An In-depth Study of the Origins of the Changeling Race

by Crystal Static

First published

'Changelings, how did they come to be?' That is the question that the Element of Magic is trying to answer.

'Changelings, how did they come to be?' That is the question that the Element of Magic is trying to answer. Tasked with an important project involving the Changeling race, Twilight Sparkle must delve deep into the Royal Archives of Canterlot. What she finds will be surprising.

Takes place mid season 3, post-Crystal Empire, pre-Magic Duel.

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Chapter 1: The Assignment

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The Assignment

Dear Twilight Sparkle,

In light of the recent events during the Royal Wedding, I am tasking you to research the origins of the Changeling Race. Enclosed in this letter are two tickets to Canterlot for you and Spike, When you arrive I will grant you access to the restricted section of the Canterlot Archives, where you will begin your task.

The Solar Diarch of Equestria,

Princess Celestia


Twilight Sparkle sighed as she re-read the letter from the Princess. ‘I wonder why the Princess wants to learn how those insects came to be, I mean who in their right mind would even consider those bugs to even remotely qualify as a race, they steal love for Celestia’s sake!’

‘But who are you to argue the Princess’ desire to learn more about Changelings? And I thought you would enjoy a good research project.’

‘But those things brainwashed my brother and replaced Cadence!’

‘Are you seriously going to let personal prejudice interfere with a good study session?’

‘Yes! ...I mean no! …Maybe? Actually, why am I even arguing with myself? I know I am going to have to do this project anyways, so I may as well make the best of it, regardless of how I feel about the subject matter.’

“You okay there Twi’?”

“Yes Spike, I just had a small little argument with myself over this new assignment, but then I realized how silly my argument was.”

“Whatever you say Twi’, just remember that you can’t live off of reading, and no trying to invent a spell that will let you do that.”

“Pshh, living off of reading, I am definitely not going to try that again.”

"Whatever you say Twi', whatever you say…"


Not long after arriving at Canterlot and being escorted by an unsurprisingly indifferent Royal Guard to the castle, Twilight and Spike are greeted by Princess Celestia and head towards the Royal Archives.

"Princess, can you explain why you want me to research the Changeling menace?"

"Twilight, just because changelings are shapeshifters that feed on emotion doesn't make them a 'menace'," - Celestia pauses to chuckle - "I can name several nobles that are more 'menacing' than a changeling."

"How can you think that they are not monsters, they have fangs and feed on love for Celestia sakes- OhI'mSorryPrincess! PleaseDon'tBanishMe?!"

Celestia starts to laugh.

"Oh Twilight…" - Celestia looks at the unicorn cowering in fear - "For... well… erm… me... sakes, how could you of all ponies think that I would banish somepony for saying my name, even if it was used in such a way?"

"Sorry Princess, I guess I just tend to overreact when I am afraid I made you upset."

"That is silly, but back to the original conversation, I want to know more about changelings because they were obviously not as they are now, and I would like to see if there is any way to, for lack of a better term, remind them of what they once were, and maybe even bring peace with them."

"But Princess, what if… well… um… I actually can't think of a reason to argue when you put it like that…"

"Oh Twilight, I miss having you around, these conversations are always so… enjoyable. Maybe we could arrange a weekly meeting where we get together for tea or something. I seem to recall that Rarity and Fluttershy go to the spa every week, maybe we could do something like that?"

"Um… I think I would like that very much Princess, but aren't you busy with the Royal Court and all of your other duties?"

"If Lulu can go out in disguise and party every tuesday night, I think I can spare a few hours each week to visit you. And please, when it is just us and our friends, call me 'Celestia' or 'Tia', as Lulu likes to call me."

"Okay then Pri- I mean… err… uh... Tia?"


Celestia and Twilight arrive at the Royal Archives. The princess informs the guard that Twilight is granted full access to the restricted section and StarSwirl wing, as well as any other section she might need to access.

After what seemed like hours of digging, the lavender unicorn finds an obscure reference to a journal written by StarSwirl the Bearded in a section of a book that speculates the feeding habits of changelings. After locating said journal, Twilight dives in…

I actually discovered one! Posing as a librarian's assistant in the lower districts. It was surprising really, I happened to see the library when I was taking a stroll, and I decided to go in and see if they had anything that might be of use in my research. Upon entering said library, I was greeted by a dark grey unicorn with a bright green mane and tail. Her eyes were a brilliant emerald, and when she saw me, I could swear to Celestia's sweet fetlocks that her eyes literally grew wider than dinner plates. I asked her if she had anything about naturally occurring transformation magics, particularly latent magical divergence transformation. Her reaction was, how should I say, fearful, as only one species can harness that kind of magics.

I immediately cast an magi-energy buffer spell on her, to prevent her from casting anything to try and get away from me. After she tried, and failed, to teleport away I simply told her "There is only one race that would react as you did to my question, and I want you to know, I mean you and your species no harm". She immediately calmed down and dropped her disguise.

"Was my disguise that transparent to you, oh great StarSwirl Lulamoon? I hope you know, even though your family is all but royalty in my culture, I am still quite upset that you exposed me; now I have to return to the hive for reassignment."

"Do not fret, I will not disclose your secret with anypony, you have my word as Archmage of Canterlot."

"You are willing to withhold information from your Princess about my identity?"

"Yes ma'am, you may be of a different race that is feared by many, but I am a stallion of honour, and will not go back on my word unless absolutely necessary, and even then, I will hesitate as long as I possibly can."

"Thank you oh wise one, but I must ask, why are you trying to find information about my species?"

"Well you see, miss… uh… may I simply call you 'Miss Masque', as to not disclose any information about you in my journal. As I was saying, I am trying to discover why your race feeds as they do. The subject has been full of speculation and outlandish theories, and I simply want to set the record straight. After all, each of your species does share some blood with my ancestors."

"I will permit you to call me 'Miss Masque', as it seems to be only fitting, a race that hides behind the mask of others to survive in plain sight. And I find it noble of you to clear the air of the horribly inaccurate yarns that your colleagues are spinning. And from one Lulamoon to another, I think it is only fitting that our family should look out for one another."

"Hey Twi', you have been re-reading that same passage for the last two hours, is everything okay?"

"Sorry Spike, I was simply shocked, by several things actually…"

"I don't even want to think about what it is that shocked you, when that nasty changeling queen revealed itself, you were not even a little surprised."

"Well, I have been reading this journal written by a StarSwirl Lulamoon, who was apparently the Archmage of Canterlot. The only 'StarSwirl' I know of who was the Archmage is StarSwirl the Bearded, but how can somepony so influential to the world of magics be related to Trixie?"

"Is that it? That isn't too surprising. I mean look at their fashion sense, their outfits were practically identical."

"You think that is the most shocking part? Wait until you hear this. Apparently the changelings originated from an ancient ancestor of the Lulamoon family, and consider said family to almost be considered royalty."

"Whoa! So you say the changelings are related to Trixie?"

"Yes Spike, but the question is, should we have Trixie assist with this project?"

"What? How is that the question?

"How would you like it if somepony you knew of was delving into your ancestry without your knowledge, and didn't tell you that they found something shocking?"

