• Published 27th Oct 2011
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Lunar Apprehension - Vypor

A mysterious pony attempts to show Luna her work is appreciated, but Celestia sees him as a threat.

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Prologue 5

Tsyreim could barely sleep. He was plagued by that vision of Celestia bearing down on him for some unknown reason. That snarl, it wasn't a view of her like anything he had expected. Especially since he had actually helped her.

Finally, he just got up. He had to clear his mind. Dismissing Speil's queries, the unicorn walked outside, looking around at the daylight. It felt strange however. He had always imagined Celestia like the daylight she brought. Warm and inviting. But after his encounter, the daytime almost seemed ominous to him.

He scanned the skies almost as if expecting Celestia to be descending upon him, then shook his head. “If she knew where you lived, she would have found you already.” He muttered to himself, plodding off into the woods. A dip in the pond would help calm his mind.

Walking through the forest, Tsyreim looked around, spying various small woodland creatures skittering away under the bushes at the sound of his hoofsteps. Upon arrival at the pond, he smiled. The cool water always made him feel better.

He sank into his favorite hollowed out spot and let his mind wander. Probably not the best thing to do considering the circumstances, but it was better than trying to sleep at the same time. Tsyreim knew that Celestia wouldn't give up so easily with letting him go. He had heard her yelling to the guards while he hid. Chances are word was already spreading around the colonies for ponies to keep a lookout for him.

He still attempted to fit the puzzle together however. Why was Celestia so angry toward him, what did he do? What did he not do that she thought he had? Or was that even the case.

The befuddled pony opened his eyes, meeting the gaze of a frog who sat on a lily pad just a few feet away. They stared blankly back at him, then swelled up and croaked. Shrinking back to normal size as they resumed the unofficial staring contest.

“The scary thing is, you know just as much about why Celestia was mad at me as I do.” Tsyreim chuckled, starting to move. Soak time was over, and while he had his usual training and workout regiment to do, he certainly didn't feel up to it. Skipping one day due to the previous night made perfect sense to him.

The frog leapt off the lily pad into the pond as Tsyreim rose from the water, shaking off and trotting back toward the cave.

Speil's voice drifted back into his head. “I'll presume training is called off for today.”

“You assume correctly.” Tsyreim replied. “I'm just going to work on converting some of dad's old spells to spoken.”

“Speaking of your parents.” Speil continued. “Aren't you worried for them?”

“I think it's safe to say if they've kept quiet about me before this, then they'll stay quiet about it afterwards as well.” Tsyreim pulled a book out of his makeshift shelf and began flipping through the pages. “I'll see them tonight for sure. But I don't want to show up during the day. I'll be staying as hidden as possible. For a very good reason.”

The unicorn paused for a moment. “I do have to ask however... Celestia used five orbs to defeat Nightmare Moon. I assumed they were the Elements of Harmony. However, if I remember correctly, there are six elements. Not five.”

“That is correct.” Speil spoke. “Celestia was the sixth element. The Element of Magic. Which is the last element that unites the other five, giving them the power to react.”

“The hidden key to activate their power. Clever.” Tsyreim mused. He looked over the book, deciphering several of the spells and linking words to them. Being as how he knew most of them already however, he didn't have many to translate. The work was soon completed, and he proceeded into what he liked to call, the 'testing chamber'.

Carrying his spellbook, Tsyreim opened a stone wall and descended into a large dark room. Walking along a stone slab, he paused, set the book down and spoke a word. “Hlyfrisudvr.”

Light flashed out from him and the walls erupted in growing sparkles, all the various small crystals embedded within the stone radiating their glow. Tsyreim smiled and looked down at the book, picking a minor fire spell.

Lifting his hoof, he looked over it. “Tsije diobrser.” A glowing circle radiated down his leg, flames soon following, cloaking his entire leg in fire. He waved it about a bit, the fire lighting up his slight smile. “Well, this certainly could complicate holding onto a pony.”

Rearing up, he swung his leg to the side and concentrated on an area of the wall, the flames enshrouding his leg instantly flew off in a fireball, colliding with the stone.

The temporary elemental armor intrigued the young Unicorn, and he set about creating his own versions. He rolled out some parchment and began outlining some successive circles and runes, every once in awhile inquiring knowledge from Speil. Being as Tsyreim mostly learned and translated spells, rather than actually create them, it was still a mostly experimental area for him.

After awhile, he sat back, moving the quill aside as he 'proofread' his spell. This stage was vitally important, as miswritten spells could easily spell disaster, causing unforeseen consequences or reactions.

Once sufficiently pleased with his work, and with approval from Speil, Tsyreim stood up, and placed his front right hoof in the center of the script. “Ipfalp qbacsemde.”

The lines flashed on the paper, and Tsyreim closed his eyes, the glow flowed around and into him, the spell's properties and actions showing before his mind's eye. When it dissipated, he opened his eyes, stepping off of the script and back.

