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An In-depth Study of the Origins of the Changeling Race - Crystal Static

'Changelings, how did they come to be?' That is the question that the Element of Magic is trying to answer.

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Chapter 9: The Return, Part One

The Return, Part One

Upon the completion of negotiations, Queen Monarch decided to accompany the diplomatic party back to Canterlot, where she will deliver her speech and oversee the integration of the Monarch Changelings.

"How did you manage to teleport us to Canterlot from the hive Luna? The amount of magic required for that should have killed you."

"Actually Twilight, twas quite simple, we simply used our moon to reflect us to our destination."

"What? How does that work… On second thought, never mind, I can look it up later."

"Trixie still doesn't understand why we couldn't have teleported to the hive in the first place…"

"Thou raises a very fine point, to reflect us to the hive, we must know our destination."

"I hate to interrupt, but Princess, can you teleport us to the castle, I am not sure an undisguised changeling, that isn't in chains, would be very welcome among the streets of Canterlot."

"Twilight, we doth already have plans for entering Canterlot. We shall be received as royalty and diplomats."


After resting for the night, the group approaches the entrance to Canterlot, where the Moon Guard will meet them and escort them to the castle.

"Captain Moonbeam, thank you for receiving us outside the gates, did thou bring the open top chariot?"

"Yes my liege, and we have arranged a true dignitaries entrance. The Moon Guard will be providing security. The Sun Guard will be there to help with keeping the public image, to show that both princesses support this diplomatic action."

"Very good Captain, is the public fully aware of our guest?"

"No, but we have banners set up to be unrolled as you enter. The queen will have to remain undisguised though. We are not sure how the public will react to a changeling queen being received as a diplomat, all guards are outfitted for riot control. Princess Celestia will be meeting us at the gates."

"Thank you Captain, let us be off the greet my sister."


"Welcome back Luna, I was surprised at how quickly you were able to form a treaty with Hive Monarch, but I am glad that everything has worked out."

"Sister, I would like to introduce you to Queen Monarch of the changelings."

Monarch steps forward and bows. - "Thank you for receiving me Princess Celestia, I am Queen Monarch of the Monarch Hive, Mother Hive to all Changelings, formerly Hyacinthus Lulamoon of Canterlot. It is an honour to meet you."

"Rise, you do not have to bow to me, you may be my guest, but you are my equal. I am glad my sister has succeeded in forming a treaty with your hive. When the other hives follow suit, we will not have to live in fear of each other ever again."

"Before we start, I would like to have a word with my student." - Celestia walks to Twilight and Trixie - "Well, I see you two have been busy. If my eyes do not deceive me, I would say you two are smitten."

"P-P-Princess, why would you say that?"

"Well my student, I have lived for thousands of years, I have seen many a couple in bloom. Also your cheeks are redder than Big Macintosh's sweet flanks."

"Ooh princess, are you sure you aren't smitten yourself?" - With this, Celestia's face starts to burn a bright rose.

"Of all the times my student decides to grow bold, she does it in the presence of a changeling diplomat, a queen no less."

"Sorry Princess, I guess all of that encouragement to loosen up around you has worked better than you had hoped."

"Hahahaha, I am sure that it has Twilight, but I think we should compose ourselves for the crowds so we can get this over with."

Celestia, Luna, Monarch, Twilight, and Trixie board the chariot, and the guards form up to start towards the castle. The entourage enters the gates to cheers, then everything goes silent as the crowd finally sees Queen Monarch. The banners unfurl, reading 'Welcome the Allied Queen Monarch of the Monarch Hive of Changelings'. The crowd hesitates for a moment, then breaks out into even louder cheering than before the silence.


"Well that went better than expected, when the crowd went silent, I almost expected them to rush the queen."

"Twilight, have faith in your fellow ponies. Speaking of which, the other elements are waiting for you in the royal dining hall, would you and Trixie go on ahead and catch up with them while I speak with the queen? Luna, go with them to make sure Twilight's friends don't cause too much trouble with Trixie."

"Sure princess, it feels like I haven't seen my friends in months, even though it has only been three weeks. Trixie, would you like to properly meet my friends?"

"I would like that very much Twilight, I just hope they can forgive me for all the nasty things that I did to them."


As Twilight, Trixie, and Luna go off to the dining hall, Celestia turns to Queen Monarch.

"A little birdy told me that you not only formed a treaty for peace, but you set up a trade agreement."

"Yes, we did negotiate a basic trade agreement, nothing specific, but we did decide on the tax rates and all of that."

"Well that makes things easier, but I would like to know what you would be able to export to us."

"My hive has developed a special gel that is particularly dense in nutrients that aid in healing injuries. It is very useful in surgeries for sealing incisions, and it has antiseptic qualities. We also produce enchanted crystals that generate light. We have made some advances in alchemical research, and we can provide some research."

"It sounds like you have a lot to offer Equestria, is there any goods you would want imported to your hive?"

"We do not need anything, but there are some things that would make different aspects of life in the hive better. I will send a list of what we would like imported when I return to the hive."

"Okay, well, if there is anything you would need, feel free to ask."

"I will keep that in mind princess. On a different note, today was quite tiring for me, could I be taken to where I will be sleeping during my visit?"

"Velvet Quill, escort Queen Monarch to the dignitary quarters, then go to my quarters so I can discuss your duties for the next week."

"I look forward to our peace Queen Monarch. I am going to go check on Twilight and Trixie, if you need anything, just ask one of the guards in the hall by your quarters."

Queen Monarch goes off towards her quarters, and Celestia makes her way to the dining hall.