's expression doesn't change at all as he simply looks around the crowd of ne'er-do-wells. “H-hang on, hang on a sec...” DarkHoof flies over and grabs a poster, then comes back. “This here? This is you, right?”

Tsy looks at his picture on the poster, then back at DarkHoof. “How come you're holding that with your hoof, and not magic if you're an Alicorn?”

The criminal sneers at him as the laughter dies down. “What was that?”

Tsyreim looks him straight in the eye. “Did I stutter?”

“Boys...” Darkhoof spits to the side. “We ain't killing this one. We can turn him in for ransom too. Celestia's got a pretty bounty on his head.”

Tsyreim grins slowly. “You know it's going to hurt when I pull that fake horn off your head.”

“Get him!” DarkHoof shouted and stepped away out of Tsyreim's reach. The black Unicorn however simply looks at the incoming mob and speaks. “Imenr Ilei Ruje Fsac!” A large glowing arcane circle lights up over the area as all the ponies move as if on extreme slow-motion. Tsyreim calmly walks toward DarkHoof, smiles at him, then rips his fake horn off. “Your blasphemy shall not be tolerated.”

He then shoves the criminal leader back to where he himself just was, and dismisses the spell. All the ponies tumbling on to their leader.

Tsyreim stands to the side, levitating the horn and looking over it. “A clever ruse, if it weren't for the fact that no current Alicorn is a criminal. Still, I must compliment you on the authentic appearance of this falsification.” He turns back to the pile of ponies, trying to crawl off of each other.

DarkHoof burst from them, holding his head. “Aaarrghhh! Gah! I DON'T CARE ANYMORE! JUST KILL HIM!”

Tsyreim tosses the horn to the side and watches several Unicorns run to the side, their eyes glinting red. “Your very bodies emanate residual black magic. So I do hope you realize what that will do to you in the long run.” He speaks to them. “I hear it's very painful.”

“Not today!” One yells at him, dark arcane circles forming around them.

“How Quaint.” Tsy mutters, then raising his hoof. One of the Unicorns flies toward him in turn, and he leaps into the air, spinning and swinging out his legs. A dull thud sounds as the pony goes flying right into one of the others. Two down, three to go.

The other three cast their spells and Tsyreim stomps his hoof. “Imenr Fness Muffunire!” Their spells fizzle through the air and poof into nothing as he faces them. “You shall regret ever utilizing black magic at all, and it shall not even be myself whom is the reason for it.”

He looks behind them as the rest of the ponies have regained their composition, and are all headed at him at once. Tsyreim lifts the three spellcasters and launches them into the mix, then braces himself. “I would greatly upset a friend of mine if I were to end any of you this day. Therefore, I shall put a swift end to all of this.

His eyes suddenly glow bright green, and the three glowing strands in his tail begin flashing. “Nluje Resequberuh Hajjibm!” The entirety of the ponies suddenly rise into the air in a green aura. Tsyreim simply walks them along toward the edge of town on the road and sets them there, keeping them still.

He swings his left hoof upward, and the ground erupts around the crowd on all sides as crystals shoot upward from the ground, twisting around to make a crystal cage.

DarkHoof however, he levitates toward himself and stares in his eyes. “You are despicable, and while it would have been fitting for you to be ended here, I think your reputation being shattered is perhaps moreso. You may reflect on what you've done wrong in life when you find yourself in the royal prison.”

He then summons a smaller prison cage and tosses DarkHoof in where he can be seen by the rest of the criminals. Casting a magic-dampering field around the cages to prevent the Unicorns from being able to escape, he snaps off a point from a corner of each prison and holds them in his hooves. “Pabm-Hajnseruab Qey.”

Tsyreim pauses and looks to the sky, and all around for that matter. “It would seem that the Royal Guard is not coming so soon. So I bid thee adieu.” With that, he vanishes in a flash of light, leaving the criminals to stare at each other. “What the hell just happened...?”

- - - - - - -
Several hours after, Ponyville
- - - - - - -

Twilight smiled around at the scene. Things had certainly grown more lighthearted. It had been at least half a day or so by now, and the citizens of Ponyville had done whatever they could to help out their new guests.