“Shall we see how this works then?” He stood tall and then breathed a few words. “Hlyfris ieduf...”

Immediately, he felt energy flow from him, and then around him. It bonded, solidifying and spreading. It seemed to glue him in place, the energy flashing as it transfigured into solid crystal armor. His entire body was covered from head to hoof. Flexing once, the joints cracked and gave way, giving him free movement now with a jagged crystalline armor. Tsyreim peered through several eyeholes, his horn flashing as he altered them a bit to enable better peripheral vision.

He took a few steps around, noting how it felt, and what could be improved mobility-wise. Creating efficient spells was a seemingly endless cycle of test-and-release. After fixing some issues, more would always show up afterward.

Tsyreim liked the greater security the armor gave him, but preferred agility to the bulky feeling. He would have to work on the form a bit more to even out the give and take ratio.

Dismissing the armor, it seemed to dissolve back into him, and Tsyreim found the feeling of the lost energy returning quite exhilarating. He had his mind set on other things however, and by then, it surely was about time for him to head to his parent's.

The unicorn stepped outside and looked at the night sky. It too seemed different, and he knew that with Luna banished, Celestia had taken over the night sky as well. He gazed at the stars, they no longer seemed as real. They seemed sorrowful, no doubt with Celestia's mourning of her sister's banishment.

He began his trek through the forest, silently wondering what he may encounter in the town now. Would things have changed? Would it reflect just how badly Celestia wanted to find Tsyreim?

One thing was for sure however, and that was that under no circumstances could he allow anypony to see him. The last thing he or his parents needed was a royal interrogation of everypony in Saddleburg.

Tsyreim slowed his pace as the buildings loomed in the distance. Parting a bit of bush, he looked out into the street and saw several guards walking around. A couple were Unicorn guards as well, they would likely sense him if he used magic to cross the town. Tsyreim quickly elected to cross a bit down the road and save himself the trouble.

There didn't appear to be any guards in the woods patrolling, so he took it easy till his parent's house.

Gem's ears perked up at a sound from the back of the house. Cyrus taking note of this. “Tsy? Is that you?” He spoke out.

Tsyreim peeked around the corner and then trotted in. “Prepared for my arrival I see.” He chuckled, pointing to the closed blinds.

Gem embraced him as soon as she found him. “What in Equestria did you do? The guards came through the town and asked everypony here if they had seen a certain unicorn.”

Cyrus stepped up. “Their description was unmistakeable, Tsy. It is you they are looking for, isn't it?”

Tsyreim grinned unconvincingly and rubbed the back of his head. “Yeah... Better sit down, it's a long story.” He took a seat and explained everything that had happened that night. About Speil's sensing the looming darkness from Luna, and Tsyreim's arrival. The battle and Celestia's unexplainable anger toward him.

“I don't know what I did, but she looked like she wanted to kill me.” Tsyreim sighed. “Don't ask why I didn't try to talk it over. If you had an Alicorn Goddess bearing down on you with murder on her face, you would have run too.”

He took a look over at his parents, both of them quite obviously in deep thought. Till finally Cyrus threw his hooves up. “I give. I have no idea what she would be so angry at you for. All I know is I don't want to lose you, so don't you dare let them catch you.”

“I have no intention of letting that happen.” Tsyreim shook his head. “Mother has always taught me to be hidden. I do not plan on failing her in that regard.”

He waited a bit then stood up. “But enough of that. We still have our family dinner. And father, you may be interested to know I've been working on some of your spells.”

Gem got up. “Right. Dinner. I'll get right on that.” She shuffled to the kitchen while Tsyreim pulled out his spellbook. “Remember that flamecloak spell you were experimenting with?”

“Of course I do.” Cyrus replied. “You made progress with it?”

“More than that.” Tsyreim grinned. “With some modifications, it can be not only a flamecloak, but when no longer needed, fired from the body as an attack as well.”

“Intriguing...” Cyrus pulled the sheet over, studying it. “Armor that doubles as a weapon.”

“Actually, it's technically not armor, since it will not block or dampen a physical or magical force. It only harms if in prolonged contact.”

“You know what I mean.” Cyrus said, looking over his glasses.

“...As for armor.” Tsyreim continued. “The flamecloak spell inspired me. So I threw together a crystal armor to be conjured over the body.”

Cyrus set the sheet down. “Say what now?”

Tsyreim scooted his crystal armor spellsheet over. “The joints require a bit of alteration to make it easier to move in, perhaps the eyeholes too for better peripherals. But overall, it seems to be a rather sturdy bit of armor.”

Cyrus rubbed his chin. “Crystal armor... Huh. What about removing it?”

“It is easily dismissable.” Tsyreim pointed to a section of the spell. “The solidified energy used to create the armor is dissipated and absorbed back into the body. Meaning that in a pinch, you could create armor, use it, and then if getting tired, reabsorb it to sacrifice armor for more energy.”

