• Published 25th Jan 2014
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An In-depth Study of the Origins of the Changeling Race - Crystal Static

'Changelings, how did they come to be?' That is the question that the Element of Magic is trying to answer.

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Chapter 7: Diplomatic Relations

Diplomatic Relations

Upon entry to the throne room of Hive Monarch, the trio approached the throne and bowed in front of the queen.

"Rise, and tell me why you have so foolishly entered my hive!"

"We cometh to thy throne as envoys for Equestria, hoping to instigate diplomatic relations with Hive Monarch."

"Rise, I want to see the faces of those who wish to begin diplomatic negotiations."

"We art Princess Luna of Equestria, The Night Raiser, The Moon, The Star Bringer."

"I am Twilight Sparkle, Element of Magic, Protege of Princess Celestia of Equestria."

"I am Trixie Lulamoon, Illusionist, Showmare."

"Ah, a Lulamoon, you do bear a striking resemblance to StarSwirl. Let us proceed to the meeting room to begin negotiation."

The trio and the Queen disembark from the throne room and start towards the meeting room.

"Well, I haven't met a Princess of Equestria in many a millennia, it has been similarly long since I have met a fellow Lulamoon. I do enjoy meeting relatives. And the Element of Magic, I haven't entertained that title before, although I am well aware of your actions with the defeat of Discord, as well as freeing our dear Moon from the Nightmare. I must say, it is a pleasure to meet all of you."

"Trixie is just glad that you didn't just throw us in cocoons like Chrysalis did to Princess Celestia."

"Yes, I am incredibly sorry for my daughter's actions, I just hope you understand her reasons as to why she did what she did. She always was a bit hot headed when it came to ponies."

"Thou art not responsible for thy daughter's actions, Chrysalis chose to attack, and we doth think that thou could have reasoned with her."

"Its a shame really, after her first hive failed, she had grown bitter. I should have done more to make sure she wouldn't do anything rash."

"Queen Monarch, we found your old journals, and some research from StarSwirl; we have brought them in case you wanted to see them."

"I would very much like to see what you have brought, but I'm afraid we must wait until after negotiations. Twilight, Trixie, I have asked my son Taraxaci to assign a guard to escort you, if you need anything while my sons and I negotiate with The Moon, they will do everything in their power to make your stay comfortable."

Luna and Monarch enter the meeting room, leaving Trixie and Twilight with their escorts. They are lead to the Royal Gardens to wait for negotiations to finish.


The Moon and the queen enter the meeting room, Taraxaci and Bright Wings are waiting at a table, as well as a scribe.

"So, Moon, shall we begin?"

"We hath only a few terms that we doth ask, as well as a request from thou."

"What is your request Moon?"

"We asketh for the locations of thine daughters' hives, so that we can treatise with thine entire race, save Hive Chrysalis."

"I see… Very well, I will have Taraxaci give you the hive locations after negotiations. What were your desired terms for this treaty?"

"We simply ask that any changelings of thine hive will remain undisguised when treading Equestrian soil, and we desire the trade of thy goods between Equestria and Hive Monarch."

"I will not risk my children by forcing them to release their disguises in Equestria, do you know what you are asking of us?"

"Yes, we doth knowth what we ask. You misunderstand, we wouldn't simply have your children risk harm by exposing themselves, we would start by publicly declaring peace with Hive Monarch, and request all Monarch Changelings in Equestria drop their disguises. We would giveth them a three week grace period to smooth things over with their relations. And we would offer Equestrian Citizenship if they do so desire."

"I see, your term seems appropriate, although how would we prevent racial tensions because of that stunt my daughter did?"

"We would arrange for you to deliver a speech to the citizens of Equestria, where you would explain that Hive Chrysalis is not what thine race strives towards. We would also Decree that thy kin to be protected by the same laws that protect Equestrian citizens. Although we would have to decree restrictions on how thine kin feed off the emotions of my subjects."

"Ahh, very well, we will accept that term as long as you make the grace period six weeks. Some of my children need time to reveal themselves without creating unintended issues. I do have some of my children embedded in your Royal Guards, what will become of them?"

"If what thou sayeth true, thine children will be permitted to remain in the Royal Guard, without losing their rank, as long as they are not taking the place of other guardsponies. If they hath been impersonating guardsponies, they will have one week from our initial decrees to release those that they hath impersonated without charges and they will have the option to re-enlist if they so desire it."

"Very well, we accept those terms as well. My children have only ever been allowed to create their disguises, any of my children caught impersonating other ponies are tried and executed in our court system. We should not have a problem with impersonation."

Queen Monarch turns to the scribe. - "Take what you have recorded, and write up a written agreement that the Moon and I will sign."

"Wouldst thou desire to begin trade negotiations?"

"I think we have had enough negotiations for today, we will resume tomorrow. I will arrange a feast for dinner tonight, I will have my servants fetch you and your escorts when the dinner is ready."

"We thank thou Queen Monarch for thy hospitality, we see great relations with thine hive in the future."


After entering the Royal Gardens, Trixie and Twilight gasp in awe at the flora that is on display. They promptly decide to explore the arrangements of exotic flowers that are not native to Equestria.

"So Trixie, I have been meaning to ask, how do you feel about all of this? It must be overwhelming to learn that what seems to be a generally strong and noble race originated from your bloodline."

"It is overwhelming, but I think it is fitting in a way. The Lulamoons have rarely been respected by others, I am not surprised that StarSwirl never showed his heritage as a Lulamoon on his works. I am just glad to see that my family line has amounted to more than just StarSwirl and a bunch of showmares."

"So you consider the changelings family because of what you learned?"

"I do, if I were to reject them because of their race, I would be no better than the arrogant showmare that boasted over lies that I once was."

"Yeah, if I were in your position, I would probably feel the same way about all of this. Enough of this talk, lets just admire the flowers and stop being so dull."

"For once, I agree with you Twi'. Look at this, we are looking at a flower that I don't even know the name for. It smells divine, and it is beautiful."

"That is a Greater Golden Honeytrap, it is one of many carnivorous plants that are native to the surrounding area. It uses it's scent and colour to attract insects that get trapped in the sticky 'honey' that it produces."

"So it is like bucking in your parent's house? A beautiful thing that can be hazardous to your health."

"Hahaha, that is funny Trixie, but at the same time, why would you even think of something like that?!"

"Sorry Twi'. Just give me a moment to get my mind out of the gutter and my eyes off your flank."

"Trixie? When were you looking at my flank, It's not too big is it?"

"I wasn't! And if you must know, your flank is perfectly shaped. I generally swing for stallions, but if I was a fillyfooler, you wouldn't be able to keep me off of you."

"Oh… Well, thanks for the compliment? If it makes you feel any better, I was kinda checking out your flank a bit too…"

"Trixie thinks that we must be a couple of perverts, checking out each other's flanks... Hahaha…"

"Yeah… Hahaha…"

The Changeling Escort lets out a cough to interrupt. - "Oh for Hive's sake, would you two just confess your feelings and buck already? This emotional tension is giving me a migraine."

Author's Note:

Another chapter cobbled together. The dialogue between Trixie and Twilight was a tad overdone, but hopefully it wasn't too bad or trashy.