"I see your point, but do we really have to get her involved in this?"

"Yes Spike! It is the right thing to do, no matter how much we dislike her."

"Okay then…"

Chapter 2: Familial Ties

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Familial Ties

Shortly after her discoveries, Twilight finds herself knocking on the door to Celestia's private quarters.

"Hello there my faithful student"

"Can I come in Princess? This is important."

"I thought I told you that you did not need to use my title, although I am curious as to why you would come to my quarters at this late hour"

"I found a lead on the project you have me working on."

"Is that all? I am sure that you could have waited until the morning to update me on your progress."

"Yeah… About that… I need you to send a royal summons to one Trixie Lulamoon, otherwise I am not going to be able to make any more progress in this project."

"Oh? Care to elaborate on why you need her?"

"I cannot tell you until I have her permission, it is something sensitive that directly pertains to her. I wish I could share, but it is not my place to decide who should know."

"Very well Twilight, in the morning, after I raise the sun, I will personally go to deliver your summons and retrieve her."

"Thank you Princess, I wish I could explain more, but I cannot."

"Its okay Twilight, I am pretty sure this has something to do with a certain bearded unicorn that we are both familiar with, although I do not see how that is relevant to changelings."

"Err… Yeah… Well… I am just going to let you get back to sleeping… See you tomorrow… Tia."


Asleep in her trailer, The Great and Powerful Trixie is dreaming of that one fateful night in Ponyville. Tossing and turning, she awakens with a loud scream, just before Celestia knocks on the door. Hearing the scream, Celestia forcibly enters the trailer.

"Are you okay?!"

"Yes, I am fine, just a tad groggy."

"Well I am glad you are alright, although I am curious as to why you were screaming."

"Just a nightmare…" - Trixie turns over and sees who she is talking to - "AHHHHHHH! P-P-Princess C-C-Celestia? W-What a-are you doing here?"

"I am here to deliver a Royal Summons to one Trixie Lulamoon, you are needed for something of vital importance to Equestria."

"W-W-What? You need me to save Equestria?"

"No, not to save it, but my student has been researching the origins of the changelings, and has discovered something quite interesting. She wouldn't say what it is, but she absolutely refused to disclose any information without your presence. Pack whatever you need for a stay at Canterlot Castle, I will be waiting outside until you are ready to go."

Celestia then leaves the trailer to wait for Trixie to pack, then the duo teleport to the throne room of Canterlot Castle.


After arriving, Trixie is taken to a private room to meet Twilight. The Princess agrees to wait outside until they are finished.

"Twilight Sparkle! Why have you brought The Great and Powerful Trixie all the way to Canterlot against her will?!"

"Trixie, this is entirely for your benefit. I could have simply told the Princess that not only was StarSwirl the Bearded was one of your direct ancestors, but the Lulamoon family has direct ties to the origins of the changeling race. The only reason why I haven't told her yet is because it is your place to tell. She already knows about StarSwirl, but she is completely unaware of the ties to the changelings."

"What?! Trixie is a direct descendant of the StarSwirl the Bearded?"

"Yes, but that is not the important thing here, although the fact that you didn't already know you were a blood descendant of StarSwirl Lulamoon is surprising."

"Wait a second! How does Trixie know that you are not lying?"

"If you must know, I read it in one of StarSwirl's personal journals, in a small chapter where he was investigating the feeding habits of Changelings."

"Oh, that doesn't explain how Trixie's family is connected to the changelings though."

"I am aware. I am not sure how exactly, but one of your ancestors was probably the first changeling to exist, I need you to help with research. We need to figure out how and why one of your family was changed."

"Very well, although Trixie does not desire to work with you, she will. Trixie is a tad curious as to how my bloodline and the changelings are related."

"I also would like your permission to disclose anything we find to Princess Celestia."

"Hmmm… Trixie will allow you to tell the Princess, it is for the safety of Equestria after all."

"Okay then." - Twilight opens the door to the private room - "Princess, Trixie has agreed to help with the research on the origins of the Changelings, and she has granted you access to all information we may find."

"Thank you Twilight, now can you explain how Miss Lulamoon is relevant to the changelings?"

"Well… I found a chapter in an old StarSwirl journal in the archives, where he apparently met a changeling in the lower districts of Canterlot when looking for information on how changelings feed. He wrote down bits of the conversation he had with said changeling, where she treated StarSwirl like royalty. Later on in the chapter, I discovered that the changelings are part of the Lulamoon bloodline. From what I gathered reading the passage, I think it is safe to say that the first changeling was originally an ancient unicorn of the Lulamoon family."

"That is indeed surprising, and I understand why you would be hesitant to share that information with me without the prior approval of Miss Lulamoon here. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go deal with some foolish nobles in the day court, good luck with your research."


After the meeting with Celestia, Twilight and Trixie enter the Royal Archives to continue researching the changelings.

"Is everything alright Trixie?"

"No, Trixie is not alright."

"Would you like to talk about it?"

"Ha! Why would the Great and Powerful Trixie want to talk about her issues with somepony like you?" - Trixie attempts to hide the tears she is threatening to shed.

"Its okay Trixie, you can talk to me. I know we have had our differences in the past, but I am willing to overlook that if you need somepony to talk to or a shoulder to cry on."

"I am sorry Twilight, it is just that for so long I have been angry. At first I thought I was angry at you for running off that ursa when I couldn't, but then I realized that I wasn't angry at you, but at myself."

"Trixie, you do not have to be angry at anypony… Also, you stopped referring to yourself in the third pony."

"After the events of that one night, I haven't had a single good night's sleep from the nightmares. At first they were just me losing to the ursa, not just like being unable to stop it, where I was actively being eaten or mauled or crushed by it. And then later on the nightmares turned into me being a terrible pony for the things I have done, where you and Celestia start a ponyhunt for me and my actions."

"I think I understand Trixie, but why would anypony try to start a ponyhunt for you because of some bad judgment calls and a few mistakes? And if it will make you feel any better, I do not think any less of you for what happened. And if we can get over the past, I would even be willing to consider you a friend."

"Thank you Twilight, I would be honored to make amends with you, and hopefully one day I will be able to call you my friend. As for the referring to myself in the third-pony, it was just a defense mechanism that I used to help get over stage fright; eventually, I just started doing it all the time because it helped me cope with the negativity that I received from other ponies."

Chapter 3: The Initial Changes

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The Initial Changes

In the Royal Archives, Trixie and Twilight are continuing their research. After reading more of the journal, Twilight finds and interesting reference to a 'Hyacinthus Lulamoon'.

"Trixie, can you go into some of your familial records for a specific name? I think I may have found something"

"Trix-I mean- I can look, just give me a second to finish this section."

"Okay, but hurry up, I am pretty sure that I found the name of the original changeling queen before she was a changeling."

"Okay, who is this mystery ancestor of mine? I just hope it isn't another false lead."

"Hyacinthus Lulamoon, and this name was in the StarSwirl Journal itself, so I am pretty sure it is not a dead end."