Cyrus leaned his head back and smiled. “Gem dear. I think perhaps it's time for me to retire. I think the son has already surpassed his father.”

“You would die if you didn't have spells to make or learn and you know it.” The pegasus' voice called from the kitchen.

Cyrus laughed. “Yes, I suppose you're right.” Turning back to the spell, he began studying it. “But in all truth son, you are the most gifted student I've ever seen.”

Tsyreim lowered his gaze and smiled, he valued praise from his father more than most anything else. Perhaps because he had never known it before. That was one of the reasons he would work on his father's spells so much now, was to see how his father would react.

Interrupting their spell discussions, Gem walked through the doorway. “If you can tear yourselves away from whatever you're staring at, dinner is waiting.”

They followed her into the kitchen, and Tsyreim helped Gem to her chair. “You make me feel old when you do that.” She frowned.

“Age matters not mother.” Tsyreim chuckled. “You need only be worried if I start spoon feeding you myself.”

“Do please, kill me first.” She rolled her misty eyes, pushing him away.

While trying to keep a normal conversation during dinner, it inevitably steered right back to the main topic at hand. Celestia's hunt for Tsyreim.

Gem's hoof stomping on the table signified her frustration with it all. “I just can't stop imagining what she might do if she finds you.”

Cyrus looked around the table. “She's always been a fair ruler sweetie, I doubt she wouldn't afford him the right to speak.”

“Well I don't know her as well as you do.” Tsyreim spoke up. “But I know the expression she gave me. And peace was not the thought that first arose in my mind.”

Shaking his head, he sighed. “I would go to her myself to sort this whole mess out, but I simply cannot convince myself to do so.”

Cyrus began to speak, but Tsyreim waved his leg quickly. “Fusebhe.” A glowing arcane ring swirled around Cyrus' face and disappeared as Tsyreim spoke again. “Either way, I'm done talking about it. The only thing it is causing is stress and frustration between us. Not to mention, I'm tired. It's late, and I have a several hour trip ahead of me. We'll talk about this on a later occasion.”

Gem sighed and nodded slowly. “Alright, alright. I don't think we have to say that we need to keep our mouths shut about this.” Turning toward her son, she continued. “Just keep what you're doing. I know you didn't do anything wrong, and perhaps Celestia will see that in due time.”

Tsyreim got up and looked at the closed window curtains. “I'll just make sure to stay as hidden as I always do, they can't find me that way. Enough said.”

He opened the back door and turned toward his parents, waving goodbye. “Farewell.”

“Goodbye son, stay safe.” Gem called after. Cyrus however opened his mouth and pointed at it.

“Oh, right. Sorry.” Tsyreim turned back around. “Obfeis.” The arcane rings reappeared around Cyrus' face and shattered in a small flash of light, Cyrus shook his head.

“Agh, thanks. I'd rather not be stuck like that till you get back.”

“Oh it would have worn off.” Tsyreim grinned. “Eventually.”

Cyrus turned to Gem. “Though not that she would mind sometimes.” Looking back again, he gazed into the trees in surprise, Tsyreim already had vanished. “That colt... Well he's certainly got the sneaky part down.”

“That he does.” Gem smiled. “He'll be fine, no way they'll find him clear out there.”

- - - - - - -
Thirty minutes later, edge of the Deepfrond Forest
- - - - - - -

Tsyreim slowed to a trot, and then a walk as the silhouettes of Saddleburg faded into the night behind him. He sighed and looked up at the sky, his gaze drifting toward the moon.

He wasn't actually tired, he just wanted to get away from the conversations revolving around what Celestia might do. He didn't want to think about it, he didn't want to know, and strangely enough, he found himself thinking differently of the Sun Princess. Was she truly the kind ruler that everyone would have him believe? If she was, why would she be so angry with him after he helped her?

A thought popped into his mind suddenly, and he paused, overcome by this strange notion. Surely she didn't want to take all the credit for banishing her sister, he saw the way she spoke to Luna before banishing, and it wasn't hateful at all.

Looking back to the moon he thought about the thousand-year banishment. He had been told already that this position he held, his guardianship granted him immortality, and in that moment he knew he would see the return of Luna. Suddenly the worries of Celestia vanished, and he began to wonder what would take place then. Especially since Nightmare Moon had sworn revenge just before she vanished.

Resuming his walk through the woods, Tsyreim closed off his mind to all the thoughts and simply listened to the sound of the wind flowing through the branches and leaves, the owls of the night, and a smile crept over his face.

He liked it quiet. He liked not having to worry, and felt at peace during the night. Which is why despite his regular routine demanding a daytime schedule, he would occasionally put it off and awake at night, where he felt most comfortable.

