• Published 25th Jan 2014
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An In-depth Study of the Origins of the Changeling Race - Crystal Static

'Changelings, how did they come to be?' That is the question that the Element of Magic is trying to answer.

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Chapter 6: Diplomatic Tensions

Diplomatic Tensions

Celestia and Luna hold a private meeting to discuss how to proceed with the information Twilight and Trixie found.

"What do you think Lulu? Do you think we could locate the Monarch Hive and initiate diplomatic relations?"

"Why do you ask us? We usually defer to your judgment regarding thine diplomatic relations Tia, we do not see why that should change with thine new information."

"Well dear sister, you have felt that you felt like you were not accepted in Equestria many times, I thought it would be wise to get your input on how to handle a race that generally feels that they would never be accepted anywhere."

"We see… Sadly we cannot provide assistance in this matter. The best we can think of is that we shall be Equestria's diplomatic envoy. Being greeted by the mare who was formerly Nightmare Moon and was still accepted by society as a whole could show that we can accept anypony."

"Very well, you will go to the lost capital of the 'Flutterponies' with Twilight Sparkle and Trixie Lulamoon, then you will try to initiate diplomatic relations. I have faith in you Lulu, just try not to use the Royal Canterlot Voice on them."


The next morning, with a fully packed chariot and Trixie's trailer, the trio sets off towards the lost capital of the 'flutterponies'. After a day of travel, they decide to stop and set up camp for the night. Luna and Trixie are chatting away about StarSwirl and the changelings, while Twilight is deep in thought.

'Why Trixie is so chatty all of a sudden with Luna. I will just be right over here getting ignored by everypony, don't worry.'

'Just let them talk, they are only trying to get to know each other.'

'But I barely know her myself, why hasn't she decided to get chatty with me?'

'Oh, I see what is going on, you are jealous of Luna because Trixie is spending time with her.'

'I am not jealous! Why would I be jealous anyways? It's not like I like Trixie or anything.'

'If you want my professional opinion, I think it is exactly like you like Trixie; if you didn't, you wouldn't be so jealous.'

'I am not jealous! I am just bored and left out.'

'Whatever helps me sleep at night honey.'

'Why is my inner voice such a snarky and sarcastic nag?'

'You wouldn't be a 'snarky and sarcastic nag' if you just accepted your feelings of jealousy and accept the fact that you like Trixie.'

"I AM NOT JEALOUS OF LUNA BECAUSE OF TRIXIE SPENDING TIME WITH HER!" - Twilight suddenly clamps her hooves over her mouth as both Trixie and Luna jump and turn to look at her - "Sorry, I was having an argument with my inner self and it resorted to yelling, I didn't mean to startle you two."

"Twilight, if you want our professional opinion, we think that thou hath failed to accept thy feelings about something. That is generally what causes arguments with one's inner self."

"Luna…" - Twilight starts to blush - "I am not in conflict with my feelings, and if I was, I would know, after all, I read several books on psychology a few years ago."

"If I may interject I think you are jealous of Luna for talking with me so much. But if you really wanted some attention from me, you could have just asked and Trixie may have considered giving you a little."

Twilight huffs - "Now you are just teasing me…"

"And The Great and Powerful Trixie must say that you make it too easy."

"We doth find thine antics to be most amusing!"

"One second Trixie, I think my hearing should return in a minute."

"What was that about pineapples? And how are pineapples relevant to this conversation?"

"I can't hear you, just wait a minute!"

"What? Stop mumbling and speak up."

This continues for about five minutes before Twilight and Trixie's hearing returns…

"Why did you have to use the Royal Canterlot Voice Luna?"

"Yes, Trixie is not amused."

"We plead for your forgiveness, we doth sometimes lose control over our voice."

"You know what I think Luna? I think Trixie and I should get some revenge before we accept your apology. What do you say Trixie?"

"I agree… The Great and Powerful Trixie declares 'Tickle Assault', Attack!"

A few moments of tickling later…

"Where hath you learned Tia's method of torture? She only teaches it to the Royal Guard her methods!"

"Argh, not again!"

"Trixie is not amused!"

Another few minutes later…

"Trixie, lets agree to not 'tickle attack' dear Lulu again, we might not regain our hearing at all."

"I agree, I don't want to need to learn a hearing spell when I am older, they make your ears look funny when you use them."

"Yeah, I don't understand why they haven't improved on that spell at all."

"Ehh… Say Twilight, you aren't still jealous of Luna for spending more time with me than you still are you?"

"Not at all, but I may be a tad jealous that she was tickled by you and I wasn't…"

"Hey Lulu, can you come here for a second? I think I need to do something."

"Yes Trixie, what do thy request from us?"

"See, Twilight here is being a nag about something, so… 'Tickle Assault', Attack!"

The rest of the evening continues like this. As the morning rises, the trio sets off again. Two more days of travel go by before they come within view of the hive.


Approaching the hive, Luna takes the lead, and tells Trixie and Twilight to stay behind her as they enter the city.

"I don't see anything, do you see anything Twilight?"

"I don't see anything either, where do you think the changelings are?"

"Silence, we do not want to draw attention to thy presence until we have to."

Silently, the group trudges towards the largest structure in the hive. About halfway from the outskirts to the spire, the trio encounters a group of changelings. Surprisingly, the drones just stop what they are doing, line up around them, and start walking along with them.

"Well this is surprising, why would they just start to escort us like this?"

"Changelings have a hive mind Trixie, they probably saw us, notified the queen, and she ordered them to escort us to her."


"Is everything alright?"

"I am just scared, it is not every day you enter a changeling hive, let alone suddenly getting escorted to the queen."

"Everything will be fine, don't worry. Luna will protect us if anything goes wrong."

"I hope so, but there are a lot of them."

The changelings escorting the group stare at Trixie and Twilight, their gaze unblinking, yet they have a puzzled look on their faces.

"Stop talking, changelings feed on emotions, and you must be sending a lot of weird signals to them when you argue like that."

"Yes Luna"

"Very well, if Trixie must"

The trio finally enter the spire, and are escorted to the throne room.

Author's Note:

I was a tad unsure about this chapter, I wanted to start to develop the relationship between Trixie and Twilight a little bit...

I am also bad about location descriptors...