"Hmmm… It says here that Hyacinthus Lulamoon was a potions master, who used a lot of controversial techniques in potion making. She died in an accident involving an explosion. The report says that there was dark magic energies at the scene of the blast."

"Is there any reports on what she was doing during the blast?"

"Apparently she was trying to create a potion that allows somepony to receive nourishment from ambient magical fields."

"If that is the case, it could help explain how changelings feed on emotions. Is there any source material for those reports?"

"Apparently they found a journal describing her experiments at the scene, they apparently put it in the potions section of the restricted wing."


After finding the journal, they immediately went to the last section with writing in it. Finding information that explained a great deal about how changelings came to be, they turned to the last chapter of the section…

The experiment worked, to a degree. My body was reduced to basic particles, but after a day, it was reconstructed into this new form. My appearance is shocking, but at the shock of seeing my new form in the mirror, I was engulfed in a burst of fire, and my appearance changed to look like what I was before. As to why this journal is currently where you have found it, I wanted to finalize my work here, then let the other enlightened minds discover what I have accomplished.

I am no longer 'Hyacinthus Lulamoon', as that was my pony name. From now on, I am Monarch. A fitting name, for one who appears insectoid in their natural form.

I have laid what appears to be a clutch of eggs, and I am hungry. I tried to eat normal pony food, but it wasn't sating my hunger. After leaving my house, I decided to take a short stroll in the nearby park, where I noticed something. I could see a faint aura around everypony. The aura was weakest around the ponies who were alone, and strongest around couples. I inferred that the aura was in fact a naturally occurring magical field, and that the field fluctuates and changes with emotions. When I walked close to a field, I could tell what emotions the pony was feeling. Positive emotions had a sweet 'taste', while negative emotions were bitter. I know you cannot actually 'taste' emotional fields, but it is easier to say 'taste' than 'experience a sensory reaction to contacting an emotional field'. And the sensory reaction has remarkable similarities to the sensory reactions your tongue has when you eat something.

After some discreet investigation, I discovered that, when near an emotional field, I could, for lack of a better term, 'will' the field to release energy into my body. After 'feeding' for a some time, the pony that was releasing the field started to feel weakened. I stopped 'feeding' when the pony developed a nosebleed. I need to experiment more with 'feeding', but I know that excessive 'feeding' can be detrimental to the health of the 'host'. I realize that there are moral implications with overfeeding, and I would rather not have to explain why a pony dropped into a coma just because he or she was standing near me.

The eggs started to hatch! The 'nymphs' are small, about the size of a cupcake, and almost like puppies. They follow me around and feed on the emotional field I generate. My emotional field has become noticeably stronger after I feed on ponies, and weaker when the 'nymphs' feed on me. As to why I am calling them 'nymphs', their insectoid appearance, and how they came to be, inspired me to research on bee hive structure and development.

It has been a few weeks, and the nymphs have grown noticeably larger; they are currently the size of pony foals after a year. They have started to develop personalities and can communicate with me and each other telepathically. They (attempt to) do everything I tell them to do, and they have a surprising amount of initiative to complete given tasks. When they are not tasked to do anything, they tend to act more like pony foals. They are able to change form, and they can perceive each other through the disguises. They learned how to fly and use basic magic quite easily, but after using magic, they need to feed. I have also noticed that the capacity of my magical strength depends on how much I have fed.

I have determined a name for my new race, we are Changelings, and I am Queen Monarch of the Monarch Hive.

This is my last report in this journal, after this is written, I will be returning it to the Royal Archives where I retrieved it after the experiment. I have laid another clutch of eggs, but I decided to attempt to feed them some of my emotion field. When this clutch hatched, the nymphs surprising differences in form from the previous clutch. These nymphs appear to be more like my figure, and they are remarkably more intelligent. I have determined that they are almost identical to my form, so I can only assume that they are going to be hive queens of their own one day. I have named each of them: Liris, Polistes, Vespidae, Chrysalis, and Analis. They have a higher capacity for magic than 'drones', and they are much more physically adept as well.

I can only hope that my new race will grow strong and be able to peacefully co-exist with the other races of the world.


"Well that explains a bit, but it also creates more questions. Princess Celestia will want to see this right away."

"Twilight, it is almost midnight, do you really want to wake up the Princess to show her what we found? I am sure it could wait until morning. Besides, I need a shower and a good night's sleep."

"Okay Trixie, I guess we can wait until morning. I guess I will go to bed, see you tomorrow."

"Goodnight Twilight."

"Goodnight Trixie."


'We sure hit the jackpot today, and I am surprised that Twilight is this nice. I would've thought she would have been mad about the whole ursa incident.'

'Well, she did say that she feels we could be friends someday.'

'Yeah, I guess she did. I wonder how her friends would react though?'

'Regardless of how they react, I am sure Twi' could keep them from running me out of town again.'

'I just hope that we don't get into an argument about something, I really don't think I would be able to kick her adorable face in if it escalated to trading blows.'

'Wait, did I just think that her face was adorable?'

'Yes, but you already knew that.'

'Why would I think that? It isn't like I find her attractive.'

'I don't know why you would think that. Although she does have a nice figure.'

'Gah! Why am I even arguing with myself over me thinking she is attractive. I mean she is cute, but seriously, I am not a fillyfooler.'

'That's not what I think, but then again, I am you, so hah!'

'Ugh… I am just going to take a shower and go to sleep now.'

'Take your time in the shower. You know what I mean.'

'I seriously considered facehooving at that thought, the only reason why I didn't was because it would hurt... and I am kinda tempted...'

Chapter 4: Historical Significance, Part One

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Historical Significance, Part One

The discovery of that second journal, written by Queen Monarch, was sheer luck on Trixie's part. If the enchantment on the tome was anything to go by, this journal is the big break everypony was looking for.


Week one: Day one.

I know that the world at this time cannot accept the existence of my race, and it is only a matter of time before somepony finds out about us, so I have decided to take my hive and go somewhere that we will not be disturbed by ponykind. I am not sure if we will find peace, or if we will one day be able to walk the streets of Equestria undisguised, but I am sure as tartarus that we will survive by any means necessary.

Week one: Day five.

I have located a suitable location for us to make our own. The ruins of the extinct 'flutter ponies', as they are called in the childrens tales, are surprisingly close to what we need. I have a hunch as to why, but I need to do some research first. My children love our new home, and I anticipate the day where we make it truly our own.

Liris and Analis have quite the potential as future queens when they finally go out into the world to make it for themselves. Polistes and Vespidae are becoming quite adept at magic, and show great potential to develop our race's magic. Chrysalis is something of a problem child, she is downright abusive to the local animal life, and she has strange fantasies of grandeur powers that, as long as I can help it, she will not have access to. I am not going to let her leave on her own until I am sure she will have the best interest of everypony in mind. I will not knowingly unleash a tyrant on this world.

Week two: Day seven.