He would have far more time to ponder all these thoughts. But despite being a bright young colt, he was still just that, young. He had already accomplished more than many full grown ponies, and the reckoning of his duties still hadn't set in completely. Thinking about Celestia differently was bizarre to him, as his mother had always told him how kind she was.

When he finally reached the cave again, he was greeted by Speil. “Greetings again Tsyreim. I will not bother inquiring into the events of the night. I sense you are already heavy with confusion.”

Tsyreim simply listened to the clopping of his hooves across the stone floor, pondering a response. After sitting on his bed for a second, he tilted his head. “I'd ask for knowledge of what happened lately... But, you don't know do you?”

“Other than Celestia appearing to have lost her temper for unknown reasons, then no, I'm afraid I do not.”

“Yeah, I didn't think so.” Tsyreim muttered, scooting his hoof along the floor and watching the faint trail in the dust left behind it. “Mother would be appalled by the state of this room. It's filthy.”

“Then perhaps you should clean it like she made you do so many times before.”

“Wonderful suggestion. Mother.” Tsyreim rolled his eyes. “I was thinking though, what about a wood floor?”

“This is a cave, Tsyreim.” Speil answered bluntly.

“Yeah, but regular ponies have like, big thick wood strips from trees put together to make stuff, tables, floors. They're really nice.”

“And you plan on recreating them?”

“I might... But I have to figure out how first.” Tsyreim thought, an idea blooming in his mind. He looked around the floor, taking scope of the size and location of his makeshift 'furniture'. “If I manipulate crystals into like, blades and tools, perhaps I could craft some of those... Strips, whatever they are, and carve out the floor to fit them in...” Tsyreim began to smile, still planning out his great redecoration. Speil decided not to intrude, realizing this was perhaps just the thing to get Tsyreim's mind off the problems, and help him stay calm.

Tsyreim hadn't yet come to this realization, and instead became engrossed in the artistic possibilities. Bringing out some scroll parchment, he began sketching down some ideas and designs. He lost all track of time, smiling and sketching away, and finally realized the sun had already risen.

While he was a bit tired from no sleep, he couldn't wait to get out and see what good trees he could find to experiment with.

As the unicorn trotted through the forest, he listened to the birds and creatures of the wood. Even though he preferred nighttime to daytime, he had to admit that the day held more of a welcome friendly commotion with the woodland creatures.

He stopped, seeing a felled tree further in, and promptly made his way through the brush to it. It didn't take much examining to see that it wasn't a recently fallen tree. But Tsyreim conjured several crystal blades and began peeling away parts to see if there was any good workable wood.

Finding some, he carved around it and set it aside till he was sure there wasn't any more good crafting wood. Then, with a simple spell, he lifted it and trotted back home to experiment.

The next few days consisted of the same thing, and Tsyreim began to learn more about the different types of wood. Which was strongest, which was weakest, what kinds were flexible, and others that were stiff and solid. He enjoyed working with it as well, it was calm, consistent work. But yet, not necessarily easy, he liked the challenge of not only creating something, but creating it well, and implementing imaginative details in the process.

His first creation was simply a nightstand of sorts. But throughout the creation of it, he worked on smoothing it out and carving details into it, until it turned into a rather ornate work of art. Various Prequestrian symbols and runes emblazoned upon it's surface, many times placed to complement the curvature of the piece.

At nights when he went to visit his parents, he would often ask his father questions about woodworking. Unfortunately, Cyrus, being a magic teacher instead of a carpenter didn't have many answers to Tsyreim's questions. He soon resorted to bringing books from the local library over, and Tsyreim would borrow them, taking them back to study. He soon learned how to preserve the wood, and the different names and types of trees, among other skills.

Gem started calling Tsyreim her little carpenter after he brought a small chair back to them to show what he had been up to.

The days passed into weeks, and then months, and security had already waned once again. Celestia couldn't keep the entire guard so spread out forever, and Tsyreim's family had basically stopped talking about the issue with the Celestial Princess. Forgetting it was impossible, but they knew that their secret was safe for now, and would continue to be for as long as nopony else knew it.

Nearly two years had gone by since Tsyreim had undertaken his redecoration plans. Night was falling, and he plodded back toward his parent's house, carrying a new gift for them. A simple wooden stool, but with a complicated swirling pattern engraved on it that resembled two ponies face to face.

Tsyreim arrived at the road just to the west of Saddleburg and took a quick look-around before darting across into the woods on the other side. Making his way to his parent's house, he made a few quick taps on the door in his typical fashion, and then opened it, walking inside and closing the door behind him.

“Mother, Father, I'm here.” He walked into the living area and tilted his head as he stared at the couch. “What happened?”

Cyrus looked up from Gem, dabbing a wet cloth on her forehead. “I'm afraid your mother has fallen ill today.”

“I'll be fine sweetie.” Gem spoke rather hoarsely, attempting a small smile. “It's good to see you son...”