She walked over through the crowd to meet Rainbow Dash, who was talking with several other Pegasi. As she grew closer, it became apparent that they were all nerding out about the Wonderbolts. “Hey, Rainbow.” He waved her hoof.

Dash looked over. “Oh, hey hang on. I'll be right back.” She soars up and over to Twilight. “Sup Twi, what's up?”

“Could you get the other's over to the edge of camp please? You can get around this crow better than I can.”

Rainbow rolled her eyes. “Alright, I'll be just a sec.”

Twilight then began the painstaking process of weeding back through the crowd to the edge. “Man, there are so many ponies here... I didn't know we could fit this many here.”

LightLeaf chuckled. “Would it be bad to say that I'm almost glad this happened?”

The ponies around the fire immediately stopped and stared at him. “What are you talking about?!”

He waves his hoof. “Now look around you. When was the last time you saw our community so close? Ponies who never knew each other working together to help as best they can. I know we'll get our town back, Celestia will make sure of that. So I'm not worried.” He smiles warmly. “It just feels good to see everypony so willing to be kind. It's just sad that it took an event like that to bring us all together.”

Twilight nodded and thought for a moment. There was definitely a friendship lesson to be learned in this case. Her attention was drawn back to the crowd of ponies as suddenly she heard someone yell out. “It's him!”

She jumped up and saw the crowd part, and there, walking along through them as if nothing had happened, was Tsyreim. “Oh... Dear, Celestia...” She gasped.

He stood up above the rest of them and looked around. “I would like to speak to the Saddlesburg town leader if I may, please.”

“Well, I guess I should stand up.” LightLeaf slowly got to his hooves. “I am here.”

Tsyreim walked calmly over to him and layed the two strange crystal points down beside him. Then, looking around at the crowed that faced him, some with expressions of fear, some with expressions of confusion, none hurt him more than the ones he saw who put themselves in front of their family as if he was about to become a mindless killing machine, all because of some posters they saw of him. It pierced his heart to see them see him this way, but he refused to allow his expression to show it.

“Good ponies of Saddlesburg, your town is free.”

The area went completely silent, and he continued. “After hearing of your plight, I took it upon myself to put an end to the criminal's rule of your town. You will find two cages along the outside of town on the road where they are imprisoned. I have presented the keys to these cages to your elder here. Have a Unicorn reconnect them, and they will be able to dismiss sections of the prisons in order to remove the prisoners from there.” He shrugs. “I should not have to tell you it would be wise to first wait for the Royal Guard to arrive so they may take them away.”

The area still remained silent.

Tsyreim looked down at the ground and sighed. “I know what you're thinking. Why am I helping you? The answer is simple. I am not a criminal. I know not why Celestia seeks me so, or why she harbors such a disdain for my existence. But I know this. I know that I will not allow any criminal to overrun a town, where my father once, many many years ago, taught magic.” He set his jaw, recalling his father. “...Taught them to be good citizens. And did until the last day that I saw him. To me, that town is his legacy, and I refuse to see it desecrated by the unlawful.”

“...That is all.” He gazes around at them, a small tear in his eye. Speaking several words, he teleports away, leaving the townsfolk to stare blankly at the spot where he was just standing.

“Well, that was unexpected.” LightLeaf looked back at Twilight. “I see why you are curious about him.”

Twilight stammers. “I-I was asking about his father.”

The elder smiles. “No, you were asking about HIM.” He looks back at the campsite. “Alrighty then, let's pack up and go home.”

The others stare at him. “You believe him? He's a wanted criminal!”

“Is he?” LightLeaf asks. “I can't make you go back, but you can't stop me from going. That town is my home, and I'm going home.”

Twilight silently watches as he heads into his tent. Everypony else talks amongst each other, before several families begin doing the same. One after the other as the campsite dwindles down into just ponies and wagons. It seems they were willing to take Tsyreim's word for it.

Rainbow Dash set down next to her. “So uhh... What did you want to talk to us about again?”

Twilight just shakes her head. “Well, it's pretty irrelevant NOW. That's for sure.” She smiles at her friends. “Let's go home, I know I've got a letter to write.”

Author's Note:

Boy, that was one hell of an almost 5-month race those two were having, huh?

...Yeah yeah yeah, I am a terrible pony. Shame on me.

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