I have discovered that my body can produce a waxy substance that, when mixed with soil or sand, forms a surprisingly durable construction material. My children have started working on making our home our own. I direct the drones through a telepathic link I accidentally discovered when I was thinking about how thirsty I was. I had three drones approach me with several bottles of water from our supplies, and I was quite surprised when they told me that they knew I needed something to drink. But back to the point, we have made a central tower in our 'hive' where my daughters and I live, the drones have a barracks near the spire, and we are slowly making our city whole. I have laid two more clutches of eggs, and we should have fourteen more drones soon. Polistes and Vespidae have devised a way to store emotive energy in crystals, and I have sent Liris and Analis to collect enough to feed me and the rest of our hive. Our race is coming along quite well in the first few weeks of it's existence.

Week five: Day three

We have come a long way, we have over seventy-five drones in our hive, the telepathic link me and my children share has strengthened, and we are training drones to collect emotive energies to feed our growing numbers. I have decided to call the telepathic link the 'hivemind', for lack of a better term. It is essentially a hivemind, several individuals sharing thoughts and feelings on a fundamental level, although it is not a true hivemind, as the members maintain their individuality. Me and my daughters are working on developing a social caste system to help our civilization to survive. I have, regretfully, abducted a lower ranking captain in the Equestrian Royal Guard to train some of our drones as soldiers. Said guardspony is also teaching me and my daughters basic combat skills so we can defend ourselves without magic if we need to.

Sharp Edge, the guardspony that I had abducted, was hesitant at first, but after I explained the situation as to why I did it, he decided that he would assist us. He is surprisingly open minded for a guardspony. He understands why I did what I did, and he insists that 'if you had only just explained the situation and asked me, I would have helped anyways', but I notice that he is always a tad on edge when he is around us in our natural forms. He seems the most at ease with me and my daughters. I have instructed him not to train Chrysalis as she is unstable and aggressive.

Week twelve: Day two.

I think I am falling for Sharp Edge, he is always so kind and compassionate to my daughters and drones, he is a natural leader and would be a great member to my hive, not to mention the fact that he is quite the stud of a stallion. The hive is coming along nicely. We currently have one hundred and sixty two drones in our hive. My daughters are doing quite well, Chrysalis is still a problem child, but my other daughters may be ready to start their own hives soon.

I am thinking of asking Sharp Edge if he would like to become part of my hive. I am not sure if he would agree to that, but at the same time, I would like him to stay.

Week twelve: Day seven.

I have asked Sharp if he would like to become my general, and join my hive. He told me that he would think about it and get back with me. Chrysalis is starting to behave a little bit better, I have been trying to teach her how to act. I have, on more than one occasion, threatened to forbid her from starting her own hive. We have about two hundred drones now, and a small number of drones are actually laying small clutches of eggs. I have given them a new caste, as 'breeders', it is their job to spawn more drones as we need them.

Week thirteen: Day six.

Sharp has accepted my offer, he is scared of the conversion process, but as long as I am there to make sure he is safe, he is calm. We started the conversion process about three hours ago, it is much more refined than how I came to be, and he doesn't have to experience his body vaporizing and re-forming. Today would be perfect, but one of my drones suffered an accident when out on patrol, and lost his life. We did find the manticore and take care of it though, and at least he wasn't eaten by the beast. I have met the other drones he is closely associated with, and I gave them my condolences. I was surprised to find that he did have a mate who was part of the worker caste, and they had their own child. I was unsure if my race could reproduce by live birth, but it seems that we are entirely capable of it. That is great news if Sharp and I ever start to become intimate with each other.

Week fourteen: Day two.

Sharp has completed the conversion process, and I am teaching him all I know about being a changeling. He is surprisingly adept at defensive magics, and he is shaping up to be a good general.

I asked him if he wanted to pursue a romantic relationship with me, and he said yes! We are going to go out on a date in three days time, in our pony forms. I am so excited about it. I am surprised that the hivemind hasn't picked up on my excitement.

Chapter 5: Historical Significance, Part Two

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Historical Significance, Part Two

Week fifteen: Day one.

Sharp and I went out on our date, We went to this fancy French restaurant. We bought a bottle of fine chardonneigh, and we had an amazing and romantic evening. Upon returning to the hive, I went down to the hatchery and inspected some of the eggs, I actually took one of them to see what would result if I fed love into it even though it was not borne of me. I may have a new young princess to look after if it is no different from when I laid the egg.

Week fifteen: Day seven.

The egg I have fed hatched. The nymph appears to be a drone, but with a stronger physical build. I am going to raise it like a son, as I have taken care of it thus far. I am going to name him Taraxaci. If he has any intelligence like my daughters, he will make a fine second commander for my forces. I have also begun contemplating on removing the restriction on feeding the egg clutches, I will have to see how Taraxaci develops mentally first though.

Week twenty: Day five.

Taraxaci is an intelligent changeling, and he has shown great initiative in development of the hive. I have removed the restrictions on feeding egg clutches, and the Breeder Caste is asking for donations of emotive crystals from the rest of the hive. I have decided to put an enchantment on this journal, so only a changeling 'Royal' or a Pony of the Lulamoon bloodline will be able to read what is within. I also made it so the outward appearance of this tome is different, in case this ends up in some library somewhere many years after I am gone from this world.

Week fifty: Day four.

I am allowing my daughters to leave the hive to start their own hives, I trust them to make the right choices in life, but I do want them to keep in touch and visit every so often. The only one I am worried about is Chrysalis, she is quite angry sometimes, and I only hope her hive isn't subjected to abuse and brutality from her. Me and Sharp are going to wed, we have the whole thing planned out, I abducted a wedding planner, and explained how me and sharp are wanting to get married, but since the world is not ready for our true forms, we couldn't just go out and say it. I paid him handsomely to wed us, about seven times what he would usually charge for a noble wedding in Equestrian bits. Our wedding date is six weeks away. I have invited my parents, it was quite interesting for them to learn that I hadn't died like they thought, and that I am the founder of my own race, they did promise to be at my wedding and to keep quiet about this whole thing. I also introduced them to Sharp, they were delighted to meet my fiance. They were a bit shocked when they saw our true forms, and they had some questions about Sharp, which I explained how we met and how he came to be a changeling.

Week fifty: Day seven.

Sharp and I went to visit his parents and tell them that their son was getting married, they were utterly shocked at first, but they came around to it like my parents did. They were upset about me abducting him all those months ago, but they are also thrilled that he is not only alive but getting married. They were frightened at our true forms, but they accepted it after some explanation, they will also be attending the wedding.

Week fifty-six: Day one.

Me and Sharp Edge are married! The reception was great, our parents were a tad unnerved at the sight of the hive, but were still open and accepting to it, they also understand that they cannot share the location of our hive with anypony.

Week seventy-two: Day four.

I just gave birth to my husband's first child with me. We named him Bright Wing, and he appears similar in build to Taraxaci when he was hatched, although Bright has more of his parent's features. He is the spitting image of his father, but he has my eyes and mane.

I wish all news could be good though, Chrysalis tried to start her hive, but they were discovered and destroyed, she managed to save three drones and herself, so it wasn't a complete loss. Her loss has left her angry and depressed, she had lost forty drones that day. Her three drones have become her personal servants, and she is living at my hive in her old quarters. She is as abrasive as ever, and I fear she may try to get revenge on the ponies who found her hive. I have informed my other daughters of the news, and they will be working to make sure their hives are secure. They are going to come and visit us after they shore up their borders, and I anticipate their arrival.