Cyrus put his hoof to her mouth. “Shh, don't speak. Just rest. The more you try to move, the worse it will get.”

Tsyreim paused, then smiled. “Well I brought you both a gift again.”

“No doubt a result of my little carpenter being so busy...” Gem chuckled, coughing.

Tsyreim walked over and set it down before her. “No doubt you're correct.” The young stallion replied. “A stool, but with my best carvings yet.”

Cyrus pulled it over and examined the carvings. “It's beautiful son, but... I'm going to have to say your best was the spell inscription being carved directly into the chair you gave me.”

Tsyreim simply shook his head. “On the contrary father. This is my finest, as it represents the two most important parents a colt could ever wish for.”

Cyrus opened his mouth to speak, but just chuckled and shook his head. “You win this one. Come here you.”

Tsyreim hopped over and embraced his father in a hug. “I meant every bit of that...” He spoke, trying to keep his voice as stable as he could, despite getting choked up. So long of living alone, even at such a young age, and only being able to socialize with his parents. He treasured these times more than any other.

“Let me feel it...” Gem spoke, Tsyreim immediately lifting it up. Her foggy eyes stared blindly ahead as her paw ran over the surface, feeling the curves and dimples in it. “It's beautiful Tsy...” She smiled in his direction. “I'd hug you too, but I do not wish to make you sick as well.”

Nevertheless, Tsyreim put his forelegs around her and gave a quick squeeze. “You at least get that much.”

“I love you, Tsy.” She smiled, sitting back again.

Cyrus motioned for Tsyreim to follow him, both plodding into the kitchen. “It's worse than she thinks, isn't it?” Tsyreim whispered to his father.

Cyrus sighed and shook his head. “I don't know... It's like an infection, but... It seems centered around her eyes.”

Tsyreim looked back out at her. “Her eyes? What do you mean?”

Cyrus rubbed his forehead. “I'm no doctor, but from the way the one here in town worded it, it's become infected. But, he doesn't know how or why. Worse still, is he can't recognize the symptoms compared to any other infections.”

Gem closed her eyes and sighed. Her eyes were irrelevant to her hearing, and she could hear them both talking about it. What scared her the most was that she feared it getting worse, and nopony being able to do anything about it. She had only just come back to her husband after years of solitude, why should she be taken away so soon? The Pegasus quickly shook her head, she wouldn't allow this to bog her down.

Tsyreim stopped and thought, “Well, I'll have to ask Speil when I go back. He may have more information regarding this sickness.” Taking another look out at his mother, he furrowed his brow. “It is at least worth a try.”

“Speil?” Cyrus eyed his son.

“What, has mother never told you of our dear ethereal friend?” Tsyreim chuckled.

“No, no I can't say that she has.” The father replied. “And you said they were ethereal? Like, a ghost?”

“Not quite.” Tsyreim began to explain. “Speil is more like... A voice that is everywhere over there. They have no body, no corporeal form. They simply pop into your head and say something when they need to.”

“Just what kind of place do you live? That sounds creepy.”

“I suppose so.” Tsyreim shrugged. “After growing up with it for years, you rather grow used to it.”

Turning to the kitchen, he looked over the supplies. “I will gather by the appearance, that you were attempting to cook dinner.”

“Is it that obvious?” Cyrus huffed, walking back to the counter. “Your mother cooks better than me, and she can't even see.”

Tsyreim couldn't resist a chuckle at that, and then walked over to assist his father. “Well I know a bit about herbs and stuff, so maybe I can teach you something for once.”

It was Cyrus' turn to chuckle now. “Not a day goes by that you don't teach me something when you arrive. You truly are one destined for greatness.”

“Rather than inflate my pride, would you make sure you aren't trimming your hoof with that knife?” Tsyreim motioned toward the blade Cyrus was only half paying attention to, getting further from the chives, and closer to his hoof.

Cyrus quickly returned to chopping the vegetables, while Tsyreim gathered ingredients. “So you know how to cook?” The father asked.

“A mite bit.” Tsyreim replied, holding several leaves up. “I know this one is spicy, and I know this one is rather tangy.” Pausing, he eyed the last one. “...And I have no idea what this one is.”

“Well looks like you won't be teaching me much.” Cyrus laughed.

Culinary cluelessness aside, the two managed to haphazardly scrap together a decent meal. Fortunately they knew more about making it healthy than tasty, so Gem could still eat it without much difficulty.

Afterwards, they all sat around and made small talk. There would be no games tonight, not with Gem's condition. And despite how much Tsyreim tried to improve the atmosphere in the room, it still felt like a dark cloud overshadowed the entire evening.

Tsy asked as many questions as he dared to from Gem about what her sickness felt like, so he could give a detailed explanation to Speil when he arrived. When it came time to leave, he gave her another quick squeeze and smiled. “I'll be back tomorrow mother.”

She too smiled weakly and nodded. “Take care son...”

