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An In-depth Study of the Origins of the Changeling Race - Crystal Static

'Changelings, how did they come to be?' That is the question that the Element of Magic is trying to answer.

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Chapter 5: Historical Significance, Part Two

Historical Significance, Part Two

Week fifteen: Day one.

Sharp and I went out on our date, We went to this fancy French restaurant. We bought a bottle of fine chardonneigh, and we had an amazing and romantic evening. Upon returning to the hive, I went down to the hatchery and inspected some of the eggs, I actually took one of them to see what would result if I fed love into it even though it was not borne of me. I may have a new young princess to look after if it is no different from when I laid the egg.

Week fifteen: Day seven.

The egg I have fed hatched. The nymph appears to be a drone, but with a stronger physical build. I am going to raise it like a son, as I have taken care of it thus far. I am going to name him Taraxaci. If he has any intelligence like my daughters, he will make a fine second commander for my forces. I have also begun contemplating on removing the restriction on feeding the egg clutches, I will have to see how Taraxaci develops mentally first though.

Week twenty: Day five.

Taraxaci is an intelligent changeling, and he has shown great initiative in development of the hive. I have removed the restrictions on feeding egg clutches, and the Breeder Caste is asking for donations of emotive crystals from the rest of the hive. I have decided to put an enchantment on this journal, so only a changeling 'Royal' or a Pony of the Lulamoon bloodline will be able to read what is within. I also made it so the outward appearance of this tome is different, in case this ends up in some library somewhere many years after I am gone from this world.

Week fifty: Day four.

I am allowing my daughters to leave the hive to start their own hives, I trust them to make the right choices in life, but I do want them to keep in touch and visit every so often. The only one I am worried about is Chrysalis, she is quite angry sometimes, and I only hope her hive isn't subjected to abuse and brutality from her. Me and Sharp are going to wed, we have the whole thing planned out, I abducted a wedding planner, and explained how me and sharp are wanting to get married, but since the world is not ready for our true forms, we couldn't just go out and say it. I paid him handsomely to wed us, about seven times what he would usually charge for a noble wedding in Equestrian bits. Our wedding date is six weeks away. I have invited my parents, it was quite interesting for them to learn that I hadn't died like they thought, and that I am the founder of my own race, they did promise to be at my wedding and to keep quiet about this whole thing. I also introduced them to Sharp, they were delighted to meet my fiance. They were a bit shocked when they saw our true forms, and they had some questions about Sharp, which I explained how we met and how he came to be a changeling.

Week fifty: Day seven.

Sharp and I went to visit his parents and tell them that their son was getting married, they were utterly shocked at first, but they came around to it like my parents did. They were upset about me abducting him all those months ago, but they are also thrilled that he is not only alive but getting married. They were frightened at our true forms, but they accepted it after some explanation, they will also be attending the wedding.

Week fifty-six: Day one.

Me and Sharp Edge are married! The reception was great, our parents were a tad unnerved at the sight of the hive, but were still open and accepting to it, they also understand that they cannot share the location of our hive with anypony.

Week seventy-two: Day four.

I just gave birth to my husband's first child with me. We named him Bright Wing, and he appears similar in build to Taraxaci when he was hatched, although Bright has more of his parent's features. He is the spitting image of his father, but he has my eyes and mane.

I wish all news could be good though, Chrysalis tried to start her hive, but they were discovered and destroyed, she managed to save three drones and herself, so it wasn't a complete loss. Her loss has left her angry and depressed, she had lost forty drones that day. Her three drones have become her personal servants, and she is living at my hive in her old quarters. She is as abrasive as ever, and I fear she may try to get revenge on the ponies who found her hive. I have informed my other daughters of the news, and they will be working to make sure their hives are secure. They are going to come and visit us after they shore up their borders, and I anticipate their arrival.

Week one-hundred-forty-eight: Day three.

Chrysalis has left to start a hive again, she is going to go into the badlands near the southern edge of Equestria. She has plans for an underground hive, and she has trained some of her drones in architecture and construction. She left with fifty drones that she laid and cared for herself. I donated several emotive crystals for her to feed her eggs with, and she has quite the force with her. I only hope she doesn't try to get revenge for her last hive on the way to her new one.

Week two-hundred-sixty-seven: Day six.

My hive is stable, my husband is doing well, Taraxaci is doing a good job at running the military, and Bright Wings is running several social programs to make sure the hive is fit for living. The military is strong, we have over ten thousand hive members, and we have a very well built up infrastructure. I have put regulations on breeding now, as we are starting to run out of room in our hive. Not too long ago, Bright has started a form of currency for the hive, as well as an organization that watches the currency rates and all of that other financial stuff. We have developed quite a bit in our short time here, but we are thriving. Our hive rivals Equestria in regards of how well developed we are. My Daughters are doing quite well, they have their hives set up and are not very far behind mine in terms of development. Chrysalis has me a little worried, as she is spending a lot of time and resources on her military. All of our hives use the currency system that my hive developed, and my hive is considered the capital of the changeling race.

I am going to be putting this in the archives where they put my old journal soon, and this will probably be my last entry in this one. If whomever is reading this is a Lulamoon, I grant you permission to share this information with whomever you wish, just make sure whomever you tell will not be a threat to my race.


"Well that was interesting, wouldn't you say Trixie?"

"Well yeah, obviously. I just had no idea the changelings were so… normal?"

"I don't believe anypony could have expected the changelings to be like that, although I am starting to understand why Chrysalis didn't seek out peace with us instead of invading."

"Yeah, after losing her first hive, she must really have been torn up about it. She was essentially the mother to fifty changelings, and they were all murdered by ponies. I can see why she wouldn't trust us."

"I had an idea! We should try to contact the other changeling queens and offer peace with them! We should also try to find Chrysalis and offer help with her hive. We will have to show them this though, and we will have to inform the princesses as well, but I think that could work."

"Lets first see what Princess Celestia and Princess Luna think about your idea first. I would support it, and I think it is a great idea."


"Princess Celestia! We have learned quite a lot in our research."

"Thats good Twilight, would you share with me what you have learned?"

"Well, we found out that the changeling race started with Hyacinthus Lulamoon, who changed her name to Monarch, and she started the first hive in the ruins of the 'Flutter Pony' capital. She had five daughters, including Chrysalis, and they all have hives surrounding Equestria. It turns out Chrysalis was a bit of a problem child, and she lost her first hive to an attack from ponies when she was a young queen. Chrysalis' second hive was in the Badlands, and I can only assume that it is still there. The other queens whereabouts are unknown, but it seems that Chrysalis was the only one with animosity towards ponies, and in fact, Queen Monarch's husband Sharp Edge was a pony turned changeling."

"That is a lot to take in, but not too terribly surprising. I did have my suspicions as to how they came about, but I left it up to you to find the truth. As for the different changeling hives, what would you recommend us do?"

"Well, I would try to locate the Monarch Hive, and extend an olive branch to them, we would need to have the journal we found with us though, just to say that we know about them. The queen of the Monarch Hive could then help us contact the other hives to extent an offer for peace as well. As for Hive Chrysalis, I think we should find Queen Chrysalis and offer her truce and aid for her hive, as it appears that her invasion was an act of desperation."

"I will share this information as well as your suggestion with Luna, and we will decide what to do from there. Thank you Twilight, and pass my regards to Trixie as well."

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