Week one-hundred-forty-eight: Day three.

Chrysalis has left to start a hive again, she is going to go into the badlands near the southern edge of Equestria. She has plans for an underground hive, and she has trained some of her drones in architecture and construction. She left with fifty drones that she laid and cared for herself. I donated several emotive crystals for her to feed her eggs with, and she has quite the force with her. I only hope she doesn't try to get revenge for her last hive on the way to her new one.

Week two-hundred-sixty-seven: Day six.

My hive is stable, my husband is doing well, Taraxaci is doing a good job at running the military, and Bright Wings is running several social programs to make sure the hive is fit for living. The military is strong, we have over ten thousand hive members, and we have a very well built up infrastructure. I have put regulations on breeding now, as we are starting to run out of room in our hive. Not too long ago, Bright has started a form of currency for the hive, as well as an organization that watches the currency rates and all of that other financial stuff. We have developed quite a bit in our short time here, but we are thriving. Our hive rivals Equestria in regards of how well developed we are. My Daughters are doing quite well, they have their hives set up and are not very far behind mine in terms of development. Chrysalis has me a little worried, as she is spending a lot of time and resources on her military. All of our hives use the currency system that my hive developed, and my hive is considered the capital of the changeling race.

I am going to be putting this in the archives where they put my old journal soon, and this will probably be my last entry in this one. If whomever is reading this is a Lulamoon, I grant you permission to share this information with whomever you wish, just make sure whomever you tell will not be a threat to my race.


"Well that was interesting, wouldn't you say Trixie?"

"Well yeah, obviously. I just had no idea the changelings were so… normal?"

"I don't believe anypony could have expected the changelings to be like that, although I am starting to understand why Chrysalis didn't seek out peace with us instead of invading."

"Yeah, after losing her first hive, she must really have been torn up about it. She was essentially the mother to fifty changelings, and they were all murdered by ponies. I can see why she wouldn't trust us."

"I had an idea! We should try to contact the other changeling queens and offer peace with them! We should also try to find Chrysalis and offer help with her hive. We will have to show them this though, and we will have to inform the princesses as well, but I think that could work."

"Lets first see what Princess Celestia and Princess Luna think about your idea first. I would support it, and I think it is a great idea."


"Princess Celestia! We have learned quite a lot in our research."

"Thats good Twilight, would you share with me what you have learned?"

"Well, we found out that the changeling race started with Hyacinthus Lulamoon, who changed her name to Monarch, and she started the first hive in the ruins of the 'Flutter Pony' capital. She had five daughters, including Chrysalis, and they all have hives surrounding Equestria. It turns out Chrysalis was a bit of a problem child, and she lost her first hive to an attack from ponies when she was a young queen. Chrysalis' second hive was in the Badlands, and I can only assume that it is still there. The other queens whereabouts are unknown, but it seems that Chrysalis was the only one with animosity towards ponies, and in fact, Queen Monarch's husband Sharp Edge was a pony turned changeling."

"That is a lot to take in, but not too terribly surprising. I did have my suspicions as to how they came about, but I left it up to you to find the truth. As for the different changeling hives, what would you recommend us do?"

"Well, I would try to locate the Monarch Hive, and extend an olive branch to them, we would need to have the journal we found with us though, just to say that we know about them. The queen of the Monarch Hive could then help us contact the other hives to extent an offer for peace as well. As for Hive Chrysalis, I think we should find Queen Chrysalis and offer her truce and aid for her hive, as it appears that her invasion was an act of desperation."

"I will share this information as well as your suggestion with Luna, and we will decide what to do from there. Thank you Twilight, and pass my regards to Trixie as well."

Chapter 6: Diplomatic Tensions

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Diplomatic Tensions

Celestia and Luna hold a private meeting to discuss how to proceed with the information Twilight and Trixie found.

"What do you think Lulu? Do you think we could locate the Monarch Hive and initiate diplomatic relations?"

"Why do you ask us? We usually defer to your judgment regarding thine diplomatic relations Tia, we do not see why that should change with thine new information."

"Well dear sister, you have felt that you felt like you were not accepted in Equestria many times, I thought it would be wise to get your input on how to handle a race that generally feels that they would never be accepted anywhere."

"We see… Sadly we cannot provide assistance in this matter. The best we can think of is that we shall be Equestria's diplomatic envoy. Being greeted by the mare who was formerly Nightmare Moon and was still accepted by society as a whole could show that we can accept anypony."

"Very well, you will go to the lost capital of the 'Flutterponies' with Twilight Sparkle and Trixie Lulamoon, then you will try to initiate diplomatic relations. I have faith in you Lulu, just try not to use the Royal Canterlot Voice on them."


The next morning, with a fully packed chariot and Trixie's trailer, the trio sets off towards the lost capital of the 'flutterponies'. After a day of travel, they decide to stop and set up camp for the night. Luna and Trixie are chatting away about StarSwirl and the changelings, while Twilight is deep in thought.

'Why Trixie is so chatty all of a sudden with Luna. I will just be right over here getting ignored by everypony, don't worry.'

'Just let them talk, they are only trying to get to know each other.'

'But I barely know her myself, why hasn't she decided to get chatty with me?'

'Oh, I see what is going on, you are jealous of Luna because Trixie is spending time with her.'

'I am not jealous! Why would I be jealous anyways? It's not like I like Trixie or anything.'

'If you want my professional opinion, I think it is exactly like you like Trixie; if you didn't, you wouldn't be so jealous.'

'I am not jealous! I am just bored and left out.'

'Whatever helps me sleep at night honey.'

'Why is my inner voice such a snarky and sarcastic nag?'

'You wouldn't be a 'snarky and sarcastic nag' if you just accepted your feelings of jealousy and accept the fact that you like Trixie.'

"I AM NOT JEALOUS OF LUNA BECAUSE OF TRIXIE SPENDING TIME WITH HER!" - Twilight suddenly clamps her hooves over her mouth as both Trixie and Luna jump and turn to look at her - "Sorry, I was having an argument with my inner self and it resorted to yelling, I didn't mean to startle you two."

"Twilight, if you want our professional opinion, we think that thou hath failed to accept thy feelings about something. That is generally what causes arguments with one's inner self."

"Luna…" - Twilight starts to blush - "I am not in conflict with my feelings, and if I was, I would know, after all, I read several books on psychology a few years ago."

"If I may interject I think you are jealous of Luna for talking with me so much. But if you really wanted some attention from me, you could have just asked and Trixie may have considered giving you a little."

Twilight huffs - "Now you are just teasing me…"

"And The Great and Powerful Trixie must say that you make it too easy."

"We doth find thine antics to be most amusing!"

"One second Trixie, I think my hearing should return in a minute."

"What was that about pineapples? And how are pineapples relevant to this conversation?"

"I can't hear you, just wait a minute!"

"What? Stop mumbling and speak up."

This continues for about five minutes before Twilight and Trixie's hearing returns…

"Why did you have to use the Royal Canterlot Voice Luna?"