Tsyreim looked back, then vanished into the forest. Shortly afterwards, he was on the other side of town, and headed for home as fast as he could go. There was no time to waste with Gem's condition. He knew it wasn't a normal sickness, and that was all the more reason to make sure he could figure out a cure before... Well, he didn't want to think about it.

He was back to the cave in record time, and rushed inside, collapsing on the floor gasping for air. Speil wasted no time in asking what the rush was. “Tsyreim! What the meaning of this?”

“G-Gem...” The out-of-breath unicorn gasped. “S-She's sick, and nopony knows what affliction is assailing her...”

“What are the symptoms ?” Speil inquired.

“It was sore around her eye, hard to explain. But then it spread through the rest of her body.” Tsyreim explained.

“It, being the soreness?” Speil probed.

Nodding, Tsyreim continued. “It's not just soreness anymore though, it's like, pain. She's bedridden, and can't hardly move. Do you know what it is?”

Several moments of silence greeted his question before Speil spoke again. “I will have to analyze this further, I can't say for sure what it is yet. I've never dealt with such an affliction before I'm sorry to say.”

Tsyreim stomped his hoof in frustration, thoughts racing through his mind. “Curses! Well while you're doing that, I'll be in the library searching up whatever I can on illnesses.”

“Noted.” Speil replied as Tsyreim took off down a descending hallway. It opened up into the larger cavern he had been studying in before, and he galloped along a stone bridge toward an overly large temple entrance carved into the solid walls.

Small crystals embedded within the rock glowed as he passed by, leaving a fading colored trail of light in his wake. Tsyreim hopped up the steps and into a large imposing hall. He traveled the length of it, large pillars lining the sides till he entered a widened cylindrical room. Taking a right, he whispered some words and the walls parted to reveal yet another room, completely filled with carved stone shelves lined with scrolls.

The soft clop of the young unicorn's hooves echoed off the shelves till he spoke another word, crystals in the floor shooting up into the air, hovering and glowing brightly, the room suddenly illuminated.

He searched along the shelves till he reached the section containing information about illnesses. Stepping onto a large stone circle in the floor covered in runes, he spoke again. “Ilufe.” The runes flashed and the stone circle rose out of the floor, floating along the shelf wherever he directed it.

He began pulling scrolls out, speedreading through in a search for anything related to the eyes or 'soreness'. And while he found plenty on them, none of the instances ever really had her exact symptoms.

Hours later, the stone slab fell into place once again, and a very weary and disheveled Tsyreim stepped off of it, laying on the floor and falling asleep nearly instantly.

For how long he slept, he did not know, only that he was awoken once again by Speil.

“I have it.”

Tsyreim shook his head to wake himself and looked around. “You do?! What is it?! Can it be cured?”

“Cured is debatable.” Speil replied. “It would seem from the events, that your mother's body and eyes grew used to the healing powers of the crystals here, and must have been 'attempting', to repair her vision impairment. When she left, her proximity to the energies was severed, and thus her body felt that it had failed. Now it seems it is giving up.”

Tsyreim stood stunned. “Her body is just... Dying, because it gave up?”

“I'm not sure how else to put it. But perhaps if you were to bring her back here, her body would revive when it feels the energies again.” Speil added.

“Then I have no choice, I'm leaving at once.” Tsyreim raced out of the library, taking off for the cave entrance again.

“I only hope we are not too late.” Speil stated. “Godspeed, Curator.”

- - - - - - -
Several hours later, outskirts of Saddleburg
- - - - - - -

Tsyreim took a moment to catch his breath, then shot across the road. It was daytime now, so he couldn't hide as efficiently. He didn't have the luxury to wait till nightfall this time around, speed was of the utmost importance.

Racing to his parent's house, he knocked on the door, surprised to find it locked with an away-from-home spell. His parents should be home at this time, what was the hold up? He gave it a quick life scan and found there to be nopony inside.

“Oh no...” He began to panic. “Why would they leave, what happened?” He then remembered the building his parents referred to for injuries and sicknesses. Tilting his head, he began to think. “What was it called, a hospi, hospo? Hospital? Yes that's it!”

Teleporting to the roof of his parent's house, he scanned the town looking for the building. And after awhile looking, he found it. Btu so many ponies to have to sneak past, he didn't have time for this.

Regardless, he tried to lock onto his father's magical signature. Running out of the woods, he leapt up and shouted. “Resenalr!” He appeared on the balcony outside the window, ignoring the commotion of ponies below who pointed and waved, some running toward the closest guards.

Shatterng the window, Tsyreim leapt inside. Cyrus and some pony wearing a kind of white coat spun in shock to see him standing there, gazing at his mother lying on the bed.

“Tsyreim!” Cyrus shouted. “Are you mad?!”