"Yes, Trixie is not amused."

"We plead for your forgiveness, we doth sometimes lose control over our voice."

"You know what I think Luna? I think Trixie and I should get some revenge before we accept your apology. What do you say Trixie?"

"I agree… The Great and Powerful Trixie declares 'Tickle Assault', Attack!"

A few moments of tickling later…

"Where hath you learned Tia's method of torture? She only teaches it to the Royal Guard her methods!"

"Argh, not again!"

"Trixie is not amused!"

Another few minutes later…

"Trixie, lets agree to not 'tickle attack' dear Lulu again, we might not regain our hearing at all."

"I agree, I don't want to need to learn a hearing spell when I am older, they make your ears look funny when you use them."

"Yeah, I don't understand why they haven't improved on that spell at all."

"Ehh… Say Twilight, you aren't still jealous of Luna for spending more time with me than you still are you?"

"Not at all, but I may be a tad jealous that she was tickled by you and I wasn't…"

"Hey Lulu, can you come here for a second? I think I need to do something."

"Yes Trixie, what do thy request from us?"

"See, Twilight here is being a nag about something, so… 'Tickle Assault', Attack!"

The rest of the evening continues like this. As the morning rises, the trio sets off again. Two more days of travel go by before they come within view of the hive.


Approaching the hive, Luna takes the lead, and tells Trixie and Twilight to stay behind her as they enter the city.

"I don't see anything, do you see anything Twilight?"

"I don't see anything either, where do you think the changelings are?"

"Silence, we do not want to draw attention to thy presence until we have to."

Silently, the group trudges towards the largest structure in the hive. About halfway from the outskirts to the spire, the trio encounters a group of changelings. Surprisingly, the drones just stop what they are doing, line up around them, and start walking along with them.

"Well this is surprising, why would they just start to escort us like this?"

"Changelings have a hive mind Trixie, they probably saw us, notified the queen, and she ordered them to escort us to her."


"Is everything alright?"

"I am just scared, it is not every day you enter a changeling hive, let alone suddenly getting escorted to the queen."

"Everything will be fine, don't worry. Luna will protect us if anything goes wrong."

"I hope so, but there are a lot of them."

The changelings escorting the group stare at Trixie and Twilight, their gaze unblinking, yet they have a puzzled look on their faces.

"Stop talking, changelings feed on emotions, and you must be sending a lot of weird signals to them when you argue like that."

"Yes Luna"

"Very well, if Trixie must"

The trio finally enter the spire, and are escorted to the throne room.

Chapter 7: Diplomatic Relations

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Diplomatic Relations

Upon entry to the throne room of Hive Monarch, the trio approached the throne and bowed in front of the queen.

"Rise, and tell me why you have so foolishly entered my hive!"

"We cometh to thy throne as envoys for Equestria, hoping to instigate diplomatic relations with Hive Monarch."

"Rise, I want to see the faces of those who wish to begin diplomatic negotiations."

"We art Princess Luna of Equestria, The Night Raiser, The Moon, The Star Bringer."

"I am Twilight Sparkle, Element of Magic, Protege of Princess Celestia of Equestria."

"I am Trixie Lulamoon, Illusionist, Showmare."

"Ah, a Lulamoon, you do bear a striking resemblance to StarSwirl. Let us proceed to the meeting room to begin negotiation."

The trio and the Queen disembark from the throne room and start towards the meeting room.

"Well, I haven't met a Princess of Equestria in many a millennia, it has been similarly long since I have met a fellow Lulamoon. I do enjoy meeting relatives. And the Element of Magic, I haven't entertained that title before, although I am well aware of your actions with the defeat of Discord, as well as freeing our dear Moon from the Nightmare. I must say, it is a pleasure to meet all of you."

"Trixie is just glad that you didn't just throw us in cocoons like Chrysalis did to Princess Celestia."

"Yes, I am incredibly sorry for my daughter's actions, I just hope you understand her reasons as to why she did what she did. She always was a bit hot headed when it came to ponies."

"Thou art not responsible for thy daughter's actions, Chrysalis chose to attack, and we doth think that thou could have reasoned with her."

"Its a shame really, after her first hive failed, she had grown bitter. I should have done more to make sure she wouldn't do anything rash."

"Queen Monarch, we found your old journals, and some research from StarSwirl; we have brought them in case you wanted to see them."

"I would very much like to see what you have brought, but I'm afraid we must wait until after negotiations. Twilight, Trixie, I have asked my son Taraxaci to assign a guard to escort you, if you need anything while my sons and I negotiate with The Moon, they will do everything in their power to make your stay comfortable."

Luna and Monarch enter the meeting room, leaving Trixie and Twilight with their escorts. They are lead to the Royal Gardens to wait for negotiations to finish.


The Moon and the queen enter the meeting room, Taraxaci and Bright Wings are waiting at a table, as well as a scribe.

"So, Moon, shall we begin?"

"We hath only a few terms that we doth ask, as well as a request from thou."

"What is your request Moon?"

"We asketh for the locations of thine daughters' hives, so that we can treatise with thine entire race, save Hive Chrysalis."

"I see… Very well, I will have Taraxaci give you the hive locations after negotiations. What were your desired terms for this treaty?"

"We simply ask that any changelings of thine hive will remain undisguised when treading Equestrian soil, and we desire the trade of thy goods between Equestria and Hive Monarch."

"I will not risk my children by forcing them to release their disguises in Equestria, do you know what you are asking of us?"

"Yes, we doth knowth what we ask. You misunderstand, we wouldn't simply have your children risk harm by exposing themselves, we would start by publicly declaring peace with Hive Monarch, and request all Monarch Changelings in Equestria drop their disguises. We would giveth them a three week grace period to smooth things over with their relations. And we would offer Equestrian Citizenship if they do so desire."

"I see, your term seems appropriate, although how would we prevent racial tensions because of that stunt my daughter did?"

"We would arrange for you to deliver a speech to the citizens of Equestria, where you would explain that Hive Chrysalis is not what thine race strives towards. We would also Decree that thy kin to be protected by the same laws that protect Equestrian citizens. Although we would have to decree restrictions on how thine kin feed off the emotions of my subjects."

"Ahh, very well, we will accept that term as long as you make the grace period six weeks. Some of my children need time to reveal themselves without creating unintended issues. I do have some of my children embedded in your Royal Guards, what will become of them?"

"If what thou sayeth true, thine children will be permitted to remain in the Royal Guard, without losing their rank, as long as they are not taking the place of other guardsponies. If they hath been impersonating guardsponies, they will have one week from our initial decrees to release those that they hath impersonated without charges and they will have the option to re-enlist if they so desire it."

"Very well, we accept those terms as well. My children have only ever been allowed to create their disguises, any of my children caught impersonating other ponies are tried and executed in our court system. We should not have a problem with impersonation."

Queen Monarch turns to the scribe. - "Take what you have recorded, and write up a written agreement that the Moon and I will sign."

"Wouldst thou desire to begin trade negotiations?"

"I think we have had enough negotiations for today, we will resume tomorrow. I will arrange a feast for dinner tonight, I will have my servants fetch you and your escorts when the dinner is ready."

"We thank thou Queen Monarch for thy hospitality, we see great relations with thine hive in the future."


After entering the Royal Gardens, Trixie and Twilight gasp in awe at the flora that is on display. They promptly decide to explore the arrangements of exotic flowers that are not native to Equestria.

"So Trixie, I have been meaning to ask, how do you feel about all of this? It must be overwhelming to learn that what seems to be a generally strong and noble race originated from your bloodline."

"It is overwhelming, but I think it is fitting in a way. The Lulamoons have rarely been respected by others, I am not surprised that StarSwirl never showed his heritage as a Lulamoon on his works. I am just glad to see that my family line has amounted to more than just StarSwirl and a bunch of showmares."

"So you consider the changelings family because of what you learned?"

"I do, if I were to reject them because of their race, I would be no better than the arrogant showmare that boasted over lies that I once was."

"Yeah, if I were in your position, I would probably feel the same way about all of this. Enough of this talk, lets just admire the flowers and stop being so dull."

"For once, I agree with you Twi'. Look at this, we are looking at a flower that I don't even know the name for. It smells divine, and it is beautiful."

"That is a Greater Golden Honeytrap, it is one of many carnivorous plants that are native to the surrounding area. It uses it's scent and colour to attract insects that get trapped in the sticky 'honey' that it produces."

"So it is like bucking in your parent's house? A beautiful thing that can be hazardous to your health."

"Hahaha, that is funny Trixie, but at the same time, why would you even think of something like that?!"

"Sorry Twi'. Just give me a moment to get my mind out of the gutter and my eyes off your flank."

"Trixie? When were you looking at my flank, It's not too big is it?"

"I wasn't! And if you must know, your flank is perfectly shaped. I generally swing for stallions, but if I was a fillyfooler, you wouldn't be able to keep me off of you."

"Oh… Well, thanks for the compliment? If it makes you feel any better, I was kinda checking out your flank a bit too…"

"Trixie thinks that we must be a couple of perverts, checking out each other's flanks... Hahaha…"

"Yeah… Hahaha…"

The Changeling Escort lets out a cough to interrupt. - "Oh for Hive's sake, would you two just confess your feelings and buck already? This emotional tension is giving me a migraine."

Chapter 8: Emotional Tensions

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Emotional Tensions

The Changeling Escort lets out a cough to interrupt. - "Oh for Hive's sake, would you two just confess your feelings and buck already? This emotional tension is giving me a migrane."

"What?! I-I don't have feelings to confess!"

"Why would you think Trixie has feelings for Twilight?

With Trixie and Twilight red-faced and sputtering, the changeling belts out a laugh. - "You think you can hide your emotions from a changeling? Especially an ex-infiltrator?"

"What do you mean? And what do you mean 'ex-infiltrator'?"

"Let me just introduce myself, my name is Seeker, but everyling calls me 'Crusty'. I am the reason why Griffon-Dragon relations broke down seven years ago. They didn't even know I was General Iron Talon."

"What does that have to do with anything? How do I know you are not just making up stories to fool us?"

"Well, for starters, you - Trixie was it? - have serious confidence issues, probably stemming from some form of abuse and a loss of at least one close family member. You try to mask it by putting on an arrogant facade, and you really just want to be accepted for who you are. It is all written in your emotions." - Trixie chokes out a small sob, and then runs off into the gardens. Twilight promptly gives the changeling the equivalent of a black eye, then runs off after Trixie.


Seeker enters the throne room as ordered, Queen Monarch is not happy with his actions.

"Seeker, glad you could take time out of your busy schedule of emotionally abusing and harassing diplomats to see me."

"My queen, she wanted proof I could read emotions, I simply read her. She should have known that she might not have liked what she heard."

"That does not excuse the fact that your actions could put this entire treaty in jeopardy."

"I am sorry my queen, it will not happen again."

"You are quite right that it won't, you have just been scheduled for two months of nectar duty."

"But my queen, more than five weeks of nectar duty can wear a changeling to death."

"You are an ex-infiltrator, trained to withstand interrogation and you were one of the best. I don't think you have anything to worry about."

"As you wish, my queen."


After hearing what happened between her companions and their guard, Luna rushes into the hive's royal gardens.

"Trixie, can you please tell me what is wrong? I really don't like to see you upset like this."

"Its just that… I mean… That changeling was absolutely right about me! I am arrogant and have self-esteem issues."

"Is that all? You know I don't think that you should worry about all of that. And you know that I don't care how many issues you have, I will be there for you."

"Thanks Twilight, you have no idea what that means to me. Coming from you, that makes all the difference."

"There is one thing I am curious about, that changeling claimed that you lost somepony close to you once?"

"Trixie doesn't want to talk about it… It was very painful for me."

"You know it helps to talk to someone, and as I told you before, if you ever need somepony to talk to or a shoulder to cry on, I am here."

"Thanks Twi', without you, I would be lost…"

"We hopeth that we are not interrupting something, the queen has invited us to dinner, we believe that her word were 'I will arrange a feast for dinner tonight', so thou should dry thy tears and prepare for a queen's feast."

"Thanks for telling us Luna, we will go get washed up, and meet you back here in an hour?"

"That sounds most reasonable Twilight Sparkle, we shall be off as well, there is much we must do before the banquet."


After freshening up and heading to the royal dining chambers of the hive, Queen Monarch and Princess Luna recount what was decided on that day.

"So Princess, I think what you have came up with is a good idea, but I do not see how Hive Monarch will be able to survive without starving while the public adjusts to living with changelings."

Luna starts to reply, but is interrupted by the queen - "I am sorry for cutting you off Luna, but may I answer this question?" - Luna nods - "Hive Monarch's emotive stores can sustain for three months without any outside sources, five months if we ration our stores to the bare minimum for everyling."

"How? You won't have any cocoons to feed from."

"We are not barbarians, do not accuse us of using Chrysalis' brutish methods."

"Sorry, I just don't have much experience with changeling societal norms in each hive. I meant no disrespect."

"Very well. If you must know, every time one of our gatherers brings back emotive energy, most of it is transferred into large emotive crystals that are in various storerooms in the hive. Hive monarch has several collectors in stable relationships gathering emotive energy that they bring back every few months. Before you ask, our collectors create their own ponysonas and form relationships on their own."

"Oh, well, thank you for clearing that up. How many collectors do you think will fall out of their relationships when they have to show their true forms?"

"Well, best case, we only lose twenty percent of our collector relationships, worst case, eighty percent. I am going to try to be optimistic about it, as we have a small number of those relationships expecting foals, and a larger amount have already adopted."

"Wait, Trixie didn't know that changelings and ponies could have foals."

"Yes, it is indeed possible for changelings to have children with ponies. Changelings are genetically similar to other pony races, not much different like comparing a unicorn to a pegasus, the only real difference is that some key genes have latent magic that results in our natural form."

"But don't female changelings lay eggs?"