“I need to take her, father! It's not a sickness that can be cured by medicine! She has to come with me.” Tsyreim quickly replied. “I don't have much time, I know there are guards and near everypony after me now, but her well-being is all that matters to me right now.” He rushe to Gem's side, she definitely looked worse than last night. Much worse.

The strange white-coated pony looked around frantically. “Th-That's the pony on the posters! Why is he calling you 'father' Cyrus? What is going on here?! Are you just going to let him take your wife?!”

Cyrus sighed and nodded. “Tsy, take her. I trust you know better what to do than either of us. I don't, nay, NEVER fully understood what the stories you two told me, but nevertheless I choose to believe.”

Lifting Gem gently with his magic, Tsyreim looked toward the door, hearing the pounding of hooves growing closer. “Are you not coming?”

Cyrus swallowed. “No. No I am not. I won't stand for this nonsense about you being a criminal, I know you better than anyone in this town. And, Celestia willing, I can explain to her that you are not a bad pony.”

“Father please... Don't take that risk.” Tsyreim begged him. “I don't want to risk losing you too...”

Cyrus stomped his hoof. “Enough! Go now!”

Tsyreim blinked back a tear and ran out to the porch, carrying Gem with him. Taking a look back he spoke and lifted his leg, energy gathering and forming a crystal plate the size of his hoof, the same emblem as his cutie mark emblazoned upon it. Tossing it to his father, he nodded.

Looking outside, he saw Pegasus Guards closing in on him, and the door burst in, multiple other guards rushing into the room. “Halt! By order of Celestia, you are under arrest!”

Tsyreim lifted his head and snarled. “I am NOT the criminal your princess thinks I am. And I am NOT going with you.” With that, he threw his hooves down and shouted. “Imenr, Resenalr!”

Arcane circles spun around him for a split second before he vanished in a flash of light. The guards immediately began searching around. “Where is he?! He couldn't have gone far!”

Cyrus chuckled. “You won't catch him, don't even try. Even now, he's gone further than any of you could hope to teleport in a single spell.”

The remaining guards surrounded him. “You knew that pony?”

Cyrus nodded, looking down at the crystal medallion Tsyreim left him. “Knew, mysterious, but innocent. Take me instead to Celestia. I only pray she will listen to my reason.”

Even as the father was being escorted away, his fugitive son gasped and slipped through the forest. Using the higher leveled spell sealed his escape, but took a good bit of energy. He didn't dare stop for breath however, he had to keep moving, feeling his mother's faint heartbeat against his back fueled his drive forward.

He had to take another glance back, more tears rolled down his face as he contemplated what his father might possibly go through in the days to come. He whispered a small plea to Celestia to have reason with Cyrus, and not make any unusually rash decisions.

Dusk had set in as Tsyreim traveled, taking every opportunity to speed up travel with spells when he regained the energy. And by nightfall he finally arrived back at the cave, Speil was quick to greet him.

“Make haste Tsyreim!” He spoke. “I can sense her life, but it is indeed faint, I'm afraid it may be too late already.”

“Don't say that!” Tsyreim yelled. “It's not too late! It can't be! Father will not have given himself up for loss!”

“What happened to your father?” Speil inquired. “Was he harmed?”

“...I pray not.” Tsyreim swallowed, rushing into the cave and the large crystal in the floor he used to play on. Setting Gem upon it carefully, he stood back. “Is there any way to help speed up her recovery?”

His request was met with silence. He asked again. “Speil! How can we speed up her recovery?”

Silence again, and Tsyreim was about to shout out once more till Speil finally responded. “We can't. It's too far gone.”

Tsyreim collapsed to the floor. “SO THIS WAS ALL FOR NOTHING?!” Tears ran down his face, beading up in the dust on the stony floor.

“There is one other thing we may be able to do.” Speil added. “But I cannot guarantee it will work. The only thing I can guarantee, is that it is the only option we have left, other than letting this affliction run it's course.”

“Then speak!” Tsyreim stood up. “What is this other option?”

“Take her to the Altar Chamber.” Speil simply said. “We have no time to waste.”

Tsyreim quickly lifted Gem up and carried her telekinetically as he galloped across the stone bridge again, entering the temple. His legs burned as he ran across the hall, but he didn't notice. Reaching the center of the large cylindrical chamber, he looked around. “Now what?”

“Place her in the center of the crest.” Speil commanded.

Tsyreim looked on the floor and set Gem down carefully in the center circle of the engraved crest. “And now? What are we even doing?”

“If what you are about to do works, then your mother shall be as I am.” Speil simply said. “An ethereal power bound to this temple. So do this only if that is what you wish.”

Tsyreim paused and looked down at his mother's unconscious body. He suddenly had a hard time imagining what it is that she would want. Would she rather leave, or stay eternally?

“Make your decision, Tsyreim. We do not have time to dawdle.”

Closing his eyes, Tsyreim sighed. “Tell me what to do, I cannot live here alone without her...”