"Yes, female changelings lay eggs on their own, but females are also capable of live birth, although pregnancy takes longer than egg laying and females are unable to lay eggs during the term. It works just as with ponies, but when we are not pregnant, we can lay eggs whenever we desire, within reason. Although it takes about a month of development before a clutch of eggs is ready to be laid."

"Well that was a bit more information than Trixie was asking for…"

"Luna, I hope you know I expect you to visit the hive with these two and your sister every so often. No excuses."

"Very well, but only if thou alter thy decree slightly. Thou shalt visit us as well if thou wish this treatise to persist."

"I think that can be arranged. But we will have to make sure to plan around the wedding." - Twilight and Trixie suddenly choke on their food.

"What doth thou mean by 'wedding'? Are thou requesting to consort with thy princess of the night?"

"Sorry Luna, but I am taken. I was simply talking about those two lovebirds across the table from us." - Both Trixie and Twilight's faces light up a bright scarlet, with no way for them to hide it.

"For the last time! Trixie and I are not in love!"

"You do realize you are talking to a changeling queen right? I have millennia of experience reading the emotions of others, you two are most definitely smitten."

"But we aren't in love or anything." - Queen Monarch rolls her eyes at this.

"Whatever you say, I believe you with absolutely no doubt."

After about five minutes of Monarch and Luna teasing Twilight and Trixie, the conversation shifts to other less important things. After their dinner, everypony returns to their quarters for the night.


"Took you long enough to ask that,'Great and Slow-to-get-the-hint Trixie'. If you made me wait any longer, I would have needed to replace one of my hips before I could tackle you with excitement."

'Wait what?'

Twilight suddenly lunges at Trixie in a full body hug. - "Of course I will be your marefriend!"

"Why didn't you just say so? You didn't have to tackle Trixie."

"If I didn't tackle you, how would you have known how excited I am that you finally asked me out?"


Chapter 9: The Return, Part One

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The Return, Part One

Upon the completion of negotiations, Queen Monarch decided to accompany the diplomatic party back to Canterlot, where she will deliver her speech and oversee the integration of the Monarch Changelings.

"How did you manage to teleport us to Canterlot from the hive Luna? The amount of magic required for that should have killed you."

"Actually Twilight, twas quite simple, we simply used our moon to reflect us to our destination."

"What? How does that work… On second thought, never mind, I can look it up later."

"Trixie still doesn't understand why we couldn't have teleported to the hive in the first place…"

"Thou raises a very fine point, to reflect us to the hive, we must know our destination."

"I hate to interrupt, but Princess, can you teleport us to the castle, I am not sure an undisguised changeling, that isn't in chains, would be very welcome among the streets of Canterlot."

"Twilight, we doth already have plans for entering Canterlot. We shall be received as royalty and diplomats."


After resting for the night, the group approaches the entrance to Canterlot, where the Moon Guard will meet them and escort them to the castle.

"Captain Moonbeam, thank you for receiving us outside the gates, did thou bring the open top chariot?"

"Yes my liege, and we have arranged a true dignitaries entrance. The Moon Guard will be providing security. The Sun Guard will be there to help with keeping the public image, to show that both princesses support this diplomatic action."

"Very good Captain, is the public fully aware of our guest?"

"No, but we have banners set up to be unrolled as you enter. The queen will have to remain undisguised though. We are not sure how the public will react to a changeling queen being received as a diplomat, all guards are outfitted for riot control. Princess Celestia will be meeting us at the gates."

"Thank you Captain, let us be off the greet my sister."


"Welcome back Luna, I was surprised at how quickly you were able to form a treaty with Hive Monarch, but I am glad that everything has worked out."

"Sister, I would like to introduce you to Queen Monarch of the changelings."

Monarch steps forward and bows. - "Thank you for receiving me Princess Celestia, I am Queen Monarch of the Monarch Hive, Mother Hive to all Changelings, formerly Hyacinthus Lulamoon of Canterlot. It is an honour to meet you."

"Rise, you do not have to bow to me, you may be my guest, but you are my equal. I am glad my sister has succeeded in forming a treaty with your hive. When the other hives follow suit, we will not have to live in fear of each other ever again."

"Before we start, I would like to have a word with my student." - Celestia walks to Twilight and Trixie - "Well, I see you two have been busy. If my eyes do not deceive me, I would say you two are smitten."

"P-P-Princess, why would you say that?"

"Well my student, I have lived for thousands of years, I have seen many a couple in bloom. Also your cheeks are redder than Big Macintosh's sweet flanks."

"Ooh princess, are you sure you aren't smitten yourself?" - With this, Celestia's face starts to burn a bright rose.

"Of all the times my student decides to grow bold, she does it in the presence of a changeling diplomat, a queen no less."

"Sorry Princess, I guess all of that encouragement to loosen up around you has worked better than you had hoped."

"Hahahaha, I am sure that it has Twilight, but I think we should compose ourselves for the crowds so we can get this over with."

Celestia, Luna, Monarch, Twilight, and Trixie board the chariot, and the guards form up to start towards the castle. The entourage enters the gates to cheers, then everything goes silent as the crowd finally sees Queen Monarch. The banners unfurl, reading 'Welcome the Allied Queen Monarch of the Monarch Hive of Changelings'. The crowd hesitates for a moment, then breaks out into even louder cheering than before the silence.


"Well that went better than expected, when the crowd went silent, I almost expected them to rush the queen."

"Twilight, have faith in your fellow ponies. Speaking of which, the other elements are waiting for you in the royal dining hall, would you and Trixie go on ahead and catch up with them while I speak with the queen? Luna, go with them to make sure Twilight's friends don't cause too much trouble with Trixie."

"Sure princess, it feels like I haven't seen my friends in months, even though it has only been three weeks. Trixie, would you like to properly meet my friends?"

"I would like that very much Twilight, I just hope they can forgive me for all the nasty things that I did to them."


As Twilight, Trixie, and Luna go off to the dining hall, Celestia turns to Queen Monarch.

"A little birdy told me that you not only formed a treaty for peace, but you set up a trade agreement."

"Yes, we did negotiate a basic trade agreement, nothing specific, but we did decide on the tax rates and all of that."

"Well that makes things easier, but I would like to know what you would be able to export to us."

"My hive has developed a special gel that is particularly dense in nutrients that aid in healing injuries. It is very useful in surgeries for sealing incisions, and it has antiseptic qualities. We also produce enchanted crystals that generate light. We have made some advances in alchemical research, and we can provide some research."

"It sounds like you have a lot to offer Equestria, is there any goods you would want imported to your hive?"

"We do not need anything, but there are some things that would make different aspects of life in the hive better. I will send a list of what we would like imported when I return to the hive."

"Okay, well, if there is anything you would need, feel free to ask."

"I will keep that in mind princess. On a different note, today was quite tiring for me, could I be taken to where I will be sleeping during my visit?"

"Velvet Quill, escort Queen Monarch to the dignitary quarters, then go to my quarters so I can discuss your duties for the next week."

"I look forward to our peace Queen Monarch. I am going to go check on Twilight and Trixie, if you need anything, just ask one of the guards in the hall by your quarters."

Queen Monarch goes off towards her quarters, and Celestia makes her way to the dining hall.

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