Speil immediately began instructing the unicorn in what to do. Tsyreim conjured six crystals, placing them in the six other circles of the emblem. Then standing a bit further away, he crouched down and Speil told him the rite to incite.

Repeating it to himself several times, Tsyreim took a breath and stood up, closing his eyes and concentrating. He exhaled and began to speak.

“...Py jy lure, U hajjebm rvuf jagris'f faos ra ujjalrisury, ra felge if parv qeenel ibm doume ra rve nlarehruab at rve Pifusuhi at Viljaby...”

(“...By my rite, I commend this mortal's soul to immortality, to serve as both keeper and guide to the protection of the Basilica of Harmony...”)

The engravings along the floor lit up around the crystals, all traveling till they reached the center circle where Gem lay. She began to rise into the air slowly, and the six crystals following suit.

Tsyreim stood back and stared as the crystals grew close to her, each changing to a separate color and gyrating around her body, which began to glow itself.

Energy began to flow around her, and out of her. The crystals gyrating around her absorbed it, the energy streams growing, Gem's body glowing brighter, till Tsyreim had to shield his eyes. The chamber was filled with the whooshing sound of unbound energy being pulled into the crystals.

The light began to dim enough that Tsyreim could look again, only now his mother was nowhere to be seen, only the six crystals gyrated, each glowing brightly. Then they too exploded all at once, the energy from each mingling and flowing throughout the air in the chamber.

The sound died down and the chamber faded back to the dull light that it normally had as the energy dissipated into the walls, floor and ceiling.

Tsyreim walked forward and looked around. “Is she...?”

Speil spoke. “Quiet now, she is resting.”

“So... It, it worked?” Tsyreim held his breath.

“Indeed it did Tsyreim, indeed it did. And not a moment too soon.”

Tsyreim breathed a heavy sigh of relief and sat back. “I can't believe it. Everything seems so surreal right now, so much has happened today...”

“Go now, rest. You need it.” Speil told him.

Tsyreim stumbled back to his bed and fell in it, once again taking not but moments to fall asleep.

His dreams were calm, but still frustrating. He felt restless even in his rest, floating in a void of uncertainty. When suddenly it seemed everything grew light, and he heard a voice. A sweet, warm voice. It grew closer, and that's when he recognized it.

“Mother...?” He mumbled.

“Why are you so frustrated?” She spoke, starting to materialize in his mind.

“I am worried...” Tsyreim mumbled, tossing in his bed.

“Don't be.” Gem said again, now much clearer, her wings outspread as she flew closer to him. Tsyreim gazed into her eyes, no longer were they foggy and unseeing. But they looked straight at him, into him.

“Mother, can you see?” He asked, instinctively stretching out his legs toward her.

Her mouth curved into a warm smile. “Yes Tsy... I can, thanks to you.” She floated into his arms and wrapped her wings about him, kissing his forehead.

Tsyreim instantly stopped turning in his bed, letting out a sigh and smiling. “I am glad mother... I am glad...”

The following days were much more peaceful, but uncertain and edgy still with the unknowing about what had become of Cyrus. Tsyreim everyday would travel back to Saddleburg and check his father's house. It had, for the most part, been cleaned out. No doubt by order of Celestia to search for anything related to Tsyreim.

This was not a calming turn of events, and Tsyreim, no matter how happy he was that Gem was saved, could not keep from blaming himself for what had happened to his father.

And try as he might, he could not find any news about the subject either. Even going so far as to temporarily detain a royal guard and drill him with questions while he had time. No doubt that didn't help his standing with the royalty, but he was desperate.

Gem finally had to reason with Tsyreim to stop after Celestia officially moved the Royal Palace much further away to the mountainside settlement of Canterlot. Telling him that this was wearing him down, and would not help either him or his father if he continued to pursue information as a criminal would.

Regardless, even after Tsyreim finally did cease his crazed search, he would return to the abandoned Royal Palace in the Everfree Forest and sit in the throne room, just thinking and staring at the stars.

Years passed, and the palace slowly began to fall into ruin. Tsyreim never did fully return to normal pony society again, except for the annual Summer Sun Celebration. Which was the anniversary of Princess Luna's banishment.

After Tsyreim's dealings with Celestia, he felt more akin to the Lunar Princess than the Sun Princess. And every year during the Summer Sun Celebration, he would send the strongest spell of peace that he could toward the moon when he arrived back home. A token of kindness that he doubted the Lunar princess could feel, but it made him feel better regardless.

The rest of Tsyreim's time was spent honing his skills, and carving out the stone of his home and rooms with painstaking detail to pass the time, creating rooms that were masterpieces of artwork covering floor to ceiling. Chairs, tables and beds too.

He would always reserve time for spending simply with conversation with both his mother and Speil. The only two 'beings' which he dared interact with anymore.

But even as time runs it's course, the most mundane existence is still destined to change. And so Tsyreim's inevitably would...